I am an American citizen, veteran and Christian that is sick and tired of the biased Jewish owned media. I am tired of the use of the name Zionist and if the Jewish owned and operated media can call Christians Christians and Muslims Muslims so then can I call Jews Jews. Christians don’t own the media and you rarely even see a Muslim in the media and we all know Indians and Asians arent dominating it.  If I have no right to call it what it is this is no longer what was once called America. This Jewish control over our media allows Jews to control everything else including our money and our minds. I will not stand idly by!

“Prove all things, hold fast to that which is good”


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  1. Researchman says:

    Interesting commentaries, but sometimes a bit confusing as I’m not in USA and some persons you name are unfamiliar. Maybe if you mention someone, you can briefly say a bit about why we probably heard of him… (in case we haven’t!)

    As for “truthers” I assume you mean folks who say 9-11 was an “inside” job.
    For certain steel won’t just melt (certainly not evenly around a building) in jet fuel,
    and the impact of TWO jets horizontally ramming a building will not cause THREE
    bulding to fall straight down like controlled demolitions! And to set up internal
    demolition, would requiring planning and major access to building woned by
    Larry Silverstein and another (Australian Jew) who profitted by $7 billion!
    And then there were the cheering Israelis in New Jersey. And much more.

    One of the best analyses I’ve seen on how this all fits is… (What think you?)


    PS: You’re right that real logical and historical Bible understanding is scarce!

    I’ve worked on that many years and have many answers to apparent contradictions in Scripture, used to advantage by twisters. WHY would God do this? Answer: because at first he gave straight talk, and we didn’t obey! Finally he gave a key order to advance his plan, but we disobeyed…. so he went to “Plan B” to deal with his stupid children. He “hates” us and gives us freedom to experiment will all sorts of errors for a very long time! – a definite time from a definite start (at our sin messing up Plan A).
    But in the end he will return and redeem us. (By then we shall have learned a lesson!)
    See Jeremiah 12 for whole scenario. (But this doesn’t say when the key sin started nor how long punishment is to last. That is well concealed in other Scriptures now ignored.
    After decades I’ve got the puzzle solved. Most alive will live to see the redemption!

    But right now we are to get out of “Babylon” of manmade law (& money) manipulated by the enemy! Evacuate and burn orders (Rev 17:18-19:3) just before our WARRIOR comes back (Rev 19:11-21) to crush other regimes (I Cor 15:24-26) with resurrected ones (that is line 26, ones redeemed from death) and our active participation (Luke 19:27) since we have “war orders” (Mat 10:34-38). Things will ge worse, before better, but start moving out of The Babylon city, and its second-level daughter cities.

    You’re not really out of Babylon until you have no manmade laws or money or media over you… so we need to build “free zones” (outside rotten cities) now. The good news is that over 90% of N America land area is able to be brought out of “Babylon” cities which will crash. (They need food, fuel, etc from the rest for folks to live in cities.)

    Cities to go down hard (Micah 5:8 -end). [I think: “witchcraft” =deceptions to destroy us; “soothsayers” = media voices and educators saying lies; “graven images” = false heroes like Martin Luther King, TV heroes of now value, and images on false paper money too; “groves” = pagan religion false churching; Rev also names “sorceries” = pharmakeia = street drugs + commercialized medicine drugs & mind control drugs – all destroy us, even smoking.]

    • DormantIdeas says:

      missing links missed the point… ‘September clues’ is where the real answer is… all a disney show concocted via computer graphics… clearly proven by this masterful study of the videos shown on the JEW NEWS! sheoplenews dot com

      • melgibstein says:

        Nice site, but praising a jew like Miltie Kapner is why we are in the mess we are in.

      • gemtria says:

        @ melgibstein – Brother Nathanael exposes the JEW…(branded a self-hater surely) Regardless of his upbringing, he is the only one, besides Ken O’Keefe who remains consistent in NAMING the JEW, and exposing massive counts of events with PEOPLE(JEW) attached… thus no matter if he might be a CRYPTO JEW, his work is that of a Christian.
        …as for me, religion is a CROCK OF GARBAGE LIES, no matter the kind! Thus both you and Kapner are on the good side of history, and that is all I care about at this point, as no self-anointed/self-blessed ARSE will ever understand pure freedom of the true anarchist! …much less understand statelessness! …and that includes YOU!
        Thus, I hold no grudge, you are free to ‘believe’… and I am free to avoid inDOCtrination!
        As long as you remain harmless in the process, and care about humanity as a whole!
        …and of course I wonder where is the line of harm!!! …since you are given the right to impose your ‘beliefs’… in so many ways… whereas I hold none!

      • melgibstein says:

        gemtria I only read your first couple of lines and felt compelled to respond………Ive been around a long time, I know Okeefe (or whatever his real name is) and I know Miltie just as much as anyone else and they came in from the back or side door…….the truth comes in the front door and I am there, when you can get them in the front door too you let me know. The biggest hoax of all is believing there are good Jews……there is no such thing- period and I dont care if you love a Jew I dont.

      • gemtria says:

        You seem to fail to read accurately… you tend to stand behind your blanket assessment as the only complete truth! Until I took time to find out for myself and went into a massive study of world events, you could have balled me into your blanket and would have been wrong! I even voted for boyJEWBUSH same bloodline as the CRYPTO JEW BritROYALs.
        It was and forever will be the last vote I cast.
        I have 18,000 hours in my thesis packed in a 6 year span… show me one who comes close.

        I agree, there is not a ‘good’ JEW… why!? because after having tried to do all that is possible to give the JEW side a chance, a fair assessment, I kept finding out it is not an option… but if you read my words carefully, you should see that… I am no fool, I stand on my guard that Brother Nathanael is a complete trojan horse, but I stand by my assessment that he reveals critical information that would not be public otherwise, AND THAT INFORMATION IS NOT THE TYPE the JEW wants to see out!

        At sheoplenews(dot)com, the JfWO button on the home page will show you a new layout that will definitely help you see, I am not fool! My study led me to discover things by implication and deduction which I published first, and saw later that others had encountered materials in deep history that actually showed I was thinking not only in the right direction, but DEAD ON! One section still not on the site(JfWO), will show you those things!… It simply blew my own mind that I was able thru looking at so much material I could actually guess at things that were there all along. NOT patting myself on the shoulder, just expressing that I am glad I was not dreaming!

        There is a button ‘KNON’ (white) on the home page… click it and seeeee.

        The JEW syndrome is a state of mind, just like Christian is a state of mind,or any other ideology. …thus a human, ANY human is subject to being infected, and all humans who do come to the realization they have been duped, deserve that option. …and surely, it is a dicey proposition, knowing that the JEW is the WORST FILTHY LIAR ever, thus one can be fooled!

        I hold NO ideology, only the TRUTH, and the TRUTH is a moving beast, it floats on a realm of ‘KNONs’, and can be said to be in the eye of the beholder. There is a book list on the site which is now broken(will fix soon)… 100s of books… one of the books is “GREEKisHEBREW” … that has proven to be the dot-connect to the plagiarization/rape/stolen technology/the plundering of the Kemet civilization(now renamed Egypt[the meaning black man]) all renamed and taken under the Hellenistic cover of greatness! … from JEW Abraham, to JEW Moses, to JEWsus(each right on the 2K+- years precession cycle of the ZODIAC[not to be confused with the fckng false JEW HOROSCOPE concoction crap]), the HOAXODUS false BS FILTHY JEW story as the crutch to YOUR religion – Bonaparte minion of the Rothschild dyNASTY coming in at the tail-end. …and that is not mentioning the ultimate child sacrifice, JEWsus!

        Hard to pack so much in a small post… as much as the JEW needs to unJEW, so do you need to unJEWsus! … and no, I do not ZEITGEIST. see the Alogian World page to get the story!

        Keep in mind that I am trimming down all the info to a strict minimum, but while I do that, I show as much of the material as possible so all the info is available.

        You could say I am a Christian at heart, but I certainly DO NOT worship!
        NO FANTASY GOD has a hold of me… including your child-sacrificing/blood-drinking bloody bastard GOD!

        No offence meant… just stating it as it is!
        Don’t hit me with your repent/judgement garbage, I VOMIT on that!

      • gemtria says:

        Well the system does nto seem to place the messages in order… and I am unable to correct my last one… which makes me appear as I can’t write a complete sentence… I hope you figure it out!

      • melgibstein says:

        What does gemtria mean? Are you Greek Phoenician geometry or one letter short of Jewish numerology? And I do not believe I have all the truth, I only believe I allow the truth in. Anyone is free to comment here except Walt, my Pink Panther Chinese nemesis (I will let him in to break some things every now and then).

      • melgibstein says:

        The first step in finding truth is to rid yourself of everything Jewish, and no Gibstein is actually a German name. If you think Jesus was a Jew there isnt a thing for you here.

      • melgibstein says:

        So you believe everyone in the Bible are Jews. Come back when you read the book. I have no time for any of this.

      • melgibstein says:

        Any other words you want to add so the ADL can flag me for? I know Im not serious, I’m making all this stuff up and for free too. I’m a cartoon, not real bla bla bla. Im soo hurt.

  2. madmonq says:

    Really. It’s no wonder the Jews hate you. Let me amend that. It’s no wonder everyone hates you. When you post your nonsense it’s a little like watching someone defecate from their mouth: disgusting. I apologize if you suffer from scizophrenia or something. But being mentally ill is a better excuse than having an untreated diarrhea mouth. You really should have that looked into.

  3. madmonq says:

    Then it is agreed. You are a person who suffers from untreated diarrhea mouth and you like it.
    And as far as my Jewishness/non-Jewishness I’ve heard about this before from people, like yourself, who enjoy the feeling of poo in your mouth (though they were hard to understand through the poo muffle)…

    You just want me to show you my uncircumcised penis, don’t you?

    • melgibstein says:

      You jews dont like me because I tell the truth about you. If you hate me for lying about you, prove where Im wrong otherwise prepare for the long dirtnap in hell. You keep reading though. I wouldnt have it any other way.
      The truth is getting out and I am a good part of that. Ive been exposing you thieves for decades know from under, over and straight on. Ive got a lot of years left too. Ive already created 50 in my place easy. Whatever my punishment is, bring it on. But pack a lunch.

      • DormantIdeas says:

        Some of your wording just kicks me onto an uncontrollable grinnnn… I wish you were on my team at sheoplenews dot com … Rarely do I encounter one who can truly say it as it is, in their face. Now, I use many people who are not on your favorite list nor on mine but my approach is to showcase many so that the word spreads even faster, as the GOYim are rather stOOpid… they tend to hang-on to one thing about a person and use that to discard that person 100%… Even Alex JEWnes is ok by me, only because he does expose much of the information, except that he blames it on mankind’s corruption as a whole since he is a shill for the JEWs. But many of the people who gained their info via JEWnes are now looking at the REST OF THE STORY! thru my work… and now they realize who is at the helm of this NASTY KIKE SHITE!… namely the KIKEs. The more I dig into this horror the more it is described by 3 letters JWO! … I actually started on an even slate so as to not fall in a biased prejudiced groove… and spend more time to debunk myself than I really wanted… and the result is unmistakable… from the HOLOHOAX to the end of the Universe there is not one fckng thing the NASTY JEW will not lie about! Their Chosenites premise is simply the worst cancer humanity has had to suffer. This TRIBE is CRIMINAL to the core. I fought my dad for years over warning me about the JEWs, and alas he passed before I had a chance to awaken… they use the bad elements in all groups to foment complete chaos they can profit from and gain ever more ground towards the point of no-return. With the technology level mankind has reached it is only a matter of time before they corner enough of the robotics to make it impossible for the GOYim to recover from this disease. …the GOY is still in debate-mode falling for the non-ending negotiation circle, …still blind to the JEW demonic run-around. As optimistic as I try to be, I cannot see that the GOYim will educate-UP enough to know how to avoid the bloodshed they are pushing the world into… but I also see that the awakening is full-on… many people are sitting on the edge of realizing their eyes are coming open. Rulers from the top-down of elected/selected authorities need to be removed as a system of governance, period. NO mf in this world needs to hold a position of authority over public funds. The GOYim need to establish a massive number of groups who are all autonomous and sovereign each attached to something vital in public affairs with multiple groups on each individual issue! Transparency must be forced so NO SHITE SECRET SOCIETY HAS THE CHANCE TO FLOURISH! and no corruption can go undetected for any useful length of time. The only other way is to turn into the same nasty murderers these criminals are and use their own medicine on them… that would be bloody… not a good proposition. Jon the BIGGER BETTER TRIBE as sheoplenews dot com… we will find a way to let decency prevail. Cicero’s quote said it best. It’s in the axioms at …. yeah the same web site. The more people you get to join with us the better… the keyword is ‘LULL’

      • melgibstein says:

        I feel as if we chatted before.

    • tedcar says:

      Jews have an on session with shit for some reason….this one is a good example.As has been stated time and again in history,Jews are a sick bunch of MOFO’s…and they eventually destroy any country they settle in…which explains why America needs to overthrow their racist minority rule ASAP.Naturally you would have this Jew fuckwit sicko who commented…transported to the nearest soap factory.

      • melgibstein says:

        Its always been my point to quit focusing on what Jews are doing and focus on what Jews are (contrary). Contrary means against us, the opposite of us, opposed to us. It’s as easy as ABC, but the lemmings keep trusting the Jew and think Jesus was a Jew. It truly is hopeless for most people, they dont seek the truth so to hell with them.

  4. Glory B. says:


    I just found your website and I really like what I see. I post from time to time on Brother Nathanael’s website, and I respect him because he is a man of God and a former Jew, like me.

    As some who follow Real Zion News (used to be called Real Jew News, I don’t know why he changed it) know, I was raised as a Jew, but always felt there was something missing in my life. I didn’t find out what it was until I went to a Christian college, where I found Jesus Christ, or He found me. And for the first time in my life I felt accepted, and loved. I’ve been a Christian now for more than three decades, and I have never regretted putting my name on the dotted line, so to speak, even though it cost me heavily, including the acceptance of my family (they disowned me, threw me out of the house, held a “funeral” for me, and cut me out of my inheritance). And I couldn’t care less, because when you have Jesus, He’s there for you. You can always count on Him to help you out when you need His help, love and friendship.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to preach — I’m not that kind of a person — but just to give you a little background on where I’m coming from. But I’m very impressed with your website, and I like the way you nail the stinking Jews for what they really are — the spawn of Satan who are bent on destroying everything we Christians hold dear — our faith, our family and our country — for the love of power and filthy lucre.

    I like the way you told off that kike a–hole, madmonq, who obviously does’t appreciate being told where to go and how to get there. Jews are like that, they can dish it out (when there’s a crowd of them) but they can’t take it. Whenever someone fights back, he’s called an “anti-semite,” and a “Nazi,” and a “pervert.,” and he’s ostracized, publicized and criticized by a bunch of mealy-mouthed Jew-bastards and their Jew-loving followers.

    As far as I’m concerned, Jews can go to hell, which is where they belong anyway, because their father the devil is there, and they obviously like warm places (Miami, the Sinai desert, Hollywood, etc., etc.).

    Jews are garbage, and you know what you do with garbage … YOU BURN IT!!!

  5. melgibstein says:

    Glory B, Thanks for the comment. Of course after a good comment it’s difficult to explain how I feel about Jews, but for the benefit of both of us in the future I will let it loose right now.

    I dont trust Jews, I would be a complete idiot to trust a Jew whether they are brand new Jews or old time satanic Jews. History has taught me this in my life and many other lives of my ancestors. Im not going that route (trusting Jews I mean). No readers is ok with me, but Jew supporters means Im not doing my job.
    I will manage ok without any of them, no readers or not. If I was in this for popularity I’d more than likely have Hannity’s spot.

    Take Mikey Rivero for instance, he wants to keep his readers in Jew main stream media land praising oy vey Rachel Maddow and that homosexual (??) Dylan Ratigan, Peter Schiff etc. How can you be that much of a cretin and claim to be telling the truth?

    The Jew who was caught selling organs for 15 times what he paid the donor for was a Rabbi when he was caught, but now he is just a poor Jew on Rivero’s site. You see he just posts the news and comments on some articles. He conveniently misses the gargantuan Jewish pedophilia problem and then equates it with the Catholic pedophilia problem disregarding the fact that there are Marrano’s like his ancestors were. You see he hates the Catholic church because they threw out his great great great great grandparents (those people that threw them out were my great great great great grandparents) and they were as right then as they would be this very fine Jew infested Sunday in America today. Its the same routine, the same song and dance, but the lemmings are waxed gross.

    • Glory B. says:


      You’re absolutely right, and that’s one of my cardinal rules: Never Trust a Jew!!! Everything that comes out of a Jew’s mouth is a lie. Whatever a Jew tells you, you can pretty much bet that the opposite is true.

      You probably know, since you grew up with kikes, that they don’t trust each other. Of course, they’d much rather cheat a Gentile, and the greated pleasure a kike gets in life is when he or she swindles a Gentile and gets away with it. And if they cheat a Christian and get away with it on a Christian holiday, like Christmas, Easter or Pentecost, why that doubles and triples their pleasure.

      But it’s a fact that they don’t trust each other. I know when I was a kid, my father used to deal with this yid store owner, and they were always trying to out-jew the other. They’d smile at each other and tell each other what a great guy the other one was. But then when my father was alone with my mother, he’d say to her, “That Izzy Cohen (I can’t remember the Jew store owner’s name but it was typically Jewish) is a crook. I’m sure he cheated me and he’s laughing behind my back, but he’s sneaky and I just haven’t figured out yet what he did and how he got away with it.” And my mother would agree and say something, “Yes, I know he’s tricky and you’ve got to watch yourself with him.”

      The only reason Bernie Madoff got so much jail time was, not because he stole something like $65 billion, but that he cheated other Jews and got caught doing it. (What a great name for a kike: Bernie Made-Off-With-The-Loot.) I guess we’ll never know how many other kikes are out there making fortunes out of cheating Christians, but you have to be on your guard all the time when you’re dealing with g.d. Jews.

  6. melgibstein says:

    Glory B, Let me try to use a scenario on why I dont trust Jews nor want to be even associated with them. I once had a waiter with tattoos all over his face that served my father and I dinner at some Denny’s somewhere ( or was it some other Jew joint I can’t recall) and he looked at me as if I was prejudiced of his idiotic tattoos all over his face and that I was the hater and he was perfectly innocent. I never went back to that restaraunt because I was put into a situation I never wanted to be in. You think that tattooed fellow was a church going Christian or believed in morality? He was there to destroy.

    That is one simple scenario, now another one.

    NYC and Detroit used to be White European cities and now they are crapholes thanks to Jews. If I walked around Harlem or downtown Detroit at night, which Ive done many times to get where I was living or staying, I didnt stop to shoot the breeze with the bro’s at 2 in the morning. Am I a hater for this or is it basic survival (I could also use this scenario about Tel Aviv which Ive been to as well)? If one nice Black came up to me on the street with no bad intentions how am I supposed to know? Am I to stay and have conversation while Blacks off the side of the street stroll up to look at my watch or the shoes Im wearing? I have also lived in Africa and its the same scenario. Does it mean I hate Black people? No it does not, but it does mean that I should never distrust my own instincts (that happen to be historically correct and also correct in my own life). When I do that (not trust my instincts) I am truly finished and the truth is Jews brought those people into my cities, into my country as slaves. It isnt my fault and I want nothing to do with it. I do not want them or the people who brought them here in my town or country. You can call that hatred I dont care, but to me it is logic and a fact of life. Take it or leave it.
    I would help Blacks return to Africa and help them from afar somewhat (without the help of Jew Bono), but they dont want to leave and the Jews knew this from the start. The Jews I dont know what to do with, but get them out of Europe and White countries for starters and work from there. My instincts on this will never change. Most people believe people who think like I do just woke up one morning hating, but its not the case. The truth is I want to help my people as I would want to help my own family because they are. Go help yours.

    • Glory B. says:

      Mel, I know exactly how you feel. There are places in my city which are totally niggerized, and I wouldn’t be caught dead walking in them, day or night. (Or maybe that’s how I’d have to be … dead.) I’m even scared to drive in them. I can just imagine a gunfight erupting between some niggers shooting at each other on opposite sides of the street, and me sitting in my car at a traffic light, getting killed in the crossfire. That happens all the time with some innocent bystander, usually a kid playing in the street, getting killed as some niggers fight over drugs or booze or a woman. Niggers don’t care about anything except getting drunk or getting high and stealing money and raping White women, usually an elderly White woman living alone, then beating the shit out of her, which usually ends up killing her. What is it with nigger men, that they have no morals at all. And the nigger women sleep with half a dozen men and have babies with each of them, so they end up with a bunch of brats, each with a different last name. They all go to church and Praise the Lord, and then they go home and act like animals.

      Of course, it’s the Jew landlords that turn neighborhoods like that into slums. Typical Jew behavior — milk the property for all its worth, and don’t care how the people live. Jews are worse than niggers, in my opinion, because they’re cunning and sneaky. A nigger will stick a gun in your face and rob you from the front; the Jew smiles at you while he stabs you in the back. And they get away with it, like those Wall Street Jew-bastards that crashed the economic system, and they’re sitting pretty while the Christians are losing their jobs and their houses. I haven’t heard about any Jews going to jail for screwing over the Gentiles, and it won’t happen, because the Jews are too powerful, they own the judicial system.

      I pray every night that God will destroy the Jews, and it seems like more and more people are waking up, and realizing that it’s the Jews who are causing all the problems with race and economic collapse and media propaganda that we’re force-fed day and night. Personally I would not like to be a Jew in this country — I can’t stand those holier-than-thou kikes who are always whining and screaming about persecution, when they’re the ones who are persecuting us Christians.

      I’m with you on sending the kikes somewhere, although it shouldn’t be to Yidsrael, which they have no right to live in. I think HItler once said that concentrating the kikes in Palestine would be a mistake because it would give them a center to pull their international swindles from … and that’s just what has happened. Each country has to deal with the kikes in its own way, Maybe we should send them to outer space … fly them to the moon and let them build their Jew-colony there.

      • melgibstein says:

        Some will say you are a hater, a racist, but I am not one of them for the simple reason that you speak the truth.
        I will be with you in prayer, but more importantly in battle because that is what we are going to need not necassarily in that order. This battle and this prayer is and always has been consecutive. Remember that both I and our father will be with you. That is the ultimate bottom line. You are with us or against us.

  7. Shahir says:

    Sorry not all muslims are bad, only the ones who are religious.

    • melgibstein says:

      I am not accepting that other comment on my “about” page. You can post elsewhere, but people will clearly see you are trying to turn this into a site that will get me kicked off the internet. Your agreements or disagreements are welcome when they pertain to the subject.

  8. Shahir says:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean that, I am sorry, Feel free to remove it from here.

  9. old men of the South says:

    Glory B…Tell it young lady! It thrills our Hearts to hear women stand up and preach the Truth. We have a good shop worn soap box that we can send you as an award. Keep on keepin’ on!!! Mel, ya need to cherish the thoughts of this good woman and welcome her back. Anybody who totally gives up being a joophuk and becomes a servant of the Lord (for real) is on the correct path. And no, put the joophuks on jooanus, i.e. Uranus.

    • Glory B. says:

      Thank you for the encouraging words, Old Men of the South. It’s been a while since I posted here, mostly because I was discouraged and hurt by the hateful sentiments that Mel hurled at me. He despises me because I was once a Jew, although I left that criminal syndicate some years ago, and have tried with all my might (and still try) to live a good Christian life, as Our Lord showed us how to do. Mel still considers me to be a Jew, and I realize that there is nothing that I can do or say to change his mind.

      Nevertheless, I do not hate Mel, because Jesus said it is wrong to hate, and we should forgive our enemies, even though they do not forgive us. (I don’t include the Jews in His command, because they are the ones who crucified Christ, and they have never accepted Him, and are ruling over us.)

      So Mel, I want to wish you, and all good Christians, a Merry Christmas (sorry I’m late) and a Happy New Year, and keep on keepin’ on, doing what you do best … slammin’ the Jews.

      • melgibstein says:

        I didnt know Glory B was a woman, but my stance with Jews or anyone who says they are related religiously, ethnically or in any way to these freaks of nature arent welcome with me. History proves that they destroy. Thats just a fact of life and until that sinks in you are doomed along with everyone you hold dear. Merry Christmas to you too, but the only things I consider “merry” are without Jews or their proselytes.

  10. Glory B. says:

    Welcome back, Mel. Having not had your brilliant insight about Jews and their ilk for some time, I was worried you had come down with a bad case of Tay-Sachs disease or sickle cell anemia. But now I see you’re suffering from a bad case of foot-and-mouth disease (emphasis on “mouth”)..

    Have you ever thought about going to see a doctor, specifically a psychiatrist, for your condition? Or better yet, have yourself committed to the nearest hospital for the criminally insane. You’ll find many like-minded folk there — people who swear they’re Jesus or Adolf Hitler. It would be like a vacation for you — away from the clutches of the Jews — that is, if you can find a sanctuary that excludes those of the Hebrew persuasion.

    Well, if I sound bitter, I’m really not. Just having a little fun at your expense, since you’re still under the delusion that I’m a Jew. I’m not — I gave up on that racket some time ago. I’m really on your side, Mel, whether you like it or not.

  11. Lou says:

    I am sad to say you have clearly not read your Bibles correctly, those who hate the Jews. They are God’s chosen people and will all be saved. It is sadly you who denigrate them who will end up in Hell. And I don’t want to see anyone there.

    Please read your Bibles. Jesus was and will always be a Jew.

  12. Lou says:

    I have many times, but I have read it again, seeing as you specifically pointed it out.
    I am not sure which part is of utmost importance to your arguments, but I would guess it is the part where Jesus talks about the children of Satan. Indeed, He was addressing Jews, but you are reading it completely out of context if you think He is referring to the entire Jewish nation that existed then and exists now. He was talking to those particular Jews who did not believe His testimony and tried to stone Him. We all have free will to believe that He is the Son of God or not, and they clearly erred by not believing.

    Consider those that did listen, though. His disciples, Paul, Nathanael, (who Jesus called a “true Israelite”) Zacchaeus… all of these were JEWISH people. Not to mention Jesus Himself! So you’re saying that because the Pharisees and Sadducees did not believe and were condemned for their sins, that the whole of the Jewish population is doomed to damnation? That is a very warped viewpoint, and would mean that Jesus would have to disown Himself, which is impossible.

    The only reason that I say all of the Jews (that are currently living in these last days) will be saved is because the Bible tells us that they WILL turn to Jesus and believe His testimony:

    • melgibstein says:

      I have many times, but I have read it again, seeing as you specifically pointed it out.
      I am not sure which part is of utmost importance to your arguments, but I would guess it is the part where Jesus talks about the children of Satan. Indeed, He was addressing Jews, but you are reading it completely out of context if you think He is referring to the entire Jewish nation that existed then and exists now. He was talking to those particular Jews who did not believe His testimony and tried to stone Him. We all have free will to believe that He is the Son of God or not, and they clearly erred by not believing.

      When you say the word Jew you have to be specific. Certainly you know that there are several definitions of the word Jew that was mistranslated into English. Sometimes Jews are Judeans (all Judeans), sometimes they are Judahites or racially of the house of Judah, sometimes they are Edomites or the people Jesus referred to in Revelations 2:9, 3:9 and 12:9 (read those 3 over again). Yes, todays Jews who call themselves Jews are the Khazars as well, but still the synagogue of Satan through Cain. Jesus said “from Abel to Zachariah for good reason”. The first original sin was from Eve, but he did not mention that, why? Because Eve was persuaded by a fallen angel (there are and were more than one). It was the result of that sin that started it all. It is evident that God wanted his people to be separate and to not adulterate their racial gene pool. You will have to read Genesis to figure it out.
      Jesus loved the Judahites that were suckered into Satan’s synagogue (Paul being one), because they knew not what they were doing. I don’t have enough time to explain it all to you. Just do a search on the origins of the Khazars and Edomites.

      Consider those that did listen, though. His disciples, Paul, Nathanael, (who Jesus called a “true Israelite”) Zacchaeus… all of these were JEWISH people. Not to mention Jesus Himself! So you’re saying that because the Pharisees and Sadducees did not believe and were condemned for their sins, that the whole of the Jewish population is doomed to damnation? That is a very warped viewpoint, and would mean that Jesus would have to disown Himself, which is impossible.

      Again (1000 times), there is a huge difference from a Judahite and a Jew. Herod was called a Jew, but he was an Edomite who set out to kill Jesus day one. Judahites and Israelites are not the problem. Judahites and Israelites dispersed many times all over Europe where the disciples went for the lost sheep. The Israelites are the gentiles (ethnos in the Greek). The root of gentile is “gene”. Not all Gentiles were Israelites, however. The descendants of Adam were all Gentiles. Noah did not have a Chinaman or a Black man, although some Asians are related to Whites as are Arabs through Ishmael and others. The Israelites and the Gentiles mixed back in with the Adamites in some places in Europe (Slavs for instance are Japethites). Read up on the Stone of Scone. The truth about that stone is that Jews have made it so difficult for us to believe our own history. Our history was deliberately destroyed.

      The only reason that I say all of the Jews (that are currently living in these last days) will be saved is because the Bible tells us that they WILL turn to Jesus and believe His testimony:

      Without a doubt this is true and it is happening right now. The true Judahites are scattered throughout Europe. They were the Milesians, Celts, etc. You have to trace European history all the way back. Trace the Phoenecians, the Tuatha Danaan, the Anglo Saxons (Isaacsons), the Kumri, the origins of the Welsh. Its all there if you seek it.
      From now on make your questions on a different page. There is plenty of room. I don’t want to make this page into a question and answer area. Thank you!
      I used to believe what you say, but I was clearly wrong. Your way makes no sense whatsoever and I have debated Priests, Pastors, Reverends and Rabbi’s. They cant and wont debate it unless they see a hole. The truth is it always backfires on them.

  13. Lou says:

    “And I will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and supplication. They will look on me, the one they have pierced, and they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only child, and grieve bitterly for him as one grieves for a firstborn son…On that day a fountain will be opened to the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, to cleanse them from sin and impurity.” – Zechariah 12:10; 13:1

    • EDOMS THORN says:


      You are lacking in understanding because your understanding come from MEN!

      II TIMOTHY 2:15 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”.
      SC GREEK 3718 “orthotomeo” to make straight, cut, to DISSECT!

      GET busy Lou! WE have! Join us in the understanding that come from God ans HIS word!

      This “Should” help…

      The entire Bible is to and for ISRAEL, not JEWS!

      The word “ISRAEL” occurs 2568 times in 2294 verses in the KJV, and not one time is ISRAEL called “JEW” The Book of Romans is largely about Gods love for ISRAEL/Jacob and the word “JEW” is used there ten times and not one time is it used for ISRAEL. WHY NOT?
      NEVER in the entire Bible are the so called JEWS called “Gods Chosen”
      The word “JEW” in scripture, NO WHERE denote “FAITH or Religion.
      “JEW” means Judean and is used for one son of Jacob/ISRAEL JUDAH.

      1 Chronicles 16:13 O ye seed of Israel his servant, ye children of Jacob, his chosen ones.

      Psalm 135:4 For the Lord hath chosen Jacob unto himself, and Israel for his peculiar treasure.

      Isaiah 41:8 But thou, Israel, art my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham my friend.

      Isaiah 44:1 Yet now hear, O Jacob my servant; and Israel, whom I have chosen:

      Isaiah 45:4 For Jacob my servant’s sake, and Israel mine elect, I have even called thee by thy name: I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not known me.

      AND the “elect” are ISRAEL! Not JEWS!

      MEL… Those facts should help all who strive with the ‘Priests’

  14. melgibstein says:

    Hopefully you understand that I dont have a single problem with this. The lineage of David goes through Pharez (no, Pharez is no relation to Israhells Peres today) so where did Zerah’s lineage go? Zerah’s lineage is just as interesting as Pharez’s is. Wasnt he important too?
    Not to use wiki as a reference, but isnt it interesting that the lineage of Luke starts with God himself? God has a lineage on the earth and so do the fallen angels.

  15. Lou says:

    Some of what you say is the truth, but it is mixed with a lie:
    “A little yeast works through the whole batch of dough.” – Galatians 5:9
    I will pray for you.

    • melgibstein says:

      Thats your opinion Lew, but I didnt force anything on you and I certainly didnt ask anything from you. You are entitled to your opinion. Of course when you decide to comment on what I am lying about I’ll be here. Until then, shalomalangadingdong!

  16. bin dead awhile says:

    lou??? maybe a jou?

  17. melgibstein says:

    Yes, Lou or Lew as in Lewinsky or Lev is the Jew lion word. They think they are of Judah. It really is pathetic.

  18. fkawau says:

    This is the turn About | The House of Mel Gibstein diary for anyone who wants to act out out about this issue. You asking so untold its virtually effortful to fence with you (not that I truly would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new stunting on a theme thats been cursive active for life. Prissy substance, simply outstanding!

    • melgibstein says:

      Not exactly how I want to be perceived being “prissy”. ~ fussy and prim…in a prudish way~
      Just stay on the other side of the room until we have you checked out.

  19. Ivan Shatov says:

    Please post a more complete explanation of your 2/15/12 8:52 pm post. I find this extremely interesting and am unable to find good references for what you said.


  20. Jew Hater says:

    Prove there was a historical Jesus.

  21. Ismael says:

    Good work, lots of respect to your site and a comment: dont forget who killed jesus… seems easy to protect israel in america but still u would think they respect u more and let u have your own money and media, I respect all those who belive in ONE god and the profets who preacht about “him” every thing else is not important, the religions would be better of united ALL of Abrahams sons… against all those other power greedy zionist wether they are Israel ashkenazis or Saudi Wahabis. just my point of veiw

  22. helvena says:

    I like your blog.

    • melgibstein says:

      Well hopefully that means you’re not a Jew.

      • helvena says:

        LOL, not at all. I could be self-hating, I could enjoy a circus or just the musings of a crotchety old man. “prove there was a george washington”, now there’s an argument. LOL

      • melgibstein says:

        So you are here for the “amusement”? A self hater? I never did quite get that one. Is a self hater “a good Jew”? Someone you want to get truth from? I’ll be sure to come read your far more intellectual information about Izzy Pound et al. Let me ask before you go, do you believe Jesus was a hooked nosed Jew or do you believe white people come from Cro Magnon man? I know its one or both.
        I don’t quite understand, did you come to claim you like my blog because it is beneath your intellect in some humorous way? Why dont we go head to head right here and see what you know.
        What is a Jew and what is a Gentile? Maybe you can find the answer at the intellectual Corbett Report site? I guess you could always get it straight from the ADL. I think this crotchety old man could take you to the woodshed.

        Ive got news for you, intellectuals have no place in the truth movement because they have all been sold a crock of dung and paid for it. Thats not my idea of an intellect.

  23. Roy says:

    Hey Mel….I think I may have a comment in your Spam folder. I wrote a comment yesterday that has not turned up yet.

  24. Michael Windsor the III says:

    it’s spelled ‘Pieta’, inbred fuckwit.

    • melgibstein says:

      Thank you, can we go have a piazza now? Why do I get the feeling that it isnt my spelling you abhor? Inbred? I’d rather be inbred than whatever you are and I am guessing something very confused.

  25. no! Mel… I do not think we have ever chatted… it is only the mere connection to transparency and objectivity that may give you that feeling. …yet, in this blind cyber-world, it is indeed possible!

    Wow… one’s mind wants to twist in knots after reading this long thread.
    It would take a book or 3 to respond to all I have read.
    For the sake of simplicity I will just make a short blanket comment. bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.

    MG- If you want to rant dont do it on this page.

  26. Maria says:

    I am enjoying your blog!

    • melgibstein says:

      Thank you Maria, any particular subject? Jews maybe? Ive forgotten more about Jews than David Duke knows, but he is our dedicated spokesman. If people start railing against the Jews you can bet Alan Colmes or Wolf Blitzer will have him on their shows. I dont think they want to talk to me though, it will get real bad for them fast.

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