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The Irishman a Jewishman Flop

Are the Jewish mobsters referenced in ‘The Irishman’ real? BY EMILY BURACK NOVEMBER 27, 2019 3:30 PM Joe Pesci, left, and Robert De Niro star in Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman.” (Netflix) Very minor spoilers ahead for “The Irishman” — but nothing big, we promise. … Continue reading

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Jewish Pilgrims They’re huge Trumpfelstein supporters too! Ops I should be saying how much those Jews hate Drumpfelstein because of “the dossier” findings or “Rudi’s new news” or  “The FISA Reports”. Yes I should be glued to Schmucker Carlson and Zion … Continue reading

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The Incredible Shrinking Man

  This crap just goes on and on. The filth Jews are pummeling us with is just biblical! You cannot deny it.   That Stone of Scone needs to go back to Ireland where it belongs! Not even in Scotland!

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I once had a troll, probably the same troll that emails me every day and threatens to kill me, who used to say how non Jewish Pacino is or was. Well, troll, this ones for you! Now you know why … Continue reading

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Hunter Ehhh Killer

A huge ancient ritual site dating back over 6,800 years has been discovered in Poland. It is believed to have been used by neolithic people for between 200 and 250 years, with new features added every few dozen years, archaeologists … Continue reading

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We are on the Titanic, who are we? We are passengers on some Rod Sterling ship headed for hell! We know who has taken over this ship, our Captain is nowhere to be found, we have a new Captain who … Continue reading

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The Terminator

I remember all the backlash that I and an old friend from started about Schwarzenegger being a Jew. All the Stormfront clowns denied it, they loved Schwarzenegger and and and and and the white man went to the moon. … Continue reading

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