Rudy Giuliani To Advise Trump On Cyber Issues

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani to advise President-elect Trump on cyber security.


Giuliani himself, in a phone call with reporters, compared the issues with cyber security to cancer, saying if all the people doing cancer research were brought together, “you might be able to cure it.” Giuliani said there’s an “awful lot of research going on both here, in Israel, in Germany on cyber defense.” His job he said, will be to bring those experts to the President-elect so they can share with him their solutions.

If you had to pick a Neocon you didn’t want around, Jewliani would be at the top of the list. This shows you Trump has zero intentions on opening up the 9/11 investigations and


Its good to be back!


focusing on us, the people who are exposing it.  The usual shills will call this “strategy” and not even mention this or that it’s relevant that he he just put a Jew in charge of Veterans Affairs (not important folks). How much can he, a Jew, really care about vets ( I must be the only vet that is PO’d)? It proves Vets are ninkompoops now and as the day when they enlisted. They really don’t know the Constitution or the Bible from a bag of chicken gizzards and don’t want to know they are wrong either. Its like putting a Jew in charge of the 9/11 investigations or a Jew in charge of handing out money to the victims families of 9/11. The crime racket is able to pull this off because they own the shill internet networks like Rense, RBN, Genesis, etc. They wouldn’t be able to pull this crap off if true Americans had free speech. As you know Stormfront is now all over these networks and they are all die hard Trump supporters and if you are anti Trump they claim you would have gotten Hillary as if we have to choose in this dog and pony show. It’s a disgrace folks, we need to take our nation back and we need to do it by force. There is no other way!


If Giuliani is Trump’s idea of stopping crime why doesnt he make him Drug Czar? Because the war isnt on the drug pushers, the war is on you!

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