The Waterboy(z)


Now that the dust has settled in Syria after Donnie Drumpfelstein’s missile attack on the Jew state ehhhh I mean Syria, I have a few comments to make to the liars and thieves who shut their phones off to anyone against Trump and the people who pushed Trump like he was the best thing since sliced bread (or matzoh in their cases). Much of this is simply a repeat of what I have already said.

1.Trump’s entire family is married to Jews or engaged to a Jew except lil Baron (such a cute name) and he is only 10 or so. Give him time!
2.Trump has been in bed with Jews his entire life
3.Trump was a casino mogul (a Jew occupation with Carl Icahn like Mel’s Icahn Icon_Productions_1994productions). She has a hooked nose too.
4.Trump has billions of dollars and can’t comb his own hair. I suppose if he cuts his hair we would see his deformed head proving God did not create him in his image (but that’s my opinion). A real ladies man who don’t just love him for his jew cash (more truth).


Let’s make a dveal!

5.Every shill on the internet supported Trump and told everyone we would have Hillary if we didn’t vote for Trump. In other words a revolution is totally out of the question. Who are these people?ppoii
Stormfront, David Duke, Rense network, RBN network, Mike Rivero (who is now calling the Syria bombing US Imperialism), Alex Jones (I had to mention him for the super lemmings that even listened to him 10 years ago, I never did), etc. You should turn every one of these networks and broadcasters OFF and if you don’t you are to blame as well. Send them money and you send them the ability to control the people we are trying to wake up.
6.Trump bombed the one place everyone knows is the next target of the Jews. If that doesn’t make you puke after voting for him I don’t know what to tell you. I didn’t! Oh and I didnt vote for Hillary either, I am on the side of the truth and ready for the revolution to retake our land and culture.


Internet clowns

All of these networks and broadcasters will be back persuading you into the next move whether it be destroying the truth of 9/11 and that JEWS did it with their Rebecca Roth plants (in other words making Jews into the villains and the heroes), making the Jews crimes into our own crimes by omitting facts like Trumps entire family is married to Jews not just Ivanka, 9/11 is no longer important, understanding what a Jew is is unimportant, debating on the Khazar’s is unimportant and means nothing, debating on what these so-called racial leaders even know what race is if they believe Jews are the people of the Bible and whites are straggler’s who bought the lie of the Jews (they don’t know a Jew from a Judean from a Judahite from a Hebrew from a Khazar) and you can’t box them into a corner on their shows because they simply hang up on you like a little 4 year old girl (proving they are not white men). These are not people on our side or on the side of truth, these people are compromised either by money, blackmail or by mind control (Satan control). Do not ever trust them. If you are of the truth you should have nothing to fear.

Seek the truth! Another short segment of words that seem to mean so little, but means a lot does not mean go to college and get a degree in Psychology or Jew History or anything else, it means “Seek the truth” and let nobody control your ability to find it. You are on your own and exactly why these shills and Jews are all over our communications networks trying to steal your mind. Some even sell out for fame, whatever it is they sell out for they sell out the truth. There is never a mea culpa or a plea for forgiveness they just move right on to the next crock of dung Jew propaganda. There are very few who can understand the truth about the Jews without first understanding the truth of the Bible (very few understand Jews are Satan’s kids, but know something is afoot). These networks and broadcasters  I mentioned are the same people who refuse to learn the basics of the Jews taught by our forefathers, that is how much they care about us, they disregard their own fathers. When you disregard your own father, who is your father?

When you mislead the people you are claiming to be leading and don’t take yourself out of the lead honorably you are the problem not the solution and you will be taken out one way or the other! Because they have no shame to take themselves out means we must! If you dont understand the importance of this you are too far gone and the people of the fire are your father!

If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.

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9 Responses to The Waterboy(z)

  1. Dr. Andrew C. says:

    Why does Trump have small hands? It’s not because he’s a Jew from birth. It’s because he was a woman from birth. And to transgender into a man he had to take extreme estrogen blockers and loads of testosterone. His body type has all the physical signs. There are literally pages up pages and videos upon videos of people figuring out that Michelle Obama is a man. “Michael and I”. But now people are finally starting to realize that there have been secret transgenders as well as crypto-jewry.

    If you’re really as Jew wise as you claim then you shouldn’t require more than a passing glance at Trump’s children to see that they are born in the image of Baphomet. The transgender goat god of the Jews. They aren’t married to Jews. They are transgender Jews. Mocking you for being fooled into thinking they married into Jewry when they are far more into satanism than you could even see for yourself.

    Look at Ivanka Trump very carefully. Huge hands and feet. Male facial features before her extensive surgery. Obvious signs of fake pregnancies (moonbump). Married to a Jew who lives at 666 Fifth Ave. Look very carefully at “her” childhood photos and know that it is a boy you are seeing. Trump is so sick he transgendered his children from birth just like he was. Extreme levels of satanism and devil worship.

    I like how these white nationalist and “Christian” identity leaders are all asking for prayers for Trump. Yeah….pray for a transgender devil worshiper who is related to Cain. They are still holding out hope that Trump will come around. Maybe Jesus is still holding out hope that Judas and Goliath can turn things around for themselves.

    • melgibstein says:

      Dr. Andy you are banned, not because you tell the truth but because you lie. Go pervert someone elses forum. Dont come here and drop a grenade without any proof. Not one CI pastor is asking for Trump prayers, not one. Get lost!

  2. melgibstein says:

    And why wouldnt Trump claim Syria used chemical weapons? His best media pal Sean Hannity has always claimed Iraq’s WMD’s and chemical weapons stockpile was moved to Syria. My first day as president would have this little traitor Hannity on a long line of hangings right on the White House front lawn.

    • DC says:

      If Hannity said the WMD’s were moved into Syria, then he’s flip-flopped. Today he is blatantly pushing the Russian line. It’s also ironic the US IC (intelligence community) also now view Fox News as a Russian front.

      Of course the US IC may be using it’s shills too, but also see a lot within the ranks who seem like genuine patriots who love America and are willing to lay down their lives to defend their home soil.

      Those who I have followed recently seem to sincerely believe that Saddam did indeed possess WMD’s and that that those WMD’s were moved by the Russians in a secret operation.

      Whether that’s be the case or not, truth movement trolls have gained considerable mileage from the fact that they were never discovered.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Looks like you suckers got bitten!

  4. DC says:

    From where I stand the reason for Syrian attack is a no-brainer and obviously to take the heat off Trump’s Russian connections coming to light. Pure theater in other words and quite a shrewd move from Trump’s side if I do say so, but the FBI investigation isn’t going away any time soon either.

    If you want Jewish connections, few in the so-called truth movement have pointed out as this guy has that both Trump and Vlad are budy-budy with the Chabad-Lubavitch sect (disclaimer: I don’t necessarily put this guy in my “trustworthy” category).

    I am probably getting way off topic for this blog, but I’ve not completely written off the possibility of a high level conspiracy where certain leaders of Russia and the United States are being pushed around like chess pieces and not everyone in positions of authority is kept the loop.

    Like you I’m simply searching for the truth, wherever it may lie.

  5. melgibstein says:

    I never discount the fact that Putin may very well be a crypto Jew and never discount the fact that Trump is a Jew and getting ready to start a war that they do not plan to participate in. They can simply press buttons and murder enough of us while the shithole Jew state goes unscathed. Who allowed this to happen is what is most important? The Stormfront clowns etc. who refuse to be debated out in the open. They cant even have a free forum to be debated anonymously and white people follow them?
    This is nothing but a George Soros type clown posse of disinfo and where are the CI pastors on this? They should be livid that this disinfo is being allowed to spread, but they obviously dont care that their fellow white people are being hoodwinked. What we all need to do is force these pussies into a debate or we destroy them once and for all. They are the Jews first line of defense, Putin, Trump and the Jews themselves are the last line.
    I just heard the woos Dr Patrick Slattery say being white doesnt mean you have to be “pure white”. 1/8 non white is ok with him. This is the faggot who celebrated Hanakuh (dreidels etc) as a kid. You have to be brain dead to follow these clowns and they have zero shame.

  6. melgibstein says:

    The literal leaven of the Pharisees
    Removing leaven from your “house” at Passover also means to remove any hypocrisy.

    One huge sack of leavened bread I know is all of the people who claimed “It doesnt matter who Trump has under him because they will have to carry out what Trump wants”. Now they are all going after Jared Kushner as if he is the culprit and not Trump. No folks Trump is in charge and he gives the orders or doesnt give them and he let the Jews in not only to the White House, but into his own house (the real house). Why would he not let them into your house and your government? This is blatant treason one way or the other and our so called white leaders are cheering it on and have cheered it on right from the beginning. We need a new beginning folks without the leaven of the Pharisee’s so start chucking it out of the house now!

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