The Swamp Thing

I was also Hellboy!

I was also Hellboy!

Mr Trump claims he is going to drain the swamp, but who is protecting him from the crocs (or gators) right now? Who did his children marry? How did Trump make all his money in this swamp that is so terrible? Once again you are told to choose between the lesser of two evils, GW Bush was once one of those choices and George Bush the choice before that. If I look back the lesser of those evils might have been their opponents because at least then I may not have known the extent of the brainwashing that the media had and still has on the American public. The lesser of those two evils is now voting for the greater of the present two evils.

The lesser of two evils said nothing about the Jew control of the media in their debates and still hasn’t and how could they have and run for president? Neither of

Odd our heroes never mention this when they are discussing

Odd our heroes never mention this when they are discussing “our Jewish friends”.

the two evils mentioned the Jew control of our monetary system and everyone told me to wait and see, he will come out against it you’ll see. Didn’t happen folks! Now they are at least admitting the media is corrupt, but wont say where the corruption is emanating from. Why? It’s the liberals, it’s the Marxists, the Saul Alinsky crowd, the Frankfurt school, the Illuminati, the Masons, everyone you can possibly think of except the Jews. Because those are the croc’s if there is a so called swamp.

The lesser of two evils stood over the destruction of the WTC in the obvious controlled demolition and used it to start not one but several wars against the Jews enemies in the Middle East at our expense and using our lives. This was the lesser evil mind you. Do you think these liars dont know how to con you?

Now we have Schlonger Hannity leading the media hype for Donald Trump just like he did for GW Bush and his wars and the complete Neocon nutbag Rudolph Giuliani is also tagging along. You have to ask if Americans are even breathing. The power of media control is king in the land two eyed lemmings. This traitor Hannity has done nothing but kiss jew arse for decades, he is living on borrowed time.

Folks this traitor is standing with your Talmudic headed hero. How pathetic can it get?

Folks this traitor is standing with your Talmudic headed hero. How pathetic can it get?

My apologies to all the radio shows out there who have their phones cut off and claim to be of free speech like Stormfront, the biggest cucks on the internet and the so called alt-right websites like “Monkey Boy Anglin” who used to require people to register with the Jew Zuckerberg Facebook site in order to make comments. Now they simply ban anyone who has an alternate view from theirs just like the Jews do. It may be the alternative right, but it’s still the Jew controlled and a Frank Collin type dead end.

Lets take a look at all of these pro Trump cheerleaders, Alex Jones, the Ugly Truthers, Pastor Dankof (the Pastor who wont have a debate on the Bible) Duke, MacDonald, all the Stormfront tards and their obvious Jewish infiltrators, etc. All of these are willing to sell part of their soul to gain a small piece of ground when selling a little of your soul expecting to gain anything is all the opposition wants you to do.

To the perfidious Jew

To the perfidious Jew

People say there is no alternative other than to run for office, but what office are we talking about, an office controlled by Jewish Fed money (it is completely overrun)? Our entire economy is fueled by a lie, our media is a lie, our politicians have done nothing but lie for at least 100 years, our churches lie, our schools lie. Our kids are being pilfered with drugs from Afghanistan which wouldn’t be here if the Taliban was left in control. David Duke loves to say he has been to Syria on vacation, but I lived in Afghanistan folks, but you don’t have to live there to know the history of heroin in Afghanistan……..our media, Schlonger Hannity, Giuliani, John Voight, Clint Eastwood etc. do not mention a word of this while your kids are turned into zombies by this perfidious Jew controlled drug. Yes, I do like that word “perfidious” because there is so much of it around and nobody is talking about any of it including your hero Donald Trump and his Mickey Mouse sidekick Sean Hannity.

Trump claims he has a slew of military Generals and Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, folks where are they on the Jew issue? I know not one. There is no honor except to the jews, that is the new honor.

Folks this presidential race is another con job, an Oceans 11 Jew movie controlled by some Elliot Gould character (the Jews) and you are sitting back rooting for your own prefabricated hero. The only heroes are the people putting the blame where it is and always has been. The swamp cannot be drained, there is nowhere to drain the cesspool we are in we need to tell the truth!

Sorry this page just didnt seem complete without my favorite Fagin pic.

Sorry this page just didnt seem complete without my favorite Fagin pic.

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9 Responses to The Swamp Thing

  1. Ray Zerwitt says:

    That’s an ugly guy. Is that face copyrighted? I’d like to take it to a Justin Beiber chatroom and see how many little girls I can impress.

    • melgibstein says:

      A nose job and a physical trainer and they look just like us. The truth of it is they look like that (kikels etc.) to shock the goyim into believing they are following Gods laws while at the same time knowing they break every law known to man and human kind. It has something to do with hypocrisy I think.

    • melgibstein says:

      Fund Anythingk? Looks like usury to me. Its a step up from his brothel owning grandfather Freddy Drumpf

      In May 1898, Trump and Levin (I wonder if he was related to Peanut head Levin) moved to Bennett, British Columbia, a town known for prospectors building boats in order to travel to Dawson. In Bennett, Trump and Levin opened the Arctic Restaurant and Hotel, which offered fine dining and lodging in a sea of tents.

      Soon after returning, German authorities determined that Trump had emigrated from Germany to avoid his military-service obligations, and he was labeled a draft dodger.

      That must be why all those sold out Generals love him.

  2. commandergoyim says:

    Just look at Bill Clinton’s little empire if you want to see how they do it. Buying off the Federal Grand Jury that was investigating the Mina, Arkansas coca gig. And what a really big shoe it was. It takes time to take it all in; the names,, the perps like Dan Lasiter or the long list of investigations trying to stop Clinton and his killer cronyism; a body count that can fill a large cemetery. Perhaps that is the only justice there is: work for the Clintons, you get a trip to a graveyard. Nothing could stop those C-130 transport planes headed for Mina, Ark., full of coke. Somebody had the bright idea to check Bill Clinton’s bank account. He had $50 bucks in it. When the Arkansas development fund solicited campaign contributions with the understanding that you get a loan you never pay back while you launder 100 million a month through BCCI bank in New York and Miami for 10 years (while the next president Hillary kicks back zeroing out the accounts on the bond structures) you smell Hymie on the job and as Larry Nickels said, “They didn’t have to sell cocaine to their friends, they were giving it away, they didn’t mind if you took a bucketful”

    Fast-forward to Bill Clinton as president and his open door to giving Red China all the tech they needed for cheap bribes; then Bush 9/11 and the Ahfgan opium boom. The USA is in the grips of the biggest crime wave of corruption in its history. I could go on. We know that the founding fathers would line Bush, Clinton and all the others up against a wall to await execution by firing squad for murder. To get them all, we need round the clock executions; 24/7. I’m not afraid to say they deserve it.

    Trump the clown? A kosher court jester that has to make it look real. We don’t need him to know the USA is finished…period. Looks like the Jews pulled it off. Israel has 900 nukes and controls all.

    I am proud to say that if there was a job sweeping floors in an Iranian nuclear facility, I’d apply — just to have a good seat on launch day.

    • melgibstein says:

      Trump the clown? A kosher court jester that has to make it look real. We don’t need him to know the USA is finished…period. Looks like the Jews pulled it off. Israel has 900 nukes and controls all.

      I am proud to say that if there was a job sweeping floors in an Iranian nuclear facility, I’d apply — just to have a good seat on launch day.


      Which brings up a good point, Commander! What is all this talk about “the Iran deal was thee woist deal eveh made bla bla bla”? Most of these Trump supporters are the same people who have been crying for Iran for the last 5 years or so, they have all thrown Achmadineeboo under the bus.

      David Duke is now saying “some of Trumps kids” are married to Jews, you see he learned this all on his own with the phones cut off for years. He also learnt Jorge Zimmerman wasnt white after a month (when Sean Hannity did).

      What will happen if Hillary is elected they say?

      They have no plans to do a damned thing because they wouldnt say what needs to be done and sacrifice their so called free speech. It is so treacherous its through the roof. The only way to get America back is to take it back (by force).

  3. Roy says:

    Get ready to vomit!

    No one will ever convince me Derek and Don black are ‘real’ people acting on their own conscience. The whole thing is one FED scam. I venture to say the entire WN movement in public display is one giant FED operation.

    Unbelievable the lengths at which the Devil will go to deceive Adam kind — Revelation 12:9

    • melgibstein says:

      Do you realize Don Black was 16 years old when he was supposedly shot by MLK’s assassin’s brother 16, think about it.? Later on the NAZI (self proclaimed) tried to attack a Caribbean Island with the help of David Dukes cash (not the casino cash). After that he started Stormfront somehow the premier white site where he banned the guy who was uncovering Hal Turner as a liar and a Fed, ME. I didnt read it all yet, but get this, Black isnt a Christian in any sense of the word and he believes like Duke that all people come from Neanderthals and whites just happen to be the most advanced Neanderthals due to climate (then and now), food, geography etc. The Grey wolf theory that they have is that all wolves or dogs come from the Grey Wolf, but he cant explain why the Grey Wolf is still here after all these years. Its just too ridiculous and I only mentioned a couple things here.

      I have always believed these David Duke , Don Black characters are deliberate false op. Just think of Alex Jones and Duke talking about the name “David” being “Jewish” it was the only time (or one of the very few times) they were in total agreement. Think about it, David isnt Jewish in any sense whatsoever and they cannot prove it. It is simply one of the freedoms they have by never allowing true free speech. They are agreeing that they are brainwashed ditzes or they are agreeing because they know it is what the jew wants.

      Oh by the way nothing about shooting Don Black in MLKs assassins brother “Jerry” Seinfeld Rays biography, I guess it wasnt important.

      I’m white why not listen to me?

      I was on the line with Rense radio a couple days ago on hold for Dankof ( the pathetic fool, filling in with the wuss David Duke) because I know how to call in with any number and the only way I could get in and they dumped my call.

      We are dealing with jew paid ops and we have to take back control whether we seem to be rude or not. If they arent abiding by free speech they can go to hell and I will say what I want about them because they will not engage in debate. What is the media? The media is any place someone is projecting their voice to multiple people. You find out what is fair when you call in and do what the Bible tells you to do………prove all things!

      Hannity is even now claiming we need to take back our country. This Trotskyite bastard sold America down the drain and now he wants to fix America and the clown lemmings believe him.
      Its a B movie! One thing I know is heads are gonna roll if I have to knock on their doors personally to do it.

  4. melgibstein says:

    What we have on the left…….a spy, a traitor, a liar, a lesbian, a murderer, an anti American, anti Constitutionalist, anti 2nd Amendment, anti 1st Amendment, ho (Hillary)!

    What we have on the right and ehhhh alt right is … Superman, the Master of the Universe, a veteran (not), a war hero (not), a womans man who does the Miss America pageant and walks into the dressing rooms, a jobs maker (for spics and nigs in Miami and NYC get a rope!), he’s against open borders, build a wall to keep them out, but he is also for the good spics to keep them in, another Jew lover, Jews in the family (all over it), he wants to make a dveal with Russia and hates the dveal with Iran, Generals love him (the ones who went to war for the Neocon fools), Hannity loves him, Jewliani loves him, the Jews hate him, but not really that much or we would be hearing the squealing of hell on earth, Newt Gingrich the biggest sold out POS that ever lived loves him, Alex Jones loves him (another point Jones and Duke are in full agreement).

    If i really wanted to think about this I would come to a stupid conspiracy conclusion that someone wants me to vote for some reason (like a mosquito to a zapper) ……..but Im not gonna do it, no, not gonna doit………like Bush the Daddy used to say!

    I wonder if they all believe Arabs (other than the jew Arabs) did 9/11 too.

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