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O’Reilly Blames (Too Black) Obama For Rise Of Heroin Overdoses


OReilly_heroin.pngIt was bad enough that Bill O’Reilly blamed President Barack Obama for a surge in opioid drug overdose deaths. But for extra, hate-mongering credit, O’Reilly threw in “the racial thing,” too.

O’Reilly’s thesis was that Obama is too permissive toward drug dealers and drug use. In a discussion with a somewhat skeptical Charles Krauthammer, O’Reilly seemed to grow frustrated when his guest didn’t jump on the blame-Obama-first (racial) bandwagon.

“As much as I would like to lay every social ill in the country at the feet of Barack Obama,” Krauthammer said, presumably joking at least somewhat. More seriously, he thought Obama’s fault in the situation “more an act of omission” than commission.

Krauthammer said Obama merely reflects “the zeitgeist,” that “drugs are a personal choice” that should be de-stigmatized.

In rebuttal, O’Reilly suggested that part of the problem is that Obama is too sympathetic to blacks:

O’REILLY: Here’s the deal. President Obama has made it a cause to go out and try to convince Americans that number one, selling heroin’s not a violent crime. That’s insane to me. Because I have seen what heroin does to people. All right? And number two, he does this because he believes that the justice system is unfair to black heroin dealers, see? Because more of them are arrested. The black heroin dealers and the crack dealers who are out on the streets, who are actually pedaling on the streets and are easier to arrest. He sees this as a racial thing. So he has tied the racial thing in to his permissive attitude about narcotics and what do we have? An explosion, an explosion of heroin use. Kids wanting to try it thinking it’s cool. And that comes from the top. The leadership of this country so it is his fault.  [Transcript via Media Matters, with added emphasis.]

Watch O’Reilly grow more exercised as the discussion goes along until he is nearly shouting at the end with suggestions that Obama sent coded messages that he’s totally down with hard drug use for everyone. It’s from the December 12, 2016 The O’Reilly Factor, via Media Matters.


OReilly has a Harvard Law degree, brags about traveling all over the world (actually Europe on his motorbike), he covers the “nations” news, he is watching out for you! He cares about the heroin epidemic (now that is), but doesnt know where it comes from.

He is the biggest pussy in the world today!

Tomorrow night Bill will be discussing the Jew orchestrated 9/11 bombings with Bibi Netanyahu and ask how the Jews have such good security. This will be followed up by the wench Meghan Kelly and the biggest pound for pound pussy on earth Schlonger Hannity, Donald Trumpfelsteins and Kevin MacDonald’s hero (he says the WMD’s are in Syria).


“Oh are we gonna win, we’re goonna win sooo big”

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