All the Dukes Men


The chosen people of David Duke

Andy Anglin,

i goota good dveal!

Mike Enoch

Im a Jew white Nazi

Richard Spencer

Im fairy nice really!

Jason Kessler

Vote for Barak Obama!

Folks how does David Duke end up with all of these imbeciles and avoids Christian Identists (white people) like the plague? Instead he is with homo’s Jews, libtards, pagans, Nazi’s etc etc etc.

Why is he so damned scared of CI, instead he has Mark Dankopf on every week who claims to be a Lutheran pastor with no church (and works out at Golds Gym)? This Charlottesville con game was sanctioned by David Duke sending all of his followers right into an ambush. What is his next act folks? You are pathetic to stick around and find out. It’s time to trash these BS Jew appointed leaders and have leaders who know how to lead! Whites need to be led away from Jews not into them and Whites need to know why!

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24 Responses to All the Dukes Men

  1. Anonymous says:

    C.I.A. Connections of White Nationalist Leaders and Alternative Media Figures

    • DC says:

      This seems like typical Russian propaganda you hear all the time… It’s the CIA’s fault for everything.

      According to John Schindler (ex-NSA), the FBI, (not CIA) were behind to demise of the KKK as a legit group in the 60’s and 70’s:

      Under the FBI’s Counterintelligence Program, the notorious COINTELPRO, Hoover in 1964 unleashed the Bureau on the KKK in a secret operation termed WHITE HATE ( Employing the fully array of FBI dirty tricks, they systematically broke the back of the Klan in the Deep South. By the early 1970s, the KKK was a spent force, a shadow of its former self, riddled with Bureau informants and never to recover.

      While Duke, Anglin, Spenser, etc are clearly in the Russian camp.

      In my view they are Communists, not CIA… as is Alex Jones and Donald Trump, which is why the US President refused to denounce Putin’s “neo-Nazis” in Charlottesville and is also yet to denounce Vladimir Putin in any way, shape or form.


      Notwithstanding that things aren’t black and white… that there may be some overlap between intelligence agencies, that my source Schindler himself works for the establishment and is thus not 100% trustworthy, and that Russia may be being used as part of a high level “NWO” agenda.

      • melgibstein says:

        Im going to do a thread on Nathan Bedford Forrest soon enough. When I heard that bald headed Political Cesspool guy (one of David Dukes clown posse) I knew something was wrong. When he praised Forrest it was like this Jew on my baseball team whenever I hit a home run, the loudest and most vain rub it in the other teams face useless POS on the team. Forrest is immediately identified as “Scotch Irish”, Jews absolutely love to do that because the dumb Irish will use it as one of their great Scotch Irish war heroes and the truth is this guy was not a hero, he was the wealthiest man in the south behind other Jews, he was a slave trader and plantation owner, he did not serve time in the military and was simply promoted into high ranks because of his money (and no doubt used it to manipulate his troops). His mothers name was “Beck” this name is not the least bit Scots Irish, Beck or Becker is a common Jew German name meaning “baker”.


        After the war ended, Confederate President Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee both expressed their belief that the Confederate high command had failed to use Forrest’s talents fully.[4]

        The Jew loves to add and omit. Imagine a General claiming his loss is due to not using a specific slave trading man? Maybe he didnt trust him.

        Beck’s grandson became the first KKK Grand Wizard and not one of these Becks backed Lincoln on deporting Blacks back to Africa, they simply led America into giving Blacks “Equal Rights”. You dont think Jews know the importance of controlling both sides? Look at all these jerkoff Grand Wizards and Nazi leaders (and Antifa, NAACP etc) it is all Jew controlled and they can only do this by not allowing FREE SPEECH. This clown David Duke and Don Black claim to have a call in show, but their calls are screened probably by Dukes and Don Blacks wife Cloe.

        This is what people see when they hear the name “David Duke” and this is what I see.

        He has matching underwear. What I dont understand is, does he dislike Blacks or does he hate the North who tried to deport Blacks back to Africa? It makes no sense at all and why he is always with these Andy Anglin type clowns (and Marc Dumkopf).

  2. melgibstein says:

    Duke always very nonchalantly talks about his time in Laos. Wikipedia:
    Duke says that he spent nine months in Laos, calling it a “normal tour of duty.” He actually went to Laos in order to join his father, who was working there and had asked him to visit during the summer of 1971.
    He often says he went there “to help” Special Forces. WTF would Special Forces need from him?
    !971 Laos he was 21 years old. My brother, brother in law or anyone in that age bracket I knew was in Vietnam at that time in a uniform, but Duke somehow avoided the draft and had a military scholarship (ROTC) of some kind and never went into the service even though he was the perfect infantry officer age. Go figger! If I was Dukes age in 1968 I would have been sent straight to Hamburger Hill.

    Dukes father (a reservist Colonel) didnt even go to combat of any kind obviously. I have never heard anyone explain thoroughly wtf Duke was doing in Laos. Can you just send for your son who had a ROTC scholarship to come with you to Laos while others are being sent to the front? Sounds like how Nathan Bedford Forrest made rank, he simply made a lot of money buying and selling Negroes and was promoted to General with no prior military experience. He was one of the richest men in the South. He is hyped about being this fantastic warrior (he was a GD slave trader with the Jews)!

    Its odd how wiki leaves out Operation Red Dog and how Duke avoided the draft at such a pivotal time. Its why he focuses on the younger crowd because the older crowd know right where to hit him like I hit Hal Turner.

      • melgibstein says:

        It sure does explain Dukes and Don Blacks antics together of hating free speech. Cmon Don Black was shot by MLKs patsy assassins brother and then it isnt mentioned in his own Autobiography? Ops forgot to say I shot the future Nazi leader in the chest when he was chasing me with a knife (because he was stealing Dr Pierces papers). Its bloody bollocks!

      • melgibstein says:

        If you are going to be the leader of the white movement you are going to have to work with white people not these obvious buffoon shills!

      • melgibstein says:

        Where were these shills just after 9/11? They were blaming Arabs, helping the Jews. Look at Jim Fetzer, another shill, his entire Wikipedia page is about his study under Jews who were anti Nazi Antifa. Look at the names and then follow the links. To be a pmi primary marksmansip instructor in the Marines you either have to be booted out of the Infantry or kissing someone’s arse. The guy says he had 20 or so Drill Instructors under his command and the battallion under them, but not running with them or out in the field with them or any kind of rigorous training with them whatsoever. He ran the rifle range period. Every DI knows every instance of what happens on that range. To claim you commanded all of these people is simply fraud, he commanded the range period. At home in California to go home like a 9 to 5 job.

  3. melgibstein says:

    I guess this guy Cantwell isnt a plant too?

    This guy is as white as Alan Dershowitz

    • viewfromthewoodpile says:

      Do You have any more info on Cantwell being a plant? His jail telephone calls with Mike Enoch, (Peinovich) and his naivety in having a connection with Kessler who apparently organised the unite the right rally give weight to your view. With that said, he seems to have stopped these calls after he learned Spencer, Peinovich etc did a flash demo again in Charlottesville which apparently is complicating his legal situation .
      His tears in that clip, he had just been maced with pepper spray. On the other hand, Cantwell may be an odd exception, he’s from a libertarian background and new to the racial and JQ according to him. Brought up in New York and perhaps picked up unfortunate hustle behaviours which may be more learned than of genetic origin.

      • melgibstein says:

        I am a Jewdi master. Yesterday I heard one of the David Duke clowns, Patrick Slattery comment about Jimmy Kimmel, he said “he isnt Jewish he’s Irish”. Firstly Jewish is not a racial connotation it is a religious one and “Irish” isnt a biological make up. So this shows you how confused these retards are, they think being Jewish or a Jew is a race just like the white race or like what they believe is the Irish race in this case….let me simplify this a little, Slattery is Irish and English so he obviously thinks he is geographically two races and that Jews are ONE race. Im not sure you can get that, but it shows anyone with a brain cell how stupid these Stormfront clowns are. Ive said many times that these morons dont know what a “race” even is, a race is people from the same people, white people are from white people only, Jews can be of any people and their so called race is based (on their belief) starts with Judah or is ALL the people who survived the flood of Noah. In other words if you are directly from Noah you have to be the same race as him (male and female) so these Stormfront tards happily give the Jews the entire Bible.

        So I ask you, why would you believe anything they say? I say Cantrell or whatever his name is is a Jew because he looks like one, he talks like one and he acts like one and what is even more important is my spirit tells me he is one.

        This guy Slattery is constantly saying “he isnt a Jew” to every name he hears (he looks it up on Wikipedia), John Kerry wasnt a Jew at one time either and many many others. What good is it to have someone say “he isnt a Jew” without knowing? How can he know, is he going to take the Jews word?

        This is not a white man

        This is a guy who guest hosts with David Duke and he cant even take a phone call from me.

        Another bomb waiting to go off in Dukes Nazi corner. Maybe they can move him over to the shill Christian Identity corner and blow that up too!

        Another Red Ice clown- people who are all over the internet and nowhere in the forums to ask specific questions. There is a reason for that.

        Here is what wiki says about Kimmel (where did Slattery get that he is Irish?)

        Kimmel was born in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up in the neighborhood of Mill Basin[2] (Jew section) as the eldest of three children of Joan (née Iacono), a homemaker, and James John Kimmel, an IBM executive.[4][5][6]

        He is, and was raised, Catholic, and as a child served as an altar server.[7][8] Kimmel’s mother is of Italian ancestry, while two of his paternal great-great-grandparents were German immigrants. His family’s surname was “Kümmel” several generations back.[9][10][11][12]

        I guess Slattery thinks Kummel (with an umlaut) is Irish.

        The family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, when he was nine years old.[4] He graduated from Ed W. Clark High School,[13] and then attended University of Nevada, Las Vegas (for one year) and Arizona State University (for two years). He received an honorary degree from UNLV in 2013.[14]

        Kimmel’s uncle, Frank Potenza (“Uncle Frank”), appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as a regular from 2003 until his death in 2011.[15] His cousin, Sal Iacono, performed Kimmel’s former co-hosting duties during the last season of Win Ben Stein’s Money and then became a writer and sketch performer on Jimmy Kimmel Live![16] His Aunt Chippy (Concetta Potenza) is also a featured part of the show.

        Potenza is a town in southern Italy which was the site of a concentration camp.

        Iacono is a Jewish Sicilian name (two more races for Professor Slattery)

        Kimmel Name Meaning German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): from Middle High German kumin, German Kümmel ‘caraway’ (related to Latin cuminum, a word of Oriental origin, like the plant itself), hence a metonymic occupational name for a spicer, literally a supplier of caraway seeds. Compare Caraway, also Lorber and ZimÊt.

        An Irish Catholic my arse! Slattery is a liar and more than likely COHENTEL.

        Oh sure Stormfront has a forum, totally controlled by these lying imbeciles who take us as fools. They need to be totally banished from any white movements because they destroy everything they touch. If I had one wish I would wish to go back in time starting from today and shoot every person that has ever said “he isnt a Jew” without doing the research. These pathetic idiots think because some Jew school system gave them the title ” Doctor” it means they can speak on behalf of everything. The truth is they are clowns! A doctor is someone who speaks the truth due to “RESEARCH” and a LIAR is someone that uses a false title to give you false information WITH or WITHOUT RESEARCH!

        These so called leaders simply read the internet for real comments and make them their own. If they are challenged they cringe because they are pussy jews or pussies working for the jews.

        I’ll take Kimmel, Slattery, Duke, Black, Cantwell and all their clown friends on at one time. Not one of them knows even the words they speak of and cant even pronounce half of them. You know if you go around saying “nucular” chances are I wont trust you around the button.

        One of the tactics I have learned over the years is, the shills will pretend the real people, like me arent there. They will engage only when they think they can win outright, but I lay them snares. Ive been in this a loooong time, I know this Stormfront bunch is full of crap! I would beat it out of them if I met them. There is nothing worse than a traitor! And someone who calls someone else Irish that acts like a jew when they themselves claim to be Irish is a god damned jew in my opinion.

      • viewfromthewoodpile says:

        I get what you’re saying to an extent, on reflection I agree that one has to assume he has to have some connection with intelligence to act so brashly. Alt right leadership = Alt kike.
        They controlthe internet and top rankings on search engines are their agents in nearly all cases one must assume.
        “A tree is know by its fruit.”
        The interesting thing was the clip of Duke at that rally. The police not letting them speak was obviously not in his script and he immediately looked for “Mike” Enoch (peinovich) to find out why his speaking gig was being curtailed.

      • melgibstein says:

        There is no shame. You can say anything and make it look like gospel truth with no shame, Christian have shame so they try to get it right and always accept the fact they could be wrong. This entire planet today is about people who are wrong.

  4. melgibstein says:

    I was booted off Stormfront in a bout 4 days exposing Hal Turner as a liar and that Yankee Jim, who was married to a Hispanic and killed her and himself (supposedly) was sticking up for him, so was Stormfront. Why is it Stormfront is never ever ahead of the curve? Because they are there to keep you docile. Look at the clown Patrick Slattery, cant even take a phone call unless his arse is getting kissed. I have zero use for these people, they are all defending the very things they claim to be against.

    They will welcome any one of these idiots into their conversation, but not me to tell them where their faults are? I want to know where my faults are you know why? So we can win! They are even too chicken **** to come here!

  5. afreitas says:

    You are missing out on the recent attempts to take down The Daily Stormer (DS) from the Internet. It is the most popular website, for better or worse.

    Andrew Anglin:
    “My goal with DS has always been to maximize awareness of the Jew issue, as I believe wide public awareness is the first step of this revolution.

    I have used all available tools to do this, and with every success, tools have been taken. Now, new forms of censorship are being invented.”

    • melgibstein says:

      What will we do without Nazi Andy and his jewish writers?

    • melgibstein says:

      David Duke says Karl Marx and Lincoln were pen pals. He will use anything he can to make the jew controlled south (jewdah P Benjamin) look good. Odd how he never mentions Jewdah, I’m sure its a good story when he gets around to it. Dukes Kkk never attempted to deport blacks but Lincoln did. Duke even had a black servant in his home. The guy is a total hypocrite and why he cant handle free speech. That woos Slattery has the phones controlled so nobody will ever be able to ask him real questions. A total circus!

  6. melgibstein says:

    This is David Dukes young hero and the woos cant even talk to me. I’ll tell you why, he is COINTEL without the INTEL inside!
    Neither one of these moron sites allows me to comment you know why? They dont want their obvious mistakes exposed.You see with the Jew cointel it is either their way or the highway and the clown posse lemmings dont know the difference. It is really pathetic to watch and it is all because there is no free speech- period.

  7. melgibstein says:

    Have you ever heard these twits that call into Stormfront? Frank in NC the chosen COINTEL caller, calls every show involving Jews there is to show everyone anyone can call in knowing it is a blatant lie (he kisses all their arses so he can continue to keep things the way they are), another caller sprouted after that clown Juif Sessions came into the main stream who talks like a cartoon character, another cartoon character (Deputy Droopalong) Alan is a favorite caLLER on the SF show, others are clearly homos and deliberate ninkompoops. Jamie Kelso cant stop kissing Jew arse its truly pathetic and now this guy Anglin is kissing Netanyahus sons arse.

    The whole thing is just SICK and needs to be put out of its misery. They simply want clowns- period. If you have an IQ over 20 you are out unless you are a Jew with an IQ of 50.

  8. melgibstein says:

    You cant call in and say Trumps entire family of kids is married to Jews and his brother was in a Jew fraternity. They dont wanna hear it. They didnt want to hear about jews doing 9/11 or that Zimmerman wasnt white either.

    They are without a doubt in my mind JEW controlled paid operatives whether that is CIA or some other operation, they clearly are not honest and clearly have no spirit and clearly do not stand for the laws of out founding fathers in any way! They arent pro free speech OR the guns to use when that freedom is infringed (our right). What good is standing in front of masked KKK members ever going to do? Duke hates people who go under alias names on the internet yet he stands in front of dozens of masked men for the cameras?
    Its all JEW babel! They make it so we dont come out- period, however it is the truth that needs to come out and not one of us even matter individually.

  9. melgibstein says:

    This is what happens whenever Duke has a gathering, it gives the establishment the ability to do this

    This is what Duke and Trump call “winning”. The winning they are doing is for the Jews and Blacks. Folks it isnt going to be won by walking around with banners of any kind. It isnt going to be won with some pansy leading you either.

  10. melgibstein says:

    David Dukes and Don Blacks wife……..

    In 2008, it was revealed Don Black’s wife, Chloe, works as an executive assistant for sugar baron José “Pepe” Fanjul who runs the Florida Crystals company and owns a real estate business in Latin American countries.[1] In particular, her job duties included acting as the spokesperson for a charter school “to lift underprivileged black and Hispanic children out of poverty.”[35]

    Jose Pepe Fanjul, I bet he isnt a marrano Jew. Chloe has a thing for antisemites and Black/Hispanic kids (and the Jew controlled sugar trade). When we hear about the Jew slave trade we should also think “the Jew sugar trade” because they are like peas and carrots. The Jew mob didnt just take over Havana Cuba they took over the islands sugar industry and starved the rest of the population.
    I wonder where Patrick Slattery fits into this. Im gonna find out.

    Duke, whenever confronted about slavery says “All peoples have practiced slavery” but did the Irish practice slavery (Duke doesnt even know who ALL PEOPLES ARE, he thinks white peoples are sub races)? It is one thing to defeat an enemy and then control that land it is entirely another to bring ALIENS into your land for the purposes of destroying that land or nation. Absolutely totally two different things and Duke had a Black servant (not Don Black who served his wife) in his home growing up. Duke doesnt want Blacks deported he wants to keep the personna of a WHITE SUPREMACIST and claim he is just a nice guy. That is his job! The truth is he is a HYPOCRITE!!!

    They want to keep that North against South BS ordeal going which was a Jewish war soup to nuts and these clowns claim that they dont see it. You know what they see? The same crap taight in the jew fool system.

    Duke loves to have Jews tell him the truth so here is “the sugar trade” from the Jew whorses mouth”

    Ass. Prof. David W. Leinweber, of Emory University, some time ago advanced a standard propagandistic “refutation” of the book The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. It is almost devoid of any useful points for debate (on the issue of Jews and the slave trade, that is), except for a sentence which the author uses as a fulcrum, ostensibly to pivot the piece from its “deconstruction” of the book to his sagacious “correction” of the historical record. Speaking of the “terrible” slave trade, Leinweber concludes simply, and with the shortest sentence in the piece: “AT ITS HEART WAS SUGAR.”

    The mutt always returns to its vomit. Beware of Jews with “sweet” gifts.

  11. melgibstein says:

    If Jews are a race as the Stormfront clowns say, why dont we have a form that says “Jew” on racial questionnaires? Why dont we have Jewish crime statistics that arent added to “white statistics”?
    Its because these clowns use the same pilpilism as the Jews, when they want it is a religion and when they want its a race. it is Jew babel! And whats really filthy is they claim to be white leaders on some Bigfoot radio network (or goofball Stadtmillers network) with the phones totally protected. There is nothing white about it. All of these networks are down to the same douche bag callers and they continue to claim they are of free speech. All of these networks are controlled.

    Everyone on RBN of any truth is banned or dead.

    Dick Spencer is pro Israel……..hello John Friend and Stormfront (get a brain or get lost).

  12. melgibstein says:

    Its incredibly ironic that Duke continuously admits that only one per cent of whites owned slaves, but he never points out that one of the so called whites who owned slaves was his hero, Nathan Bedfuh’d Forrest nee Beck who was the richest man in the South outside of the Jew Judah Benjamin. Folks if you want a Black slave you have to be a Jew and if you praise people who want Black slaves you are a damned Jew. It’s total hypocrisy!

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