Return to Jew Paradise

He’s back in business! Mel Gibson’s career comeback continues as the actor attends Oscars luncheon to celebrate Best Director nomination
By Marta Jary For Daily Mail Australia
PUBLISHED: 21:22 EST, 6 February 2017 | UPDATED: 22:37 EST, 6 February 2017

For a while it seemed like Mel Gibson’s career was on the skids after the actor was besieged by a series of scandals.

But thanks to his latest effort at stepping behind the camera as a director on the lauded drama Hacksaw Ridge, Mel is back in Hollywood’s good books.

The very tanned 61-year-old was beaming as he stepped out at the 89th Oscars Nominee Luncheon in Beverly Hills, California on Monday.

Back on track: The very tanned 61-year-old was beaming as he stepped out at the 89th Oscars Nominee Luncheon in Beverly Hills, California on Monday
Back on track: The very tanned 61-year-old was beaming as he stepped out at the 89th Oscars Nominee Luncheon in Beverly Hills, California on Monday

He’s up for a best director award at the upcoming 2017 ceremony and was the picture of laid back film star, sporting a spiffy woolen suit jacket with an open black shirt underneath.


Back in business!

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~We sure are lucky we didn’t elect him for president, but I think a lot of dupes would have voted for him. Jews hated Mel Gibson as much as they hated Joseph Dhughasvili BarKochba Stalin who happened to be married to 3 Jewesses. Trumps kids all m,arried Jews because Trump is an antisemite they say. What wont you gullible goyim believe?

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4 Responses to Return to Jew Paradise

  1. melgibstein says:

    Steve Bannon Wanted Mel Gibson for His Movie About Nazis, Abortion, ‘Mutants’
    In 11 pages, the cautionary tale about arrogant scientists tampering with divine design covers Eden, Hitler, mutants, immortality, and the ‘most radical ideology in history.’
    Asawin Suebsaeng

    02.09.17 1:15 AM ET
    More than a decade before Stephen K. Bannon became one of President Donald Trump’s closest White House aides, he tried to make an epic documentary-style film about the eugenics movement, Adolf Hitler, “blood purity,” abortion, contraception, Darwinism, mutants, and cloning. According to his longtime Hollywood writing partner, Bannon even met with controversial Oscar winner Mel Gibson in his effort to get the picture made.
    The 11-page outline for Bannon’s unmade movie, a copy of which was reviewed by The Daily Beast, was written in the spring of 2005 and bears the ominous title The Singularity: Resistance Is Futile. (The project’s alternate working title: The Harvest of the Damned.)

  2. melgibstein says:

    Chuckie meets the Nutbag

    Looks like Chuckie had Micky Rourkes Jew plastic surgeon “hah hah hah haw haw you have my support always, haw haw haw haw” make me puke! Its quite amazing how these Hollywood morons are just head over heels about Jews. It really is homosexual at best. What is Chuck 5 ft tall?
    Make sure Netanyajews head is right over Idumea where it belongs!

    • Chris says:

      Having that long career in shoabusiness with a face like that.

      10/10 kike.

      • melgibstein says:

        It shows you one huge lesson, there are college grads, college professors, Hollywood superstars, sports heroes etc. but not one of them are willing to tell the truth in fear of the Jew. I love to hear people tell me they have PHD’s in the Jew fool system and not know a single definition in the Bible or know an ounce of true European history. There are indeed 2 worlds and you cant claim credentials from one to be knowledgeable in the other unless you know one is BS, therefore your credentials are also BS. They are suckers leading the suckers to the slaughter and dont seem to ever know it is exactly what they are doing.

        The Jew fool system doesnt teach the truth so if you have a college degree and use it to lead people in the truth- you are a fool! Ive never heard the greats use the fact that they were brainwashed thoroughly therefore qualified to lead, no only people who understand they were misdirected. Anyone who used the Jew fool system to qualify themselves as leaders is a joke! They are novices!

        Its one thing to know you were misled and then another to find the truth, these folks who stop midstream are a danger.

        I think what we can take from this little gathering is that Mrs Chuckie Norris is very agressive (and a Jewess). They love Jews so much they want to hug them.

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