Our Kampf

This is your boy Trump, standing side by side with the biggest enemy known to mankind. When he says Israel he means the Jews! Folks when you keep Jews safe you put us in danger so which is he going to do? The leaven of the Pharisee’s!

Trump tells Jerusalem rally he’ll ‘make Israel, US safe again’
Addressing event via video, Republican candidate vows to stand ‘side-by-side with the Jewish people’; Pence says ‘Israel’s fight is our fight’
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a pre-recorded video message for a Republican event in in Jerusalem, October 26, 2016. (Screen capture)
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20 Responses to Our Kampf

  1. melgibstein says:

    Trump is campaigning in Sheldon Adelsatan’s casino today in Vegas.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Senior advisor to the Trumpf campaign and brand spanking new Trump network spokesperson (and vile) Boris Epstein.

    I wonder if he is related to the Epsteins of Palm Beach.

    Jews just hate Trump……..more controlled op BS and you know who they are now!

  3. melgibstein says:

    Adelson boosts Trump with $25 million to defeat Clinton

    After FBI letter, casino magnate apparently hopeful GOP nominee can win White House, may donate more in campaign’s final days

    Casino magnate Sheldon G. Adelson, left, (Steve Mack/Getty Images, via JTA) and GOP nominee Donald Trump, right. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images/AFP)

    Jews HATE him soooo much!

  4. viewfromthewoodpile says:

    Trumps mother is meant to be a Macleod from the Isle of Lewis.
    I like from time to time to play an old Jacobite song in the car to my young daughters which we all like to sing.
    “I will go I will go when the fighting is over to the land of Macleod that I left to be a soldier…”
    Let’s give Trump a chance if he has some MacLeod in him.

    Heres another explanation of McLeod

    Clan MacLeod is a Highland Scottish clan. The Gaelic form is Clann Mhic Leòid. Clann means children, while mhic is the genitive of mac, the Gaelic for son, and Leòid is the genitive of Leòd. The whole phrase therefore means The children of the son of Leod. The Clan MacLeod is made up of two branches, Siol Thormoid (the MacLeods of Harris and Skye) and Siol Thorcuil (the MacLeods of Lewis).

    May be where we get the term “thunder cloud” or “cleod”. Skye or sky is also related to the word “cloud”. The people who were “under the cloud” were Israelites. The name is also related to “hill” which is related to about a hundred other words going all the way back to “call”. For instance “Kell” and “call” or “kill” and “hill” and how it is related to “cathal” pronounced “cah” relating right back to the word in this title “Kampf” or “cob” or “car’ (sar) all meaning “battle” or what I believe means “people called out to do battle” and not called out by Thor (at least as we know him).

    These websites love to say that “son of” or Mc always refers to son of a person and it does not McKinTyre for instance does not mean son of inTyre it means “son of the city” as I have indicated on other threads here “McRoberts” does not refer to a specific “Robert” because first names also have meanings in themselves. Look at Brian or Bryan for instance it is related to a thousand other words all coming from the original “Ibri” or “iberian” and goes back even further than the so called Ibri (before they were even called the “Ibri”).

    Tormod and Torquil, founded the two main branches of the Clan MacLeod.

    “Tor” is the same name as “Thor”, the name Thor is pronounced “Tor”. The Germans always claim to be directly related to Thor, but it only means they are related to the Iberians (Hibernians etc) who go much further back than whatever they claim to. I would bet Thor was closer to a Phoenician than anything else (same thing as an Iberian) except like calling someone German or Irish or Russian or German, at one time they were the same and I believe without a doubt that Phoenician and Iberian simply mean “white” at their roots just like “ban” in Irish and Lebanon. Finn is always related to “white” “fair”, “holy” in all European languages its simply a letter change from “b”, “ph”, “v”, “w” and probably more off the top of my head (Wynn for instance).

    Leod, according to tradition, died around 1280 and was buried on the holy island of Iona, where six successive chiefs of the clan found a last resting-place after him.

    So now “Leod” takes authority over “Thor”? No, these sites are designed to give you bunk just like they give you bunk about the Bible and the Phoenicians. Go ahead and bring up the Phoenicians to someone and watch their eyes gloss over like young Dr Zhivago’s window.

    More DNA hogwash….

    A DNA project studying the Y-DNA of males bearing surnames associated with Clan MacLeod found that the vast majority of the men tested had a Haplogroup of R1b, which is the most common Haplogroup in the British Isles and considered to be “Celtic“. A total of 32 percent of all men tested, who were also in this R1b Haplogroup, also shared the same Haplotype and showed this group shared a common ancestor.

    I’ll tell you who all white peoples common ancestor is, he is called YHWH. I know niggs with the name McLeod, I bet they included some of them too……..a name is just a name, a clan is a tribe and a tribe is a related people that have what David Duke calls “sub tribes” although this does not mean “below” or of lesser importance as David Duke likes to indicate. All whites are part of some sub tribe coming from Adam and Eve and any other people mixed in are not part of the tribe- period! If the Phoenicians were Canaanites (most people dont know people living in the land of Canaan could be the Israelites and most people dont know that a Canaanite was also a word for the people Canaan fathered when he was cast out). Geography and Biology always have to be indicated or we dont have a clue what we are talking about and dont care. When you see they dont care you know you are on to the truth. O’Ryan does not mean “of a specific Ryan” it is the root of Aryan or Iberian or “white”, fair, holy etc. The same as words like Finnegan or Finneran, Finley, Finlay, Finius, Finbar, Finnerty, Fioonn, etc.

    Now “Ban”


    Trump named a “Bannon” to one of his top positions, this may be a good thing, but Giuliani aint. Ireland was once call “Banbha” or Isle of White (people), they pretty much named everything after who they were and they obviously know much more then we do now. Being white was not just a color as David Duke puts it, they knew they were white because they came from a land that had turned non white.

    MacLeod or McLeod was a tribe in what we call Scotland today that was known for their fighting and victories, but what Scottish or Irish name isnt known for its fighting and or victories (McGregor?). There were many McGregors and Gregory’s but Gregor comes from the root of “to be awake” or “vigilant” or most importantly “to be on guard” (it is the same word as “guard” or “protect”. David Duke should have named his book “My McGregor”. It also means probably more important than anything “to preserve”

    • melgibstein says:

      I’ll give anyone a chance, but when they join up with some of the biggest traitors I can think of like Giuliani and Hannity I cant do it. Just like the Edomites said Abraham was their father I believe Trump may be saying the MacLeod’s were their mothers or fathers.

      Origins. The surname MacLeod means ‘son of Leod’. The name Leod is an Anglicization of the Scottish Gaelic name Leòd, which is thought to have been derived from the Old Norse name Ljótr, meaning ugly. Clann means family, while mhic is the genitive of mac, the Gaelic for son, and Leòid is the genitive of Leòd.

      This is what the jew websites say McLeod means, but McLeod is just another form of “son of the called out ones” Mc “called” and I dont think Trump has any clue what that means. I cant wait and see or give someone time for what they should have already been doing.

  5. melgibstein says:

    ~While the study could not prove a “Viking” origin of the clan, the study claimed the DNA of this group showed that the clan was founded by a man who could have originated in Scotland or the Isle of Man It should be noted however, that the R1b haplogroup is found at a percentage of 30 in Norway and that the studies of the haplogroup R1b are very fluid.

    Vikings were all over southern Ireland and all white people are related, DNA is 100% kosher BS!

    Anyone who believes this DNA crap believes one white man is higher in stature than another and going directly against Paul. Dont tell me your have royal blood over other white tribes or you are simply a hypocrite.

    Get a DNA expert on here and I will prove he is full of blarney (and I bet they had a much better word for that too!)

    Not too sure of this guy Priebus however.

    His father is of German descent and his mother, who was born in Sudan, is of Greek descent.[10][11]

    WTF was she doing in the Sudan? He looks like a Jew.

  6. melgibstein says:

    Back to the name “White”, Jews love the name White in all languages, Wise or Weiss, Blanc or Blanco, Bialy in Polish (even named the holeless bagel the Bialy) and Biel or Bielsky etc etc etc so I wouldnt praise the guy Bannon just yet.


    I very much doubt that Bannon is an anti-Semite. The estimable David Goldman (“Spengler”) says he has had long discussions with Bannon. Goldman reports, “I discussed Israel with him on a couple of occasions and he is a gung-ho pro-Zionist conservative.”

    ~Guess who is defending Bannon? The Ugly Truth folks hero, none other than Pam Geller (shhhh and Sean Hannity).

    Isnt that special? He is a “gung ho pro- Zionist”. This is your victory? You are all nuts! There is no sense to try to get you to fight, you are far from ready to fight.

  7. Roy says:

    All one has to do to determine whether or not Trump is a Jew’s insider, is go over to Daily Stormer and read the articles and comments. It’s unbelievable. I can’t even read articles anymore because I’m thoroughly disgusted at how EASILY our brethren have COMPROMISED yet once again. “Compromise” must be worse than adultery because our entire race has compromised yet once again. Daily stormer certainly doesn’t proclaim any spiritual truth; but at least prior to this election circus, DS at least named the Jew and did a great job reporting Jew Perfidy.

    You can see how people and cites like DS are just tools of the Jew. Pathetic. I was most definitely born 200 years too late. This generation is absolutely the lowest of low. I give up to be honest. Not worth fighting for.

    • Roy says:

      Renegade Broadcasting are anti-Christs, but at least they can see Trump for what he is worth.

      • melgibstein says:

        Its funny how the David Duke clowns can never see it coming. Jews control the media, therefore they control the hype. Ive heard them even praising Sean Hannity, they are all shills or they have absolutely no reason to ever be put on a pedestal. Just think of it, people will think this means absolutely nothing because Ive said it so many times “They dont even know what a Jew is” and they talk about them every day. As long as they can speak out freely and never be questioned they might as well be the Captain Marvels comic book heroes, it’s all total BS. Imagine asking the goofball Kevin MacDonald what a Jew is? Would David Duke have the same response? One doesnt believe the Bible at all and the other believes Jesus was a Jew. Then you can bring in others like E Michael Jones, Texe Marrs etc and none of them know wtf a Jew even is and more importantly dont care and have made it their lives talking about it. I only named a few, but the truth is there are hundreds of them and none of them are ever confronted because they cant be. Even some CI groups are praising MacDonald, the guy is a complete anus. I dont care what schools gave these people degree’s I would get down to business with them in about 5 seconds on what a Jew is. Either you are a hypocrite or you arent, you cant say they are a tribe and then claim you come from Adam and Eve too or you cant say they are a different tribe as white people because whites came from the Neanderthals in the Northern ice age and then disregard the Bible and be a Christian, they get bombed whatever way they go and they just need to keep themselves off the battlefield (just like a Jew).
        I once asked MacDouchebag why he never uses the term “caucasian” and that the word “Europe” that he uses all the time comes from the Phoenicians. He couldnt answer so he made me look like a troll.

        I am for the truth and I dont give a damn what these idiots who claim they are white leaders say or do, whatever they say and do is exactly what the Jews want. Did you see David Duke in his Senate debate? At the end he looked like Jack Nicholson at the end of the movie “The Pledge”

        He didnt even tell the truth and will never realize that only the truth will win! When they asked him if it was the Jews, he said that old line “it isnt all the Jews” (they had him by the nuts right there or he deliberately rolled over). I’ll tell you what I would have said and it would have turned a lot of lemmings away at least for awhile, but I would have said “Jews are like termites tearing down everything in your house, is it every Jew in the world, no some are tearing down others houses, but the fact is it is always Jews just like it is always termites”. “Should I keep termites away from my house, yes”. Should I go out and kill every termite in the world, no” (but maybe I would if I could). If I did my children would not have to have them as pricks in their eyes and thorns in their sides.

        Now that may be harsh, but another alternative is to go straight to John chapter 8, but in order to do that you have to know what a Jew is.

        Its time we just told the truth and said to hell with the BS!

    • melgibstein says:

      I never liked Trump and I still dont and I dont like his friends. The red headed demon was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and never said a word about jews in his life, therefore he is trash to me!

      Im already seeing a lot of people say they were suckered by Trump, the truth is if David Duke wants something it is bad for us, this is a guy who took 10 years to even say Jews were involved in any way with 9/11 and what did it get him? 3% of the vote. We have to turn to our father to win this and do what he said to do, separate not BS around! If they wont separate, guess what we have to do the separating for them. Its really that simple, all we need is enough people to mean it.

  8. Roy says:

    Daily Stormer has a picture of Ronald Reagan next to Trump. What a joke. DS also thinks Rudy Guiliani is a good pick for Trump’s cabinet. WTH happened? And why are the commenters not BOYCOTTING DS. Daily Stormer should have zero readership. Except for the Jew trolls.

  9. melgibstein says:

    All Trumps kids married Jews, what do they do hang out at the mikva’s? Not one or even 2, but 3 and all of the kids that are married. Tiffany Trump is dating a Jew, she is the daughter of Marla Maples, a Kabalist. I would disown any child of mine who married a jew. Barron probably goes to Yeshiva. Barron or Baron, son of victory.


    This is who David Duke, Kevin MacSchlongald and Andy Monkey Boy Anglin are pushing. People need to trash these Frank Collin gatekeepers cold. He got 25 million from the red headed demon Adelson. No time ever before is it necessary to buy guns and ammo. Trump is going to make us some good dveals (Alex the pudgie moron Jones willsee to it). Its so ridiculous, there’s a sucker born every minute.

    The Ugly Truthers all shills, David Duke and his Stormfront callers and guests, all shills. Nobody should ever listen to these con artists. They swore by Trump like Hannity or Giuliani, they shouldnt be trusted at all!

  10. melgibstein says:

    Mad Dog Mattisyahu for Sec of Defense “oy vey”

    Just point him to the war and he will command it from the rear.

    I bet Douchekopf and the Ugly Troothers are ecstatic with this choice.

    He entered after Vietnam and was briefly a platoon commander in the infantry and was quickly moved out of that. All of his ribbons are associated with the BS Bush Neocon wars.

    Mattis is a life-long bachelor,[41] who has never been married and has no children.[1] He is nicknamed “The Warrior Monk” because of his bachelor life, and the fact he devoted his life to studying and fighting war.[42]

    ~Actually just studying. You think he knows where heroin comes from?

  11. melgibstein says:

    This guy talks like someone shoved a schmekel up his arse!

    Probably one of the requirements of being a General these days.

  12. melgibstein says:

    Trumps first objective “to stop Iran’s nuclear capability” for whom? The Jews! The red headed bastard isnt even in office yet and his first objective is Ehud Baraks objective.

    At the same time they are claiming he is a white supremacist because the clucks like David Duke support him. Do you see the deception yet?

  13. melgibstein says:


    Trumps Docteh!

    he’s a doctah like David Duke. Ever thought about retiring Dr Borenstein? WHIY?

    It can be funny even when we are about to face our own Bolshevick slaughter right here at home.

  14. melgibstein says:

    Another Jew appointed to Trump’s “team”. Carl Icahn………

    Rag peddler to Billionaire!

  15. melgibstein says:

    Trump is furious with Obama that he didnt veto the bill that kept Jews from stealing more land in the jew welfare state.
    The Ugly Truthers and Stormfront morons are still gung ho Trump.
    Trump with the help of the usual groveling for the Jew state from the media can now make Trump look like a champion for the jew state and Trump says he will.
    Folks, like I have said numerous times, the fake media is not only the main stream, but it is all of these internet radio networks from RBN to Rense to What Really Happened (folks he is a Jew) and all the other networks who even have one show that doesnt allow free speech. They have free speech if you call in to agree with them. I have been banned from them all for claiming Trump is another jew behind washer and guess what, even some of them are agreeing now, but still have me banned. Folks these arent white men these are as much opportunists as the jew John Kerry is.

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