A Winner’s Tale

Anyone getting sick of so much winningk? David Duke says “we are winningk folks” because we are too stupid to know we are. He says Trump is on to those Jews, this is a guy who has 3 grown children all married to Jews and a daughter from one of his other wives that is engaged to one. If you ask me he lost big time!

It isn’t hard to figure out that David Duke is a con man, this is a guy who claims Edom and Jacob were two brothers yet became different races and the white race happens to be the lineage of Esau Edom. If one so called race is mixed and the other is pure, how can they both be called races? One is the antithesis of the other. He claims Jews are a race because they say they are and doesnt need any more evidence than that. Never mind the Ethiopian Jews, the Ashkenazi’s, Sephardic’s, India Jews, Arab Jews, etc. You see Duke thinks Jews are “inbred” and white people are I guess outbred. Folks you couldn’t be more wrong. He obviously believes Jews are the pure race all the way back to Adam through  Jacob and whites happened to be the people who married into the Hittites and Canaanites. Folks you can get things wrong, but you cant get things completely opposite in this unless you are deliberately trying to deceive.


Alex Jones says “we are winningk” (the two clowns agree after all), but AJ doesn’t claim to be defeating the Jews (by the way David Duke is now calling them “the Jews” after all the BS Zionist crap) he claims to be defeating the Bilderbergers or the globalists. You see he cant say “Jew” because he married one and also has a child by one. It’s what you call “Jew winningk” because AJ has been neutralized.

Another odd “winningk” group is the Ugly Truther’s, who would have ever thought AJ, David Duke and the Ugly Truthers would all agree, not to mention “The Stormfront Clowns”? They are the “intelligent antisemites” that have no clue what a Semite even is. They pretty much cover the entire spectrum of the so called “alt- right”. All of these people claim to know what Trump is thinking, despite his whole family marrying Jews and Trump being in bed with Jews his entire life. Remember his scorpion speech, well folks he allowed a scorpion into his daughter’s bedroom and then right into the Oval Office. I can tell you this folks, that is not smart thinking and now Johnny come lately David Duke is even saying it. He is usually around 10 years too late (as in 9/11).

snippet from Dukes book~

Indeed, the division between Jew and Gentile goes to the very origins and structures of western civilization. It predates the advent of Christianity and may be found in the earliest texts of the Old Testament . . . In those texts of the Hebrew Bible the mythical origins of the division between Jews and others are described, and a thought-provoking explanation for the antagonism of the two groups is offered. The account in Genesis of Esau and Jacob, twin brothers born to Rebecca and Isaac, has evoked a seemingly endless cycle of interpretations. Already in the earliest Jewish commentaries on the text in Genesis one encounters not only the rich layers of meaning but also the elusiveness, the profound ambiguity in the relationship between Jew (in archetype, Jacob) and Gentile (in archetype, Esau).

What is the archetype of the Jew in the Jews’ own founding myth? It is that of the liar or trickster. Recall what happened in Genesis 27:5-45. Nearing death, the elderly Isaac sent Esau out to trap game in order to prepare a meal appropriate to the blessing Isaac was to bestow upon his first son. With Rebecca’s participation, Jacob deceived his father into believing that he was in fact Esau. Numerous times Isaac suspected a ruse, finally asking, “Are you really my son Esau?” “I am,” Jacob lied. Jacob was ultimately successful in deceiving his father and received his blessing.

This is David Duke’s interpretation of the Bible and he’s stickin to it. He hopes you dont read the part where it says “two goyim (Gentiles in English) are in thy womb” Again for you folks not getting it the first time this is David Dukes analysis of Esau and Jacob:

1-Esau (Edom) is a non Jew and therefore a Gentile (he thinks Gentile means non Jew and he obviously thinks Jacob means – Jew)

2. Jacob is the first Jew and had 12 sons and a daughter, all Jews too obviously. Jews and Israel are the same thing (if you say it enough times).

He also thinks Jews named “Cohen” are the pure Jews all the way back to Aaron (not a Jew). Go figure! Just don’t ever get in a debate with him because Duke’s winning streak will be over.

Folks this is the guy who claims to be a doctor of History. He is a doctor of Jew trash!

Trump inherited “a mess”, but he is goingk to clean it up. Remember the first thing I learned about Jews? Ok probably not, but the first thing I learned about them is that they come over your house, make a mess and then tell you your house is a damned mess. In this case it is our White House. What they (Jews) mean to say is “it is irreparable”. Telling us everything is a mess now is like telling us the sky is blue. Is this supposed to be brutal honesty? Yeah we know it’s a mess and it was you Jews that made it a mess!


“Ahh the smell of dynamite in the morning, smells like winningk”

I’ve got some serious brutal honesty to tell you, one is the Jews run our Federal Reserve and bombed the WTC, do you think that’s too brutally honest (of course you know I could go on and on). Who is winning when the whole truth and nothing but the truth is’nt being told? Are we to accept “half-truths” and be content? You are either in the pool swamp with Satan or you aint and Trump has always been in it winning all the way!

Satans kids are the most cunning of the field swamp.



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Satan vs. Satan

Hey, is it considered molestation if the child makes the first move? I’m gonna need a quick answer on this.

There are 2 laws in this world, one is Gods law and the other is the Jews. You better determine which you are going to follow! Jews are obviously in their latter stages of metamorphosis when the supposed churches, schools, lemmings in general are so taken over (body, mind and soul) that they will accept literally anything the Jew brings.
I thank God every day I am not one of them! Of course atheists will then accuse me of being a Jew for thanking God Im not a Jew because they believe Jews thank God every day they arent goyim. They are the same dupes folks! Of course many cant even understand what the hell I am saying. And you wonder why God doesnt come back? It’s because you have to do a little bit of truth seeking first. You can step over a crevice or right into one, you better know which side to cross. You are sitting in the car telling God to change your tire- period.
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Guess Who’s Comingk to Dinner

Gangway Sheldy needs a bathroom!

FILE – Sheldon Adelson (L) arrives for the presidential inauguration on the West Front of the US Capitol for the inauguration ceremony of Donald J. Trump taking the oath of office to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States in Washington, DC, USA, 20 January 2017. EPA

Washington – President Donald Trump is having dinner at the White House Thursday night with one of his biggest financial backers, casino mogul Sheldon Adelson.
That’s according to two people with direct knowledge of the dinner, which was first reported by The Washington Post.
Adelson and his wife, Miriam, contributed more than $20 million to a super PAC that aired pro-Trump and anti-Hillary Clinton advertising in the final weeks before Election Day.
The couple are close with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. They received prime seats for Trump’s swearing-in last month and — in a highly unusual bit of access — also attended a congressional lunch afterward with the new president and lawmakers.
Trump’s relationship with Adelson was late-blooming. During the Republican primary race, Trump ridiculed his opponents for being puppets of Adelson.

~I thought Trump wasn’t going to take any campaign money and when he did he took it from the puppet master himself. Still waiting for Trump to stop the heroin plantations in Afghanistan that are located less than 20 miles from Camp Leatherneck.

Why doesn’t Trump just arrest the people who are hiring the illegals? Not even a word you know why? Because he hires them. Oh how I wish I could be so patriotic as you lemmings are. I am sure they will be discussingk the welfare of the American people and adherence to the founding ehhh father’s will. Yes and maranno’s fly!

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Return to Jew Paradise

He’s back in business! Mel Gibson’s career comeback continues as the actor attends Oscars luncheon to celebrate Best Director nomination
By Marta Jary For Daily Mail Australia
PUBLISHED: 21:22 EST, 6 February 2017 | UPDATED: 22:37 EST, 6 February 2017

For a while it seemed like Mel Gibson’s career was on the skids after the actor was besieged by a series of scandals.

But thanks to his latest effort at stepping behind the camera as a director on the lauded drama Hacksaw Ridge, Mel is back in Hollywood’s good books.

The very tanned 61-year-old was beaming as he stepped out at the 89th Oscars Nominee Luncheon in Beverly Hills, California on Monday.

Back on track: The very tanned 61-year-old was beaming as he stepped out at the 89th Oscars Nominee Luncheon in Beverly Hills, California on Monday
Back on track: The very tanned 61-year-old was beaming as he stepped out at the 89th Oscars Nominee Luncheon in Beverly Hills, California on Monday

He’s up for a best director award at the upcoming 2017 ceremony and was the picture of laid back film star, sporting a spiffy woolen suit jacket with an open black shirt underneath.


Back in business!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4197902/Best-Director-nominee-Mel-Gibson-attends-Oscars-luncheon.html#ixzz4Y0myy9kF
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~We sure are lucky we didn’t elect him for president, but I think a lot of dupes would have voted for him. Jews hated Mel Gibson as much as they hated Joseph Dhughasvili BarKochba Stalin who happened to be married to 3 Jewesses. Trumps kids all m,arried Jews because Trump is an antisemite they say. What wont you gullible goyim believe?

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The Settlers

Image result for the settlers movie

Israel Jews okay 2,500 new settlement homes, 2 days after PM talks to Trump

‘We’re building — and will continue to build,’ Netanyahu says; Liberman also seeks green light for Palestinian industrial zone.

Israel approved the construction of approximately 2,500 homes in the West Bank, most of them in existing settlement blocs, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman announced on Tuesday.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman attends a Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee meeting at the Knesset, October 31, 2016. (Miriam Alster/Flash90)

We love Trump!

The decision came two days after a Jerusalem planning committee approved the construction of 566 housing units in East Jerusalem, and on the heels of a phone conversation on Sunday between Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump, in which the two discussed their plans for the region.

Most of the housing units will be built in the large settlement areas, notably in the city of Ariel and in Givat Ze’ev, outside Jerusalem. But some will also go up in settlements outside the larger blocs, due to prior agreements and court decisions.

“We’re building — and will continue to build,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, following the approval.

Palestinians quickly condemned the announcement, calling it “land theft and colonialism.”

“Such a deliberate escalation of Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise constitutes a war crime and the flagrant violation of international law and conventions, in particular UN Security Council resolution 2334,” said PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, referring to an anti-settlements UN decision passed last month.

~I suspect we will soon see Mark Glenn on PressTV telling everyone how great Trump is because he is against the media. It isnt the media we should be against it’s not having a free and fair media we should be against and PressTV isnt a free and fair media either. Last year Fox News and Press  TV were on opposites sides of the spectrum and now they are both on the same page. Its amazing how we forget the treachery. Jews nevah fahghet, but when they have their shills working on our side they forget real fast. Where are all the Palestine supporters now? In a pickle jar (kosher too).

The settlers aren’t just in the jew welfare state they are in the troof movements as well!

Trump can move the embassy to Jerusalem, Jews can bomb it and claim it was the Palestinians and game over! It all comes down to media, who will control what the lemmings hear?

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Darby O’Gill and the Little People

Scottish Jewish tartans interlace faith, country and pride. Members of the Tribe are increasingly drawn to the clannish cloth. Now for the first time, Jews are coming up with their own unique patterns
BY MAAYAN HOFFMAN January 17, 2017, 12:53 pm 1

GLASGOW — On a frigid evening in 2008, Paul Harris, editor of Britain’s Jewish Telegraph, and Clive Schmulian, a Scottish dentist, were sitting next to one another at a Jewish National Fund dinner in Glasgow. While drinking copious amounts of scotch whisky, the topic turned to tartans, a woolen cloth woven formed by offsetting lines and checks into various colorful patterns — and one of the most important symbols of Scotland and Scottish heritage.

“Why has there never been a Jewish tartan?” Harris asked, to which Schmulian simply replied, “What a great idea.”

The next morning the pair discussed the idea again and soon Schmulian hired Slanj Kilts to design Scotland’s first Jewish tartan, which would come to be known as the Shalom Tartan. The company supplied the dentist with three design mockups, which were then uploaded to the Jewish Telegraph website and voted on by the Scottish-English Jewish community.

“It caught people’s imagination,” Harris said. “We got thousands of votes. Our readers chose the tartan that was eventually registered [with the Scottish Register of Tartans] and made into kippot, scarves and ties — it’s a beautiful tartan.”

The fabric is comprised of two shades of blue, white and a thin hint of black. The blues are for the Scottish and Israeli flags, according to Brian Halley, co-owner of Slanj, who described the pattern as both subtle and masculine.

The kosher tartan prayer shawl created by Rabbi Mendel Jacobs. (JewishTartan.com via JTA)

It was the first religious tartan Slanj ever designed, which threw Halley for a loop.

“Clive was really worried about not mixing linen and wool,” Halley recalled, referring to the Jewish prohibition known as shatnez.

At almost the same time, Scotland’s second Scottish-born rabbi, Mendel Jacobs, had a similar idea. (Born in Glasgow after the end of World War I, Rabbi Are Leib Rubinstein was rabbi of the Giffnock Synagogue for 18 years until his death in 1964.) Jacobs started designing his own tartan in an effort to provide less religious congregants a way to display their Jewish pride.

“They might not wear a kippah, but they’ll wear a tartan,” said Jacobs about why he wanted a Jewish tartan. “It ties together their Jewish heritage, ancestry and pride with their Scottish pride.”

According to the most recent census, there are about 5,800 Jews in Scotland. The country has long been acclaimed by its Jewish residents for being the only one in Europe where no Jew has been murdered for his religion. Today, there are eight synagogues in four Scottish cities.

Jacob’s Jewish Tartan was designed by Lochcarron Weavers. It is sewn with deep red for Shabbat wine; silver, representing the adornments of the Torah scroll; blue and white, reflecting the Scottish and Israeli flags; and gold for the Ark of the Covenant.

Jacobs asked Lochcarron Weavers to make standard kilts and ladies clothing, but also kippot, talitot, tallit bags and a handful of other Jewish items. Products are available at select Scottish and United Kingdom stores, at the Jewish Museum in New York and online at jewishtartan.com.

Jacobs has received orders from Jews in 15 countries.

Glasgow Jewish singers take part in an annual Pesach concert wearing their Shalom Tartan ties. (Fiona Brodie)

A woven past
Tartans date back to the seventh century, according to Kirsty Franey, design and product development manager for Kinloch Anderson, a tartan design firm in Edinburgh. They were first known by their Gaelic name, “breacen,” meaning checkered or variegated. The word tartan itself comes from the French word tartaine, which refers to a particular kind of checked cloth.

Tartans originated in the Highlands and are often referred to as Highland dress, explained Deirdre Kinloch Anderson, owner of the firm.

Glasgow resident Howard Brodie wearing the Shalom Tartan. (Courtesy)

Tartan patterns were originally a symbol of belonging to a particular Scottish family or clan and there were only a limited number of patterns. Clanship was the social system of Scotland whereby the essential link was kinship between the “chief” and the people of the clan, wrote Anderson in a company backgrounder.

In the 1800s, tartans increased in popularity when Queen Victoria visited Scotland, fell in love with the country and purchased Balmoral Castle. At her request, husband Prince Albert designed for Queen Victoria a personal tartan, which still exists today. Kinloch Anderson produces and holds this royal fabric, as well as that of the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales.

Tartan fabrics are most commonly associated with kilts, a “very basic garment that requires neither tailoring nor frequent replacement,” according to an article on Scottish-history.com. Kilts are male attire.

Kilts measure around two meters wide and four to six meters tall, and are box or knife-pleated. They are worn with the lower edges reaching not lower than the center of the knee cap, and are secured by buckle and strap.

Franey said that today new tartans are increasingly designed and registered.

“We believe that tartan is a gift that Scotland has given the world,” said Franey. “Today, anyone can have their own family tartan.”

Goldblatt family tartan. (Courtesy)

To design a family or company tartan, Franey first looks at the buyer’s individual heritage and his or her emotional connection to Scotland.

“We want each tartan to reflect the company’s or individual’s ethos and branding, but we also want to create a beautiful design with a rich story,” she explained, noting that every color and pattern in a tartan has meaning.

Franey recently created tartans for the Crown Prince of Bahrain, and made the Chinese Panda tartan for the Edinburgh Zoo. She also designed Dallas-native Joe Goldblatt’s tartan. The Goldblatts are the only Jewish family with a registered Scottish tartan.

Weaving a Story
Goldblatt began designing his family tartan in 2014 while recovering from major back surgery. Goldblatt moved to Scotland from Dallas, Texas, in 2007 to take up a teaching position at Queen Margaret University. The university tartan is predominantly blue, so Goldblatt’s tartan draws on that color.

To come up with the rest of his color scheme, the American had to answer what brought him to Scotland, and what he loves most about the country.

Joe Goldblatt of Edinburgh, Scotland, wearing his newly-designed family tartan. (Courtesy)

What he most loves about Scotland is Robert Burns (1759-1796), the author of “‎Auld Lang Syne.” Burns was born in Ayrshire, Scotland, where purple thistle, the national flower of Scotland, grows, so the tartan also contains the color purple.

Finally, Kinloch Anderson drew on his Jewish heritage through his family name, adding golden threads.

Kinloch Anderson provided Goldblatt with eight blue, purple and gold designs, which were put to a family vote. The final selection was made into the Goldblatt tartan, completed by Hanukkah 2014.

Kinloch Anderson wove enough fabric for Goldblatt and his wife, their three sons and daughter-in-laws, their grandchild and any future grand- and great-grandchildren. Goldblatt asked for kilts, waistcoats, shawls and neckties. His grandson Hemish will receive his first family kilt in a couple of years, at the age of 3.

Goldblatt said he wears his tartan dress for weddings and at civic events, as well as at bar and bat mitzvahs, though there are very few in Edinburgh, which only has about 1,000 Jews out of a city population for 480,000.

For Goldblatt, the tartan is the “most creative and authentic way of weaving our family into the long history of this great Scottish nation.”

~They want to weave into the family of Israel and the true history of tartans is what they want to do. You have to ask why are Jews so infatuated with us and most of us want nothing to do with them. They steal history, they steal names, they steal symbols and they steal minds if you let them. Don’t anyone tell me that Darby O”Gill was about Irish people, please. It’s better you keep your mouth shut.  A clan by the way is not a distinct race or a mixed race, a clan is people of the same race who are related to other clans of the same race. Jews can never be a clan. Notice they chose “purple” a royal color of the Phoenicians. Jews can make lies into truth with control of the media and we obviously don’t even care.

The down under clan!

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Rudy Giuliani To Advise Trump On Cyber Issues

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani to advise President-elect Trump on cyber security.


Giuliani himself, in a phone call with reporters, compared the issues with cyber security to cancer, saying if all the people doing cancer research were brought together, “you might be able to cure it.” Giuliani said there’s an “awful lot of research going on both here, in Israel, in Germany on cyber defense.” His job he said, will be to bring those experts to the President-elect so they can share with him their solutions.

If you had to pick a Neocon you didn’t want around, Jewliani would be at the top of the list. This shows you Trump has zero intentions on opening up the 9/11 investigations and


Its good to be back!


focusing on us, the people who are exposing it.  The usual shills will call this “strategy” and not even mention this or that it’s relevant that he he just put a Jew in charge of Veterans Affairs (not important folks). How much can he, a Jew, really care about vets ( I must be the only vet that is PO’d)? It proves Vets are ninkompoops now and as the day when they enlisted. They really don’t know the Constitution or the Bible from a bag of chicken gizzards and don’t want to know they are wrong either. Its like putting a Jew in charge of the 9/11 investigations or a Jew in charge of handing out money to the victims families of 9/11. The crime racket is able to pull this off because they own the shill internet networks like Rense, RBN, Genesis, etc. They wouldn’t be able to pull this crap off if true Americans had free speech. As you know Stormfront is now all over these networks and they are all die hard Trump supporters and if you are anti Trump they claim you would have gotten Hillary as if we have to choose in this dog and pony show. It’s a disgrace folks, we need to take our nation back and we need to do it by force. There is no other way!


If Giuliani is Trump’s idea of stopping crime why doesnt he make him Drug Czar? Because the war isnt on the drug pushers, the war is on you!

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