True Lies

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The Jew Nazi and his yenta

I have never in my life wanted to be famous except maybe in defense of my country in the military and thank God that never happened after looking back. I never wanted to be a talk show host because I don’t want to mislead anyone and free speech is just not allowed anywhere. Somewhere down the line I would have to sell out. I will give you some instances of this now.

Look at our media claiming to give us the news, they have convinced themselves that if we didnt get the news from them (Oreilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, etc) we would not get the truth, but there is zero proof that they are telling the truth because they have no opposition. How do I know, because I have called them and their predecessors for over 20 years and defeated them openly, they had to hang up on and ban me like present day to win the debate. Then they would go on selling us all out.

Now we have a new media, the internet media, if you are still listening to Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, etc. you are a complete imbecile. Now we have networks like GCN with Alex Jones, RBN with John Stadtmiller, the Rense network with Jeff Rense and others. Alex Jones claims things like Arabs control our media, Jeff Rense believes in Bigfoot and flying saucers and John Stadtmiller has more Jews on RBN than the US media does (Rivero, Dr Bagel, Herzog, Hinkle, etc). In truth folks, these network owners are nutbags (certified lunatics), but none of the people who host shows on these networks care, such as David Duke, Stormfront, Rick Adams, Deanna Spingola, etc… They do not see the harm of mixing truth with BS nor the Jew commercials that come with it.

Even our so called hero Jews such as Brother Nathanael (Miltie Kaplan) who was raised a Jew or in Judaism and now somehow a Christian (unlike Jesus who was never a Jew or anything to do with Judaism) and Gilad Atzmon (a Khazar Turkic mongol) are willing to be heard on the “flying saucer networks” selling out right in front of your eyes are not willing to discuss the whole truth and debate. They cannot take true debates because they hate the truth and are not of it. Our unfortunate lemming white audiences cant figger this tuff out themselves. Yes, they are stupid!

Let us not stop there because I am for the truth all the way. We have CI websites who continue to call Jews “Zionists” and at the same time claim to be 2 seed line. Folks how do these imbeciles give up the word Zion to Jews? I ask you to think about this before you are befuddled with the Jewish brainwashing of the word “Zionist” and call me a hit man. Zion was never meant to be a bad word, duuuh! I know most of you are listening to Mike Rivero, a Jew, who will be trashing the US Government like a terminator cyborg, this is what you have been reduced to. This is what you are content with, more mayhem upon your own people anything except putting the blame where it belongs. What about the saying “If you have nothing nice to say dont say it” (unless you are discussing Jews of course then you are a hater so you blame the crime on someone else)? You dont know what is up or down because your shill networks dont allow you to know (and you dont care and dont research on your own). You dont realize the extent of what Jews can do with their control of the media (all of it). You have RBN with the phones cut off (Stadtmiller has avoided me for 10 years) and Rense is an obvious con game queer (if you cant figure this out you are going to hell, the guy is a complete moron. When was the last time your hero David Duke took calls? Cant you figure this out? Oh and Texe Marrs, helloooo, you’re a a sellout too! I think him and Blake Sawyer are fags in Austin Texas (take me on). Blake doesnt even have an email and Texe hasnt answered an email in 10 years (go to hell).

Thank G_d we have Gerald Celente on RBN telling us whats going on, this is a little 2 bit runt from upstate NY that made his money in the Jew stock market and dated nothing but yentas in his life. Is that your hero? Lets talk real truth! Lets get this truth movement stepped up a notch or two shall we? I know you are fragile lemmings, but I’m not.

To be continued……..

Folks one thing I know for sure….if you dont hear me calling these radio networks its because they dont believe in free speech (and I mean every day). I call in not to be famous, but to win the war of BS on us all! Its a pipe dream folks, you know a lot more about someone by who they arent talking to than who they are. If you have a radio show and you dont have open phones go ahead and teach, but dont tell us how much you have sacrificed in your life because you cant even talk to your own people and you want to lead them? Try leading someone on the battlefield without allowing your lieutenants to speak. Folks it is indeed a joke! There is no war because there are no Generals and there are no soldiers and whats more important is there is NO SHAME!

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5 Responses to True Lies

  1. Bud says:

    Youre a CON.
    We are actually winning now, made more inroads than in decades. I guess you dont go to Twitter or other Alt Media sources, because if you did, youd know the truth. The Internet and those that speak and upload the truth have shined a light on them that has them scurrying.
    Youre Cointel to make sure you convince us that all hope is lost. So here is a big F*ck You to you, Mr Gibstein.

    • melgibstein says:

      Every Bud I know is a Jew including the clown Bud Abbott. You’re right I dont go on Jew Twitter or Jew Facebook and never will. You moron! Yeah we’re winning, you sound like Charlie Sheen another clown!
      It doesnt matter what Twitter says or what your hero David Duke says it only matters what is being done and you shills are making sure nothing is being done with your lack of knowledge, not knowing what a Jew even is.
      Did your hero David Duke say that Trumps whole family married Jews yet? I guess that isnt important to tell his listeners because he is cointel without the intel inside.

      I am here to convince everyone all hope is lost? No you half wit lemming, I am telling people to get past their Jew provided leaders and step up themselves. You obviously believe David Duke who has never had a debate in his life with anyone but Alex Jones and Wolf Blitzer is going to lead you to victory. Why dont you just convince him to debate and quit playing with the young shills like Andy Anglin and his Jew tween pals and come out of his queer closet? He knows about his ancestors 16000 years ago, but says whites come from Edom and Jews come from Jacob and you cant figure out how stupid that is.

      You’re winning alright, I guess that means everything is on co pilot now and you and Don the schwantz Black is going to take care of everything. You and Twitter can go to hell!

  2. Flanders says:

    Some of us know that what you have said is the truth, Mel. Many who are newly awakening have not yet learned from experience, but they may not have that time to learn. It’s not so easy to determine in so many instances and it takes time and personal investment to learn about these people. The jewsmedia will provide cover for their controlled ops and we have to make a point to dig deep and deeper. If Bud is not a jew, I suspect he is one of the chan crowd and probably is an eager supporter of this “leader”.

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