Hacksaw Auschwitz

Is Mel Gibson’s ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ good for the Jews?

By: Mark I. Pinsky

November 23, 2016 Updated: November 23, 2016 at 2:43 pm

photo - From left to right, Sam Worthington, Director Mel Gibson, and Vince Vaughn on the set of Hacksaw Rigdge. Photo by Mark Rogers, courtesy of Lionsgate “Hymie will run down the cliff here and we will all say OyVey!”
From left to right, Sam Worthington, Director Mel Gibson, and Vince Vaughn on the set of Hacksaw Rigdge. Photo by Mark Rogers, courtesy of Lionsgate 

(RNS) “Hacksaw Ridge,” Mel Gibson’s wide-release, World War II movie, has cast a light — and a justifiably favorable one at that — on the Seventh-day Adventist faith of its central character, Medal of Honor winner Desmond Doss.

During the battle for Okinawa, the combat medic and conscientious objector saved 75 wounded GIs, although his faith prohibited him from carrying a rifle.

“Hacksaw Ridge” has been well-reviewed and has done moderately well at the box office, finishing third in its initial weekend, with nearly $15 million on just under 3,000 screens, and remaining in the top 10 for the next two weekends, bringing its total to $42.8 million.

Reviews and box office strength are two necessary criteria to justify the early Oscar buzz, either in the best picture or best actor categories, not to mention special effects for the harrowing combat scenes.

But embedded in the film may also be several small acts of reconciliation toward the Jewish people from Gibson, a filmmaker known for his well-documented anti-Semitic rants, and the dark undertone of anti-Judaism in “The Passion of the Christ.”

The first of these quiet gestures of repentance, called “teshuvah” in Hebrew, may be casting Andrew Garfield, a British Jew, in the lead role of Doss. For his part, Garfield told Jimmy Kimmel that he was not constrained from taking the role because of Gibson’s anti-Semitic background.

Unlike classic World War II films, in “Hacksaw Ridge” there is no stereotypical Jew nicknamed “Brooklyn” in Doss’ otherwise heterogeneous (but all white) basic training company, which evolves into his shattered combat unit.

However, about halfway through the film a minor character appears named Herbert (but called “Irv”) Schechter, a battle-hardened medic played by a very Jewish-looking Ori Pfeffer, who is Israeli.

Schechter shows the newly arrived Doss the ropes on how to survive, like the fact that the dug-in Japanese snipers target the Red Cross emblem on helmets. Later the two work together in the heat of a horrifically realistic battle.

Ultimately, Schechter is gravely wounded, but he gives the plasma that could save his own life to another wounded soldier. Garfield’s character is pained to learn later that Schechter has died of shock as a result of his sacrifice.

According to one of the “Hacksaw Ridge” producers, Terry Benedict (who made an earlier documentary film about Doss), Schechter was a real person and a real friend.

“To me, and the way Desmond and I talked about Irv, was that there were many examples of selfless acts of brotherly love that cut across religious and denominational lines,” Benedict told me in an email.

“Irv and Desmond certainly had a close relationship, and discussed many times their beliefs but never tried to convince the other that theirs was the better one,” Benedict wrote.

“It was very upsetting to Desmond when he lost Irv. Irv felt that if it was his time to go there was nothing that could be done about it. It was in God’s hands. That enabled him to do what he did as well. Desmond focused more on his personal relationship with Jesus. It’s a good example of two different men’s beliefs but able to be friends and work together for the greater good.”

But did the Schechter character represent an intentional gesture of reconciliation from Gibson to the Jewish community?

“I was not part of that conversation with him,” Benedict said. “So I don’t know.”

To date, the director hasn’t helped himself while promoting “Hacksaw Ridge.” In early November, he said he felt it was unfair to have to continue answering questions about his earlier anti-Semitic statements.

“I’m feeling good,” Gibson told Variety. “I’m sober, all of that kind of stuff, and for me it’s a dim thing in the past. But others bring it up, which kind of I find annoying, because I don’t understand why after 10 years it’s any kind of issue.”

The day after his arrest for drunken driving, when he made the remarks, Gibson apologized for the incident and called his statements “despicable.”

Of course, this being the entertainment business, there might be yet another, ulterior motive for casting Garfield in the lead role and for introducing the Schechter character: Oscar season approaches.

There is still skepticism, if not residual ill will, toward Gibson in the Hollywood community with its strong Jewish presence and history.

“Let’s put it this way: I don’t think it’s a closed book, because it was a recurring issue,” Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, told the Jewish newspaper The Algemeiner. “There was a lot there. … There were numerous opportunities to shut the door on that and I don’t think that’s been fully vetted yet.”

So, is it too soon to tell if they are willing to accept this as Gibson’s comeback movie?

I don’t really care whether the Schechter portrayal facilitates a reconciliation between Gibson and the Hollywood Jewish community, if only for the sake of its Oscar prospects. I’m happy to take it for what it is on the screen.

In the wake of Veterans Day, it should be noted that identifiable Jewish soldiers, portrayed sympathetically, first appeared in World War I films such as “The Grand Illusion” (the wealthy French officer Rosenthal) and “The Fighting 69th” (the Yiddish-speaking doughboy Mischa Moskowitz).

More than anything, the Schechter character in “Hacksaw Ridge” brings back my fond memories of the late Allan Arbus, who played the world-weary Army psychiatrist Dr. Sidney Freedman from 1973-1983 on TV’s long-running M*A*S*H, set during the Korean War.

Arbus, whose character once got into trouble when it turned out he never signed the officer’s loyalty oath, had some great lines: “Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants, and slide on the ice.”

Or his response when ordered to deal with a berserk soldier: “I’m not going out there without a bulletproof couch.”

Freedman could be subversively profound. Rather than combat, he says, “It’s the little battlefields, a pond, the bedrooms, the schoolyard that leave the biggest scars.”

Scars like anti-Semitism.

(Mark I. Pinsky is the author of “The Gospel According to The Simpsons: The Spiritual Life of the World’s Most Animated Family”)

~We are soo lucky to have Mel doing movies about heroic Jews on the battlefield none of us knew existed (including the military) and so lucky Mel portrayed Jesus himself as a hooked nose Jew in “The Passion” and I’m sure Mel’s Holocaust movie and his Maccabees movie would have been 100% true as well. The only time a movie is considered true history is when they don’t portray Jews exactly how they are and always have been, never on a battlefield and always lying profusely. This is another one of the ehhhh Alt Right’s heroes (a new name for “antisemites” and people who don’t even know what a semite is).
One can only conclude that this Desmond Doss was a Jew (a secret Jew) and is being praised or he is being praised because there happened to be one Jew (Schecter) in the Battle of Okinawa and Doss being completely slimed in the process! Whatever the case it stanks!
Mel Gibson is another one of those hit and run liars that can never be pinned down and debated. Is Mel keeping the truth under a bushel basket? One thing I can say about honor and courage is “Mel isnt of it”. You know who benefited from this movie? Not you and guess who?
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31 Responses to Hacksaw Auschwitz

  1. melgibstein says:

    I started watching this movie last night it starts off with the Jew in a church with a choir full of young white ladies. In a few words “it sucked”!

    He saved 75 people under raining bombs, machine guns, in the mud and on a cliff (on a far away island)- Herman Rosenblat couldnt have made up a better story.

    I used to have quite a time with a troll who defended Mel’s choice for Mary Magdelene in the Passion, Monica Blewinsky Bellucci and this troll used to go on about how wonderful this woman is/was. She is now married to an Israeli who owns the Israhell National soccer team, ok it isnt national its international as Henry Ford so correctly stated.

    How is that crow tasting, troll?

    There are 3 possible objectives in this movie

    1. Doss was a secret Jew
    2. Doss was only used to push Schecter, the Jew
    3. Its all a coincidence

    What Mel wanted to project in this movie is that Doss was under divine help from God who in turn helped the synagogue of Satan Jews or that God helped Doss, a Jew directly and a maranno (Doss and Schecter) even though he has never helped Jews before ever nor were they even his sheep, but this movie somehow proves that God does help the Jews even though the Jews are told to never save a goy in their holiest book The Talmud. You can even ask Ted Pike who has read the Talmud, he just never read the Bible and like Texe Marrs they believe Jesus sacrificed himself for everyone (even the synagogue of Satan) even after he said numerous times he only came for the House of Israel (only). How can Jesus come for everyone and then condemn a specific people and other people(s) throughout time? They continue to push the lies in all the communication pinch points everywhere that God and Jesus (The Father and I are one) and you have no say in the matter, yes Jesus himself has no say in the matter if he came back today, how would he get through? If you join a propaganda business like Hollywood and or an internet talk show and not allow calls in to prove your information from history or the Bible is bogus you could not have ever done any research on your own, you simply accepted a story and ran with it. The basis of Christianity is the ecclesia until the return of Jesus, if you close out the ecclesia and do not even attempt to know who or what the ecclesia is you are not of the truth- period. Do not claim to be a so called Christian with open phones or an open forum because you will be proven to be the antithesis of a Christian.

    This is another fairy tale like the Scots fighting the English in kilts and mooning them on the battlefield (Jewish trash) when a Scot wasnt near a kilt in battle for at least 800 years. It was cute though to throw in a little Jew scum (they cant resist).

  2. 2bwellread says:

    The smarmy Jewishness aside, the movie lacks verisimilitude. Soldiers never cluster together for a sharpshooter could wipe out five or six of them with a single blast and a mortar round could wipe out considerably more.

    • melgibstein says:

      How would the midget draft dodger jew apologist Melvin know anything about warfare? That simply goes without saying, but one thing is certain and that is the absence of shame. As McQeen said so eloquently in Papilon, its just not there!

  3. Roy says:

    I probably wouldn’t be a Christian if it weren’t for this bizarre love affair with the Jew. It is a sickness……a poison like heroin. And it makes no sense that so many are under this delusion. The ONLY explanation is the Word of God. Period. Ask a host from Renegade to explain the “Jew”. Watch them fumble and stumble. They ridicule White Israelite Identity; but the only explanation for the Jew is White Israelite Identity.

    • melgibstein says:

      Ask Kevin MacDonald, Eurofolk Radio’s new hero, this guy MacDonald has been nothing but a Commie with the phones cut off his entire life. He uses (along with Ding Dong Duke now) the phrase “ethnocentric” for the Jews and what did the Jews of the Bible call the Israelites, “the ethnos”. I mean it really is demonic twist speak. Jews are not ethnocentric and are the least ethnocentric people on earth…….and what is wrong with being “tribal” or “ethnocentric” are these clowns teaching that being tribal is a bad thing? The bad thing is being tribal against another people (or a people) not the tribal part. So they mix the two together and claim being tribal is “baaaad”! These are GD clowns in the biggest sucker circus on earth and the CI websites are pushing them.

      Never has MacDonald ever given any credence whatsoever to the CI movement and now the Duke clowns are once again claiming we should all come together as one (under him at the wheel of course). No folks, the wheel is the truth and nothing else and if these clowns cannot discuss what even a jew is it is an accident or a bomb waiting to go off. It is just as antichrist as the Jew himself.

      Was in Eastern Europe recently and seriously thinking of moving there, I dont see America waking up any time soon although the Frank Collin Stormfront Boyz are claiming “we are winning” (Duke got 3% of the vote amongst a herd of ninkompoops). Regarding Renegade Radio, I happened to pass through a mall where my train had gone through and saw 2 jewelry stores there, one was called Jiuliany and the other Giuliani

      Aliens have not invaded these countries yet and cops check passports in the streets to anyone who looks different. I lived there some 15 years ago and I said to myself that America would some day look like Eastern Europe and EE would some day start to look like the USA, after 15 years I can say it is better looking, people wise especially that America has looked in 50 years and no crime whatsoever. Why the Jews have not focused on these countries as heavily as they used to is puzzling, but the reality is if white people dont start talking about this jew parasite as though it is in the present and not under a firetruck down the road this country wont survive and Trump aint gonna make America great he is gonna make America a craphole just like the Polish sewer his ancestors crawled out of.

      • TeaTephi says:

        I don’t think you can move away from the trouble that is coming over this issue….and isn’t that the lesson of the second coming of Jesus Christ our Lord? That only he can save us from this Jewish Beast.

      • melgibstein says:

        No I agree Tea, nice name by the way, but I dont believe his wrath will be on us all. He tells us to get out of Babylon and that is what America has become. I wish it were not true Tea and he alone will save us, no doubt. The fact is we cant be us if we are not reproducing and I dont bring this matter up for my own gain I see literall hundreds if not thousands of white men who are divorced, never married and have given up hope simply because the jew has wrecked the family values and the family tree to go along with it. This is a major racial subject that is not even being discussed because it requires us to discuss who is against us and what we need to do by God (YHWH) and what he commands us “be fruitful and multiply” why? Because this is a race war and the sad thing about it is our leaders give it names like “a struggle for our survival” this isnt a battle for our survival it is a battle against the Jew and in a battle you have to know who you are battling if you are going to win. I dont give a damn if someone is struggling to survive, but I do care that someone is battling TO WIN. They cant even say it. This is a war with the Jew (the antichrist) thats what it is and we either defeat it or we cease to exist. You have to repopulate to do that.

        Our so called white leaders actually believe God was talking to the synagogue of Satan Jews when he said “be fruitful and multiply” thats how bad it has gotten.

        Tea is another name the media has slated for destruction. Like Tila Tequila and Tea Leoni/with David Dukechovny


      • TeaTephi says:

        I agree with all your comments about our unwillingness to multiply. Whites appear totally unwilling to do so. I have followed posts on white nationalism, alt-right, et cetera, they say all the right things…..but they still don’t get it as to who they really are. They think if they just keep fighting they will get rid of the (((jew)))….their Achilles heel is that they are pretty godless bunch. .

      • melgibstein says:

        They dont get who they are mostly because they are Jews and the Jews have them convinced that the Bible is a Jew book, they have cut off the sheep from the shepherd, that is how the wolves attack and the sheep are convinced they have no shepherd. How is it all our white so called leaders are spiritually dead and dont dare ever talking to someone in CI as if they have something to offer. If Christianity is not a factor in the white movement it can all go to hell it isnt my movement. God will save his elect and his elect need to repopulate and raise warriors and not wimps. We have seen how the wimp game is working, we are being destroyed beyond recognition and what do the white leaders do? The same as they always do. If we dont get serious how can we expect anyone we want to wake up to become serious? We wake them up to be complacent, to gab. Gabbing isnt going to win this war this war needs to be an all out frontal raid with truth on our side. The longer we wait the more complacent we become, we lose ground and they gain ground. Its going to take warriors not orators unless you are orating to a diivision. Im sorry to seem to be militant, you see if you are militant somehow you are an ADL plant these days, militant comes from the word Milesians, did you know that Tea Tephi, brought by the Milesians. When your country is full of white people you debate when your country is full of aliens YOU GO TO WAR! Its just that simple, anyone who denies that shouldnt be anywhere near a leadership position. Our people were never supposed to even be with aliens let alone debate with them. They shouldnt be here and why they never want you to use the Bible as your playbook.
        Excuse me, I mean Tea Tephi married into the Milesians- aka Phoenician Israelites.

      • TeaTephi says:

        Love your comments…..they are near and dear to my heart. I am enjoying your posts this evening for first time, I will say that I found you on a white nationalist (fascist) type blog….one of the posters put your article up about Ireland and the Jews. I was hooked and now I am so happy to meet another Israelite. I look forward to more.

      • melgibstein says:

        Thank you Tea, much appreciated and glad you are here! I dont hate all white Nationalists, although most of them hate me, I would still fight beside them if they stand for our freedom, the problem is they detest me and probably you. The Jew has convinced them that the Bible is a vile Jewish book even though it actually agrees with everything they think about the Jews, they simply cant break out and figure it out. Its hard to do, we know that, but it requires seeking the truth. As I have stated many times if you dont seek you dont receive (of course I stole that line from the eeevil book). When we find the truth we cannot and refuse to put it under a bushel basket. When these WN’a think they have found the truth they have to close us out. One is for total freedom and the other is a psuedo freedom, I dont know about them, but I want to be correct and I want to be able to prove it. If I cant prove it I am a detriment to whatever it is I stand for.

        Glad you like the forum, not many do. Have a look around and you will probably find something you dont like, but dont hate me for it because I am fighting for all of us. I just havent really fought yet (picking a fight right now).

  4. melgibstein says:

    It goes without saying that the Renegade gang is a bunch of pussies. If they were men they would call me out and take me on.I cant even comment on their threads and I welcome them here. Please come! Im not going to curse or use profanities, I will however hand them their little heads and arses and make them look like the cowards they are, starting with the midget Hunt right on up to that woos Welsh/McLoughlin or wtf his name is. People are fantastic at reading history, but when they dont read the Bible before they read so called history it proves they dont give a damn about history and history is waiting to hit them right over their jew controlled brainwashed heads.

  5. Truthwillout says:

    Another great post Mel,the most consistent Christian blog on the net,anywhere and has been for a considerable number of years.
    I think GTR man gave Tea the heads up on your site from a British Nat/ Soc blog.
    If you do choose a Eastern Europe to reside in,you could probably do worse than Poland,massively Christian.
    God bless you and yours MG.

    • melgibstein says:

      Thanks Truth, my contact in Eastern Europe told me today and tomorrow is Saint Andrews Day and when I was over there last it was St Mihal’s day, we do not even have these days anymore we have been so frazzled by the Jew.

      St. Andrew’s Day is the feast day of Saint Andrew. It is celebrated on the 30th of November. Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Cyprus, Scotland, Greece, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople,San Andres Island, Colombia and Saint Andrew, Barbados.

      Saint Andrew was the apostle to the Scythians and the Iberians and we forget they are in Eastern Europe (including Russia as well). Forget Columbia they had zero to do with Andrew.

      I have not been to Poland but have read of Lviv, a Ukrainian city that used to be part of Poland and have heard much about Poland, as I said these are white people and should never be forgotten or ridiculed as less than we are because we are in the West, they just may be our salvation. We have to act as one unit again and if we ever do God help everyone else because theyre gonna need it (of course he wont, however). Whatever their governments may be they can be just as corrupted as our own, but the truth of the matter is we should be with them because they are us and of course that naturally goes to Western Europe as well, however it has been as corrupted if not more than our country is.

  6. orcus9 says:

    I don’t know if these Giuliani characters are jew or not, but in Italy, giu is like Joe. Giuseppi=Joseph. The Julian/Iulian name also goes back to antiquity. In Italy, they refer to jews as ‘hebrews’… i think they say ebraio. Either way, the connection you’re trying to make seems pointless.

    • melgibstein says:

      Actually you are mistaken,

      Giudecca was known in ancient times as the Spinalunga (meaning “Long Thorn”). The name Giudecca may represent a corruption of the Latin “Judaica” (“Judaean”) and so may be translated as “the Jewry”: a number of towns in Southern Italy and Sicily have Jewish quarters named Giudecca or Judeca. However, the original Venetian Ghetto was in Cannaregio, in the north of the city, and there is no evidence, but for the name, of Jews ever having lived in Giudecca. Furthermore, the term “Giudecca” was not used to denote the Jewish quarters of towns in northern Italy.

      You can almost see one of Giuliani’s relatives up in that jew tower.

      Ever hear of the story “Merchant of Venice”? The fact is also these giudecca’s were all over Italy including Sicily. They claim giudecca does not mean a place for Jews in Venice, but it is without a doubt a place for Jews in the south, Jews have a way of misconstruing words like Semite for instance, sometimes it means relating to Shem by racial means and sometimes it means by way of language and neither is true relating to the Jews.

      Maybe you should read Benjamin Friedmans speech on the word Jew at the Willard Hotel, not that I trust Jews, but giu is without a doubt a word for Jew. Is it with Giuliani, I do not know for sure and never claimed so. I myself was called a Polish Jew on the radio the other day by one of the modern days most well known caller to Stormfront and all the shill radio shows, but he will not say where he got this information he says he has, therefore he is in the same category of the Jew who slanders the Germans with Holohoax nonsense and then runs away.

      That in my humble opinion is a Jew.

      I’d even give you 2 to 1 odds that before there was the word Jew there was the word giu.

      Also…..fyi I dont care what the whops called Jews or giu’s if they called giu’s Hebrews they were wrong.

      Bottom line is you would never ever see my name on a jewelry store (even though my Celtic ancestors wore gold etc., they sure as hell didnt call it jewelry), kapish?

      • orcus9 says:

        Agree that the words have been misconstrued, but the sound ‘yew’ (iu) is extremely common in almost all old cultures and throughout the ancient world, even Asia. Then they added the J and that covers even more variations– jiu, giu, due, xiu, ‘gia’ ‘jia’. The Romans used ‘ius’ all the time and it basically meant ‘the law’ and where we get the term judiciary/jury/jurisprudence etc hence GIUDECCA (judicial). It’s likely that in italy the locals would use ebrai to distinguish jews, because the word ‘giu’ was already common and used for other meanings…. and then later, it all merged which obviously helped the jews even more.

        Anyway, my point is not mistaken. Giu/Gio/Giulia/Julia = Joe. Like John can be Sean/Gian/Jean. You can’t just assume everyone with the sound ‘yew/iu’ in their name a jew… that’s nuts.

      • melgibstein says:

        Listen up Guido, you are telling me giu does not mean Jew in Italian and you are blatantly wrong. Giu or Jew or Iue or any other 3 letter word variation in any language is a deliberate distortion. There were no such words in the Bible and all of these 3 letter words have been deliberately fabricated to mean;

        1. A Judean, a geographical location like a New Yorker
        2. Someone of the direct lineage of Judah through the male
        3. Someone of the House of Judah (Benjamin, Judah and Levi or what was left of them in the House of Judah)
        4. An Ashkenazi, Khazar, Mongolian,Turk
        5. Someone who doesnt leave a tip, a usurer
        and probably some I have not listed

        The bottom line the word is supposed to mean all of these things in any language because it is a misnomer designed to pilpul your brain. So dont tell me becuase Giuseppe or Julia starts with the Jew sound or Giu sound proves that it doesnt sometimes mean “a damned Jew” because it most certainly does and I just proved that with the word giudecca (a jew ghetto). If they called the ghetto the Ebraio ghetto they were 100% wrong just as anyone in the USA calls a Jew a Hebrew and unfortunately you will have to read the Bible to understand that.

        Dont come here telling me or any regular on this forum about the word “Jew” if you want to be deluded by a 3 letter word that Jews or Judeans or cheap bastard, usurers concocted you go ahead and do it, but if you link Jesus to these people racially you will pay with your soul.

        I hate to use wikipedia because there are sources all over the net

        La Giudecca [la dʒuˈdɛkka] was a term used In Southern Italy and Sicily to identify any urban district (or a portion of a village) where Jewish communities dwelled and had their synagogues and businesses.

        This word in itself is pilpulism because not all Jews were Jewish in fact none of these Jews were Jewish because what we perceive to be Judaism isnt Judaism at all it is what we are supposed to see. It is a big jew fraud!

        In Romania I noticed that counties are called “Judetul’s” it has nothing to do with Judah or a Judean just like the yew tree, which was originally called the Iberi tree, where we get the word berry, but again an Iberian is not a Jew or yew nor is a Hebrew a Jew, it was changed because of our ignorance of not knowing the difference. You are telling me sometimes giu or iue doesnt mean “JEW”. No Fing kidding guido! Sometimes it damned sure does.

        As if Jews overshadow the Hebrews or House of Israel or House of Judah when Jesus Christ never came for the Jews and why he said several times “I was sent ONLY to the House of Israel NOT the House of Judah because Judah was of the original House of Israel and not to THE JEWS (idumeans).

        Start on this, “Were Herod and Caiaphas considered Jews”? How did they get in the positions they were in if they were not of the House of Judah? Again you have to read the book to understand this. What was the difference between Mary and Joseph to Herod and Caiaphas? Were they all happy family? Did they share a religion? They shared nothing but the land and not voluntarily. The Jews usurped as they always have proving this fact over and over and over like a tape recorder. They were all called “Jews” and it is a blatant distortion that even the highest so called Christian Reverends, Priests, Pastors are scared to expose. Dont tell me they dont know exactly what Im talking about because they most certainly do. They play you with words and most people are just too damned lazy to even want to discover they have been had by the most important subject there is and go concentrate on football or the latest rap music.
        Get me your best priest and I’ll prove it to you. You want to know what “Jew” means? It means BS, thats what it means.

  7. Truthwillout says:

    Happy Saint Andrews Day MG.
    My kin. https://youtu.be 7vJLR me JBK.For all our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

      • TeaTephi says:

        Enjoyed your response….Listen up Guido. It is tiresome to watch Israelites be so lazy and uninterested in the very thing that will save them from a very burning warm future. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…..always rings in my head.

      • melgibstein says:

        Listen to David Dukes last two shows on Rense if you really want to see a shill white movement unraveling before your eyes.

        Yesterday Duke had Andy Anglin on, a Nazi and also a Filipino. The two were claiming that Jews are a race because “well they say theyre a race”. Jews say they a lot of things however, not one of which I trust. They claim Jesus was a bastard too, does Duke believe that? Why wouldnt he?
        So first in this show Jews are a race then it led to the fact that no possible way Trump could be a Jew shill when his entire family married into who? The Jews.

        Just bounce that around in your head during a long walk, this guy Duke is so full of hypocrisy its coming out his ears.

        Today the subject was on Jews ruining Christmas with Pastor Dankof (a pastor with no church in San Antonio), Duke must have called Dankof up so Duke could preach the Bible because Duke preached and Dankof basically nodded his head in agreement and then of course brought up an entirely different subject altogether so he didnt have to say ANYTHING about the Bible.

        2 years ago David Duke was claiming white people come from Edom and Jews come from Jacob. Now lets take a look at Christmas Duke and Dankof treasure so much, they believe white people crucified Jesus because the Edomites were in charge at the time.

        This guy just could not be more confused if you tried to on purpose which I believe is his sole purpose. He changed his tune now because I called him on it on RBN (and of course Stadtmiller pulled the plug on me like Dr Shipman on white person in ICU), now he believes white people come from Neanderthals and Jews are I guess everyone in the Bible……except the Greeks and Romans (as usual the Phoenicians are left out of everything even though the Punic wars were just a little over 100 years before the birth of Jesus and went on for 100 years (which our calendars are built on and nothing to do with the Jews). The Phoenicians have nowhere in history with David Duke and he says they are Syrians and as if that also means they could never be white people and people who spoke Hebrew. David Duke thinks Jesus was a Jew and he doesnt want to hear any biblical scholars tell him any different because he obviously studied the Bible, right? He studied nothing and he is nothing but harmful to the white RACE. Jews arent a race, just think about it, he said whites were Edom or Esau and Jacob, his ehhhhh brother was a Jew so are they then either both white or both jews, which is it? He hasnt a clue!

        These so called leaders have to be in place to deceive, in my opinion there is just simply no other reason someone with zero shame could keep himself in any leadership type role. He is a leader on a radio station that pushes Bigfoot, Martians and we all should have been dead 10 years ago from Fukishima (that is if we dont take Dr Schmekelsteins special pills). Its just atrocious white people let this continue. I would make Duke look like the absolute imbecile moron he is in an open forum, but he cant do it and whats even worse is, he wont!

    • Truthwillout says:

      Martin Scorsese to meet Pope before private screening of Vatican approved movie; Silence.The movie is about a Jesuit Priest running away from his Faithin the 7th Century.
      The main character in the movie is played by Liam (I’m not a Jew,honest) Neeson.
      I was going to write,stinks to high Heaven,but most of these actors don’t believe in Heaven,only the here and now!

      • melgibstein says:

        Good info Truth, Neeson is a bastard no doubt. Ever seen the movie “Lamb”? It was remade recently with an elder guy (a molestor) and a little girl. A damned disgrace to humanity. Neeson claims to have been a boxer, I guarantee he wont look like a boxer with me.

        He is a big war on jew terror superman. I guarantee you I would make that nose of his look like a boxer in no time.

  8. melgibstein says:


    Rent a Jew and see he wont rob you- only $500 euros

    The “art work” of Dachau, you can see the Jews being turned into smoke!

    Ive been close to many of these camps, but oddly enough never wanted to include it to my trip knowing I would see foul art work as this. You dont have to even meet a Jew to know they are contrary to mankind and art and everything pure, decent and good.

  9. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Good discernment there. “From such, turn away”. I’ve replaced their lying blogs with bible study in the morning, and I feel like my brain is getting some oxygen again. I’ve read the last lie and fake scripted, weak, staged, leavened argument that I’m going to. They poison your mind just like that hideous artwork up there. It’s all they can produce.
    Here’s an apt one I found today, from what they call “a jew book”.

    2Ti 3:1 ¶
    This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    2Ti 3:2
    For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

    2Ti 3:3
    Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

    2Ti 3:4
    Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    2Ti 3:5
    Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

    2Ti 3:6
    For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

    2Ti 3:7
    Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

    2Ti 3:8
    Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.

    2Ti 3:9
    But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs also was.

    2Ti 3:13
    But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

    2Ti 3:16 ¶
    All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

    2Ti 3:17
    That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works

    Their job is easy. They just have to sow some confusion, and they have that down to an art too. It’s the sting of a scorpion. It paralyzes. ‘Horses talk except when people are listening’, is about typical of the logic they offer, and then they go on and on and on with an unprovable premise and concoct a new religion. For me, ‘truther blog’ has become synonymous with a stick hitting mud or a fart or a pile of puke.

    I can’t insult those WhiteWashingWankers enough. That “jew book” does it so much better. Those chameleons are everywhere,and they apply herd pressures and child psychology, and who knows what other Canaanite mojo, to keep people away from it. Pagan priest tricks to control the mass of idiots. It really is all about balls and everything that comes after, or precedes them. That’s humbling. Is that “the fear of Isaac”?

    I changed email servers.

    • melgibstein says:

      2Ti 3:7
      Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

      Probably the most evident of all.

      2Ti 3:8
      Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.

      2Ti 3:9
      But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs also was.

      Were Jews writing about their own kin folk there? Of course Moses wasnt a Jew, but David Duke thinks he was and we all trust Duke over our own Bible. David Duke doesnt even use this on Jews he only uses info on the Jews when it fits his agenda, Texe Marrs will use this on the Jews, however. Both obvious CIA (but not very intelligent) plants. They are just as much hit and run Bible preachers as the Jews are.

      2Ti 3:13
      But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

      This is why I always say “always allow people to disagree with you because if we accept our own delusion we get put deeper into delusion”. It really is a beautiful thing! All of these truths come out of that book and how we should all know Jews had nothing to do with it except perverting its translations. When you are waxed gross it’s impossible to see the truth because there is a force on this earth that deliberately points you in the wrong direction and we have the freedom to choose which way. Its why Jews love freedom of speech for them and arresting us for the same thing.

      2Ti 3:16 ¶
      All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

      No Jew could have written that.

      I agree these so called truther shows are more Jewish BS, but like a fight I like to know the oppositions weaknesses so I can pulverize them slowly and accurately. I dont like listening to these liars, but whats worse is I dont like innocent people listening to these liars even more.

  10. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Good points you made there. 30 fold 60 fold 100 fold. A little scripture cuts deeper than their millions and millions of vapid words year after year after year. A big folly, like 2 Ti 3.9 says. All their words have amounted to jack squat.

    Every jar of honey they offer has a fly and an insult in it. I was one of those gullible mullets thinking the problem had to be with myself. The hardest thing to realize is that so many people would be claiming to be all about searching for the truth, but actually promoting a big lie. They insult you and disarm you at the same time with their bogus props of authority. You’re tougher and more determined than most people. It’s the smell! A lot of people are detecting the subtil stench. The nose knows, but they can’t be so sure. Their numbers are puffed up and fluffed up and leavened too, as another prop of authority. Think: blowfish. I’d be a fool to doubt it. You’re right about them. People need the validation that their hunches have some substance

    “Are you ok? You don’t look so well”, a jew will say. Then his brethren will say the same things. After a while, the sucker is looking in the bathroom mirror and seeing sickness (I play a trick like that, but my line is: Have you been crying? That’s just for fun). For them, it’s the business of survival, and sadistic jollies. “Are feminists too repulsive to f*ck? The problem is with YOU. You need Viagra”.. Their tricks are all over the TV.

    The Gospel of Thomas presses an issue: Know what you are. I start by knowing what I’m not. I don’t have the conscience to be a jew. Adam blushed. Shem means shame.

    • melgibstein says:

      I didnt know Shem meant shame, one thing is for sure it’s been turned into a sham!

      shame (n.) Look up shame at Dictionary.com
      Old English scamu, sceomu “feeling of guilt or disgrace; confusion caused by shame; disgrace, dishonor, insult, loss of esteem or reputation; shameful circumstance, what brings disgrace; modesty; private parts,” from Proto-Germanic *skamo (source also of Old Saxon skama, Old Norse skömm, Swedish skam, Old Frisian scome, Dutch schaamte, Old High German scama, German Scham). The best guess is that this is from PIE *skem-, from *kem- “to cover” (covering oneself being a common expression of shame).

      Until modern times English had a productive duplicate form in shand. An Old Norse word for it was kinnroði, literally “cheek-redness,” hence, “blush of shame.” Greek distinguished shame in the bad sense of “disgrace, dishonor” (aiskhyne) from shame in the good sense of “modesty, bashfulness” (aidos). To put (someone or something) to shame is mid-13c. Shame culture attested by 1947.
      shame (v.) Look up shame at Dictionary.com
      Old English scamian “be ashamed, blush, feel shame; cause shame,” from the root of shame (n.). Compare Old Saxon scamian, Dutch schamen, Old High German scamen, Danish skamme, Gothic skaman, German schämen sich. Related: Shamed; shaming.

      Makes a lot of sense now.

      sham (n.) Look up sham at Dictionary.com
      1670s, “a trick, a hoax, a fraud,” also as a verb and an adjective, of uncertain origin; the words burst into use in 1677. Perhaps from sham, a northern dialectal variant of shame (n.); a derivation OED finds “not impossible.” Sense of “something meant to be mistaken for something else” is from 1728. The meaning “false front” in pillow-sham (1721) is from the notion of “counterfeit.” Related: Shammed; shamming; shammer. Shamateur “amateur sportsman who acts like a professional” is from 1896.

      The impostor is shameless and counterfeit.

      You mean you dont think this devil can blush red in the face with a little make up?

      Shame on Perez?

      Odd that the Norwegian word kinnroði has the root of “kin” in it (kind, gentle, type) and possibly “royal” no wonder it’s obsolete now.

    • melgibstein says:

      Its interesting that the word “Shem” also means “name”, in Aramaic it’s “shum”. This word became “onama” in the Greek and sprung into “nation”. The word “name”, “nominate” and “nation” are all interconnected. I found this because I heard some twit on Stormfront, the new white hero “Richard Spencer” call Judaism a “denomination”. Denominations were never anything but White Christian denominations, I suppose Satanism is also a denomination. Its no mistake that these Stormfront people are in it to destroy it. They like to be in the front of the pararde, but in real life they would quickly be in the rear or with the Jews where they belong.

      Duke was calling the Jews a race again (because the Jews say they are) and then maybe 3 sentences later he was talking about Jews being a religion. Which one are they in this clowns demented mind, they cant be both unless you are stupid enough to allow them to (and he is).

      If Jews are a race, when did this race begin? Duke thinks Jews are the race of Jacob because Jacob ehhh had to be a Jew if one of his kids was right? And Joseph was a Jew in Egypt too, dont forget Moses (a Jew too). Jews truly are under this clowns bed and up his arse.

  11. melgibstein says:

    EXCLUSIVE: Don Kirchner, an attorney in northern Minnesota, is the son of George H Kirchner, who was in the 307th Infantry of the 77th Division on Okinawa during World War II and participated in the battle for the Maeda Escarpment, aka Hacksaw Ridge. Don contacted me after reading my coverage of the world premiere of Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge in Venice. At the time, he told me he’d only seen the trailer but that what it depicted “was just as my father had described the battle to my brother and me when we were kids — climbing up nets and ladders and finding Hell on Earth upon reaching the top. Dad told us about Desmond Doss and his heroics.”


    Yes, Jews are war heroes….in the movies.

    Its like what thePope said after he saw The Passion and Jesus with the hooked nose…. “it is as it was” the Jewish Pope uttered.


    They listen to the Pope but they dont listen to Patton.

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