Darby O’Gill and the Little People

Scottish Jewish tartans interlace faith, country and pride. Members of the Tribe are increasingly drawn to the clannish cloth. Now for the first time, Jews are coming up with their own unique patterns
BY MAAYAN HOFFMAN January 17, 2017, 12:53 pm 1

GLASGOW — On a frigid evening in 2008, Paul Harris, editor of Britain’s Jewish Telegraph, and Clive Schmulian, a Scottish dentist, were sitting next to one another at a Jewish National Fund dinner in Glasgow. While drinking copious amounts of scotch whisky, the topic turned to tartans, a woolen cloth woven formed by offsetting lines and checks into various colorful patterns — and one of the most important symbols of Scotland and Scottish heritage.

“Why has there never been a Jewish tartan?” Harris asked, to which Schmulian simply replied, “What a great idea.”

The next morning the pair discussed the idea again and soon Schmulian hired Slanj Kilts to design Scotland’s first Jewish tartan, which would come to be known as the Shalom Tartan. The company supplied the dentist with three design mockups, which were then uploaded to the Jewish Telegraph website and voted on by the Scottish-English Jewish community.

“It caught people’s imagination,” Harris said. “We got thousands of votes. Our readers chose the tartan that was eventually registered [with the Scottish Register of Tartans] and made into kippot, scarves and ties — it’s a beautiful tartan.”

The fabric is comprised of two shades of blue, white and a thin hint of black. The blues are for the Scottish and Israeli flags, according to Brian Halley, co-owner of Slanj, who described the pattern as both subtle and masculine.

The kosher tartan prayer shawl created by Rabbi Mendel Jacobs. (JewishTartan.com via JTA)

It was the first religious tartan Slanj ever designed, which threw Halley for a loop.

“Clive was really worried about not mixing linen and wool,” Halley recalled, referring to the Jewish prohibition known as shatnez.

At almost the same time, Scotland’s second Scottish-born rabbi, Mendel Jacobs, had a similar idea. (Born in Glasgow after the end of World War I, Rabbi Are Leib Rubinstein was rabbi of the Giffnock Synagogue for 18 years until his death in 1964.) Jacobs started designing his own tartan in an effort to provide less religious congregants a way to display their Jewish pride.

“They might not wear a kippah, but they’ll wear a tartan,” said Jacobs about why he wanted a Jewish tartan. “It ties together their Jewish heritage, ancestry and pride with their Scottish pride.”

According to the most recent census, there are about 5,800 Jews in Scotland. The country has long been acclaimed by its Jewish residents for being the only one in Europe where no Jew has been murdered for his religion. Today, there are eight synagogues in four Scottish cities.

Jacob’s Jewish Tartan was designed by Lochcarron Weavers. It is sewn with deep red for Shabbat wine; silver, representing the adornments of the Torah scroll; blue and white, reflecting the Scottish and Israeli flags; and gold for the Ark of the Covenant.

Jacobs asked Lochcarron Weavers to make standard kilts and ladies clothing, but also kippot, talitot, tallit bags and a handful of other Jewish items. Products are available at select Scottish and United Kingdom stores, at the Jewish Museum in New York and online at jewishtartan.com.

Jacobs has received orders from Jews in 15 countries.

Glasgow Jewish singers take part in an annual Pesach concert wearing their Shalom Tartan ties. (Fiona Brodie)

A woven past
Tartans date back to the seventh century, according to Kirsty Franey, design and product development manager for Kinloch Anderson, a tartan design firm in Edinburgh. They were first known by their Gaelic name, “breacen,” meaning checkered or variegated. The word tartan itself comes from the French word tartaine, which refers to a particular kind of checked cloth.

Tartans originated in the Highlands and are often referred to as Highland dress, explained Deirdre Kinloch Anderson, owner of the firm.

Glasgow resident Howard Brodie wearing the Shalom Tartan. (Courtesy)

Tartan patterns were originally a symbol of belonging to a particular Scottish family or clan and there were only a limited number of patterns. Clanship was the social system of Scotland whereby the essential link was kinship between the “chief” and the people of the clan, wrote Anderson in a company backgrounder.

In the 1800s, tartans increased in popularity when Queen Victoria visited Scotland, fell in love with the country and purchased Balmoral Castle. At her request, husband Prince Albert designed for Queen Victoria a personal tartan, which still exists today. Kinloch Anderson produces and holds this royal fabric, as well as that of the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales.

Tartan fabrics are most commonly associated with kilts, a “very basic garment that requires neither tailoring nor frequent replacement,” according to an article on Scottish-history.com. Kilts are male attire.

Kilts measure around two meters wide and four to six meters tall, and are box or knife-pleated. They are worn with the lower edges reaching not lower than the center of the knee cap, and are secured by buckle and strap.

Franey said that today new tartans are increasingly designed and registered.

“We believe that tartan is a gift that Scotland has given the world,” said Franey. “Today, anyone can have their own family tartan.”

Goldblatt family tartan. (Courtesy)

To design a family or company tartan, Franey first looks at the buyer’s individual heritage and his or her emotional connection to Scotland.

“We want each tartan to reflect the company’s or individual’s ethos and branding, but we also want to create a beautiful design with a rich story,” she explained, noting that every color and pattern in a tartan has meaning.

Franey recently created tartans for the Crown Prince of Bahrain, and made the Chinese Panda tartan for the Edinburgh Zoo. She also designed Dallas-native Joe Goldblatt’s tartan. The Goldblatts are the only Jewish family with a registered Scottish tartan.

Weaving a Story
Goldblatt began designing his family tartan in 2014 while recovering from major back surgery. Goldblatt moved to Scotland from Dallas, Texas, in 2007 to take up a teaching position at Queen Margaret University. The university tartan is predominantly blue, so Goldblatt’s tartan draws on that color.

To come up with the rest of his color scheme, the American had to answer what brought him to Scotland, and what he loves most about the country.

Joe Goldblatt of Edinburgh, Scotland, wearing his newly-designed family tartan. (Courtesy)

What he most loves about Scotland is Robert Burns (1759-1796), the author of “‎Auld Lang Syne.” Burns was born in Ayrshire, Scotland, where purple thistle, the national flower of Scotland, grows, so the tartan also contains the color purple.

Finally, Kinloch Anderson drew on his Jewish heritage through his family name, adding golden threads.

Kinloch Anderson provided Goldblatt with eight blue, purple and gold designs, which were put to a family vote. The final selection was made into the Goldblatt tartan, completed by Hanukkah 2014.

Kinloch Anderson wove enough fabric for Goldblatt and his wife, their three sons and daughter-in-laws, their grandchild and any future grand- and great-grandchildren. Goldblatt asked for kilts, waistcoats, shawls and neckties. His grandson Hemish will receive his first family kilt in a couple of years, at the age of 3.

Goldblatt said he wears his tartan dress for weddings and at civic events, as well as at bar and bat mitzvahs, though there are very few in Edinburgh, which only has about 1,000 Jews out of a city population for 480,000.

For Goldblatt, the tartan is the “most creative and authentic way of weaving our family into the long history of this great Scottish nation.”

~They want to weave into the family of Israel and the true history of tartans is what they want to do. You have to ask why are Jews so infatuated with us and most of us want nothing to do with them. They steal history, they steal names, they steal symbols and they steal minds if you let them. Don’t anyone tell me that Darby O”Gill was about Irish people, please. It’s better you keep your mouth shut.  A clan by the way is not a distinct race or a mixed race, a clan is people of the same race who are related to other clans of the same race. Jews can never be a clan. Notice they chose “purple” a royal color of the Phoenicians. Jews can make lies into truth with control of the media and we obviously don’t even care.

The down under clan!

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9 Responses to Darby O’Gill and the Little People

  1. melgibstein says:

    The Scots, Tartan & Jacob’s Pillow

    My old professor, the late Rev professor Dr Francis Nigel Lee, was a historian (among other things), He left me, as a Scot, wondering when occasionally during a lecture he would, e.g., connect Scottish tartan with Joseph’s coat of many colours (Genesis 37:3), the standing stones of Callanish and the stones of other places in Scotland with Abraham and his altars (Genesis 12:7), particularly with the Israelites crossing the Jordan River (Joshua 4:1-9) and the connection of the Scots to the Scyt-ians (Scythians, Colossians 3:11). Sure, the connections at first may seem a tad tenuous, and I know other historians, such as perhaps John Prebble and Neil Oliver, probably chuckle at the mere suggestion of a connection between Scotland and these Biblical things. Dr Lee simply may have been trying to incite me to further study by these mild assertions. On a recent trip to Scotland when visiting the Clava Stones near Inverness this came to mind.

    Yes, some historians may laugh at any Biblical connection and the historicity of the preamble to The Declaration of Arbroath of 1320, (a document sent by the Scots to the Pope), especially the following words: ‘Most Holy Father and Lord, we know and from the chronicles and books of the ancients we find that among other famous nations our own, the Scots, has been graced with widespread renown. They journeyed from Greater Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pillars of Hercules, and dwelt for a long course of time in Spain among the most savage tribes, but nowhere could they be subdued by any race, however barbarous. Thence they came, twelve hundred years after the people of Israel crossed the Red Sea, to their home in the west where they still live today.’ Think about it, would the Scots lie to the Pope when seeking to gain his favour and blessing? Surely they believed what they had written to be truth! We see mention of Scythians.

    I wrote most of this in an email to an author friend who quickly responded with some thoughts. Wrote Billy Scobie (whose pen name is Alexander Tait),
    ‘Just thinking out loud here – My old mentor Jamie Scarlett believed that tartan had always been an art-form of the Celtic peoples. It would appear that the Celts originated in an area of what is now south-east of Russia, around the Caspian Sea. They migrated westwards until they finally reached Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and, of course, Scotland. Their migration over the centuries can be traced in the place names beginning with GAL… Galatea, Galicia, Gallipoli, Galada, Gaul, Galway, Galloway… the Gaelic tongues. The Greek historian Diodorus Siculus, writing in 50 BC, describes the Celts as wearing tartan “striped or chequered in design, with the separate checks close together and in various colours.” Galilee is described in the Bible as “Galilee of the Gentiles”. Some believe that the original Galileans were Celtic rather than Semitic. Was tartan part of the Celtic heritage of Galilee? Did Jesus wear tartan? It’s not at all as far-fetched as it might at first sound.”
    I may never get around to finishing my ‘A Stone From The Throne’ novel, (which refers to the stone that was under the British coronation throne), but now it seems very feasible to me that in their travels the Irish/Scots brought with them the ‘Stone of Destiny’ or Stone of Scone (another stone! i.e., Jacob’s Pillow, Genesis 28:10-22).

    Oh yes Galileans were Semitic and Shem, Ham and Japheth were Adamic. Do the math, dont be stupid! You cant argue with common sense and why they wont argue at all.


  2. melgibstein says:

    David Duke the white “racial expert” claimed today that Jews are a race, however a mixed race (and a mixed race of all different people) so I ask you folks, how much can David Duke know about “race” if he does not even know what it is? His only point is that “Jews claim they are a race, therefore they are a race”. Folks this isnt about vanity and David Dukes ego this is about the ultimate truth! To hell with Dukes ego!

  3. melgibstein says:

    They have not only one tartan, they have “the shalom tartan” (not a name folks), the Goldblatt tartan which is a duplicate of the “McCall clan”

    How special Jews are, they can be us or anything they want.

  4. Roy says:

    Have we not be punished enough!!!??? Hang on if our Lord has only just started.

    • melgibstein says:

      Easiest way for Jews to destroy a country is to let them in, thats all. They make your country into a pigsty and then tell you your country is a mess, just look at Mikey Rivero.

      David Duke said today on the Juif Rense flying saucer network that if someone questions someone else in the “anti Jew” network it means they are Jews or agents. So the people who discovered his pal Enoch was a Jew are agents? People who uncovered Nazi leaders and Clan leaders as Jews are agents? Sounds to me like Duke wants to not be questioned and accepted as “our leader” no matter what he does or says. You find out who is of truth by having a debate with them- period. If someone wants to challenge you openly you either take them on or you are a hypocrite. Duke says he has been fighting for the white cause his whole life (on the weekdays). How do we know he isnt a paid agent? How do we know his pals from England arent paid agents? If they wont debate and they demand to be leaders they are con men and never leaders. Who are they leading if they cant even debate with their so called people? Its like Don Quixote attacking windmills. The guy is a fraud and needs to be thrown out like trash.

    • My home Town.
      The jews have to inflict their perfidious ways into every section of society so they can set us up for a huge con job!
      The pensioners they’re performing for have no clue that as the hooks are playing their style of bs music,that Hymie Mc Merchant is rifling through the old ladies belongings,looking for easy pickings.
      These creatures are soulless and are truly from their Father,the Devil.When will people wake up and realise that we have a huge vermin problem in every Country that these tools operate in!
      When I was a child and my Ma’ and Da’ took me for a new school uniform,my Da’ didn’t let me get my uniform from the jewish tailors in the Town centre, (come in come in…just leave your soul on the counter).My Da’ was a pretty sharp fella,wayyyy ahead of his time!
      There is a tsunami of truth coming and when that hits,the words are coming off the pages!
      God bless you and yours Mel Gibstein.

      • melgibstein says:

        I dont think any Christian doesnt know about the Jews its just that they choose to side with the Jews more than true Christians. Like abortion it’s a choice, nobody in this day and age or any age for that matter should choose a Jew matter over a Christian matter. Its just that simple. We have a huge vermin problem, but we also have a huge cowardice problem of the people who dare not say we have a Jew vermin problem. I just found out that Omaha Steaks was Jewish and I have used them a few times not thinking they could be Jews in Nebraska, although I usually always check for Jews first. For some reason I didnt think about it, but we have to all learn when we don’t think about it there is a reason we didnt. Its also another reason we all have to work together and we can see our internet clown leaders will never tell us who and who not to buy from or start a white charity or even try to hook single white men up with white women (which is a huge huge problem today). You see they only want to be in front of the parade to lead it where the Jews want it to go. There are so many things whites can do to actually help white people, but all these clowns want to do is take contributions from you and tell you how hard they work for you. The only way to win is to learn more than them so when they mislead us you can drop the hammer on them. If someone wants to be a leader and be popular, you then have to suffer the consequences of deliberately misleading. The people who want to be leaders in the white movement are there to serve the Jews and I dont care how long they claim they were in the so called white movement. A Jew neighbor of mine once told me after we had a skirmish that he lived in this neighborhood longer than me and I said I dont give a damn how long you have lived here, I live here now! I could have said a lot more, but thats all that was needed. We live here too and if some clown comes along and claims to be our leader or a leader and cant be questioned openly about his actions and decisions………he might as well be a Jew. Lastly if he is not of God he will never be any kind of a leader and you test someone of God openly to see what is in his heart. Do you ever see these leaders in forums? No because then you would have his words and you could focus on what you want and not what the con man wants to focus on.

        The Stormfront clowns are on Stormfront for a reason, their own little private Idaho where they can close off the Jews (they want you to believe) but what they really want closed off is their own hypocrisies. How can a large group of people not see the all hypocrisies let alone even one? Because it isnt the truth! The truth is your spirit and your willingness to strengthen it and defend it. If you dont accept all comers (and I dont mean Jews who cares?) then you simply aint of the truth and you can find who is and who isnt. There is also that factor that someone believes they are telling the truth and arent, but if they dont allow debate they are still deliberately misleading. If you are of truth you should have no reason not to take on anyone (and I again I dont mean Jews because what would you prove with a Jew other than you are debating with a Jew?) it’s like putting a rattler in your sleeping bag. Being white and Christian means free speech with other whites.

        God bless you too, Truth!

  5. melgibstein says:

    “Yoda” aka “Juif Sessions” talks about marijuana legalization


    Nixon once commented that the only people who were rallying for marijuana legalization were Jews. And why wouldnt they? They want us deaf, dumb, blind or dead!

    I’ll tell you why I dont believe this guy…….and I have always used this formula. I dont know this guy personally, obviously, but I do know the shills who praised him and those shills who did backed out of a debate with me on the very media they use to claim to tell us truth. Folks if you back out of a debate and then praise someone you make that person as much a pussy as you are (or as Jewish). Of course that person could praise me in order to make him look like he isnt a pussy, but if he doesnt debate me he is the pussy no matter what he says! Its a tangled mess, but its only tangled because there is really no free speech, you cant call a well established talk show and prove that person is a hypocrite……its bad for bizness!

    Free speech is thee only way- period! You can cut me down for things I did, but we all make mistakes. Lets talk about here and now!

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