White Lives Matter in the Jew Welfare State

I wonder if Trump will speak about this (video below), maybe his Jewish in-laws will because we need Jews to be on both sides of everything because we white people aren’t as popular as Jews. We need Rebekah Roth, Jim Fetzer, Miltie Kaplan, Judge Hellerstein, Mike Rivero and many more Jews to tell us what really happened on 9/11. I think we need to redo the Nuremberg trials with more Jews this time too.

The main personalities of the white movement and even Judeo movements are the main culprits of bringing Jews in you know why?

  1. They are Feds
  2. They are Jews
  3. They are wimps

Our so called leaders are the ones leading us right back to the Jews and why they cannot be called on it directly. Just think, David Duke thinks he has a Jewish first name and he is the media “go to guy” whenever the Jew issue comes up. You have a Jewish problem and guess what, they go to David Duke.

No David, the word Jew didn’t even exist when David was alive, you can read that in a book called The Holy Bible. Start with Genesis not with the Jew Cecille B DeMille and Hollywood.

Duke also believes that “Emanuel Goldstein” is also a Jewish name (this from the historic dork Alex Jones show interview and no I am not defending the complete imbecile Jones). No David, Emanuel isnt a Jewish name either (just think about that one for awhile), but Duke happily gave it to them. Goldstein is also not a Jewish name it is another name stolen by Jews. Do you know any Goldsteins in your Jewdeo Bible, Davey? Notice I didnt call him “Doctor”. Jews steal names, places, history, symbols and everything you allow them to.

The truth is our white leaders are cucks of the mind. We need leaders who at the very least understand the words they use so they can effectively combat the contrary Jew lies. To David Duke the Bible is contrary and I find that very offensive, maybe even antisemitic in its truest sense (if antisemitic meant anything at all). In order to combat the Jew lies you cannot be their slave.

You know what it comes down to with people like David Duke, Texe Marrs, E Michael Jones, Pastduhr Dankof etc.? They all believe God created the Jew in his image and made a mistake. They believe Jesus (Yashua) was a religious Jew or a racial Jew, but they never discuss what exactly a Jew is. They will use the term Jew for a Chinese Mongolian or even John Kerry who is a Jewish Catholic and at the same time have a guest like Gilad Atzmon or Henry Makow and claim they are “former Jews”. Another is Miltie Kapner who uses the word “Jewish” and “Jew” interchangeably as if they are the same things (when he himself is one). Ask these hypocrites to define their words. Folks the hypocrisy is in your face, figure it out! God (YHWH) is not the author of BABEL! Guess who is?

Let me just add something here: If a man comes from a large family of brothers, at what point in time does one of those brothers become a separate race from the others? Folks it isn’t rocket science. Just start with Adam and Eve being white and everything makes sense. The only people who dont believe it makes perfect sense are brainwashed lemmings and why Jesus said “dust your feet of them” they are gone!



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14 Responses to White Lives Matter in the Jew Welfare State

  1. Jake Coughlin says:

    So if I’m Jewish does that automatically make me a terrible person and that I cause the worlds problems?

    • melgibstein says:

      Well Jake, first we have to discuss what “Jewish” is and where it came from. Once we have an agreement upon that word definition we can move on (we ceratainly cant be talking about a word that has multiple definitions and have a sound debate can we), but not before. Judging by your last name Jake, it is an Irish name, but you arent Irish obviously. Where did you get an Irish name? You cant be Jewish and Irish can you? If you cant why then would you claim to be Jewish with an Irish name? You see it is proof that you are not who you pretend to be and we havent even gotten to your question yet. So do I think you are a terrible person if you are Jewish and cause the worlds problems? My short answer is “yes”. When you give me your definition of Jewish I will provide the long answer and more in depth reasoning on why I think what I do. It has to do with Jews stealing information from the Bible and twisting it, knowingly or unknowingly I dont care. You wreck nations and you dont belong in mine nor me in yours if you are so called Jewish you should be a separate people and if the Bible was written for me it is I that should be with a separate people, so you see Jake we really shouldnt even be having this conversation. Jews are the worlds problem, my world and your world isnt my world nor Gods.

      • Jake Coughlin says:

        My dad is Irish and my mom is Jewish and I have been old that Judaism is passed on thru the mother

      • melgibstein says:

        You say your mother is “Jewish”, do you mean racially? And when you say your father is Irish, being Irish isnt a race, therefore you are a Judean geographically or Irish geographically. Do you mean your father is a different race from your mother or is your father a Jew that happened to live in Ireland or had relatives in Ireland at one time? Do you mean your father is white racially and your mother is a Jew racially? I know what being white is because in order to be white 2 white people have to be involved to produce a white child, but where did this Jew race originate? Now either you told me your father is white or your father is an Irish Jew (which is actually an oxymoron) and your mother is racially a Jew or a Jew from an unknown geographical location. Do you see where this is going?

        I am assuming we are talking about the racial Jew definition and not the Talmudic Jew definition at this point is that correct?

        If so why would you say your father is Irish and your mother is Jewish religiously? You see Jake, it is lunacy in itself.

        Tell me what Judaism is.

    • Roy says:

      Where did you go Jake? Why did you pussy out of the conversation? Are you a terrible person you ask? Well…………what have you done in life that would put you into that category? Why won’t you have a conversation with us?

      • Jake Coughlin says:

        Haha I’m have nothing else to say I’m not pussying out of the conversation I just really don’t care. Mel just assumes that since I’m Jewish by blood that I’m a terrible person, so be it. There’s no point in trying to change his mind because nobody has ever changed there point of view over the comment section. But what else would u want to talk about?

      • melgibstein says:

        He just doesnt know what “Jewish” is. Quite frankly that is what “Jewish” is.

      • Roy says:

        How do you know you have Jewish Blood? Do you have a hook in your nose? I dated a girl who thought she was Jewish. On the death of her “dad” she found out that she was adopted. So Jake…..how do you know you have Edomite/Caananite blood?

  2. son of esau says:

    talk about trannies mel

  3. Roy says:

    I like your “discourse” with Coughlin Mel. I wish all White people would think like you. Not sure if I shared this story here or not, but in my life, I had a girlfriend who we thought was Jewish, but later on discovered she was adopted (by Jews). So she was White through and through. I also had a girlfriend who I thought was White through and through and then later, discovered she had a Jew on her father’s side. According to the likes of Finck et., al., had I had a child with the first girl, they would have told me to abandon the woman and child, all the while I had a White woman and a white child.

    This is why it is so important to understand Race as it relates to Blood and not religion or assumption.

    I hope Coughlin writes back. I would like to see where the conversation is going. Coughlin may find that he is indeed pure White and this “jew” idea might simply be a myth.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Its a misnomer, Jews put you on the defense because we are lemmings who believe Jews are engaging in a debate with us to find the truth and they are not of the truth nor ever were. They dont give a damn about the truth unless it is in their favor to enforce a lie. Just ask them to define what Jew is (everyone) and then dont use it as something else.
    Also “antisemite” ask them if God was an antisemite, he hated Edom. They dont want you to draw attention to Edom. Then it starts to get hot in the oven for the Judeos and Jews.

  5. son of esau says:

    baphomet the androgynous demon mel . doth mine screen name pleaseth thee mel

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