A Winner’s Tale

Anyone getting sick of so much winningk? David Duke says “we are winningk folks” because we are too stupid to know we are. He says Trump is on to those Jews, this is a guy who has 3 grown children all married to Jews and a daughter from one of his other wives that is engaged to one. If you ask me he lost big time!

It isn’t hard to figure out that David Duke is a con man, this is a guy who claims Edom and Jacob were two brothers yet became different races and the white race happens to be the lineage of Esau Edom. If one so called race is mixed and the other is pure, how can they both be called races? One is the antithesis of the other. He claims Jews are a race because they say they are and doesnt need any more evidence than that. Never mind the Ethiopian Jews, the Ashkenazi’s, Sephardic’s, India Jews, Arab Jews, etc. You see Duke thinks Jews are “inbred” and white people are I guess outbred. Folks you couldn’t be more wrong. He obviously believes Jews are the pure race all the way back to Adam through  Jacob and whites happened to be the people who married into the Hittites and Canaanites. Folks you can get things wrong, but you cant get things completely opposite in this unless you are deliberately trying to deceive.


Alex Jones says “we are winningk” (the two clowns agree after all), but AJ doesn’t claim to be defeating the Jews (by the way David Duke is now calling them “the Jews” after all the BS Zionist crap) he claims to be defeating the Bilderbergers or the globalists. You see he cant say “Jew” because he married one and also has a child by one. It’s what you call “Jew winningk” because AJ has been neutralized.

Another odd “winningk” group is the Ugly Truther’s, who would have ever thought AJ, David Duke and the Ugly Truthers would all agree, not to mention “The Stormfront Clowns”? They are the “intelligent antisemites” that have no clue what a Semite even is. They pretty much cover the entire spectrum of the so called “alt- right”. All of these people claim to know what Trump is thinking, despite his whole family marrying Jews and Trump being in bed with Jews his entire life. Remember his scorpion speech, well folks he allowed a scorpion into his daughter’s bedroom and then right into the Oval Office. I can tell you this folks, that is not smart thinking and now Johnny come lately David Duke is even saying it. He is usually around 10 years too late (as in 9/11).

snippet from Dukes book~

Indeed, the division between Jew and Gentile goes to the very origins and structures of western civilization. It predates the advent of Christianity and may be found in the earliest texts of the Old Testament . . . In those texts of the Hebrew Bible the mythical origins of the division between Jews and others are described, and a thought-provoking explanation for the antagonism of the two groups is offered. The account in Genesis of Esau and Jacob, twin brothers born to Rebecca and Isaac, has evoked a seemingly endless cycle of interpretations. Already in the earliest Jewish commentaries on the text in Genesis one encounters not only the rich layers of meaning but also the elusiveness, the profound ambiguity in the relationship between Jew (in archetype, Jacob) and Gentile (in archetype, Esau).

What is the archetype of the Jew in the Jews’ own founding myth? It is that of the liar or trickster. Recall what happened in Genesis 27:5-45. Nearing death, the elderly Isaac sent Esau out to trap game in order to prepare a meal appropriate to the blessing Isaac was to bestow upon his first son. With Rebecca’s participation, Jacob deceived his father into believing that he was in fact Esau. Numerous times Isaac suspected a ruse, finally asking, “Are you really my son Esau?” “I am,” Jacob lied. Jacob was ultimately successful in deceiving his father and received his blessing.

This is David Duke’s interpretation of the Bible and he’s stickin to it. He hopes you dont read the part where it says “two goyim (Gentiles in English) are in thy womb” Again for you folks not getting it the first time this is David Dukes analysis of Esau and Jacob:

1-Esau (Edom) is a non Jew and therefore a Gentile (he thinks Gentile means non Jew and he obviously thinks Jacob means – Jew)

2. Jacob is the first Jew and had 12 sons and a daughter, all Jews too obviously. Jews and Israel are the same thing (if you say it enough times).

He also thinks Jews named “Cohen” are the pure Jews all the way back to Aaron (not a Jew). Go figure! Just don’t ever get in a debate with him because Duke’s winning streak will be over.

Folks this is the guy who claims to be a doctor of History. He is a doctor of Jew trash!

Trump inherited “a mess”, but he is goingk to clean it up. Remember the first thing I learned about Jews? Ok probably not, but the first thing I learned about them is that they come over your house, make a mess and then tell you your house is a damned mess. In this case it is our White House. What they (Jews) mean to say is “it is irreparable”. Telling us everything is a mess now is like telling us the sky is blue. Is this supposed to be brutal honesty? Yeah we know it’s a mess and it was you Jews that made it a mess!


“Ahh the smell of dynamite in the morning, smells like winningk”

I’ve got some serious brutal honesty to tell you, one is the Jews run our Federal Reserve and bombed the WTC, do you think that’s too brutally honest (of course you know I could go on and on). Who is winning when the whole truth and nothing but the truth is’nt being told? Are we to accept “half-truths” and be content? You are either in the pool swamp with Satan or you aint and Trump has always been in it winning all the way!

Satans kids are the most cunning of the field swamp.



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4 Responses to A Winner’s Tale

  1. melgibstein says:

    Today David Duke, oops “Dr. Duke” talks about twins having the exact same DNA, you see Jacob and Esau have different DNA in his book, today twins have the same DNA. Folks the bottom line is this guy is full of mularkey, he has a jew degree in a jew fool system and claims he is a doctor in Jewology now. Folks he is a dupe of it!
    He claims “Gentile” is a word for a Roman soldier. So I assume he believes Jesus was a Gentile because Jews said Mary did it with Roman soldiers (and he believes whatever the Jews say). It doesnt matter what this 3 ring circus act is he can never be tested. Folks if you cant test someone, you need to discard them as clowns. His main guest now is Andy Anglin, another woos with his comment section 100% controlled. You can comment here anytime you want “monkey boy”, but you know I will flatten you (even more than your nose is flattened already).

    Duke is a master of the universe on his own show and if you want to be on his show you have to be young and dumb, compromised or a crypto Jew. Someone of the truth should have no fears at all, but the truth is the Stormfront Boyz are all wooses and have those phones 100% controlled.

    Is that the kind of leadership you gullible goyim want?

  2. melgibstein said:

    “He hopes you dont read the part where it says “two goyim (Gentiles in English) are in thy womb””

    What verse is that from?

    Thank you!

    • melgibstein says:

      That verse is from the Bible and about Jacob and Esau.

      King James Bible
      And the LORD YHWH said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger.

      Tell me how two brothers become two separate races. You know how it happens very quickly? One marries outside his own people and “voila” he creates a different people. The only logical explanation for that is Edom did that (if you continue to read the Bible) and Jacob did not, in fact the name of Rachels and Leah’s father was “Laban” and means “white”. To keep a pure race you have to keep pure with the females of that race. So we come down to “Are Jews the pure race or are whites”? This is a pretty easy question, however nobody seems to be able to figger it out. It’s called Jew brainwashing and the Jews have their agents right in within us who claim to be our leaders even though we didnt elect them for dog catcher.
      How in the hell does a Jew qualify as a distinct race? Did their race start with Judah, Jacob or Adam? No, it started with Cain, this is really all very elementary stuff if you use the brain you were given and especially the spirit of truth.

      The real question is “How can someone teach what the Bible says who obviously never read or studied it?” Someone who can do that is capable of lying about anything and those people will never come to the truth because they do not want to relinquish their popularity (in a Jew stranglehold doing the Jews deeds- and Satans). It is truly a thing to see when you can see!

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