Umgowa “open yo bags”

No this isn’t about the JFK assassination by the Jews this time it’s about JFK airport in NYC (another kind of assassination). New York and NYC used to be almost entirely white people excluding the Indians (the results of white mixture with their slaves) and Jews (who slithered in as they have everywhere else under the radar. This is about JFK the International Airport which was one of the major focal points of so called Homeland Security and is now a complete cesspool of Black incompetent workers and a total mockery of America and white America in general. Out of thousands of workers at this once great airport I saw maybe 1% white people working there.

Can you tell me that New Yorker’s cannot see this absurdity? Can you tell me that white people accept this takeover of our once great airport? I have not heard one white person express his utter disdain for this slum of a place. I am talking from the cab drivers to the TSA to the food place workers that I wouldn’t put in charge to feed lab rats, wheelchair pushers, janitors and basically every job in the airport except the pilots and stewardesses on the planes.

Image result for Chertoff TSA

We don’t want to be antisemites and say our International airports are cesspools (like the Jew slave ships).

White people don’t think of their elderly people who have to pass through this airport or the younger people obviously, but who would put such incompetent people in such positions of security? Who are they protecting us from and is us really even us? Just because white people don’t have to pass through a place like this every day they look the other way, but places like these could be used in the media as the joke it is and what a joke the entire Homeland Security operation is, but our media consists of the bottom of the barrel white people appointed to help destroy America while being paid to look the other way by the very same Homeland Security criminals. They provide jobs for the closest things to terrorists on this earth by the real terrorists (the Jews).

Image result for Jew terrorist

Adam Gadahn “Pearlman”

Image result for Black dish mouth

Folks these things don’t belong! But I am a hater for saying so.

Trump and his devil looking pal Giuliani are going to have to clean places like these up as soon as possible if he is ever going to get an ounce of praise from me, if he ever does. This airport as is others (Atlanta) is an utter disgrace and makes America look worse than the worst 3rd world countries on earth and there is no doubt whatsoever it is 100% by design. How hard is it to walk through a place like JFK and realize the entire operation is destruction by design? We have Europeans living in countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Poland etc. that would be making 5 times what they make in their home countries and give the best service that true Americans deserve. Instead we have unhappy overpaid incompetent bombs waiting to go off against us in the most sensitive places of our country.

If I am Trump this crap is gone almost immediately! His pals and fellow New Yorkers  Hannity and OReilly don’t see anything wrong with JFK, they have private jets and preoccupied with what KaKa Krauthammer and Evan Kohlman have to say.

Image result for Evan Kohlmann

Another kike terrorist expert

I found out real fast the only other subject besides Jews you could never bring up on the Hannity show was Blacks, Hannity pretends he is a huge “borders” guy, but when I tried to call him many times from New York’s streets in the late 90’s and early 2000’s that Blacks were flooding the streets of NY selling watches on every street corner talking like they just got off the boat from Africa old Zion Hannity didn’t allow the calls. Let me repeat “he didn’t allow the calls”.

My questions are what white person would allow this kind of perversion happen to another white person? They are either too far from reality or they don’t give a damn and frankly I don’t care which one it is! They have already sold us out! Another is when Trump builds this so called wall, who is going to be handling the passage points? How can we defend America when some of us don’t even know who America is or refuse to know?

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22 Responses to JFK

    • melgibstein says:

      Its stinking to high hell and as usual, the shills dont smell it. In fact they smell roses.

      The shills got their man in the White House, as if it was a tough job over the winch, Hillary now watch them back pedal like the shills they are.

  1. Tom W Harris says:

    Fuck off and die, Nazi filth.

  2. melgibstein says:

    You know what disturbs me? Hearing all of these clowns that were die hard Trump supporters from the get go as if they were paid (Duke, Dankopf, Stormfront, Red Ice, and all their cronies and callers) continue to praise Trump despite all the Jews in his family, his die hard support for “Israel”, his anti Iran stance, his AIPAC speeches, etc etc.

    They have welcomed him in like a true Trojan horse and these are the people who are all linked together despite their religious and even racial differences and none of them have so called free speech. They are either pro white or simply anti “Israel”, yet they seem to be just as anti white and anti other “anti Israel groups” as they claim to be “anti Israel” itself.

    The hypocrisy is just up the wall. It is claiming Jorge Zimmerman was a white man just as David Duke did for over a month. What they are doing is using their pinch point media positions whether it be Rense (who believes in Martians) or RBN (and nutbag Stadtmiller whose radio network claims to be of free speech as long as you call in to kiss their arses). Stadtmiller himself is anti free speech and claims he is the last bastion of free speech) without a doubt a Fed and possibly a Jew himself.

    This is all the leaven of the Pharisees and whether these people are Jews or not they help the enemy by being just like the enemy. Truth will never reign with these clowns and why they all have to avoid the CI subject, firstly because it immediately proves they do not even know the basis of the word Jew and their entire persona of the Jew is a Jewish fabrication at its root. Now you can continue pushing the same BS forever as long as you control the phone lines and the fact is they do. That is all one needs to know.

    “Trump nominating a Neocon warhawk to SOD?” It’s strategy they say.
    “Trump getting a better deal for the Jews with Iran?” Strategy
    “Trump getting out the bad aliens and bringing in the good ones” It’s great diplomacy.
    “Trump strengthening “our” military to defeat ISIS” Another strategy against “Israel” he just doesnt want to come out and say it”
    “Trump is going to be the greatest jawbs president ever” even for fat lazy Black women.
    “Trump is going to drain the swamp” with the help of Sean Hannity and Rudy the slush mouth Jewliani.
    “Trump will be the pro white president” after he finishes being the pro Jew president.

    Its GD ridiculous folks!

    • commandergoyim says:

      I believe in Martians, it’s just that I don’t believe in Mars.

      Important to take a long step back and look at the word DESPERATION. I’m so bored now I look up words on Google and ice my lips over all the dictionary choices, ie, Cambridge, Oxford etc., even when if i know the meaning…an interesting thing happens; I find I know very little. Sure I’m fine for awhile but as you scroll down (every site is different and I revel in the creativity and presentation), oh joy, like fake news, fake Christmas Trucks — why not hijack a Coca- Cola truck? You can leave your ID in the truck cab and get a 6 pack delivered to your fake funeral; send another to the fake camera man who keeps filming a 22 year old rookie before he is conveniently shot dead without a cop on sight — send them all fake cokes from China. Bootleg in every bottle.

      All the fakery on the alt-media is down to one thing: weekly Shekels to cover your kids kosher college.

      Yes, I love Miriam Webster. I think in the old days all these traitors were called a “Fifth Column” so there’s another one to look up while the Jews are fixing the vote over at the UN to keep the houses rolling to be ignored by all the Trumpike ass lickers.

    • melgibstein says:

      You know what happens with the China man and your coke dont you?

      Its ok if you believe in Martians, its a good distraction from the Jews. Its odd to me why these Stormfront imbeciles are praising this guy Spencer in Montana as if they defend white people. Where were they when Edgar Steele was in jail? One of these regulars on the Stormfront show says he used to be CI until Pastor Butler died. You see he followed the man and never the message and then when the lawyer who defended him in court (Edgar Steele) was picked up he was nowhere to be heard from about it and still isnt. And we wonder why the fake media mentions David Duke and the Stormfront nuts every time a Jew issue comes up. They do it because they own it. Anyone who has a problem with the Jews is automatically a Nazi or a David Duke follower. They put it all neatly into a drawer and David Duke obviously likes it that way. He thinks he is some marauder in the truth movement, but where is he on 9/11, where was he for 10 years? Where was he on Edgar Steele? “They dont care that they run the media they just care that they keep doin it!” A Jew quote. There are 20 different types of truth movements at least, but David Duke comes up every time. Either we got to get rid of him or we will never get a say in anything.

      • commandergoyim says:

        The Duke is out for power, wherever he can get it. His paymasters at the Southern Poverty Lie Center and the anti- defecation league can afford him.

        ZOG did a great job on Edgar Steele. His column was kicking major arse and cutting straight to the Jewbone. “It’s The Jews Stupid”!! Remember that? Brave man.

        Timing is important; the Internet — anti-juden websites were just finding their feet in 2016. After Waco /Ruby Ridge ZOG knew they could burn you but this Internet was a whole new game; crypto-kike Bush had his CIA chums to rub out anyone who got in the way. Online was suddenly a boon.

        And therein lies the rub; With that convenient bullshit story that even Edgar’s wife denied — enough to lock him away for good. Must have been a cakewalk doing the hit-job inside the federal prison.

        Same treatment coming from Trump and his thugs. No different in Europe either. They snuffed out those two Golden Dawn boys and that pretty much shut them up; oh, and branding GD, (the third largest political party in Hellas), a criminal organisation, locking them all up to await an endless trial over one stabbing. Euro-blood runs in the gutter thanks to thousands of invaders brought in by an alphabet soup of jew organisations. That’s just normal crime. Too bad goyim, don’t hate.

        The unelected dictatorship follows suit in the UK with sweeping powers aka “snoopers charter” that forces all phone providers to hand over ALL your activity for a whole year.

        Like Greece, a National Socialist youth movement has been proscribed; the first so called right wing group to be labelled a terrorist group. Support them and you’re a terrorist.

        A “free” Internet is certainly on its last legs, especially in Europe. Ronald Lauder famous for high crimes and treason in 9/11 is already on the job in Germany with many of his pals peering out from behind the curtain to crackdown.

        One world governance from Jewrusalem never looked closer.

        Trump even announced that Jerusalem will be the new jew HQ… Lol.

  3. melgibstein says:


    Billionaire Ivanka Trump just happened to be flying coach on Jet Blue flying to Palm Beach out of JFK.

    I dont think so! The biggest reason on this earth that people want to be rich is to avoid places like JFK and flights like Jet Blue.

  4. commandergoyim says:

    Some Christmas cheer from the Italian contingent —

    Trump official Paladino under fire over crude Obama remarks

  5. melgibstein says:

    If only Mr Pal Ladino would say something about the Jews!

  6. commandergoyim says:

    *finding their feet in 2006.

  7. commandergoyim says:

    It’s not enough to be a billionaire, you have to work for Jewish causes.

    Anti-Semitism in Austria? Strange, nothing but negroes on the streets of Austria.

    Ronnie is good friends with Lucky Larry Silverstein.

    How they must laugh to the bank.


  8. melgibstein says:

    “There have been rumours that the fires are being lit at churches with links to paedophile priests.” There are also rumors it could be Jews, as of right now.

    Jews have us whooped, they let these bastards into our lands and then they simply create false flags until they become real. What are you gonna do when our own people do nothing but have tea parties and tell us not to do anything. Whoever it is allowing these people into our lands should be hanged- by hook or by crook.

  9. melgibstein says:

    New York – NY Governor Cuomo Proposes $10 Billion Renovation Of JFK Airport

    New York – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed a $10 billion renovation of John F. Kennedy International Airport and surrounding roadways on Wednesday, his latest salvo in a roughly $100 billion push statewide to bring decaying old infrastructure into the modern era.

    Maybe they should get some people to work there who aren’t from the GD Congo TOO!

    • afreitas says:

      It is an alarming sign of the once greatest nation rapidly becoming a 3rd world country. Can you imagine what would happen if the white european man stopped working in a concerted effort?
      I long for our people’s racial awakening, but it is nearly impossible if they can’t disconnect from their deluded reality, stuck to their TV set, absorbing all the jewish filth, and chained to jewish debt for all their lives.

  10. melgibstein says:

    Oh you see it too? Welcome to the new USA, Planet of the Jews and apes. I even see these people in the guard shacks at various communities around Florida. If you dont think this is God himself telling us “I told you so” you have to be a pagan. No white person is going to avoid this, the best and the worst will be punished whether they are in a white neighborhood or a black one, God will move these germs right across the street before you know it.

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