Satan vs. Satan

Hey, is it considered molestation if the child makes the first move? I’m gonna need a quick answer on this.

There are 2 laws in this world, one is Gods law and the other is the Jews. You better determine which you are going to follow! Jews are obviously in their latter stages of metamorphosis when the supposed churches, schools, lemmings in general are so taken over (body, mind and soul) that they will accept literally anything the Jew brings.
I thank God every day I am not one of them! Of course atheists will then accuse me of being a Jew for thanking God Im not a Jew because they believe Jews thank God every day they arent goyim. They are the same dupes folks! Of course many cant even understand what the hell I am saying. And you wonder why God doesnt come back? It’s because you have to do a little bit of truth seeking first. You can step over a crevice or right into one, you better know which side to cross. You are sitting in the car telling God to change your tire- period.
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2 Responses to Satan vs. Satan

  1. melgibstein says:

    Ex-Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky’s Son Faces Child Sex Abuse Charges
    Jeffrey Sandusky is charged with statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and other related offenses.

    Like I said the sports stars we have are also the same caliber of politicians we have.

    The reason why we have the problem we do is because we believe that someone without shame is the person we should have ruling over us, but the truth is we all have shame in some regards which proves we are of God. No shame proves they are not. Prove all things and if you cant turn it off.

  2. melgibstein says:

    I used to think these guys were sacrilegious, but loved the music,but they were more on course than the Judeo Christians I grew up with. They knew something was wrong they just didnt know what.

    Music stands on its own otherwise we would have a lot of cheap music around like Jew Watters World today like we do on the Jew controlled OReilly Factor (which we have). OReilly just thinks Jews are fascinating and wants you to think so too even if you dont like Jews and or dont need them at all (he obviously thinks you shouldnt be without them). The entire media and entertainment industry on a whole is a Jew controlled front otherwise we would have truth and decency in our world. Our own people take part in our own execution, I dont care what the Jew hype tells you.

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