The Stormfront genius who was asked once what a Semite is and claimed it was anyone who is related to Shem (not including Japheth and Ham of course) has introduced Stormfront’s newest hero, Kid Rock.

Stormfront show 7/14/2017 hour two


Yes folks Kid Rock is Stormfront’s newest hero,

Too bad she ran off with a Jew to get married and Honeymooned in the Jewish state.

Last weeks Stormfront hero:



David Duke’s hero Ann Cuckher



They are slowly inching towards Sean Hannity because Trump says CNN is fake news and of course Fox is real news.

Folks could the White movement be any stupider?

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9 Responses to Hero

  1. DC says:

    Mel, I thought you might be interested to know that Christopher Jon Bjerknes is blogging again and a few days ago gave your old mate Michael Collins Piper a “character assessment”.

    Of course I understand Bjerknes being a Jew who’s promoting a false narrative and leading people away from Christ and I don’t endorse him in this, but what he says about the truth movement seems to be spot on.

    It turns out Piper was spreading KGB propaganda all along and had a close friendship with Communist Jew Mark Lane who was also a lawyer for suicide cult leader Jim Jones.

    The Mossad-did-JFK thing seems to be a canard, leading us away from Oswald’s defection to the Soviet Union and the likelihood of the Communist Cubans influencing Oswald to assassinate the president.

    Here’s a link to the article that exposes Piper’s Russian apologist antics:


    Piper’s coverage of the neocon and Israel role in 9/11 was legit, but he covered up for the Russians who had motive in leading America into war against Russia’s enemies in Afghanistan.

    It seems that there is some evidence that Russia was the real catalyst for the war on terror all along.

    Needless to say Duke and co. have also been “Bolshevising” the WN movement for years and promoting a Putin cult. Apparently Duke spent at least 5 years in Russia and various other former Soviet Union countries and had a Russian girlfriend.

    It’s worth studying Bjerknes for a broader picture, even if you don’t like him IMO.

    Bjerknes, also claims that Israel and Russia have a secret relationship (not much proof of this, but some evidences like Israel’s silence about Russia’s military involvement in Syria – right on their border).

    And he states that Russia and Israel are working together to subvert NATO member states, the USA and the Western World in general – which would be the white/Israelite world if this CI stuff has merit.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Who knows with Piper, he left people with doubt, I never will.

    Look at it this way, wherever the Jews are the obvious criminals like in control of our media, they are going to have 2 kinds of opposition, a Jew and a crypto (or shill) like Mike Rivero and David Duke.
    The Jew money clowns, opposition is a money Jew and a shill (take your pick.

    The Jew/Palestine conflict, Gilad Atzmon and some tattoo’d shill.

    The Jew drug industry, why we have a Jew DEA chief and an opioid chief, both Jews along with the fat putz Chris Chrispie Crème Christie.

    The Jew child molestation epidemic, we have Jews telling us about the Catholic church and a Jewess (Vicky Polin)……should I go on?

    We even have religious Jews who are protected by Nathanael Kapner and of course Jesus because everyone thinks Jesus was Jewish (or a Jew they don’t care if its one or the other).

    So we are always down to “Its not all the Jews” so guess what “Jews win” and when you hear David Duke say it, it’s almost like “Check mate”.

    The truth is we should have stormed Jews, each and every one of them years ago (and their obvious lying shills).

    As far as Jew Jerknes goes, I don’t trust any Jew, not now not ever!

    • Chris says:

      Relax Mel your preaching to the choir here.

      Fact it I have read Piper’s book and it’s very good. The impression I had upon finishing it is that Kennedy Senior was working to reclaim the government by reclaiming the presidency. Once to Edomite devils cottoned on with everything JFK was doing, they killed him. Piper’s book is very good at highlighting the fact that jews control the CIA, drugs, money laundering, arms dealing etc with many verifiable facts including the Russian conspiracy.

      This is not an endorsement of Piper as a person.

      So some jew says Russia killed JFK and so says Putin

      DC didn’t answer my question.

      • melgibstein says:

        I always liked Piper’s shows, I used to listen to them every night when there was literally nothing else and quite frankly other than CI there still isn’t. Piper had his faults and I have to say he was either a good liar or a good truther. I have doubts about a lot of people, but are they doing as much good as their belief system allows them to? I believe Piper may have. Many people are oblivious to the heart of the Jew matter at its root in the Bible, but I was never someone to disregard anyone as long as they were doing good by defeating evil.
        Piper did better work on the Kennedy subject than anyone ever did, now we have guys like Jim Fetzer who were not even on the scene back then. I give credit to people who have exposed truths themselves, not the people who expose the truths someone else found. There are atheists and or pagans that have done this and I believe those people have hope because God has obviously allowed them to see these truths. None of us are ever going to agree on everything, but what people have exposed new truths for the benefit of us all? I believe Piper, as sometimes off the mark as he was, has done this.

        Some of us remember when this so called truth movement was very small and many of them have become radio hosts over the years, I was with them all along in this age. You name them in the truth movement (who know its the Jews) and I know them and they know me. Of course they will claim I am nobody because I know their mistakes and I don’t fear my mistakes because I don’t want to have any. I like people who take people on and there aren’t many who do. It has become natural not to take people on even if they are banging at the door trying to get in. I cant live with that, let the truth win or lose!

        Piper drew attention to the Jews and did not say “Zionists”, for that I like him and for that reason I like Jesus Christ Yashua. The only way I couldn’t like him is if he were a Jew and I think only God and the Jews know the answer to that right now.

        I can tell you one thing I never trusted American Free Press or the Barnes Review, after the cash and still are. I have no sympathy for them.

        I have often said, however that if Putin came upon my foxhole at night I would make a bagel out of him. You either give your trust or you die by distrust when push comes to shove (Trump also comes to mind).

  3. DC says:

    I suspect that Bjerknes is preparing to lead a coming anti-Putin backlash in the truth movement. I could be wrong, but they play both sides. I don’t say trust him, I say watch him.

  4. melgibstein says:

    They will give you a little truth and then float a turd right on top when you’re ready to drink it.

  5. melgibstein says:

    Stormfronts boy Trump and Juif Sessions are making a couple arrests to make it appear they are doing something, but the truth is the opioid epidemic is getting bigger not smaller.


    How hard is it to stop this epidemic? Charge these doctors and or dealers with the death sentence and I guarantee you it stops. Is it too difficult to charge them with the Death Sentence? Then you run those people out on a rail who say you cant. Everything is tied into the Jew problem and unless the Jews are discussed and all their crime it will go on as usual.

    Notice I didn’t say “Zio’s” or “Zionists” because those are the clowns who are using the “trigger words” connecting Jews with God or Zion. The truth is Jews have never had a damned thing to do with Zion and why they keep hitting us with this BS day in and day out. People have to stop and think, put things together and then ask questions and when you have found something that doesn’t fit you head out to defend it because no one else will. The delusion is huge on the lemmings because the lemmings follow the biggest lemmings of all.

    These so called leaders cant debate and they know it, but they keep pushing on like they have no shame. They are not us!

  6. melgibstein says:

    Knowing what I know about gutless RBN now I would have to think that the only reason Piper was allowed to stay on was because he wasn’t getting a lot of listeners. Its when you start to get a lot of listeners on RBN that you are canned or wind up dead.

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