The Hoax


Of course the hoaxers in this movie are portrayed as non Jews, but Jews know these were crypto Jews, who else would do such a sorry thing? This was based on “Clifford Irving”

Irving grew up in New York City, the son of Jay Irving, a Collier’s cover artist and the creator of the syndicated comic strip Pottsy, and his wife Dorothy.[3] After graduating in 1947 from Manhattan’s selective High School of Music and Art, Irving attended Cornell University. He graduated with honors in English.

How bout that honker?

Working as a copy boy at The New York Times, Irving wrote his first novel, On a Darkling Plain (1956), published by Putnam.[citation needed]

Irving completed his second novel, The Losers (1958), while traveling in Europe. His third novel, The Valley (1960), is a mythic Western saga, published by McGraw-Hill.[4]

After returning to Ibiza, Irving became friendly with Hungarian art forger Elmyr de Hory. The painter asked him to write a biography, which was published as Fake! (1969). Irving and de Hory are both featured in Orson Welles‘ film documentary, F for Fake (1974).[5][6]

Art forger- Elmyr de Hory- was born Elemér Albert Hoffmann on April 14, 1906. Both his parents were Jewish. His father’s occupation was listed as “Wholesaler of handcrafted goods.

Porn of course

I’m sure it was just a Jew and a gentile who both just happened to be hoaxers. The truth is everything is a hoax today and everything that is a hoax has something to do with Jews.

Proselyte hoaxer of the worst kind

The media is a hoax, even our president says so, unfortunately he too, with his Jewish family is a hoax. The CIA is a hoax they aren’t spying on criminals they are the criminals. The FBI is a hoax they don’t investigate anything. The Medical Association is a hoax (every aspect of it) that subject alone has dozens of hoaxes like Medicare, vaccines, cancer treatment, Medical schools, just being called “Doctor” is a hoax, a doctor is associated with truth not hoaxes. Hollywood is a hoax, there is nothing true in Hollywood, did Hollywood tell you who was behind slavery or Communism or the biological make up of the people who set out to kill Christ from day one? This of course brings up the Judeo Christian churches which are hoaxes, they will never debate what is written in the Bible they will only hoax you what they say it says. The schools obviously go along with the movies or they would make sure the pupils were told the truth, they do not and then we have people walking around with PhD’s and what have they been taught other than hoaxes?

Walking on the moon is a hoax, DNA is a hoax, Jews being Gods chosen is a hoax, Jesus being a Jew is a hoax, Jews being a race is a hoax, Jews being a religion is a hoax,  the money system is a hoax, the kosher industry is a hoax, Jewish Holy days are a hoax, the Holocaust was a hoax, the wars America has been in all started because of the hoaxers, churches trying to stop porn is a hoax (they don’t stop anything), our military not speaking out about the USS Liberty and the Beirut bombing makes them a hoax, the military is nothing but the Jews strong-arm. More people walking around with ribbons on their chest like the PhD folks really only proving that they have been happily hoaxed.

Those ribbons are tough to give up though!

Our judges are hoaxers they follow nothing our Constitution stands for in fact they stand directly opposed to it, but of course nobody will say who the hoaxers are. Our borders are wide open, there is no drug war the war is on us.

Some want us to believe everything is a hoax, but a hoax is often something to offset the truth and what is the truth movement other than people exposing Jew hoaxes?

The hoax is on us and we know who the hoaxers are whether we are hoaxing that we don’t. Truth is most of us are hoaxing ourselves now pretending we don’t know its the Jews.  God is not a hoaxer and you can bet something very real is coming soon because everything today is a damned Jew hoax and nature wont stand for it.

Many years ago people thought I was nuts for talking about Jew controlled food stores. Does anyone actually believe Jews want our food stores to be safe? I don’t and never did. Many many years ago people used to tell me I was crazy for talking about Jews being responsible for most of the worlds crime, now not so much! They thought I was the hoaxer.

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Three Stooges

White Jews: Stop Calling Yourselves “White-Passing”


David Duke thinks he is (Adelsatan pictured) the lineage of Jesus (and Im not making this up). As long as you have these evolutionist doctors leading you, you haven’t a chance! What have these doctors learned in Jew academia? Not a damned thing!

~ A pretty long Jewish story, but Jews have no problem being different races, different religions…..they are whatever the HELL they want to be and David Duke believes them.

A couple of nights ago, I was walking to my apartment with a friend, who is an Ashkenazi Jewish woman. My Denver neighborhood is aggressively white, and I live with a white roommate. So needless to say, with my brown skin and my natural coils, I usually stick out like a drop of oil in a glass of milk.

This particular night, my noticeable blackness could have been deadly. There were helicopters flying above my apartment and police stationed at a couple of streets right by my front door. They were looking for someone, and the murder of Stephon Clark has shown me that police can punish anyone who fits the suspect’s description, which is usually someone black.

Watching all this, my friend and I felt both terrified and relieved: terrified of me being questioned or even shot from above, and relieved that she could use her whiteness to shield me from these consequences.

It was a shock to my system, and it made me reflect on a topic that I have desperately been wanting to abandon: Can Jews Be White?

For many, the answer is a vehement no. After Alma published the Jews of Color roundtable discussion I moderated, my friends and I encountered a lot of indignation from “white-passing” Jews who took great issue with our use of the terms “white Jew” and “whiteness” in describing the intra-community racism we had experienced.

I was pretty furious. Policing the terminology and feelings of Jews of Color was pretty much the antithesis of all we had discussed. And furthermore, many Jews actually are white.

For the record, I strongly feel that de-assimilation and the dismantling of whiteness is critical to both the eradication of racism and the survival of the Jewish people. For me, part of these efforts involve taking great care to use terms like pale, white-passing, and light-skinned to describe white Jews without explicitly calling them so.

But the truth is, I was also a bit wrong. One can be white and Jewish, and I think it’s important to face this fact. De-assimilation doesn’t mean that we must deny that many in our community are able to access systemic white privilege with few impediments.

But here’s the salient point: White Jews aren’t white passing. They are functionally white.

“White-passing” implies the need to hide. When someone is white-passing, it often means that their white privilege is limited, and it can be snatched away if their true ethnicity is discovered. For example, a white-passing Latinx person may be deported if their immigration status is revealed. “White-passing” means the privilege is only extended in contexts in which a person is mistaken for white. A white-passing black person may get some privilege due to their appearance, but will still be subject to systemic economic disparities.

Another white Jew, he could be an Albino negro too, but today for all intents and purposes he is white.

But in this country, at this moment in time, those systemic punishments don’t always apply to white Jews when people find out that they are Jewish. Most systemic benefits of whiteness will not be taken away from white Ashkenazi Jews who possess them if someone discovers their Jewishness. No doubt, prejudice and anti-Semitism may remain, but their loan rates will stay the same and the police won’t be more likely to pull the trigger.

This is what being functionally white means, that someone can and is willing to operate in American society as white, without the fear that their ethnicity will be discovered. They can live in white neighborhoods, have the safety of whiteness, go to white schools, marry white people, and have the economic privilege of whiteness.

This is not to say that being Jewish isn’t incredibly dangerous in this country. Anti-Semitic hate crimes make up the vast majority of all hate crimes. But at this point in time in America, anti-Semitism is not comparable to systemic racism. All Jews will be a target of white supremacists, but many Jews may not ever experience racism.

This is because racism is an institutional poison based on skin color, on one’s proximity to whiteness, or one’s distance from blackness. White supremacy is an extreme ideology that asserts the superiority of Western European Christian whiteness with violence and murder. It can spread like wildfire, but it is rarely coded into every aspect of our lives. Racism is.

He’s a Black Jew with $ so no Jew hatred at least yet.

This is why passing as white is an extremely precarious position. It’s a delicate balance in which not only the perception of one’s whiteness is in danger, but the systemic benefits of whiteness (if any were ever granted) can be taken away at any moment.

The misuse of the term white-passing erases my own family, where many appear white, but accessing the full benefits of whiteness was and remains near impossible. For example, in segregated Washington DC, my grandmother was able to play with white, Jewish children as a child. But if they saw her father, who was darker, that privilege would either be taken away or heavily questioned.

In this country, to access the benefits of whiteness, different European immigrant groups had to shed parts of their individual cultures and seek shelter under the big tent of “white” culture. But this is an empty existence, for white culture has no value beyond power and privilege. The cultural markers of Judaism are much harder to shed than the cultural markers of say, Irish descent. This is why certain Jewish groups, like Hasidim, will never be able to fully access whiteness. As long as they retain those cultural markers, they will be perpetually othered.

But that still doesn’t necessarily make them non-white in this country.

I love that my white Jewish friends are invested in dismantling racism. But please, stop lashing out at Jews of Color for referring to you as white Jews. Being willing to acknowledge when whiteness applies to us isn’t assimilation; it’s an acknowledgement of a fucked up system.

Stop derailing conversations about racism with debates about why you aren’t white. You can’t destroy what you refuse to acknowledge. You can’t dismantle what you choose to blind yourself to.

He thinks he’s white too and so does Hannity.

I understand that you don’t feel white. My mother once told me that she didn’t feel black… that when she thought about who she wanted to be, all she could see was a white woman. It didn’t stop her from being called a n*gger though, or needing to straighten her hair to belong.

In the same vein, you may not feel white, but that doesn’t take away the privilege. In America, race is not a choice. It’s assigned. To change the assignment, you have to change the system, and that requires being willing to look it in the eyes. Merely claiming that you aren’t white does nothing to change racism. It can often merely be a self-serving proclamation, a tool used to obfuscate the fact that not all Jews are on equal footing when it comes to race.

If you are white, American, and Ashkenazi Jewish, I want to ask you a question. What do you like about being white? I’m not asking what you like about being Jewish, or what you like about belonging to a specific European culture. I’m asking what you like about being white in America. And if you’re honest, if you really reflect on this question, you’ll find most of the things you come up with are intimately linked to privilege and power. But if I were to ask you what you liked about being Jewish or being Ashkenazi, you would likely give me a list of things linked to culture, history, and community.

Being white, being Ashkenazi, and being Jewish are three different things. And yes, you absolutely can be all of them at once.

……and why we always have to know the difference.

Nylah Burton is a writer of good journalism and mediocre poetry. She has been described by racists and anti-semites as “emotional, disrespectful, and volatile.” She thinks this is the best review of her writing she’s ever received. Her grandma has it on the Fridgidaire. You can follow her on Twitter, at @yumcoconutmilk, but she’s cooler on Facebook.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Forward.

Read more:

~This is what our politicians, our pastors and priests, our media and our white leaders are trying to continually pound into our heads that whatever the Jew claims it is it is compared to Jesus, biblical Judah and Israel. It is without a doubt a stupor they are in and being held there until you use your true God given right, your spirit of truth, otherwise you are just another Jew stooge!

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Former Australian principal Malka Leifer, who wanted in her home country for child sex abuse crimes is seen at the Jerusalem District Court on February 14, 2018. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Former Australian principal Malka Leifer, who wanted in her home country for child sex abuse crimes is seen at the Jerusalem District Court on February 14, 2018. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

An Australian school principal facing extradition from Israel over allegations she molested schoolchildren has been accused of continuing to sexually assault children while in Israel.

Although Malka Leifer has not been formally accused of a sex crime in Israel, one man claims she molested his daughter and cautions that she has been privately tutoring other children in the ultra-Orthodox West Bank settlement of Emmanuel, where she has been living.

In a story published by the Sydney Morning Herald on Sunday, the father, identified only as Daniel, further claimed that Leifer’s husband had admitted to him that she “likes to touch” because she is “loving,” but that even he is wary of leaving her alone with children.

Leifer, who left Australia for Israel in 2008 shortly after molestation accusations against her surfaced, skipped several extradition hearings in Israel because she had committed herself into psychiatric institutions for short periods coinciding with the court dates. She is wanted for questioning in Australia in connection with 74 instances of molestation, including rape, of several teenage girls at the Adass school in Melbourne. Many of the alleged crimes were committed during private tutoring sessions with the girls.

Australian authorities first filed a request for her extradition in 2014. Leifer, was arrested in the country at the time but later released to house arrest.

In 2016 she, her husband, and their 10 children went to live in Emmanuel.

Daniel, an Emmanuel resident, said that at the time, residents of the community knew nothing of Leifer’s past or the accusations against her.

Shortly after arriving in the settlement, the former principal offered to tutor Daniel’s daughter Sarah in religious studies. he said. The report did not say how old the girl was at the time.

Sarah later told her father that Leifer had pulled at her clothes, pulling down her skirt and “started to touch” her.

“Her childhood was over from that moment,” he said.

Concerned over what his daughter had told him, Daniel said he hired a private investigator to watch the woman as she visited other children in their homes and lured “troubled, disadvantaged kids” into her own home by offering them food and free tutoring.

Widespread deprivation in the community made the offer of something to eat effective bait, Daniel noted.

“There is a lot of poverty, with families struggling to buy food,” he said.

On one occasion Daniel claims he saw Leifer “grab this young-looking blonde girl, pushing her, grabbing her boobs and ass. She was all over her, crazy-like.”

Daniel claimed that he spoke to Leifer’s husband about the alleged assaults.

“I asked him about his ‘handsy’ wife,” he said of her husband. “He said, ‘She likes to touch but that’s all she does, because she’s a loving person… but we did try not to leave her alone with kids.’”

Despite his complaints, Leifer would continue to send her son to their home with instructions to bring Daniel’s daughter for more sessions, the father said.

His daughter has since moved to a boarding school in the nearby town of Petah Tikva, he said.

Daniel began researching the former principal, who had been living in Israel with no restrictions on her freedom, and discovered her past and the accusations in Australia. He blasted Emmanuel community leaders for allowing the woman to live freely among residents, accusing them of not doing enough to protect children from.

“She carried on molesting children here after she was freed!” he told the newspaper. “They let her return here, to my home. To my town!”

The report described a tightly closed community living under the rule of ultra-Orthodox leaders who prefer to suppress reports of child abuse rather than involve authorities and deal with the unwanted attention.

“The issue became well known here in Emmanuel,” one resident was quoted as saying, “but it was comfortable for [her] to manage her life here because it’s a small town where nobody looks for trouble.”

Local residents said that community leaders were well aware of Leifer’s past but had failed to deal with the matter.

“They definitely knew she did what she’s been accused of, that’s why they told her not to teach young girls, and at the beginning, she obeyed those demands, things started to blow up after she volunteered to teach [Daniel’s daughter],” one source was quoted as saying.

The woman’s defense lawyer Yehuda Fried declined to comment on the accusations, saying that unless charges were filed he had no response to give, according to the report.

Daniel claimed that Leifer’s story is just a part of a much broader problem in the community that is being hushed up by leaders.

“It’s Sodom and Gomorrah in Emmanuel,” he said. “Child abuse, pedophilia… it’s rampant.”

The father vowed to campaign until the community addressed the issue.

“The Catholics went through the exposé of such crimes,” he said. “Now it’s our turn to address the big problem.”

~Yes Yes blame the Catholics……….I guess Australia wont be getting this woman back now. Like the “sick” bomber hoaxer who sold threats etc., he wont be brought to trial in the USA either. Which one of our or Australia’s officials will call for their trials?
It’s a Mad Mad Mad World!
And in other Jew News………..

Don’t let Israel become a promised land of impunity for crooks and fraudsters

Israel’s law enforcement bodies are not cooperating with their foreign counterparts in tackling financial fraud. Are they ‘only’ spectacularly incompetent, or something even worse?

On a recent trip abroad, The Times of Israel spoke with law enforcement sources who confirmed what we have long suspected but preferred not to believe. While law enforcement bodies overseas are devoting considerable effort and resources to tackling binary options, forex, cryptocurrency and other financial fraud emanating from Israel, Israeli police and other law enforcement bodies are not cooperating effectively with these efforts, and at times are actively stonewalling them.
~Jews are concerned they arent locked up in Auschwitz again, but we are “antisimetic” (misspelled purposely for the Stormfront kids) if we say the same thing.
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How I Got My College Degree

Mira Sorvino has taken enough crap.

The Oscar-winning actress and Harvard graduate has said she was attacked by Harvey Weinstein. She has put her reputation on the line, becoming a prominent face of the #MeToo movement. Her career was likely negatively impacted by her interactions with Weinstein.

She has dealt with a lot of pain and nonsense and gas lighting, and she won’t be putting up with any more. She made this clear on Sunday in a Twitter response to a user who called her a “pretty girl” who should avoid talking about history and politics and “stick to what [she’s] good at.”

Sorvino snapped.

She did her thesis on “The Sonderkommando” and “Neo Nazi’s” and raped by a Jew.
The BS never ends!

The exchange was in response to comments Sorvino made on MSNBC on Sunday when the actress and mother of four visited Tornillo, Texas to protest against family separation. “I feel we are in pre-Nazi Germany,” she told Joy Reid. “The obfuscation, the lies, the totalitarian behavior is shocking and horrendous. We have to be vigilant.”

The person who tweeted Sorvino calling her unqualified to speak about history has since deleted the tweet. Luckily, fastidious Internet users have immortalized it.

The national conversation about whether or not it is appropriate to compare contemporary events to the Holocaust will likely rage on. The debate about whether a pretty woman who works as an actress can also be an educated person seems settled forever.

Read more:

Hollywood is Jew antiChristian antiAmerican trash- period. Every one is a sellout!



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10 Things I Hate About You

10 rabbis are visiting separated families on the border


NEW YORK (JTA) — A group of 10 rabbis has traveled to Texas to examine detention facilities for separated families on the U.S.-Mexico border.

The group, which is aiming to visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Centralized Processing Center on Thursday, includes rabbis from all four major Jewish religious movements and is part of a larger delegation of 40 interdenominational clergy.

The group also includes Catholic, Protestant and Muslim leaders. Among them was the Rev. Al Sharpton, onetime provocative civil rights activist.

The clergy are at the border to protest the policy of separating families that crossed into the United States illegally. More than 2,000 children have been separated from their parents since the policy was instituted in early May.

Following widespread outcry, including from a broad range of Jewish groups, President Donald Trump issued an executive order on Wednesday stating that families who cross the border illegally will be detained together.

Rabbi Jill Jacobs, executive director of the liberal rabbinic human rights group T’ruah, is on the delegation and said Trump’s executive order Wednesday was “chutzpahdik” — a Yiddish word that means galling.

“We want to see the conditions there, come back, report to our communities and mobilize our religious communities to stop these policies separating children and families,” Jacobs told JTA. “At most, the executive order means that children will be imprisoned with their parents, which is inhumane and a violation of international law.”

Also on the trip was Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner of the Religious Action Center, the Reform movement’s legislative arm, who called family separation a “moral travesty.”


~ Is it time yet folks? How long are we going to take this?

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Snow White and the Huntsman


The bottom line every white person needs to know is “The Jew is the enemy of mankind and that means their women too” especially their women. You can believe the treasonous media or you can seek the truth and you will find that our media has indeed been made into twice the children of the devil. Nazi this Naazi that, every time you hear that word Nazi you need to add another round to the chamber.

The narrator obviously doesn’t know the difference between a Hebrew and a Jew. I was going to do another thread called “Moabite Dick” but I think that would have been a bit too sleazy, however if you get in a debate with a Jew and tell him he is a mongrel and therefore cannot enter the congregation of YHWH he will become upset and then will claim Jesus was a mongrel because Ruth was a Moabite which most of us here know this was not being used as a biological term, but a geographical term. Obviously Israelites were not Canaanites because they lived in the land of Canaan. But this is where the Jew rubber hits the mongrel road!

You see Jews want us to believe that anyone can be a Jew if they come from the biological Moabite Jew sperm and this is Gods way. They will tell you that Jesus was a mongrel, David was a mongrel, Solomon was a mongrel and Mary was a mongrel, but Deuteronomy says no mongrel shall enter Gods congregation. So you see the Jew does not defend that it is a pure race, they know they aren’t, however it isn’t because of Ruth because if God said no bastard shall enter the congregation he would certainly know who the bastards are and were. God does not change!

Every white man and woman should know that the Bible is about white men and white women, a man took his brother’s wife if he died to keep the race going and pure. This had nothing to do with Jews because they could mix with anyone and remain impure. So our churches are teaching that a Jewish man has magic sperm that create all things Jewish when the Bible says absolutely nothing like this. Every one of the women of the Bible were white women with the exception of Esther, but the odd fact about Esther is she was depicted of the tribe of Benjamin and not Judah which Jews have renamed “the Jewish people” because they obviously don’t want to discuss Israelite people.

Folks you can see the Jew lies every which way you turn and the bottom line is they have a death wish for us and our women…..and our God. Know this all day long and seek the truth! These Jews did not go to the Frankfurt school to learn how to shaft us, they have been doing it from the beginning of time on planet earth.

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Dirty Little Secret

Trump signed secret pledge to safeguard Israeli nukes — report

According to New Yorker, Israeli envoy Dermer raised US ire in seeking assurances on program; ‘This is our f*ckin’ house,’ White House official reportedly said in disapproval

Illustrative: US President Donald Trump signs a Presidential Memorandum on the Iran nuclear deal from the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House, on May 8, 2018. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

To Hymie, Yours Truly- Forever!

Illustrative: US President Donald Trump signs a Presidential Memorandum on the Iran nuclear deal from the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House, on May 8, 2018. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

US President Donald Trump has reportedly signed a secret letter pledging not to strong-arm the Jewish state into relinquishing its nuclear weapons.

The US president’s backing came after Israel’s ambassador to the United States reportedly pressured the administration last year, raising the ire of American officials.

The rare moment of tension between the Israeli government and Trump White House in February 2017 came a month after Trump entered office and was said to devolve into yelling and profanity, according to a report by The New Yorker on Monday.

“This is our fuckin’ house,” an unnamed US official was quoted saying in response to Ron Dermer’s demands.

According to the report, Israel was looking for the fledgling Trump administration to sign off on an understanding first reached between prime minister Golda Meir and US president Richard Nixon, whereby Israel would neither declare, test or threaten to use nuclear weapons in exchange for the US not pushing Israel to join the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) with Israel’s Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer, at the president’s guest house, in Washington, DC, February 14, 2017. (Avi Ohayon/GPO)

Although the oral agreement continued to be honored through the Reagan administration, Israel grew concerned over whether the unwritten deal would hold during the presidency of George H.W. Bush, after calls by the US leadership for the Middle East to be free of weapons of mass destruction in the wake of the 1991 Gulf War.

Following Bill Clinton’s election as president, the US signed the first such letter in exchange for Israel’s participation in the 1998 Wye River peace talks with the Palestinians, with Clinton pledging any US-led nonproliferation efforts would not “detract” from Israel’s “deterrent,” a reference to Israel’s nuclear program, the New Yorker reported.

While foreign sources have estimated Israel has an arsenal of dozens to hundreds of nuclear weapons, Israel has neither publicly confirmed or denied such reports in keeping with its policy of so-called nuclear ambiguity.

The report said Israel later added to the covert document a clause saying that the Jewish state would “defend itself, by itself,” meaning it did not require the US nuclear umbrella in light of its own arsenal.

This photo taken on September 8, 2002, shows a partial view of the Dimona nuclear power plant in the southern Israeli Negev desert. (AFP/Thomas Coex)

Similar letters were later signed by US presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the report said, despite the latter initially sparking concern in Israel after voicing support for a nuclear weapons-free world.

Shortly after US President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Israel’s Ambassador to the US Dermer came to the White House to discuss adding Trump’s signature to the letter in talks with former national security adviser Michael Flynn, the report said. Unbeknownst to Dermer, Flynn would resign later that day for lying to Vice President Mike Pence over his contacts with the Russian ambassador.

Trump aides were caught off guard by Dermer’s request and told him they needed some time to study the issue, suggesting it was unclear whether Obama administration officials talked about the Israeli letter with their successors.

Furthermore, Israel’s desire to minimize the number of officials who took part in conversations about the letter rankled US officials, who felt Dermer was behaving as if he was in charge, according to the report.

“This is our fuckin’ house,” a US official was quoted as telling Dermer.

The feeling in the White House, added a former aide, was that “there is a lot of good will, but don’t take advantage of us.”

Despite the initial tensions, Trump would go on to sign the letter, the report said.

Although Israel saw the letters as guaranteeing the US would not pressure Israel on its nuclear arms, US officials said the document was not unequivocal in its language.

“It was not a blanket ‘We’ll never ask Israel to give up its nuclear weapons.’ It was more, ‘We accepted the Israeli argument that they’re not going to disarm under current conditions in the Middle East,” the New Yorker quoted a former US official as saying.

~ I wonder what other dirty deals our elected presidents are doing without our knowledge. Hey if we don’t know it it doesn’t hurt us, right?

Israel gets a dveal, everyone else “no dveal”! 

“Hey I’ll make ya a deal, you let us keep our nukes and we’ll ehhhh promise never to use them” elbow in the side ehh? ehh?”  “Of course if you don’t like the dveal we might just let one go off and we’d hate to see that happen.”

Or scenario two, Trump is working for the Jews and America is #2 not #1 like he has the lemmings believe. Jews not only get special dveals they get unwritten special dveals.

Is it intermission yet? Our leaders are Sci Fi characters and our media is the most treacherous entity that ever lived.

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