A Deadly Adoption

Bulgaria adopts international definition of anti-Semitism

Cabinet also appoints deputy foreign minister as national coordinator on combating Jew hatred

The National Assembly of Bulgaria in Sofia, Bugaria (photo credit: Nenko Lazarov/Wikimedia Commons/File)

The National Assembly of Bulgaria in Sofia, Bugaria (photo credit: Nenko Lazarov/Wikimedia Commons/File)

The Bulgarian government has adopted the international working definition of anti-Semitism and has appointed a national coordinator on combatting anti-Semitism.

Bulgaria’s Cabinet on Wednesday voted to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of anti-Semitism, which was adopted last year by the Berlin-based IHRA. The Cabinet also appointed Deputy Foreign Minister Georg Georgiev as national coordinator on combating anti-Semitism to serve as a liaison to other countries and international organizations on dealing with the fight against anti-Semitism and hate speech, the Sofia Globe reported.

Bulgaria was admitted as an observer country to the IHRA in December 2012, and is taking steps to become accepted as a full member.

The definition of anti-Semitism, adopted by the alliance in May 2016, is: “Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.” The IRHA currently has 31 member states and 11 observer countries, including Bulgaria.

The Shalom Organization of the Jews in Belgium welcomed the decision, saying in a statement: “For the Bulgarian Jewish community, this is a serious call for an uncompromising attitude towards all actions that overwhelm common values such as tolerance, humanism and respect for human rights. We strongly support the Cabinet decision and wish Georg Georgiev success in his new mission.”

Bravo  on adopting working definition of anti-Semitism! Look forward to cooperating w/ Deputy FM Georgiev. http://sofiaglobe.com/2017/10/18/bulgarian-government-appoints-national-co-ordinator-for-the-fight-against-anti-semitism/ 

Photo published for Bulgarian government appoints national co-ordinator for the fight against anti-Semitism

Bulgarian government appoints national co-ordinator for the fight against anti-Semitism

Bulgaria’s Cabinet has adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism and has appointed Deputy Foreign Minister Georg Georgiev as national…


The European Jewish Congress welcomed Belgium’s decision to adopt the international definition of anti-Semitism.

“It is vital that, especially as anti-Semitism is on the rise across the continent, that governments, judiciaries and law enforcement agencies have all the necessary tools to combat hatred of Jews and other minorities,” Dr. Moshe Kantor, EJC president, said in a statement. He also called Georgiev a “long-time friend of the Jewish community.”

David Harris, executive director of the American Jewish Committee Global Jewish Advocacy and AJC Europe director Simone Rodan-Benzaquen met with Georgiev on Tuesday.

Next year, Bulgaria will officially mark celebrating in 2018 the 75th anniversary of the prevention of the deportation of the Bulgarian Jews and the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU.


Most of us know the definition of “International Jew” thanks to the great Henry Ford.

This is what happens when people don’t know what a Semite even is. Stormfront retards use the word “antisemetic” as do some nincompoop Christian Identity pastors (they don’t think words are important to pronounce either and give Jews biblical credence with words like “Zionists”). Jews have obviously taken over Shem’s lineage altogether and demand that we Christians accept it. Even non Shemites can be Shemites if they are in the minority (non whites) because Jews are for all people in their nutbag minds.

There is no relevance in the Bible about being from Shem unless there is a white wife involved with a white man, the Amalekites (Jews) were Semites too.

Folks how the hell do we put up with this BS? Jesus called the Jews the synagogue of Satan and if you don’t hate Satan you don’t love God. If you don’t call out the crimes committed on your own people by these Jews you are far worse than a so called antisemite (that you dont even know the definition of). Jews can say they are of Abraham and they can say they are of Isaac, but they aren’t of Israel in any way and why the 12 TRIBES were so important). Can you count to 12 even? Edom was a Semite and God HATED HIM!

So what say you? Are you going to adopt a Jew?

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4 Responses to A Deadly Adoption

  1. Flanders says:

    The Belgian people don’t even know that the jews run Belgium and the EU, Mel. I suspect that many Bulgarians know, but accede to their governments like most “good” white people have learned to do, after having forgotten that they are free Whites and don’t realize that they now have foreigners dictating to them from behind their own “governments”.

    Where else could things like that you describe be going on, Mel? American will suffer more under the jew laws than Europeans will. The jews plan to rule the American military against the world from here, and the penalties which are planned to be emplaced will be very much more harsh against Americans who are against them. The “law” that the below pertains to has, if I’m not mistaken, already been recently passed with horrendous penalties for criticizing Israel. Do most Americans even know that it has been? Next, people won’t be “allowed” to criticize jews, and like it was in the Soviet times in Russia, the death penalty will be applicable for “anti-Semitism”.

    “Texas Officials Forcing Hurricane Victims to Pledge Loyalty to Israel to Receive Funding—Seriously”

    “As the Americans who were affected by Hurricane Harvey attempt to rebuild their homes and replace their belongings, they have the option to request help from the city they live in—but residents in Dickinson, Texas, are learning that their city’s “Harvey Repair Grant” comes with a strange clause.
    “Verification not to Boycott Israel. By executing this Agreement below, the Applicant verifies that the Applicant: (1) does not boycott Israel; and (2) will not boycott Israel during the term of this Agreement.”

    Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney drew attention to the document on Twitter, writing, “It’s true, folks. One has to pledge not to boycott Israel in order to get funding to rebuild your home.”

    It’s true, folks. One has to pledge not to boycott Israel in order to get funding to rebuild your home. https://t.co/OlOh5KCLLg

    — Cynthia McKinney PhD (@cynthiamckinney) October 19, 2017″
    In addition to the problems that stem from the fact that requiring Americans to agree to not “boycott Israel” is in direct violation of their rights to free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment, it is also a broad term that can be defined in a number of ways.

    Does agreeing not to boycott Israel mean that one specifically agrees not to support the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction Movement against Israel, or can the meaning be as broad as to include that one agrees to not criticize the Israeli government, the blockade it has imposed on Palestine, or even the nearly $4 Billion the U.S. sends Israel in military assistance each year?

    In the following video, former Texas Congressman Ron Paul looks at the proposed Israel Anti-Boycott Act…”.


    • melgibstein says:

      I dont know why this comment didnt go through, its out of my control. I know the Bulgarians very well, a fine people. They are some of the best people on earth, but they are weak! They let the Jew in and the Jew takes control and the Jew destroys. Unfortunately we cant be nice. It’s that simple! Dont get me wrong though, Bulgaria has kept people out of their country unlike other European countries and the pathetic USA so I give them more credit. We even have guns and we let it happen so we are the quintessential weakling! There isnt even a murmur to get people to act. We have wooses to hold us back- period! Why dont we just call for an armed rally for white people? Let ANTIFA and Black Assholes Matter come then! We already know what happens in a so called peaceful rally. The next rally needs to be to start an Army! There is no law, the law is for us not aliens.

  2. Flanders says:

    We know about hypocrite jews, and we hear their hypocrisy every day. Contrast their words in your report, Mel, with the story in the Polanski link below. It has some good information which I had not heard before, including the connection between Polanski and Weinstein, but it is typical jew behavior.

    “For the Bulgarian Jewish community, this is a serious call for an uncompromising attitude towards all actions that overwhelm common values such as tolerance, humanism and respect for human rights.”

    “Roman Polanski Honored by His Own Kind — Again”


    • melgibstein says:

      Jews and Blacks go both ways and then some. Jews are contrary to mankind whatever age they are. Mankind is Adam and that is their MO whether it be slowly or swiftly. Most of the lemmings out there think Jesus was one of these nephilim. What can be said for them? We suffer for their disobedience. Just look at them glued to the jew tv on any Sunday or Saturday cheering on their own destruction (our own). Even the top so called antisemites like David Dukechovny think that Jews are destroying our culture as if Jews even had a culture other than destroying ours. They deliberately leave out the glue that binds us all. This is what the lemmings want, ask and ye shall receive! Dont ask and you dont get. It isnt fashionable to be biblical so wherever we dwell the jews will be pricks in our eyes. Thats their culture!

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