The Shooter

Marky Mark Bergdahlberg

Was the Florida Shooter a Jew?

Numerous articles have come out already, some say he was an ISIS supporter and wore a Communist sickle (Infowars). He calls Arabs “sand durka’s” and although I have never heard that term before even after living in several Muslim countries I am sure it is in line with “sand nigger”, I could be wrong however. It isnt often that you hear a Cuban or PR use those words, however it’s right down the Jews alley and it is possible I guess that this guy thinks he is a caucasian, which also sounds like a Jew to me.

Another site says he was making fun of the words Alah Akbar (either way does not seem like a subject for a Miami Cuban or Puerto Rican)

Shooters name is Nicolas or Nikolas Cruz, full name Nicolas de Jesus Cruz

So you think you’re a crypto Jew?

JTA: Can a last name help someone tell if they have Jewish blood? 
HORDES: There’s quite a bit of confusion over this question — some people think that names ending in “es” or “ez” are uniquely Jewish. The “es” suffix simply means “son of.”  But put yourself in the position of someone in 1492 who has made the gut-wrenching decision to stay in Spain and convert to Catholicism. Now if your name was Avraham Ben Moshe, and you’re trying to quickly assimilate into Old Christian society, the first thing you’d do is get rid of that name. You’d likely take a name like the Old Christians have, such as Gonzalez or García — or de la Cruz, de Jesus or Santa Maria. There’s only a very small number of cases where a name is uniquely Jewish. I’ve heard so many stories about the name Rael coming from “Israel.”  Every Rael I’ve ever found in New Mexico goes back to one Jewish family in southeastern Spain that had converted to Judaism in the 1480s.  But you have to be careful about names. There’s no other way of ascertaining proof of ancestry except by playing the “who begat whom” game, or conducting extensive archival research through the genealogical records.

Is it absolute that Cruz is a Jew? Sheriff Israhel is on the case.


Oy Vey!

One thing is absolutely prudent, Jews want America disarmed if they have to flood us with aliens, drug our kids, pervert our way of life with their perverted media, movies, TV etc. That is their end goal and they wont ever pass up a good crisis especially when they cause them to begin with. They will never stop because stopping means the direction could go against them. Once that line is crossed there is no turning back.


He looks like a JDL boy.


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73 Responses to The Shooter

  1. Tim says:

    Excellent points. I think the ratface Debbie Wasserman Schultz is that county’s “representative”.

    • melgibstein says:

      They even had Rick Sanchez reporting on this. I havent seen him since the Jews sent him packing, but then again I dont watch much talmudvision.

      Just a couple days ago Miami arrested 82 opioid/Fentanyl drug dealers (all of a sudden), I thought that was rather odd because these cops are the ones letting the opioid/heroin industry flourish. Looks like that operation will be put on hold for awhile.

      Most all the dealers except one or two were Black and the 2 may have been Mestizo’s. How do Blacks get Fentanyl? And why would Blacks be the ones doing the dealing? Because they head straight for the white women.

      And guess who rears her head?

      Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords says the deadly school shooting in Florida should “strike fear into all Americans.”

      The Democrat from Arizona was shot in the head and survived a shooting attack in 2011.

      She said in a statement Wednesday that her heart goes out to the victims and survivors of the school shooting that claimed 17 lives in Parkland, Florida. She called it the latest attack in an epidemic of gun violence that continues “days after deadly day.”

      She also says in a statement that the latest in a series of deadly U.S. shootings should stir fresh resolve in Congress to “find the courage to pass the laws we need to protect our children.”

    • melgibstein says:

      “Together with Rabbi Shuey Biston, I rushed to the school to give support to anyone we could. The school is at least 40 percent Jewish, so we know many of the students and their parents,” he continued. “We went from parent to parent and tried to offer as much comfort as possible, and helped them recite Psalms, praying for the students and faculty in the school.”

      Oy Gevalt!

      You nailed it Bill, and why I have wide opened free speech here.

  2. melgibstein says:

    The pic of the guy in the Antifa shirt is not him apparently. This does look like another hoax or should be looked at as one until proven otherwise.

    Probably the only time I linked to Infowars, I should have known.

    This school is just down the road from The Jewish Federation which is like a Jew fortress,-80.3125203,11z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xf53b7b9a843e4511!8m2!3d26.3586944!4d-80.1967776

    Meet Parklands cit Commisioners

    Christine Hunschofsky,
    At large Four years, expires November 2018

    Stacy Kagan, Vice Mayor District One – South of County Line Road, portions west of Pine Island Road, and north of the Parkland/Coral Springs boundary line
    Four years, expires November 2018

    Grace Solomon, Commissioner

    District Two – South of County Line Road / Loxahatchee Road, west of University Drive, east of Pine Island Road, west of Holmberg Road to the city border.
    Four years, expires November 2018

    Ken Cutler, Commissioner
    District Three – East of University Drive, South of Loxahatchee Road, west of State Road 7 / US-441, north of the Sawgrass Expressway, south of the Sawgrass Expressway, east of Riverside Drive, including NW 80 Terrace Extension, NW 79 Way Extension, Godfrey Road, and Pinetree Road Four years, expires November 2020

    Bob Mayersohn, Commissioner District Four – South of Loxahatchee Road, east of Parkside Drive, north of Holmberg Road, and west of State Road 7 / US-441 to include Sable Pass and Country Point South.
    Four years, expires November 2020

    The coroner

    They dont come any dumber looking.

    • DC says:

      “The pic of the guy in the Antifa shirt is not him apparently.”
      The other side tried to tie him to white supremacy, although the claim has since been denounced by the MSM.

  3. Bill says:

    Yes Sir; I would say there is no shortage of Christ-less act-whores
    around those parts.

    • melgibstein says:

      More than 40% Jews in the school, does that mean 49%? 41%? 85%

      More than half? This fat little pecker Sheriff needs to be hanged by his round arse!

      Everyone predicted this kid would be the shooter. I wonder what percentage of Jews thought this. Odd I didnt have a kid in school I thought would be a shooter, but if I had to pick it would be antisemitic. If you see someone tell someone because ehhhh the Jews wanna know.

    • melgibstein says:

      Another Jew hero

      It is with Great sadness that our Football Family has learned about the death of Aaron Feis. He was our Assistant Football Coach and security guard. He selflessly shielded students from the shooter when he was shot. He died a hero and he will forever be in our hearts and memories

      He gave his life for Jews. Jew hoaxes always come with Jew heroes.

  4. melgibstein says:

    A little more hoax evidence. This girl seems to be the only one telling the truth.

    • DC says:

      Great find.
      So this is looking about as credible a shooting as the Las Vegas event was.

      • melgibstein says:

        All the Jews are in place out in the open on this one, Miami, Vegas, where will the next one be, Brooklyn Heights, Skokie? They’re running out of moves, but they have thousands and thousands of Rabbid Rabies plotting their next move. They arent praying.

    • DC says:


  5. melgibstein says:

    Alfred E Newman a Jew patsy

  6. melgibstein says:

    Melvin Gibshohn’s good pal.

    “What we need — are laws. Real laws.”

    What we need, really need, is the Jews back in the camps!

  7. melgibstein says:

    Another Alfred E Newman, this time a Sheriff. There is no law and order with Jews.

    Why would a Polish Jew have the name “Scott”? Simply another sleeper Jew, they all are. This is what the so called “good Jews” have in store for your kids. And most people believe their kids are being treated fairly in school. Their only goal is to have you as slaves or dead. If you dont push the jew BS at some degree for them you useless to them. They will use your kids to obtain their goals, there is no bottom to it.

    Israel told the Sun-Sentinel that he attends the Parkland Chabad, and he is comfortable in churches as well as synagogues. His wife, Susan, is Christian, and they raised their children in both religions.

    The Miami area has loads of schools but guess where Scotty Israel’s kids went to school?

    Going beyond the headlines and meeting Israel in person, one is struck by how the former college quarterback is a grown up version of the “All American Boy.” Israel and his wife Susan, who helps manage his packed schedule, have a busy family life with three triplets, Brett, Blake and Blair. Brett was the junior starting quarterback for Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, Blake was a midfielder for the lacrosse team and a safety on the football team and Blair was a sprinter on the track team before hurting her foot.

    A great place to stage a hoax!

  8. melgibstein says:

    I dont trust this guy in the least. A Talmudic Sheriff is up to no good!

  9. Bill says:

    Can’t wait for Broward to come up with one of these.
    This one was after the Whorelando pluse nightclub homohoax.
    This is gonna be a tough act to beat.

    • melgibstein says:

      Its almost time!

      During one of the anti-Semitic rants in the chat, Cruz spoke of his birth mother, saying, “My real mom was a Jew. I am glad I never met her.”

      He is an orphan your honor.

  10. melgibstein says:

    On the first floor, Rebecca Bogart was in Holocaust class when bullets shattered a window into the room and struck at least one classmate. Rebecca, 17, said she hid under her teacher’s desk.

    “Four kids in my class were hurt. There was blood everywhere. I’m so glad to be living right now,” she said. “I knew what gunshots sounded like, but not that loud or extreme. It smelled smoky.”

    ~Maybe it was the crematoriums?”

  11. melgibstein says:

    Lots of stuff coming out about this guy David Hogg (a CNN intern), but the mother lode of evidence is going to come out of this demon

    This guy is crookeder than Fagin on a Christian holiday.

  12. melgibstein says:

    Meanwhile in Beaner Town

    Modal Trigger
    Suspect arrested in deadly shooting spree targeting homeless people
    Joshua Castellon Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
    A Las Vegas man whom authorities feared as a potential serial killer — shooting four men, two fatally — was arrested in connection to the senseless killings, authorities announced Tuesday.

    Joshua Emmanuel Castellon, 26 — who was collared Friday — faces a slew of charges that include murder and attempted murder for the shooting spree between Jan. 29 and Feb. 2 that targeted random homeless people sleeping on the street.

    “[The] good news is we have a suspect in custody, and we’re relieved that a dangerous person is off the streets,” Metropolitan Police Department Homicide Capt. Robert Plummer told reporters, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

    A cop in Las Vegas questioned Castellon on Feb. 8 after spotting him sleeping outside an apartment building, according to a federal complaint cited by the newspaper. Six days later, investigators were convinced they had their suspect and “then everything started coming together,” Metro Homicide Lt. Dan McGrath said.

    Investigators have no motive for the shootings and have yet to connect Castellon to any other killings, but McGrath said investigators are still trying to determine if he ever traveled out of the area.

    “We’re pretty sure that gun hasn’t been used in another shooting,” McGrath said, according to the Los Angeles Times. “But I can’t definitively say he has not done something similar here — most likely it would be here, but it could be out of state.”

    Castellon — who identified himself as a driver for Lyft, according to a federal criminal complaint — was taken into custody after his estranged wife told police she confronted him about the killings following media coverage of the shootings. Castellon denied being involved but agreed to a formal interview a few days later when stopped by officers. He told detectives he bought a revolver in hopes of reselling it to a “friend of a friend,” according to the complaint. Investigators have yet to recover the handgun they believe was used in all four shootings.

    Castellon’s estranged wife declined comment when reached Tuesday by the Review-Journal.

    McGrath said tips from the public and the release of surveillance video of Castellon’s Hyundai Tucson — which police said he had been sleeping in at times, although he wasn’t homeless — led to the arrest.

    Las Vegas police Capt. Robert Plummer characterized the suspect earlier this month as the “lowest of the low” and said the gunman was likely on his way to becoming a serial killer despite not yet meeting the FBI’s definition of the term due to the number of killings and lack of time between them.

    Police said the first victim was shot in the arm outside a convenience store in Logandale, roughly 60 miles north of Las Vegas, after being approached by a gunman in a vehicle. A few hours later in Las Vegas, Brian Wayne Clegg, 51, was fatally shot as he slept with a group of homeless people outside a mall. Another homeless man was shot in the face that same day as he slept, but managed to survive, police said.

    A fourth victim, James Lewis, 64, who was also homeless, was then fatally shot on Feb. 2 as he slept under a bridge.

    The homeless community in Las Vegas, meanwhile, had been taking precautions in the aftermath of the shootings, advocates told the Los Angeles Times.

    “They were sleeping uneasy at night,” said Theresa Hicks, executive director of the Calvary Downtown Outreach. “The danger is here every day, and the homeless know it. But to add to it someone stalking you and could shoot you in your sleep is unnerving.”

    It isnt the guns its the aliens (mainly Jews).

  13. Flanders says:

    I saw a copy of a tweet from someone claiming to have been Hogg’s classmate at Redondo California, and she said he graduated from there. It showed a photo of him in what was said to be the yearbook, and she said he wanted to be an actor. He had some involvement with a shooting there about a year ago.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a picture of jew, Abba Kovner, who tried to poison the water supplies in order to kill millions of Europeans after WWII (with the cooperation of jew leaders), but there are some similarities in looks with Hogg.

    • melgibstein says:

      Hogg is a jew mestizo , kind of redundant I know, but the fact that he is shameless is evident. The guy could get blown away by a Santa Anna wind and openly defies American gun rights, no doubt a queer as well.

      For many years now we have had doctors get paid on their shows to discuss this jew, they say zio cancer and watch it metastasize. They are not even equivalent to a David Hogg, nobody hears them, not even whites who have had all they can take. That is going to have to change. If whites dont start standing up to aliens (standing up means ACTION) in their countries/nations with dead seriousness this cancer will be too difficult to eradicate. Anyone talking about this subject making it look less than this should be our enemy as well.

  14. melgibstein says:

    Students were told to prepare for a “shooting drill” with police firing blanks to scare them right before the actual shooting happened, says a student who survived the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting.

    Connor Dietrich told CNN that officials told him and fellow students that, prior to the shooting that killed 17, police would be firing blanks for a live drill.

    ~ The Talmud sheriff should be skewered like a pig on a spit until he talks. That is what white people have to do, to expect these jews to abide by our laws it simply lunacy. This is why the Bible is important, to stay within the boundaries of it, but once those boundaries are overtaken there is only one way to get them back to where they are supposed to be and not an inch less. That is with ACTION! The David Duke BS about running and jumping and lifting weights BS has to go.

    The fat jew says “If you see something say something” unless its a drill of course then it’s a surprise (a Valentines Day surprise).

    Dry Alligator Tears

    Kerry Sanders, its a Jew its an Irishman, look again “it’s a damned Jew thief”.

    Its obvious that they told some people there would be a shooting drill and others were left in the dark for the full effect.

  15. melgibstein says:

    Looks like the Sheriff has a 17 year old Latino bimbo too.

  16. Flanders says:

    This next one seems to leave out that she’s likely a femnazi-type jewess, too, since she doesn’t use her husband’s name. I saw a possibility somewhere else that she could be connected with Planned “Parenthood”, but I’m not sure about that and haven’t checked.

    “The mother of a teenager who survived the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting appears to have high level connections at CNN.

    “Great VIP tour,” said a post by Rebecca Boldrick showing a series of photos taken in 2016 at CNN world headquarters.

    One photo shows her children sitting at an anchor’s desk.

    Boldrick is the mother of David Hogg, who has gained internet fame for his activism in the days since the shooting:
    Apparently, activism runs in the family. A series of Facebook posts show that Boldrick is an avowed Democrat and anti-Trumper.”

    • melgibstein says:

      Lets see how Trumpfelstein reacts to all this. A guy like Trump is perfect to hand over America’s guns and in order to keep them the lemmings will have to admit they were conned again. I honestly think they will give up their guns first.

      • DC says:

        As little as I trust Trump, far from handing over guns he’s actually suggesting 20% of teachers carry guns to combat school shootings. It’s actually not a dumb idea.

    • melgibstein says:

      Yeah but he is also saying we need “defensive” measures too. Those defensive measures aint gonna do a thing to a hell bent demonic group of Jews. If they get an opening they will stampede it. What we need to do is to expose these Jew Commies and start enforcing the law. I would send in my own investigators, find the lies and or mistakes and make sure it is tweeted all over the world. If Jews get anything they will do this till kingdom come.

      Trump didnt even bring up the opiod crisis which he easily could have and blown this issue right back on Florida which produces the most of it.

      Just read recently that the Doral Golf club area (which Trump owns) is the drug money laundering capital of the world. Trump is going to give away as much as possible to his Jew masters- period. Jews wouldnt pull this crap if Trump acted on the truth. He would use it against them. Even Hannity is pushing for some kind of gun ban. How about Americans only can have guns- the way it was designed? Our presidents dont even know this? WTF ever said give niggers and jews guns?

      • DC says:

        Trump also has ties to the Russian Mafia, which is basically the same as the Russian government. He may be in a different camp to the much hated Western elites, but he isn’t exactly a Savior of America or even a champion of the white middle class who elected him.

        The Russian Communists may have had an image makeover (no longer are they Godless Communists they are now “Christian”), but their end goal never changed. They want what Communists have always wanted. World domination and enslavement of us all and will pursue this to the bitter end. So basically they want the exact same thing as the Western Jews want, but on their terms.

        The Russians like Trump as President I think because he disrupts the status quo and makes chaos which serves their purposes. Whether he’s their puppet or just a useful idiot is up for debate, although I did read somewhere that the Russian Mafia propped up his business to stop him going bust. In any case US intelligence agencies certainly consider him to be Putins boy.

        So you have Western Jews vs Eastern Jews on either side of the pond in conflict with one another. Or maybe the conflict is in some way staged to confuse the real target: white middle class Westerners?

        I doubt Trump cares too much about addressing the root cause of Americas problems. He’ll address a few symptoms here and there to show his voter base he’s doing something but will never take action to outright stop the perpetrators.

        “How about Americans only can have guns- the way it was designed? Our presidents dont even know this? WTF ever said give niggers and jews guns?”

        The gun grab is about taking guns out of the hands of white Americans period. They would be more than delighted if everyone else were armed to the teeth.

      • melgibstein says:

        If you are in a high office and you are not exposing the rat jew bastard Federal Reserve you are working for them- period. Our leaders have to be ready to sacrifice themselves, unfortunately the leaders we get will never sacrifice themselves, they will sacrifice us first.

        The underlying problem is always the Jew and nothing they do can be trusted even if they are making Trump ears or Hamentashen.

  17. melgibstein says:

    The latest is the story changes yet again and the armed deputy usually on guard at the school was not on holiday as we were lead to believe, he was ehhh doing “nothing” says Scotty Israhell, the fat arsed Jew Sheriff. He threw his non Jew deputy under the bus (Scot Peterson and I dont think we have 2 Jews named Scot or Scott on one shooting stage, let alone in the entire county) and the latest is he was not only suspended by Israhell, but Peterson handed in his resignation.

    Obviously Peterson wasnt told of this drill with live shooting blanks. Maybe he was simply told to do nothing, but one thing is for sure, this whole damned thing isnt going to survive if people realize what has just been done to them. I hope at least. There is no doubt that every Jewish top heavy city reps will pull this crap until something gives or Jews are exiled as they should. You know why this happened? Not because of guns, but because some sold out non Jew somewhere down the road let Jews in this country, in their state and or in their town.

    This should be a lesson to all the Zio-tards out there who simply cannot leave their Jew heroes out of things. Its high time we see that bringing any Jew into our government or in any way is a crime against us all. If these zio clowns cant leave the Jews out completely you need to cut them out completely. It isnt that hard- start with these Stormfront clowns who now have access to all the internet networks somehow who can all be heard on the Jew Rivero show later that afternoon kissing his fat arse. Folks “Jew is death” period. If you cant understand that or if you cant accept that get LOST! You are dumber than nails or you are our worst enemies.

    Im sure the pathetic piece of Jew trash behind washer Hannity will have a full story on this.

  18. Flanders says:

    It’s important to the jews that people be trained to bow down to those whom the jews have chosen to place in charge over the people, so that jewry do not have to openly expose that it is the jews who control not only the ones in charge, but the people themselves. White people who are awake and aware are not going to do that when they are aware that it is the jew, but too many whites do bow down to the ones placed in charge by the jew and don’t recognize that they are allowing a pattern to be established. That is one reason these events keep happening – so that jewry can tighten controls over everyone. They won’t stop until everyone is isolated and corralled exactly where the jew wants them. It’s Russia and Ukrainian Holodomor-like conditioning that the jews want to have established. People are crazy if they don’t think that the jews intend to treat them the very same way when that has been accomplished.

    The jews are building their “justification” for doing to us what is intended by blaming everyone for the “massacres” of jews, just as they have done for the people of Germany.

    • melgibstein says:

      Of course they are Satans kids, they dont think like we do, they are focused on what their father wants them to do and do it as a unit. They have zero shame, zero remorse and if you trust them you get people killed- end of story!

      They forgot about us.

  19. Flanders says:

    Here is a story that’s flaky as hell from that Chabad link you posted, Mel. It sounds like Bronstein is near the center of it.

    What “reports” was a Rabbi reading so soon after the occurrence? – And, a “sudden realization” that the grainy photo he found and provided to police that allegedly showed the “shooter” doesn’t sound credible. There’s a lot that seems screwy and he seems to be everywhere.

    “A security camera at the Chai Center Chabad in Coral Springs, Fla., captured Nikolas Cruz, 19, walking down the street towards a fast-food restaurant after allegedly killing 17 people at a public high school.

    As the nation’s attention was riveted on reports of the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., Rabbi Hershy Bronstein read a report from the local sheriff’s office that a suspect had been arrested at a McDonald’s restaurant just across the street from the Chai Center Chabad in Coral Springs, Fla.

    Bronstein said his heart “skipped a beat” because of how close the shooter had been to the educational facility he directs. He also thought it was likely that he had evidence that could help police.

    It turned out that he did. He reviewed camera footage from the Chai Center and saw Nikolas Cruz, 19, walking down the street into the fast-food restaurant after allegedly killing 17 people at the public high school.

    “I recognized that this has a lot of value to the investigation for [law enforcement], and I knew that I had a moral responsibility to help,” said Bronstein, who has worked in the Jewish community in South Florida since 2005.”

    • melgibstein says:

      These are the people who would leave you in a hole and pull out the ladder?

      The strangest part of this is how this guy got into the building with only one person identifying him

      By the way this writer once did a piece on me when I debated a Rabbi on local public radio. I asked this Rabbid Ribbit if Jews were a race or a religion and he said they were a religion (one of my numerous points) and this guy wrote as the title of his article “Rabbi vs’ the Antisemite” or something like that as if they achieved a victory including this McCarthy guy who I think is a Jew himself. Now how can I be an antisemite if being a Jew is a religion? It is such a crock of dung……anyway this guy wrote the timeline on this supposedly from the police reports and it says he was loading his weapon under the steps, I guess that means inserting a mag and he told the kid “this is gonna get messy” and went to the football coach who conveniently isnt around to talk. This is the only eye witness and his name is not even given.

      This guy CrJuz went in, shot 17 people with a rifle which everyone in and around the school would have heard, went up to the 3rd floor, dropped all his shooting gear and then walked out with the students, went to Walmart then MacDonalds after walking a couple miles or so and taken down a mile and a half down the road and conveniently put into Sheriff Israhels custody.

      Why would he try to escape the school if he was witnessed as the shooter and go to MacDonalds? Was he a genius escape artist and a retard?

      There are many things this clown McCarthy didnt write about.

      What were these cops disposing of in the back of the truck?

      Was there a live shooting drill or not? We cant have 2 stories or it is pilpul fiction.

      Where did the info come about the armed deputy having the day off?

      Lets see the bodies, lets see the proof. Lets see this thing reenacted. If this thing is going to be used for the springboard of gun control I want damned hard answers. This kike Sheriff can make it look like Cinderella spent the night in Parkland and nobody can refute him. The whole thing needs to be thoroughly investigated unfettered by a single Jew.

  20. Flanders says:

    The jew Sheriff, Scott Israel, tries to redirect attention to guns and elsewhere to push the jewish narrative, but:

    “CNN Reports FOUR Broward County Deputies Waited Outside School As Children Were Massacred”

  21. melgibstein says:

    Theres a good one- Cruz was in full police gear now?

  22. Flanders says:

    “Sheriff Scott Israel has hired from the ranks of his political supporters, building a community outreach wing his critics say doubles as a re-election team.” – Networking jewry.,amp.html?__twitter_impression=true

  23. Flanders says:

    “All the times authorities were warned about Nikolas Cruz”

  24. melgibstein says:

    Damage control is coming down.

    I wouldnt trust this Governor or any politician- this guy does nothing but cow tow to the Jews. Here he is in Israhell treating Bibi like royalty. He probably didnt even mention Jesus.

    First a beenie shot


    Look around for these pussies with the Polish PM or in Ireland, Scotland, Hungary etc. Its just the Jews they need to see. They need to be hanged until their tongues rot.

    Can you imagine what these kikes say to get them to put on a beenie? It must be like the jew mob asking you to buy their protection for your business in the 30’s because “ya never know whats gonna happin”. These politicians are nothing but queers, hate to say it because there isnt much worse than a queer except a Jew, but they are even worse. Before they even go they know they are going to get reamed.

  25. Flanders says:

    You’re absolutely right about the political class run by their “visiting” jews. They get around to all of them, but more of our people are waking up all the time, at least those with the mental capacities left to do so. And, yes, they will try to do a cover-up. They expected this flag [possibly a bloody flag involving murdering some victims] to be a breeze because of all the jews onboard, but the jews are facing an awakening public.

    “Records Show Far More Calls For Sheriff’s Deputies To Visit Suspected Florida Shooter’s Home”

    “Broward County sheriff’s officials have publicly insisted they responded to just 23 calls regarding the suspected Florida school shooter and his family over the years, but records obtained BuzzFeed News show at least 22 more.”

  26. melgibstein says:

    David Duke hasnt talked about it and the lemmings think David Duke is their hero because he says he is on his show every day. They cant step out of line and call Duke what he is or they wont be able to talk on Stormfront related radio anymore.

    Its like Robert Redford trying to fix his sailboat, saving himself from drowning every day and eventually just letting go and drowning- then maybe folks will wake up- maybe not. Its so stupid watching people still feel for this kike entity. I have always wondered what I would do when they finally wake up? Will they then listen to me (us) like they listened to the Jews? That must be how God feels.

  27. melgibstein says:

    Jews poison our food, they pervert us with porn, they promote race mixing, they shoot up schools and mosques, they make our monetary system into debt slavery, they brought Black slaves to our nations, they pilfer us with Hollywood trash, they traffic in every drug known to man, they took over our justice system and now they want to save us by banning guns?

    No folks they want to save them by banning guns.

  28. Flanders says:

    “DELETED EVIDENCE: Does David Hogg’s Liberal Mother Run His Twitter Account?”

    I’ve not been able to determine whether Rebecca Boldrick is a jewess. I suspect it, but the jewed search engines cram “current event” junk in so fast when they do these flag operations in order to make it impossible to find any normal earlier information on the parties participating which might have been otherwise available.

  29. Flanders says:

    Mel, I would say that this report below is more in line with what you and I suspect happened at the operation in Parkland.

    “OPERATION EAGLE EYE: Code Name for the 2018 Valentine’s Day Massacre”

    “Why was Deep State Agent David Hogg used as the “eye of the tiger” for Operation Eagle Eye?” [Continues]

    • melgibstein says:

      Anyone that uses terms like Deep State I dont listen to and although I am no expert on Hitler, I have been told he never took away guns, the people loved him.

    • DC says:

      Sorry, but I agree with Mel on this one. “Deep state” is a term used by Alex Jones and those of his ilk. This source has no credibility, although there may be some truth to some of the claims. Where is the source to the quote supposedly made by the unnamed “Intel Analyst” linking this to the IDF, CIA and the Mossad? It seems like a blatant anti-US propaganda piece.

    • DC says:

      One interesting theory I heard somewhere (can’t remember where) is that these false flags are getting so blatant it’s like they are trying to get caught in the act. This may be done deliberately so that when they are caught they can turn it against the government to foment something akin to the French revolution. In the process they’ll try and take away more freedoms and rights and might even try dumping of the constitution amid all the chaos and confusion.

      • melgibstein says:

        They will do whatever they want, our so called movements will never do anything but talk and march. We have people (the same people who started the Bolshevick Revolution in Russia) over our media, our money, our books, our churches, our speech. They want the guns and they will use our so called leaders to get them.

        People often ask me what do we do?

        We start calling our media traitors and they need to be hanged for not discussing the Jew subject and we make it so hard for them to speak about Jew propaganda that they break. Then only Jews can be media people and we will all know who it is right in our living rooms. If Hannity, Limbaugh, Tucker dont start talking they start dying. That is the only way.

      • DC says:

        No they can’t do anything they want. At least not yet. If they could we’d likely all be living in a police state akin to the Soviet Union already. It’s very difficult in the US to ban firearms outright or heavily restrict them like they did in Australia because it’s written into the constitution. But if they can remove or repeal the second amendment then all bets are off.

  30. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Lev 26:36
    And upon them that are left alive of you I will send a faintness into their hearts in the lands of their enemies; and the sound of a shaken leaf shall chase them; and they shall flee, as fleeing from a sword; and they shall fall when none pursueth.
    Who is shaking that leaf, but the media, which all started with paper. It’s in the mail, it’s plastered all over the magazines at the checkout lines, it’s in your friend’s and neighbor’s and family’s heads and mouths and arms. You can’t escape it.

    Lev.26 is so true it’s spooky and it sure cannot apply to any people calling themselves jews. Their reward is in corrupting Israel. And now, the bastards who have infiltrated the congregation have a YHVH bashing campaign all day long every day (Gee, I wonder why…). That’s ubiquitous too.

    Vicki Weaver did more than these blaspheming Wanking Neuters ever will. Those drunk with power agencies backed off after that, only to change their M.O to false flag leaf rustling. Do I have to start slapping dumb Israelites? They don’t know what pussies their enemies really are.
    “Every Knee Shall Bow” is a good one I just read. Those Shabbat goy agencies are as bogus as a whore’s kiss or a david duke radio show I found it at a 2nd hand store. No to be confused with a used book store, where the good ones get marked for the incinerator. It’s where I shop for books now.

    Corruption makes paranoid pussies of Israelites. It is written.

    • melgibstein says:

      I was beginning to worry about you Ray!

    • melgibstein says:

      You know what the woos David Duke said today? He isnt against Ivanka marrying a Jew, he is against Ivanka marrying a leftist “Zionist” Jew. You see in this case a Zionist isnt like a Simeon Mogilevich Mafia murdering Jew, but a Political leftist Zionist bubble gum Jew.

      I tell you what, this guy needs to be taken out, he might as well be blocking the fire exit in an all white school on Parents Day. He is damned poison and it isnt by ignorance!

  31. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Thanks for the thought. I check your site everyday and consider it a necessary hedge against the cacophony of parrots and broken records, who wouldn’t dare come here. Nice to see some people who have identified the smell of the WN ‘leaders’ coming around. The difference between sycophant followers and disciples.

    David Duke, et al. are serving their purpose, which is to direct the energy into pounding sand, and they’re all in collusion. And bashing YHVH and that fuddy duddy old bible with every sophistical palliative rationalization, that WOULD focus the energy. Yahweh IS their satan. Their culture gone to seed, as Edgar J Steele would say. Written on their chromatin, as Wesley Swift would say. They’re a spectacle and I just let them witness against themselves.

    • melgibstein says:

      There is no doubt in my mind this is what is keeping people from reacting against Jew crime. They tell you over and over again not to do anything while redirecting us back to the mainstream media. They are all doctors with no cure. They tell us about freedom and they are as Communist as any Jew. They will direct you to anyone or anything but the Bible where it says if we do all these things these shills are telling us to do the opposite of he will heal our land. Everyone wants to expel the Jews but these clowns.

  32. melgibstein says:

    Jews are the reason I will never give up my guns.

  33. melgibstein says:

    This undated photo released by the Broward Sheriff’s Office shows Zachary Cruz. Cruz, the brother of Nikolas Cruz charged with killing 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, was arrested Monday, March 19, 2018 and charged for trespassing at the same school, authorities said. (Broward Sheriff’s Office via AP)

    I wonder if he was a white supremacist too!

  34. Flanders says:

    Mel, I wanted to leave you this link which I happened across on a search. Just a brief and random excerpts show below.

    Parkland was a jew operation to attempt to remove American natural and God-given rights, which merely are recorded in the Constitution, and to subject the true citizens of America to an overpowering apparatus of State, which apparatus is mostly under jewish control already. The tract below is very long, but it reveals much about this Flag. It’s one of the best exposures I have seen (although I disagree with certain opinions in parts).

    “Welcome to Little Israel, where underage youths are traded on the slave block and drugs are more available than a cup of coffee, thanks to the quality of law enforcement, which has been thoroughly penetrated by a secretive Jewish vigilante group known as the Shomrim.
    A Jewish Factor at Sandy Hook Elementary School

    The Shomrim, with its variants like the Betar militia founded with funds and weapons from the Imperial Japanese military intelligence service, was the foundation for the creation of the Shin Beit internal security group in Israel. The Shin Beit organization structure was re-imported back from Israel into the USA by then Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) as the design for his post-911 creation called the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which was tested in his backyard at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

    What Americans have never comprehended is that Israeli expansionism is not just “over there” in the eastern Mediterranean, but that it begins at home in America with the accumulation of Jewish wealth in the markets and increasing control over real estate, to the ruin of long-established Christian communities.

    The evidence available thus far from the Valentine’s day massacre has been mounting against the Hogg family as undercover accomplices and beneficiaries in the clandestine operation that killed 17 students and teachers. David Hogg has zero right to talk about “gun control” when his father works for the most murderous part of the assault-rifle industry, the killer-training program known as Cubic Simulation Systems, a nice name for Murder Inc. Version 2.

    The Hoggs are lying hustlers and profiteers from the worst gun violence in the world from war-torn Iraq to downtown USA. Here it will be shown that the father, Kevin Hogg, and his employer belong on the most-wanted suspect list for the Parkland school gunshot deaths. American citizens have every to own guns to protect themselves from the lethal deceptions of the Hoggs. Mothers and fathers of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas students, do not let your children follow these Pied Pipers to their dishonor and destruction.”

    • melgibstein says:

      Jews are hypocrites, of course they want our laws destroyed, they want everything we hold dear destroyed, however the lemmings think the Jews input is greater than our own. Talk about cucks, I even mean these cucks who claim “it isnt all the Jews”. You either take care of the problem or you dont- period.

      • Flanders says:

        I’m in full agreement with you, Mel. There are no “good” jews, but only some who pretend to be in order to provide cover for the rest, although some of them also get fed up with it enough to rat somewhat on the rest. I really think that link I just left above must be connected to a jew site [I hadn’t checked the site before, but went back and it has jew type materials of a kaballah nature]. Notice the anti-gun arguments expressed at the beginning of that article on Truth-Serum News, which belie the material further below that. Later into the article, the author seems to be telling some of the deeper secrets which are probably known about, but kept hidden by the rest of jewry. Here are some excerpts from different places deeper within that article:

        Disregard the idiot anti-gun personal opinions which were first expressed there, and go to the later parts under that.

        “The Jewish Shrink

        After turning 19, Nikolas Cruz was drafted into the major league of psychiatric care under Dr. David Lubin, co-director of the Children’s Center for Development & Behavior in the Sunrise district, located in the dog-leg corner of Broward County. Dr. Lubin is a graduate of Auburn University in Alabama, where the psychology department continues to receive research grants from the Department of Defense, especially in his two specialties of human engineering and neuropsychology, which rely on MRI scans of live-patient brains. After graduation, he went on to work with Army Intelligence and then NASA.”

        “Apparently, the only clause in the U.S. Constitution that Shomrim members respect is the Fifth Amendment. This outright rejection of U.S. law, including the rulings of the Supreme Court, bring up the question of “Why are these fanatic cultists allowed to hold U.S. citizenship?” Mormon polygamy is outlawed and Charlie Manson died in prison, so how can these wild-eyed zealots be allowed to get away with raping little boys?

        You’re probably wondering why haven’t you heard this before. Because it’s a secret society, like their higher-ups in the Illuminati who’ve got the intelligence services, the police and the legal profession under their thumb, and participation in pedophilia is the guarantee of secrecy. Instead of exposing their own, Jewish editors like Marty Baron can go from the Miami Herald to the Boston Globe to accuse Catholic priests, as in the movie “Spotlight”, to divert public attention from the even worse atrocities by the rabbis. This only scratches the surface of Jewish bigotry and immorality, so let’s hope this “I shot the sheriff” expose can be the beginning of investigative journalism on a wide scale.”

        “Devil Is In The Details

        I have just two questions for the Hoggs and the boss at Cubic: Among your assault weapon toting trainees, which ones did Parkland? Or was the job contracted out to your company reps with Israeli Defense Force (IDF), maybe some Shomrim reservists down at Chabad House? There’s some uncertainly about whodunits after President Barack Obama eliminated the Frank rule that American citizens cannot be killed by the CIA. The Parkland job, however, sure bore the hallmarks of an IDF-style raid on Gaza.

        One pattern that’s a known is: Americans tend to work as a team, to cover each other, whereas the Israelis are used to swaggering and acting like Uber-mensch (supermen) when they bully the Palestinians and gun them down in cold blood. This Israeli menace gets back to Cubic Simulation Systems, who’s recently promoted chairman, Bradley Feldman, has focused on acquiring Israeli military-related high tech to compete in both the U.S. and global security market against his main competitor Thyssen Training of Germany. Sig Sauer rifles are top of the line, while Israeli Galil firearms have a lot of catching up to do.”

        ” A murderous rampage with no apparent cause is similar to how and why the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings happened exactly when Sen. Joe Lieberman’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was in need of dramatic violence for Congress to authorize spending. These mass murders are all about money and have nothing to do with madness, other than insane greed.

        As for Israeli reservists, and even active Israeli military officers, these maggots are now crawling over every college campus in America to intimidate students and faculty members who are supporting the BDS (boycott, divest, sanctions) movement against the State of Israel for its atrocious human-rights record. Now there’s a cause more appropriate for you, David, since you can promote BDS and still carry a concealed weapon while donning a yamulka. You think like a Jew so act like one.

        The Phony Arrest

        Which raises the question: How is it that Nikolas Cruz was arrested just around the corner from the Chai Center Chabad House in Coral Springs? Rabbi Hershy Bronstein claims that he was monitoring the street after the Parkland shooting when he noticed the suspect walking past. It seems more likely that the born-again Jewish lad was boarding at Chabad, and left some gear there, when the rabbi assured him that fellow Shomrim vigilante member Sheriff Scott Israel would protect him under custody, since no Jew could prosecute another under the mafia-like “mesirah” code of unequal justice for all.”

        “Zionist Settler Hub of Florida

        Parkland is the location of the Lubavitcher cult’s headquarters (the Chabad movement) for Broward and Palm Beach counties. The militant and fascistic Zionist cult recently opened a training camp at Lake Worth in Palm Beach County for indoctrination of future Israeli armed settlers to expand their genocide against Palestinians. Most of the children of the sect members attend the Jewish-only private school in Boca Raton.

        However, at least three students from liberal Jewish families in area, all girls, were shot dead in the Valentine’s day massacre, and here again, sadly, is proof that the good die young. The tragedy of American Jewry is the undeserved curse of having “leaders” like Meyer Lansky, Wexler, DWS and, for that matter, the renegade American-born traitor Benjamin Netanyahu, all of them bringing shame and retribution upon the Jewish community.”

  35. melgibstein says:

    “only the good die young” like Simon of Trent.

  36. melgibstein says:

    Maryland – FBI In Baltimore Search David Katz’s Home After Shooting in Jacksonville

    Less than 2% of the people and they are either tycoons or nutcases (or tycoon nutcases)

    Always hard to believe a Jew suicided itself. Jews have no shame therefore no reason for suicide. Something else is afoot.

  37. melgibstein says:

    They know there is no eternity for them. Jews are of below.

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