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Trump gave me a job, but I was a scorpion, his entire family are scorpions.


Washington – One of President Donald Trump’s top intelligence directors is the latest person to be fired in a string of shake-ups at the White House and National Security Council.



I’m cleaning the swamp too!



Ezra Cohen-Watnick became a focal point for top national security advisers earlier this year when CIA leaders raised concerns about him with Trump’s national security adviser H.R. McMaster.
A White House statement Wednesday said, “General McMaster appreciates the good work accomplished in the NSC’s Intelligence directorate under Ezra Cohen’s leadership.”
It said McMaster “has determined that, at this time, a different set of experiences is best-suited to carrying that work forward.”
McMaster moved to replace Cohen-Watnick when the concerns were raised in March, but Cohen-Watnick appealed to Trump’s top advisers, Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner, who got Trump to intervene to save his job.
Cohen-Watnick was a protege of Trump’s initial national security adviser, Michael Flynn, having worked for him at the Pentagon’s intelligence shop.
As the NSC’s senior director for intelligence programs, Cohen-Watnick was one of about a dozen people in the White House with access to a full range of classified information, including details of U.S. covert programs. His position also gives him the ability to request intelligence products from agencies.
In March, The New York Times identified Cohen-Watnick as one of two White House staffers who helped House intelligence committee chairman Devin Nunes view secret reports.
A U.S. official confirmed to The Associated Press at the time that Cohen-Watnick had access to that kind of intelligence materials, but maintained he did not play a role in helping the congressman access the documents.

~David Duke is really beside himself now, Trump got rid of a Jew indirectly and is cleaning the swamp he polluted. This is a guy who said Jorge Zimmerman was a white man for over a month, a guy who took 10 years to say Jews had something to do with 9/11, a guy who claimed white people come from Edom in his book (and has changed it like he changes his suits), this is a guy who claims that “our ancestors” 16000 years ago ate Mastadons and had the best diet on earth, even better than Adam and Eve.

Folks how do you fall for this nonsense? Put him to the test! Ask your hero about Trumps entire family marrying Jews and why Duke only ever mentions Kushner. Does Duke have a dog in the fight? I think it’s a Sam Oy Veyed dog myself. Ask your hero Duke about Trumps brother in a JEWISH FRATERNITY, oh he was just being a clown bla bla bla. Are you so numb that you think this is not important? How about Trumps KOSHER vodka company in the Jew state? Oh haven’t heard that one either? David Duke may have one himself who knows? One thing I know is he isn’t on our side….and he is too chicken sh** to debate anyone like me. He has his face on every so called white issue only to make it ugly. Why waste time and debate Alex Jones because he has an audience? What good is an audience if you don’t know where the word Jew or Gentile even comes from? Who wins in a debate with 2 lying shills? Duke claims Gentile means Roman and obviously believes Edom and Jacob were Roman soldiers too because it was the same word that Gentile came from (and Duke doesn’t want to know the Greek or Hebrew words that were originally used), it’s as far as he goes and one step more ruins his entire agenda. It is 100% proof that David Duke has no desire to learn the Bible, yet claims to be a Christian. Folks it is a cartoon, you don’t say you are a Christian and stop seeking the truth, seeking the truth is every Christians duty and closing your ears and preaching things untrue and being unchallenged is about as anti Christian you can be. So you decide if you want an antichristian woos leading you (with his clown posse of amateur tweens and fake pastors). He knows he is a woos and I know he is a woos, why don’t we have a 2 hour debate and I will show you just how much a woos he is. He is fighting for our freedom…….you people must be lame.

If Trump swung a chicken around with a box on his head David Duke would say its a new dance. Folks we don’t need ego problems we need truth! If you knew someone who married someone with leprosy and then you found out that entire family married lepers you would think that family had a thing for lepers, but if a family marries into Jews you don’t even mention the other family members that married Jews? Folks that is called “obfuscation” whether you accept it or not. The question is why would the white movement “go to guy” be rooting for the Jews in any capacity? It shows that this clown in all his years has never learned a damned thing, he is stone deaf and makes up his own music as he goes along (or he is working for the other side).

If I told you Alan Dershowitz was presidential material and then told you everything the guy did that was appealing to the white movement and leave out all his Jewish perversities you would say I was a retard or a Jew, but David Duke gets away with this every day because he is your elected leader by the Jews. I could just say “I never heard Dershowitz was a Jew and guess what, nobody could call in to tell me- send money now! He keeps people like me away because I will show you what this guy is made of and in the end he will only slip out the back door (with all his BS friends). If that is what you want why not just sell out to the Jew now? Prove all things, that is what my leader says. He also says “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisee’s”. Someone who claims he is fighting for our freedom and never allows someone to put him to the test is HYPOCRISY! The easiest way to lose a war is to let someone you don’t know lead you into war or sometimes to attack an island in the Caribbean who knows with these clowns?

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