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Interview With a Vampire or Two

Mel Gibson continues to slowly drip-drop details about plans to possibly make a sequel to his epic 2004 film, “The Passion of the Christ,” telling televangelist Joel Osteen that he’s been exploring some of the events that unfolded between the “crucifixion and the … Continue reading

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Our Kampf

This is your boy Trump, standing side by side with the biggest enemy known to mankind. When he says Israel he means the Jews! Folks when you keep Jews safe you put us in danger so which is he going … Continue reading

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The Swamp Thing

Mr Trump claims he is going to drain the swamp, but who is protecting him from the crocs (or gators) right now? Who did his children marry? How did Trump make all his money in this swamp that is so … Continue reading

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White Lives Matter in the Jew Welfare State

I wonder if Trump will speak about this (video below), maybe his Jewish in-laws will because we need Jews to be on both sides of everything because we white people aren’t as popular as Jews. We need Rebekah Roth, Jim … Continue reading

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