White Christmas

In case Christmas time has you down this year and you see all the perversities or contrariness the Jews have wrought to our lands take a look at what it could be. Understand they are about 7 hours ahead of us.


Nobody is waiting on the corner to car jack or mug an old lady, nobody is grubbing money except an occasional gypsy, nobody is race mixing because they check passports there, no loud music that is contrary to their ears, no drug addicts all over the streets, no tattooed ladies dressed like cowboys, no fears for kids to be out in the streets or in the parks, no aliens invading their land,no stampede of imbeciles trying to be first in line at the Jew controlled Christmas sales, no dead weight trying to get a free ride, no trash dropped all over the streets, no freaks on PCP or Blacks threatening cops for racism etc etc. It is as it ought to be and like it used to be, but we let it go out of control because we feared being “antisemites”. You better fear God and what will happen to your nation!


Take a good look at what it could be and consider how to get it back. If they tell you we can’t get it back or to be a part of it, dust your feet of them because it is nothing to do with what Christmas (the birth of OUR saviour) is all about, absolutely nothing!

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One Response to White Christmas

  1. melgibstein says:

    By the way it’s Christmas and Hanukah time and that means it’s David Duke fund raising time. Dont forget him this year folks, he is fighting the Jews, all except the Jew Jesus he loves so very much.

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