The Odessa File


On 22 November 1963, the day that President John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Peter Miller (Jon Voight), a young freelance reporter, pulls over to the curb to listen to a radio report of the event in a district in HamburgWest Germany. As a result, he happens to be stopped at a traffic signal as an ambulance passes by on a highway.

He follows the ambulance and discovers it is en route to pick up the body of an elderly Jewish Holocaust survivor who had committed suicide, leaving behind no family. The reporter obtains the diary of the man, which contains information on his life in the Second World War Riga Ghetto, and the name of the SS officer who ran the camp, Eduard Roschmann (Maximilian Schell). Miller is startled to find that in one passage the diarist mentioned seeing Roschmann shoot and kill a Wehrmacht officer who was wearing an unusual military decoration. Miller realizes from these details that the officer that was killed was his own father.

Determined to hunt Roschmann down, Miller consults with Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal (Shmuel Rodensky) who informs him about ODESSA, a secret organization of SS veterans. With this information, Miller then dares to go undercover, using an assumed name and forged papers showing him as an SS veteran. He joins and infiltrates the ODESSA and finds Roschmann, who now runs a high-tech company which plans to send radio gyroscopes and biochemical warheads to Egypt to use against Israel. Miller eventually finds Roschmann and confronts him at gunpoint with his knowledge about his father’s murder.

ODESSA is an acronym for the German phrase “Organisation der Ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen”, which translates as “Organisation of Former Members of the SS”.

~No folks this isn’t about a Jew Nazi movie with Jew slave actors distorting history, this is about true history, the history 99% of you have never been taught.

Tanais also a Milesian city name off the “Don” river.

Recently I was in Eastern Europe, saved up every dime and went back to my now favorite area of the world, this time Odessa, Ukraine. Odessa is on the Black Sea everyone knows, but nobody knows why it’s called “The Schwartzer Sea”. None of the names around the Black Sea are the original names for instance Varna in Bulgaria was first called Odessa or Odyssos (or at least before it was Varna) and Odessa, Ukraine was once called “Tyra”. Of course the historians claim, or at least the writers who distort history claim this was a Greek city. Would Greeks name a city “Tyra”? No folks this was Phoenician territory, how do I know? Because this city was a Milesian city and they were also Phoenicians, in fact the Black Sea was called the Pontic Sea (the “Pon” is always related to the Phoenicians in some way because that root is in words relating to water like “pontiff” or bridge, pontoon on a boat, even punt in Irish (Gaelic) which means “pound”, a punt was a unit of measurement that the Phoenicians used to push their boats just like the “Venetians” on their Gondolas only they werent Jews like they may very well be today in Venice) who lived on the Red Sea (one of the names) called Punt. Pontus was the Northern area of Turkey (Celt country) and Milesians were also considered Celts (you can be more than one thing you know?). You can be American, a New Yorker and be a New Yorker from Germany, but these are all geographical locations that also represent, at one time a specific people of that race.

I asked a lot of the Ukrainians about Phoenicians, but not many knew about Phoenicians or “Phoenike” I heard them being called. I also noticed that Mykolaiv (a city named after Michael the archangel like so many places in Eastern Europe) was also called Nikolaiv. This was something to “ponder” (another word from the Phoenike or Phoemike you might say in Odessa).

Typical Ukrainian girl the same as the typical Irish girl when I was growing up.

I could go on and on and on with this, but what really struck me over there was the beautiful women and I am not talking about painted up model type women I am talking about natural beauty, many of which could have come from my Irish neighborhood growing up, but many many more of them. Every day I saw someone who could have fit right into an Irish family I grew up with, some that were average and some that were beautiful beyond even our Jew TV screens.


This city, Odessa is also between several rivers starting with the “Dan” prefix, like the Dniepir, the Danube and the Dniester. Who went up the Danube first folks? The Tuatha De Danan (wikipedia says they followed the Goddess of Danu). No folks I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it a’tall!

The next time you hear about the Holodomor, Irish people…. better take it seriously!

to be continued…….

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15 Responses to The Odessa File

  1. melgibstein says:

    Did Nero have anything to do with the name change of the Black Sea? Nero means “black”

    The Romans had a thing about changing the names of Phoenician places and bodies of water, one of them was the Hibernian Sea which was just inside the gates of Gibralter (some say Hercules and others say Astarte), Romans changed the name to “Our Sea” or “Mare Nostrum” or “Mare Nostrvm”. Jvst sayin!

  2. You are absolutely wrong, the city of Nikolaev (Mykolaiv) was named after the Saint Nicholas not archangel Michael… Please correct it…

    • melgibstein says:

      I stand corrected, however the “M” and the “N” are still interchangeable so you made my point.

      Here are the variants of Michael (which is a variant of Mica which was probably the first name used of Michael the archangel). I’d be willing to bet Nicholas is a variant of the name Michael, care to bet me?

      Given Name MIKHAIL
      GENDER: Masculine
      USAGE: Russian, Bulgarian
      OTHER SCRIPTS: Михаил (Russian, Bulgarian)
      PRONOUNCED: mee-khah-EEL (Russian) [key]
      Meaning & History
      Russian form of MICHAEL, and a variant transcription of Bulgarian MIHAIL. This was the name of two Russian tsars. It was also borne by the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev (1931-).Expand Name Links
      Related Names
      See All Relations
      Show Family Tree
      VARIANTS: Michail (Russian), Mihail (Bulgarian)
      DIMINUTIVE: Misha (Russian)
      OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Mikha’il (Arabic), Mikel, Mitxel (Basque), Michael (Biblical), Michael, Mikhael (Biblical Greek), Mikha’el (Biblical Hebrew), Michael (Biblical Latin), Miquel (Catalan), Myghal (Cornish), Mihael, Mihajlo, Mihovil, Miho, Mijo (Croatian), Michael, Michal (Czech), Michael, Mikael, Mikkel (Danish), Maikel, Michael, Michaël, Michel, Michiel, Mick (Dutch), Michael, Micheal, Mick, Mickey, Micky, Mike, Mikey (English), Miĥaelo, Mikelo, Miĉjo (Esperanto), Mihkel (Estonian), Mikkjal (Faroese), Mikael, Mika, Mikko, Miska (Finnish), Michel, Michaël, Mickaël (French), Mikheil, Misho (Georgian), Michael, Michel, Michi (German), Michail, Michalis, Mihail, Mihalis (Greek), Mikala (Hawaiian), Mikha’el (Hebrew), Mihály, Miksa, Misi, Miska (Hungarian), Mícheál (Irish), Michele (Italian), Mihails, Miķelis (Latvian), Mykolas (Lithuanian), Mihail (Macedonian), Mikaere (Maori), Michel (Medieval French), Michael, Mikael, Mikkel (Norwegian), Michał (Polish), Miguel, Miguelito (Portuguese), Mihai, Mihail, Mihăiță (Romanian), Mihkkal (Sami), Mìcheal, Micheil (Scottish), Mihailo, Mihajlo, Mijo (Serbian), Michal (Slovak), Mihael, Miha (Slovene), Miguel, Miguelito (Spanish), Michael, Mikael (Swedish), Mikail (Turkish), Mikhailo, Mykhailo, Mykhaylo, Mykhail (Ukrainian), Meical (Welsh)
      SAME SPELLING: Mikha’il

      Michael doesnt go to Nicholas, however Nicholas goes to Michael.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Before you bet me read this, Nikolaev Apartments,

    Related Names
    See All Relations
    Show Family Tree
    VARIANTS: Nickolas, Nikolas (English), Nicolas (French)
    DIMINUTIVES: Colin, Collin, Nic, Nick, Nicky, Nik (English)
    FEMININE FORMS: Nichola (English (British)), Nichole, Nicola, Nicole, Nikole (English), Nicole (French)
    OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Nicolaus, Nikolaos (Ancient Greek), Nikola (Basque), Nikola, Nikolai, Nikolay (Bulgarian), Nicolau (Catalan), Nikola, Nikica, Niko, Nikša (Croatian), Mikuláš, Mikoláš, Mikula, Nikola (Czech), Niklas, Nikolaj, Cai, Caj, Claus, Kai, Kaj, Kay, Klaus, Nels, Niels, Nils (Danish), Nicolaas, Nikolaas, Kai, Klaas, Nick, Nico, Niek (Dutch), Nikolao, Niĉjo (Esperanto), Nigul (Estonian), Niklas, Kai, Klaus, Launo, Niilo, Niko (Finnish), Kai, Kay, Klaes (Frisian), Nicolau (Galician), Nikoloz, Nika, Nikusha (Georgian), Nicolaus, Niklas, Nikolaus, Claus, Kai, Kay, Klaus, Nickolaus, Nico (German), Niklaus (German (Swiss)), Nicolaos, Nikolaos, Nik, Nikolas (Greek), Miklós, Nikola, Kolos, Miksa (Hungarian), Nioclás (Irish), Niccolò, Nicola, Nicolò, Nico (Italian), Nikolajs (Latvian), Klaos (Limburgish), Klaas (Low German), Nikola, Nikolche (Macedonian), Nikora (Maori), Nichol, Nicol, Col (Medieval English), Niklas, Cai, Caj, Kai, Kaj, Kay, Klaus, Nils (Norwegian), Mikołaj (Polish), Nicolau, Nico (Portuguese), Nicolae, Neculai, Nicu, Nicușor (Romanian), Nikolai, Nikolay, Kolya (Russian), Neacel, Nichol, Nicol (Scottish), Nikola, Nikica (Serbian), Mikuláš (Slovak), Miklavž, Nikola, Nikolaj, Nik, Niko (Slovene), Nicolao, Nicolás, Nico (Spanish), Niklas, Cai, Caj, Claes, Kai, Kaj, Kay, Klas, Nils (Swedish), Mykola (Ukrainian)

    God saved the last one for you! Better change the name of your ehhh apartment complex.

    The name “Nike” means victory, why? Because Michael kicked Lucifer’s (or whatever name you want to use) arse that’s why. Not because Tiger Woods just sank a 20 foot putt and wrecked his brand new Cadillac. They simply say “It’s Greek” everything is Greek, even your Jewish mother is Greek they say!

  4. melgibstein says:

    St. Nicholas Day for many centuries was one of the main holidays in Western Ukraine. Women baked for this day round cookies called ‘mykolaychyky’ with different fillings. These cookies are put under the children pillows as a sweet presents for the holiday and are given to all the friends and relatives wishing joy and health.

    I took a picture of the church right at the Port of Odessa named after “Saint Nicholas”, of course we would have to then go into what a “saint” actually is other than a diversion of what a saint really is. So be very careful what you say from now on. Nicholas may have been a “saint” in Orthodox Christianity, but who made him a Saint? Nikolaev Apartments, did you?

    Santa Claus himself!

    I have a picture on my phone, and if you care to bet me on that, well bet me.

    Michael is an archangel and has a bit more battle history than any so called Saint.

  5. melgibstein says:

    An interesting fact on Saint Nick, aka Santa Claus, among so many other names is, he isnt from Sweden or Norway or Finland or the North Pole (which is without a doubt related to the Phoenician word for the North Star “Polaris”) he was from Patara, Lycia which is on the southern end of the coast of Turkey. He was once called the patron saint of the sea ( a lot different from the North Pole story).
    David Duke doesnt want to talk about this because he thinks white people never lived in the Middle East. Truth is he thinks Jesus was and still is a Jew.

    The hypocrisy is just unreal!

    Miletus was just a few miles up the coast.

    These were all white people folks. You want to see how history is wiped out right in front of your eyes?

    etymology of Polaris

    Polaris (n.) Look up Polaris at
    1769, short for stella polaris, Modern Latin, literally “the pole star” (see polar). The ancient Greeks called it Phoenice, “the Phoenician (star),” because the Phoenicians used it for navigation, though due to precession of the equinoxes it was not then the pole star. Also see pole (n.2). The Old English word for it was Scip-steorra “ship-star,” reflecting its importance in navigation. As the name of a U.S. Navy long-range submarine-launched guided nuclear missile, it dates from 1957.

    ~Then why the hell is it important what the Greeks called it if it was named by the Phoenicians or even after them?

    Now lets put it all together. The Phoenice star was the Phoenician star and later changed to the North Star. Folks who watched the “North Star” to know Jesus (Yashua) had come? Why would God want anything to do with a pagan star if indeed the Phoenicians were pagans? This was the star to the Northern tribes- period (all of them, all 12 not just the House of Israel that split from the House of Judah because Judah was also in Iberia with the Northern tribes who coincidentally used Polaris as their method of navigation)!

    What this means is “Polaris” or Phoenice, maybe even Phoenike was first used by Phoenicians, even the Greeks will tell you that. Why the Phoenicians? Nobody gives a damn!

  6. melgibstein says:

    Even when you are wrong you can learn something new when you find out you were wrong, that is how you learn.
    Saint Nick has been deliberately corrupted, why? Time to find out! A good reason to ask why history like this has been distorted is as simple as looking into Jewish Christmas songs. Jewish Christmas songs you say? Yes I do. Why would Jews want to have Christmas songs? To divert you folks, what else?

  7. Roy says:

    Great Post Mel! Awesome. Wish you would write a book but who would buy it?! Sad days indeed.

  8. melgibstein says:

    I wouldnt sell it to begin with. As David Duke would say “it’s a free gift” as opposed to a “gift sold to you for some jew shekels”.

    • melgibstein says:

      The only truth comes from God totally free. To capitalize on that with jew cash has to be an insult to him. The David Dukes, Dankopfs, Andy Anglins of the world can talk about small Jew issues day in and day out, but they are all just more diversions from the real truth. Maybe we should call it “The Deep Truth”. It is so obvious all these clowns are running like little girls and wont be around to be challenged ever. It’s pathetic! That is the white movement or anti Deep State movement? It’s total diversion!

      • Roy says:

        Do you have one particular book which best illustrates the story of the Phoenicians?

        I read Haberman’s “Tracing our Ancestors” and he devotes a chapter to the Phoenicians. Seems understanding the Phoenicians is really the key to Israelite Identity.

      • melgibstein says:

        All the Phoenician books I’ve seen are corrupt. Ive bought a few online and a total joke when I got them. The ones Ive seen in the bookstores are crap too. Its obvious their history has been deliberately removed and other than the Romans I can only think of one other people on this planet today who want to keep it that way. As one of our posters here names himself “Truth from God (YHWH)” this is where I also believe the truth comes from. He either lets you see it or the lies. I would say read everything you can on the Phoenicians and then read Kings and everywhere Phoenicians are mentioned in the Bible. Wherever you look for the boundaries of Phoenicia you are taken all around the Med as if they stayed Phoenicians wherever they went and then just disappeared. Truth is Phoenicia was in Canaan just like the Northern tribes.
        The geographic boundaries of the territory were Phoenicians lived are vague, and the name Phoenicia may be applied to all those places on the shores of the eastern Mediterranean where the Phoenicians established colonies in Cyprus, North Africa, Sicily, Sardinia, and Iberia.

        They didn’t even mention Canaan there at all. They could have mentioned a hell of a lot of other places to because they sailed all over the damned world (planet). So their home was wherever they went being the first ones there and that includes Rome, Britain, India and positively South America, Central and North America.

        The word Byblos is the root of the Bible. It says in Kings that Solomon gave 20 cities in Galilee to King Hiram (King of Tyre). Do Jews know this? Not that they need to. Why would Solomon give this land to outsiders? Why would he have pagans build anything for him? They were the norther tribes!

        Phoenicians controlled the Med entirely and then controlled everything outside the Med and locked it up at the Gates of Hercules. If Judeos ever make that connection, its bye bye Jew bunk history time and Henry Ford said it best despite what the moron Mike Walsh says about him “History is Bunk” and he knew who made it bunk too!

        Why don’t we get Walsh to discuss the Bible? He is a big hero on Eurofolk radio a supposed CI site and they never even ask him about his total absence of Bible history. They picked him up from Renegade Tribune, another dying website. I’ll still be here! You can act like youre running with the ball into the end zone, but if you don’t have the ball it aint a winner.

  9. melgibstein says:

    Another odd thing about Nikolaev ( a city in the Ukraine just North of Odessa) is there is another city named Nikolayev in the Western part of the Ukraine. They must really love Santa Claus there, far more than we do here.
    A city south of Nikolayev in the west is named Kolomya. I’d be willing to bet this city is the same word we get the word “Columbia” from only Columbus had zero to do with it.

    Very odd!
    The following is a list of place names in Canada (primarily Western Canada) whose name origin is in the Ukrainian language. Some places – especially in Saskatchewan – were named by ethnic Germans from Ukraine.

    Bellis, Alberta, “white woods”; referring to poplars and birch

    Im starting to think Phoenician (the word) is directly related to “polar” or white. There are just too many similarities.
    Think of the Polar Bear- white, the poles are white, pole and pale come from the same word
    pale (n.) Look up pale at
    early 13c. (c. 1200 in Anglo-Latin), “stake, pole, stake for vines,” from Old French pal and directly from Latin palus “stake, prop, wooden post,” from PIE *pakslo-, suffixed form of root *pag- “to fasten.”

    paleo- Look up paleo- at
    before vowels pale- word-forming element used in scientific combinations (mostly since c. 1870) meaning “ancient, early, prehistoric, primitive,” from Latinized form of Greek palaios “old, ancient,” from palai “long ago, far back” (from PIE root *kwel- (2) “far” in space or time).

    pallor (n.) Look up pallor at
    c. 1400, from Old French palor “paleness, whiteness” (12c.) and directly from Latin pallor, from pallere “be pale, turn pale,” related to pallus “dark-colored, dusky,” from PIE root *pel- (1) “pale.”

    You have to wonder if Palestine is directly related, without a doubt Lebanon and Laban are related to “white” and perhaps even “levant”.


    bleak (adj.) Look up bleak at
    c. 1300, bleik, “pale, pallid,” from Old Norse bleikr “pale, whitish, blond,” from Proto-Germanic *blaika- “shining, white” (source also of Old Saxon blek “pale, shining,” Dutch bleek, Old High German bleih, German bleich), from PIE root *bhel- (1) “to shine, flash, burn,” also “shining white.”

    Pale and bell or bella or Bella Russia totally related.

    palomino (n.) Look up palomino at
    1914, from American Spanish palomino “cream-colored horse,” from Spanish, literally “young dove,” perhaps from Italian palombino “dove-colored,” from Latin palumbinus “of wood pigeons,” from palumba “wood pigeon” (from PIE root *pel- (1) “pale”). The horse so called because of its dove-like coloring, light brown or cream with a pale mane and tail.

    A Palomino is basically “a pale horse”.

    It makes you wonder if these Phoenicians called their star “Bell” and this was the star that gave the sign of the Messiah.
    palido in Spanish means – white

    Different languages have the pal or bel for white and other have “ban”, “alba”(like Albany) showing 2 separate words for the same meaning, which did the Phoenicians use (could have been either one depending on where they lived).
    The Polish took half and half it seems “bialy”. Jews named a bagel with no holes a bialy.

    Then we can go to the different Gaelic dialects like Welsh – “gwyn” pronounced “finn” (like Fenician) and “fion ban” in Irish Gaelic. So the connections are definitely there.

    Now how does “Paleo” fit in? I know it fits in perfect with “Paleo Hebrew” because we on this forum know Hebrews were white and never Jews.
    In Finnish “white” is “valkoinen” or “valkea” the “v” becomes “p”. German for white is “hell”, you can see this was a much later word that came from “pel” which is the same as “pol”. “Weib” came later and changed everything.

    Croatian – bijela (J obviously came later and is probably pronounced as a “i”).

    If Phoenicians were watching the North Star and they knew the Messiah had been born, does that make them pagan worshipers?

    Paleo seems to also be related to the Hebrew “white” or “light” lyukas- only missing a “P”. In every dictionary Paleo says it means “old” and “ancient”, but the root words of old and ancient arent there.

    Also, pale-, especially British, palae-, palaeo-. It could also mean “prehistoric” only I think it is prehistoric because the Jews want it to be. You can claim “gay” means a homo and only a homo 20 years from now and many will believe it.

    Another coincidence of the prefix “Fin” or Phin as in Phineas or Fenius, there were two groups of people in mainly Scotland and Ireland called the Fingals and the Dhubgals. These words supposedly mean white and black stranger, but the “gal” is without a doubt “gael” and not “gal”. It meant white and dark gaels (Celts). And you know what happens when the twain met. Let me make something clear to all the Irish lemming readers, the dark Gaels were not “Black” they were dark haired, they didn’t even know what a coon looked like.

  10. melgibstein says:

    The name Monica- Meaning unknown, most likely of North African or Phoenician origin.

    VARIANTS: Monique (English), Mônica (Portuguese)
    OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Mònica (Catalan), Monika (Croatian), Monika (Czech), Monika, Mona (Danish), Monique (Dutch), Monique (French), Monika (German), Mónika (Hungarian), Monika (Latvian), Monika (Lithuanian), Monika, Mona (Norwegian), Monika (Polish), Monika (Slovak), Monika (Slovene), Mónica (Spanish), Monika, Mona (Swedish)
    SAME SPELLING: Mónica, Mònica, Mônica

    Why would Jews want to steal Phoenician names? Because they steal everything that isn’t bolted down.
    Monica was Saint Augustine’s mother, a Phoenician. The Catholic church tries very hard to pass him off as a Berber.

    St. Augustine on Punic Language and Literature
    In the Phoenician Punic colonies, espeically around Carthage, the Phoenician language survived till the 5th century and was spoken by people in the rural areas. Saint Augustine knew the language and was well acquanted with Punic literary. He wrote “… there was a great deal of virtue and wisdom in the Punic books“. Further, a pagan grammarian named Maximus once wrote to him a hostile letter in which he mocked at the Punic names of some Christian martyrs, and in his reply Augustine rebukes him for having thrown ridicule at the Punic language which he describes as “our own tongue”.

    Read more: Saint Augustine of Hippo, Phoenician Punic

  11. melgibstein says:

    While in Odessa in the city center there is an outdoor sort of food kiosk area that takes up the very center of one side of the street in the most popular street in Odessa. It reminded me a bit of Turkey when I lived there and didnt realize that about 70% of this area was operated by Turks, many that had Ukrainian cooks, waiters and waitresses. Anyway a great place to have breakfast and watch people walking by. The first time I went there I noticed an Arabic looking guy who spoke English desperately trying to cozy up to me and I wasnt interested, but saw this guy every time I went to this area, finally he just sat down at my table and told me he was from Texas and I asked him “via where?’ He said he was from Jordan originally so it kind of got me interested in the “Jew” subject as I never pass up this subject from anyone. I said “well we have much to talk about, what do you think about the ehhh Jews that moved in next door?” He laughed a bit and I knew he knew a bit about the subject, but his answer was “the Jews arent so bad it’s the Zionists”. I said “oh you think?” I said what about the Jews here and the Jews in the USA who will never leave and of course the Ashkenazi’s that were never there to begin with/ He said “I have some good friends who are Jews bla bla bla” and I could see this was business talk, but I didnt ask. Later in the conversation, after he bought me a few drinks (this wasnt at breakfast time) he said you know Jews own the place across the street and pointed over to a French restaurant playing French music……and that one over there, a coffee and desert kind of place and……..they own all this too. He then said I rent this place (a kiosk restaurant) from a Jew and he started me up running this place. I said “and you oversee it?”. “Yes I run it and they own it, I pay them the rent and they allowed me to take it over from someone who didnt do so well doing it”. Over a few more days I got to know this guy because every time he saw me after this he sat down with me, even tried to get me to double date with him. I asked him if he ever wondered why this Jew didnt get a Ukrainian to run this restaurant and he had it in his mind that he could run it better than any Ukrainian. The fact that he refused to see is the Jew was moving in non whites to take over more and more territory and all of these Arabs and or Turks were there because they were given breaks by the Jew owner to run these places. Some Turks are very hard to distinguish as non white, but their allegiance is not to the Ukraine and almost all the workers are Ukrainians with the exception of some Turkish girls probably coming there just to work the tourist season. This is how the Jew destroys every place they inhabit, from the inside out.

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