Childs Play

Who are you voting for?


The latest gab on the internet is, the anti 2nd Amendment, abortion supporting, homo and lezbo supporting, Tulsi Gabbard who is calling on Trumpfelstein to uncover the Saudi’s doing 9/11 or resign.

This is odd because David Duke also claims it was the Saudi’s that did 9/11 not the Jews. Yes they will include “Israel” as if the word Israel today isn’t the land of wait for it….Jews. Israel isn’t Jews, Israel is the 12 tribes, can we all agree on that? So we have a Minestrone of BS here, Jews are Israel which is false, Saudi’s did 9/11 some using Saudi Arabia which is a geographical location full of mixed Arabs (what Arab means), but Israel is supposed to be the pure lineage of Adam to Judah, the House of Judah and Alan Dershowitz today. Somewhere along the line Jesus, Yashua (Ya saves) is mixed into this mongrel lineage of Jews who put him on the cross so that you would know who they were, and you don’t.

Back to the Tulsi BS, who could very well be a yenta herself, who knows what occurred when the Jew Jesuits arrived on the islands ( they weren’t there to promote Christ and his teachings you can bet on that). Tulsi is covering for the Jews just like David Duke is, that’s a fact. The information they are reacting to was from the totally Jew controlled 911 investigation headed by the dishonorable Judge Alvin Hellerstein. Ryan Dawson, David Dukes newest protege knows this, but Ryan was never after the Jews that did 9/11 he was after the Neocons (this can be anyone of any race or mixture- which totally clouds the entire principal of the criminality of the attacks). These punks are there to thwart the truth- period. They have to tell some truth to get some kind of following, but the truth is they have the truth shut out just like the Pharisee’s.

Tulsi has been a hero to the Stormfront shills for some time now, they also think she’s hot in a wet suit. They want you to think so too, even though she is an ugly mongrel.

I dont even have a scale for this. They used to say this same crap about Sarah Palin (Mask), maybe she will be vice president, yaaaay!

So we have Tulsi against Trump now, the shills are Judas goating you on to the next slaughterhouse line and you are too hoodwinked to even know. You don’t even know beauty anymore.

We have networks like Jeff Rense where David Duke and his homo friends can have their “shows” and we have RBN and Alex Jones where all the other shills can push their blatant lies and you know the truth isn’t allowed in. You know the truth is being crucified just like old days. Nothing has changed folks, its time for us to crucify them!

The truth is whoever died on September 11th 2001, these rats don’t want to know (neither of them) who pulled it off! They aid and abet the criminals because they are both their tools.

Almost forgot to add another shill that I loathe, Andy Hitchcock. Andy is on Eurofolk radio as a Christian Identist once a week and a David Duke Judeo imbecile on his show once a week. Does anyone see the destruction David Duke and everyone he gets involved with does yet? They want to smash the truth into a million pieces. They do not have the slightest respect for free speech, they have the same respect for truth as the Jews. If white people are going to ever have a leader and or something to lead them it will start with free speech and these con artists will never ever allow it. Tell them I told you, ops you cant either!



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3 Responses to Childs Play

  1. chris kazaam says:

    This week I read your classic 2012 COMMENTS on darkmoon’s Post (9/11 bombshell –..”) , mr. Hostile! You forced the anti-Zionist heavy-hitters like Glenn, Dankopf & Rehmat to jump in cuz you poked holes in their safe narrative. The part about Sabrosky’s pic “proving he was a Marine cuz he wore the genuine green sweater” had me rollin.

  2. EU is not Europe.
    An urgent election message..
    Britain’s December 2019 General election scam!

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    #killerculture #antizionistleague #antitraitors #HolodomorInfo #ScottRoberts #GDL #handsometruth

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