Judgement at Nuremberg

1:42 into the movie…..

The Feldenstein case.

A notorious case, as the defense has said.


A case which never

should have been reopened.


A case which the defense is obliged…


to review now.


The defense calls Mrs. Elsa Lindnow.


Will you raise your right hand?


I swear by God,

the Almighty and Omniscient…


that I will speak the pure truth

and will withhold and add nothing.


I do.


Mrs. Lindnow…


what is your occupation?


I am a cleaning woman.


Where are you employed?


… Grosse Platz.


– Did you know Lehman Feldenstein?

– Yes. I knew him.


In what capacity?


He was my employer in .


Do you know the witness,

Mrs. Irene Hoffman Wallner?


– Yes.

– In what capacity?


She was a tenant in the building.


Did you ever see Miss Hoffman

and Mr. Feldenstein together?




How did this happen?


Mr. Feldenstein came to see Miss Hoffman

at her apartment.




Quite often.


Were there any occasions

in which you noticed anything unusual?




I saw Miss Hoffman…


kissing Mr. Feldenstein

at the door of her apartment.


Was there any other occasion?


Yes, there was one.


What was it?


I came to Miss Hoffman’s apartment.


I wanted to clean up.


I thought it was empty.


I saw Miss Hoffman…


sitting on Mr. Feldenstein’s lap.


Thank you, Mrs. Lindnow. That’s all.


Col. Lawson?


Earphones, please.


What are your political affiliations?




Objection, Your Honor.


This witness’ political affiliations

have nothing to do with the testimony.


Col. Lawson is once more trying

to appeal to the emotion of the court.


Objection overruled.


Would you answer the question, please?


Were you a member

of the National Socialist Party?


Yes, I was.


We were forced to be.


“We were forced to be.”


When did you become a member

of the Nazi Party?


.download (1)


Were all German nationals forced

to become members of the Nazi Party…


in ?


Please answer me, Mrs. Lindnow.


Were you forced to become a member

of the Nazi Party?


That’s all.


Witness is excused.


Defense may continue.


The defense calls Irene Hoffman Wallner

to the stand.


Mrs. Wallner…


you are still under oath.


Did you come here voluntarily?


Did you report voluntarily

to speak as a witness?




Is it not true that the prosecution

asked you to come here?


That it was very disagreeable for you

to come here?


It is always very disagreeable

to live over those times.



That would be in agreement…


with the information I have

that you did not want to come.


Thank you, Mrs. Wallner.


The Nuremberg Laws

were stated September .


Where were you at that time?


In Nuremberg.


Did you know these laws?


Were you aware

that a physical relationship with Jews…


was against the law?




Were you aware that in Nuremberg,

and in Nuremberg in particular…


not only a physical relationship

with Jews was viewed with disdain…


but every social contact?




Were you aware it might have some danger

for you personally?

download (2)


Yes, I was aware of it.


But how can you discard a friendship

from day to day because of some…


That is another question, Mrs. Wallner.


I did not ask you that question.


Were you aware of it?


Yes, I was aware.


Yet you still continued to see each other?




Remember, it was disclosed at the tribunal

that Mr. Feldenstein bought you things.


Candy and cigarettes?




Remember that sometimes

he bought you flowers?


Yes, he bought me many things.


That was because he was kind.

The Jews as the instigator of war

He was the kindest man I ever knew.


Do you know the witness,

Mrs. Elsa Lindnow?


Yes, I know her.


Was she a cleaning woman

at the apartment you lived in?


Did Mr. Feldenstein

come to see you at your apartment?


– Yes.

– How many times?


I don’t remember.


Several times?




Many times?


Many times.


Did you kiss him?


Yes, I kissed him.


Was there more than one kiss?




But it was not in the way

you are trying to make it sound.


He was like a father to me.


– He was more than a father.

– More than a father?


– Did you sit on his lap?

– Objection!


Counsel is persecuting the witness

in the pretext of gaining testimony.


Objection overruled.


The defense is being permitted to reenact…


what was a travesty of justice

in the first place.


The tribunal makes the rulings in this case,

not the prosecution.


You may proceed.


Did you sit on his lap?

download (3)



But there was nothing wrong

or ugly about it.


Did you sit on his lap?


Yes, but…


You sat on his lap. What else did you do?


There was nothing

that you are trying to say.


There was nothing like that.


What else did you do, Mrs. Wallner?


What are you trying to do?


Are you trying to…


Why do you not let me speak the truth?


That’s what we want, Mrs. Wallner.

The truth.

You admitted that you continued to see him.


You admitted that he came

to your apartment.


You admitted you kissed him.

You admitted you sat on his lap.


What else do you admit to? What else?




There was nothing

like you’re trying to make it sound.


– What else?

– There was nothing.


Stop it.


What else do you admit to?



Everything in this movie made out to be true is untrue and everything in this movie made out to be a lie is true! That’s the way it is folks! Learn it, understand it, live it!

Is this what you want to happen to our country? Whoever you are as Rose McGowan very eloquently put it “Your silence is deafening” and it has been silent for far far too long. Our media has been selling us out for decades, our politicians, our teachers, our priests and pastors, etc. The worlds silence is deafening! If you want your world back you are going to have to understand who warned you first about these things and why. Take a guess who that is. The script was written a long time ago.


Hollywood is another Jew perversion and only one of many. Inside and out!

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One Response to Judgement at Nuremberg

  1. melgibstein says:

    Cast of the movie

    Spencer Tracy- everyones hero (always thought he was a Jew and at the very least a traitor)

    Spencer was a difficult and hyperactive child [5] with poor school attendance.[6] Raised as a Catholic, at nine years old he was placed in the care of Dominican nuns in the hope of transforming his behavior.[7] Later in life he remarked, “I never would have gone back to school if there had been any other way of learning to read the subtitles in the movies.”[6] He became fascinated with motion pictures, watching the same ones repeatedly and then re-enacting scenes to his friends and neighbors.[8] Tracy attended several Jesuit academies in his teenage years, which he claimed took the “badness” out of him and helped him improve his grades.[9] At Marquette Academy he met future actor Pat O’Brien, and the pair began attending plays together, awakening Tracy’s interest in the theatre.[10]
    He was like a Jew in church, I wonder why!

    Maximilian Schell- A German who went on to star in Jewish movies as a Jew several times. Oy Vey!

    Lancaster- Just a complete moron who would have sold his mother to be in Hollywood.

    Richard Widmark- married a Jew, related to Hammerstein. What a clown!

    William Shatner- Jew

    Marlene Dietrich- family owned a JEWelry store

    Dietrich was known to have strong political convictions and the mind to speak them. In interviews, Dietrich stated that she had been approached by representatives of the Nazi Party to return to Germany but had turned them down flat.[34] In the late 1930s, Dietrich created a fund with Billy Wilder and several other Germans to help Jews and dissidents escape from Germany. In 1937, her entire salary for Knight Without Armor ($450,000) was put into escrow to help the refugees. In 1939, she became an American citizen and renounced her German citizenship.[1] In December 1941, the U.S. entered World War II, and Dietrich became one of the first celebrities to help sell war bonds. She toured the US from January 1942 to September 1943 (appearing before 250,000 troops on the Pacific Coast leg of her tour alone) and was reported to have sold more war bonds than any other star.[44][45]
    She sounds like a very ehh honorable German.

    Judy Garland- married to at least 3 Jews and one during the movie.

    Montgomery Clift- played a Jew because he looks like one, therefore is one. You have to be a Jew to play one.


    Says “Monty” looked Jewish onscreen, but he couldnt have been a Jew because his father hated Jews. Oh I see!

    I particularly liked the German driver in the beginning of the movie who beeped his horn too much at the people on the street, a Jews way of saying “all Germans have mental disorders”.

    Jews are soo shrewd, if only the lemmings could figger out what is being done to them in the newspapers and movies (and books). Apparently the delusion has been put on them pretty heavily because they do not seek the truth.

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