How The Western Language Was Won

Were any of our educated professors and doctors in the White movement (you know who they are) teaching this? They only teach us what the Jew brainwashed them with. Time to seek the truth on our own and dump these clowns who constantly tell us to be calm while our country (nations) are being pillaged. I will never tell you to be calm, I tell you to prepare for war!

As you can see later in this video that in Gaelic “i” was pronounced as an “e” like Etalia (Italy) or Eran (Iran) which comes from Aryan. Iberia was Eberia and Ireland was without a doubt a different word altogether itself, but was not ever called Ireland by the original British Celts (yes British). So my question is how did “Eve” not get an “I”, as in “Ive”? Names like Evan or Yvon or Ivan or “ivory” etc. all indicate “God” or YHWH and white people just like the letter A or Aleph with the symbol of YHWH above and the symbol of man below (Adam) and the slant means “the law”. Jews do not have the law the Israelites have the law. Is that clear?


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