Life of Khi


Mael – king in Welsh, sounds a lot like Mel as in Melchizedech , Melchior and Melqart. The word Moloc may come from the root of “king” but it doesn’t mean everyones king. And if king does mean “kin” that king has to be “kinfolk”. How can someone from another kin have a king from some other kin? In case people don’t know Welsh is a form of Gaelic or Keltic, some say Goidelic (Goydelic).

I do not think this guy is correct on everything, but he brought this into further study. That is what the truth movement is about, you learn from others and expound on those truths without guile. You should only show guile when you are not allowed to expound on truths already known. If that is the case than that person is finished seeking the truth and therefore not following the direction of Jesus Christ (Yashua).

This is why all people of all white countries should be heard and not just one Pope of the white movement. How hypocritical is it to be a leader in something you don’t even understand? These leaders will only lead you into learning less. Truth comes from all of Gods people and all of Gods people must fight together as one entity!

Our white so called leaders want you to believe your ancestors hatched in Atlantis or Ireland, and the Germans of course hatched in Germany etc. They do not want you to know that whites come from the Middle East and everywhere you look you can see proof of it. Our language(s) will show the way, all from one. We cant even get our leaders to explain where white people got the name Caucasian from or that the word “Europe” comes from Phoenicians. Do they want you to believe Black people named Europe? Apparently so.

How anyone can make you believe that two people from the same blood line can be a different race is a mental midget. Which one of you out there that is white is from a different race from someone else that is white? David Duke thinks there are some Doberman Pinschers among us or maybe Maltese lap dogs. If you follow this nonsense you are idiots. This is a guy who changed his book claiming Edom was of the white race and Jacob was a Jew, folks you have to be on acid to make a claim like that (or be working for the opposition). Your leader will burn in hell no matter what pathetic pastor he has on his show (anyone can say he is a pastor just like a professor) it is Judeo either way.

We don’t need a fight between David Duke and the Jews or Frank Collin and the Jews, we need a white fight against the Jews (all of us together). Please understand that if you don’t do something Jews will do it for you. It’s just that simple!

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4 Responses to Life of Khi

  1. melgibstein says:

    In case you haven’t figured it out, it was “ka” that is the root not Khi. The alphabet is different. It is in the name of their houses because it is the same root as “castle” I didn’t see this fellow comment on the city named “Kolomyya” which is just north of Chernivsti. I guarantee you this city Kolomya was a fortress town as “Koln” Germany (Kolon) (remember the m interchanges with the n?), it has more than one meaning
    1. It is a place of peace (Kolom- shalom)
    2. It is a colony of white people
    3. It is a place of peace because it is a fortress (like Galilee- G and K). The area is called Galicia or however you want to spell it. The Lypytsia culture supposedly replaced the existing Thracian Hallstatt (see Thraco-Cimmerian) and Vysotske cultures.[12] Connection with Celtic peoples supposedly explains its relation to many similar place names found across Europe and Asia Minor, such as ancient Gallia or Gaul (modern France, Belgium, and northern Italy) and Galatia (modern Turkey), the Iberian Peninsula’s Galicia, and Romanian Galați.[12] Others[who?] assert that the name has Slavic origins – from halytsa, meaning “a naked (unwooded) hill”, or from halka which means “jackdaw”. The jackdaw was used as a charge in the city’s coat of arms and later also in the coat of arms of Galicia. The name, however, predates the coat of arms, which may represent canting or simply folk etymology. In other words they dont want to tell us that this word Gaul, Galatia, Galician, Gallati, etc. is related to Galilee. Is it that hard to believe?
    They continuously tie in the word “hill” with the prefix “ka” or the root “colony”. The colonies were just formed on high ground (ask the Scots about this). This doesnt mean “hill” is the same thing as a “colony” or that the prefix “ka” relates to a hill, it relates to a people of that colony, the only people they wanted in their colony. Now who do you think that might be?

    Old English hyll, of Germanic origin; from an Indo-European root shared by Latin collis and Greek kolōnos ‘hill.’

    What the Jews say about the name “Galilee”

    The name Galilee in the Bible
    The name Galilee is the Anglicized version of the Greek name Galilaia (Γαλιλαια), which in turn is the Hellenized version of the Hebrew name Galil (גליל) or Galilah (גלילה), as it is called in 2 Kings 15:29.

    The name Galil occurs first in conjunction with the city Kedesh “in Galil,” which was a city situated in the hill country of Naphtali, in the north of Israel (Joshua 20:7). Later, king Solomon gave king Hiram of Tyre twenty cities in that region (now called with the feminine name גלילה, Galilah), but Hiram didn’t like them very much and people called those cities Cabul, meaning “like nothing” (1 Kings 9:11-13).

    During the late kingdom years, the Assyrians invaded Israel from the north and the land of Naphtali, including Galilee, was the first to be captured. The inhabitants were taken to Assyria in what became known as the first deportation (the second Assyrian deportation happened about two decades later: 2 Kings 17:6)

    The truth is a fort or a places for a colony is usually on the higher ground. This was definitely true for Galicia which was right on the northern front of the Carpathian mountains and true for Galilee as far as being the northern front. Jews claim this word Galilee comes from the word “dung” which the Phoenicians called it after being given it by King Solomon (thats what the Jews say). It would make much more sense that the freely took the land to guard the southern tribes because they were the Northern tribes who were taken away into captivity and obviously never forgot the meaning of the word Galilee at all, the further north they moved the further north Galilee moved. This makes much more sense than it being a Slavic word who werent around until much much later.

    Looks like a good place for a fort, no? Look at all the places used as fortresses in central Europe alone, all have the Ka prefix, Cologne, Koblenz, Carcassonne in France

    Why all this “Ca” folks?
    Cochem castle, Germany

    The word castro comes from the Latin castrum, which means “hill fort”.

    It is all over the white languages.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Your hero David Duke STILL wont mention that Trumps entire family is married to Jews (both his sons and his daughter with Marla Maples is engaged to a Jew too).

    Folks you have to be on drugs to believe these clowns on the internet, they led you right into the doghouse and now they are going to slip out the side door and slam it.

    This isnt a Jew male moving in for Trumps money it is Trumps sons ALSO marrying Jews who are no doubt next in line to get that money. These clowns will run both of them in for POTUS too, they have no shame!


    Folks it goes even much much deeper than that, but isnt that ENOUGH? They deliberately withheld pertinent information from you, why? Why would someone who claims he wants to lead you deliberately withhold information like that?

    THINK!!! This is serious stuff folks and people just continue to think this guy is fighting for our freedom. Folks this guy is a Commie who cant even answer the telephone. He has on 20 year old kids and pastors who never answered calls in their entire lives and stars on Press TV etc.

    Folks it isnt REAL!

  3. melgibstein says:

    Gadir Phoenician: גדר), the original name given to the outpost established here by the Phoenicians, means “wall, compound”, or, more generally, “walled stronghold”. The Punic dialect lent this word, along with many others, to the Berber languages, where it was nativised as agadir meaning “wall” in Tamazight and “fortified granary” in Shilha; it appears as a common place name in North Africa.[4] The name of the Israeli town of Gedera has a similar etymology.

    Later, the city became known by a similar Attic Greek form of the Phoenician name, τὰ Γάδειρα (Gádeira). In Ionic Greek, the name is spelled slightly differently, Γήδειρα (Gḗdeira). This spelling appears in the histories written by Herodotus. Rarely, the name is spelled ἡ Γαδείρα (Gadeíra), as, for example, in the writings of Eratosthenes (as attested by Stephanus of Byzantium).

    We often hear about Phoenicians inhabiting Tartessos, but the Phoenicians didnt call it Tartessos they called it Gadir. The Romans called it Tartessos.

    All of these Gads, Ka’s, Ca’s etc. all relating to fort or fence or battle or colony all appear to go back to the name Micah or Michael and go from the Hebrew to the Phoenicians to Europe whether it be by sea through the Gates of Hercules or up to the Black Sea and via the Dan prefix rivers Dnieper, Don, Danube, Dneister.

    “That most common of all Celtic monuments, the Cromlech… is to be found not only in most parts of Europe, but also in Asia,” including eastern Mediterranean. Not less ancient and general, among the Celtic nations, was the circle of upright stones, with either an altar or tall pillar in the centre, and, like its prototype at the temple of Byblos, Phoenicia, Gilgal [ancient Israel], serving sometimes as a temple of worship, sometimes as a place of national council or inauguration… The rough, unhewn stone…used in their circular temples by the Druids. Dr. Beauford, in Druidism Revived, says, “It is remarkable that all the ancient altars found in Ireland, and now distinguished by the name of Cromlechs or sloping stones, were originally called Bothal, or the House of God, and they seem to be of the same species as those mentioned in the Book of Genesis, called by the Canaanites, Bethel, or discovered in Byblos, Phoenicia, which has the same signification as the Irish Bothal.” The Bible (Judges 9:6; 2Ki. 11:14; 2 Chon. 23:13) indicates that Phoenician kings were crowned either standing upon or next to a pillar of stone. “The practice of seating the new king upon a stone, at his initiation, was the practice in many of the countries of Europe…. The monarchs of Sweden sat upon a stone placed in the centre of twelve lesser ones, and in a similar kind of circle the Kings of Denmark were crowned.” (Moore, ibid., p. 42) Note also the significant Bible number, ‘twelve’, which was common to both European Celts and the Phoenicians.

    Problem with this is they try to link the Irish with the Canaanites like most writers, then they make the mistake of adding the Norwegians, all the places the Celts lived and Israel (which was of course the people who lived in Canaan (coincidentally with the Phoenicians as they did in Iberia). Why does nobody ever make these connections? We have so many Professors and Doctors who claim they are “pro white” but they never discuss the history of those people. If I was the Jew Dr Spock I would have to say “fascinating”!

    Also how could these cromlechs

    go back to Canaan? Dont these people believe these cromlechs are “billions” of years older than so called Canaan or are they having second thoughts? Who do we trust on the carbon dating of these cromlechs, Dr Goldstein? I dont think so. You have to filter out the hypocrisy, it cant be both. Just because someone tells you a date you cant take it as gospel truth, after all this entire website is about people who lie, why? Because there is no truth in them. Why dont they have truth in them? Because they have no shame and because they know the consequences.

    People who deliberately mislead you are dead ringers to be of these people. So check out the person telling you and find out if he has proof or he is just parroting some Jew. You will find we have a lot of Jew parrots who claim they are doctors and professors. Its like a Jew with a nickname (cowboy, Whitey, etc), names mean nothing, the soul means everything! If you cant take them to the test there’s a reason why.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Look at the list of Famous Milesians, not all of these are Phoenicians but the early ones on this list most certainly were

    Miletus, the mythological founder of the city
    Cadmus of Miletus, a historian, perhaps mythical
    Arctinus of Miletus, 8th century BC Greek epic poet
    Thales (c. 624–c. 546 BC), considered by many the “first” Greek natural philosopher; “the father of science”
    Anaximander (c. 610–c. 546 BC), philosopher; pupil of Thales
    Anaximenes of Miletus (c. 585–c. 528 BC), philosopher; friend or pupil of Anaximander
    Hecataeus of Miletus (c. 550–c. 476 BC), historian
    Hippodamus of Miletus (498–408 BC), Greek architect, urban planner, physician, mathematician, meteorologist and philosopher, considered the “father of European urban planning”[1]
    Aspasia (c. 470-c. 400 BC), wife or courtesan of Pericles
    Timotheus of Miletus (c. 446–357 BC), Greek musician and poet
    Theopompus, pirate captain who served under Lysander in the Battle of Aegospotami (405 BC)
    Eubulides (fl. 4th century BC), philosopher; formulated the “liar paradox”
    Aristides of Miletus (fl. 2nd century BC), writer of shameless and amusing Milesian tales
    Alexander Polyhistor or Alexander of Miletus (fl. first half of the 1st century BC), Greek historian and geographer
    Aeschines of Miletus (fl. 1st century BC), Greek orator, a contemporary of Cicero
    Hesychius of Miletus or Hesychius Illustrius, 6th century chronicler and biographer
    Isidore of Miletus, 6th century Byzantine Greek architect

    Its amazing how so many of these people are called “Greeks”. Can you be Greek and Phoenician? Yes you can, but when you leave out “Phoenician” you leave out the fact that these people came from Miletus via the land of Canaan and as we all know, I hope anyway by now, that doesnt make you a Canaanite by biology because we should also know by now (pertaining to Jews as well) that people can be a Canaanite religiously, but not a Canaanite biologically just like you can be a Jew religiously, a Jew geographically and even a Jew biologically (and I dont mean Judah either).

    Bottom line is these so called Greeks came from Tyre, some before the Assyrian captivity and Milesians after the captivity from geographical Phoenicia and there was NO reason to mention their biological make up because they were just as white as the Greeks (in those days I mean). The Milesians also moved up into the Black Sea and across the Med into the open sea on to Britain.
    Somehow we refuse to make these connections and just let the Phoenicians disappear into the memory hole. I wonder “cui bono?” other than the Romans I mean.

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