Hanoi Hannah and Her Sisters


Dragon Ladies

During the Vietnam War, she became famous among US soldiers for her propaganda broadcasts on Radio Hanoi. (There were actually several “Hanoi Hannahs”, but she was the senior and most frequently heard one.) She made three broadcasts a day, reading a list of the newly killed or imprisoned Americans, attempting to persuade US GIs that the US involvement in the Vietnam War was unjust and immoral, and playing popular US anti-war songs in an attempt to incite feelings of nostalgia and homesickness. Though she used the alias Thu Huong, (Vietnamese: “the fragrance of autumn”), the GIs usually called her “Hanoi Hannah” or “the Dragon Lady”. Few if any desertions are thought to have happened because of her propaganda work[3] and the soldiers “hooted at her scare tactics”,[2] but they were sometimes impressed when she mentioned the correct location of their unit (when they would “give a toast to her and throw our beer cans at the radio”) and named US casualties.[3] There were exaggerated legends of her omniscience, with rumors that she would give clues about everything from specific future North Vietnamese attacks to soldiers’ girlfriends cheating on them at home.[3] In reality, most of her information came from publications such as the US military newspaper, Stars and Stripes.[2][3]
Here is an excerpt from one of her broadcasts:
How are you, GI Joe? It seems to me that most of you are poorly informed about the going of the war, to say nothing about a correct explanation of your presence over here. Nothing is more confused than to be ordered into a war to die or to be maimed for life without the faintest idea of what’s going on.[4]




so I schtucked our daughter?

Hanoi Hannah was no more a propagandist than our media today and I also mean the internet shill websites that claim they are pro free speech like RBN, Rense (a flaming moron), Renegade Radio (I know they are not even worth mentioning), Texe Marrs, Hannity, Blowhard Jones, E Michael Jones, Mrs Jones, Bobby Jones (whoever), David Duke, The Ugly Truth, Stormfront etc. Not one of them is for free speech.

Some of you are saying RBN is free speech, no it aint folks. If you know their game you are out, Stadtmiller has been pretending he doesnt know who I am for 10 years and somehow knows not to take a call from me, you know why? Because he and all of these cowards are not men, they are either sold out, Jews or refuse to be corrected in anything and kind of learn as they go along in their media positions. That isnt truth and that isnt free speech and has nothing to do with trying to obtain truth.

I have always said if you cannot call someone and correct them on their hypocrisy they do not want to know their hypocrisy, they do not even want to hear what their hypocrisies are. Folks that isnt to our benefit it is to their benefit. Our benefit has to be truth.

So when the Jew Giu on Renegade Radio starts talking about something he read in a book understand his goal is not to give you wisdom or to correct hypocrisies, his goal is to keep you in delusion. Just as Hanoi Jane they have a purpose of their own to defeat you not to help you. How hard is that to understand?


By the way, anyone who wants to take me on any time, let me know. I’ll be there and I will allow all comers. The media is about control, we are either controlled or we take control period. Silence is golden to the Jews only.

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5 Responses to Hanoi Hannah and Her Sisters

  1. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Power to ya and I think your message is finding some traction. More and more people are seeing the hypocrisy and lies of these big mouths and calling them on it. No more blindfaith in these f*cktards. To counter, they’ve been turning up the volume on their dead message, as if they have anyone dumb enough or anyone who will lift a finger to do anything, except to write a blog comment. I’m with you. If I see any of these neo Hal Turners on the streets, they’re getting their ass kicked. Their big mouths are fueled by the protection of their mommie’s dresses. They’d never show up for a real fight. Hal Turner punched like a girl.

    • melgibstein says:

      The truth is when real truthers find the truth, most of them Ive noticed have already been in a position of putting their ass on the line for their country in some respect, will be the ones to defend the truth with their lives. That is what its going to take. The truth is there are lots and lots of pussies out there pretending to be all kinds of things above us, but the truth is nobody is above us if it isnt the truth! That means in warfare, that means in intelligence and that means in “balls”!

      Whatever your story is you have to be ready to give your life for the truth and that means taking out the lies and the liars with whatever means possible. Thats what this life is all about! Dont let anyone candy coat it (to you lemmings out there).

      People in the media given stories are always giving their lives for stupid things, but people dont give their lives for stupid things they give their lives fighting against lies (or their inability to debate them openly). Why would any honest person give their life for a lie? That is why this media has to be taken out and anyone else who doesnt engage in a free speech debate. That is what this will all come to.

      13 Muslims crashed planes into the WTC because they hated our freedoms. No Jews hate us. No Jews are contrary to mankind, no Jews are the synagogue of satan, no Jews moved into the Middle East and made it a war zone like everywhere else. I lived all over the ME and any Muslim could have killed me any time. Lets get back to the fundamentals. Odd how in every sport I have ever been in, swinging a baseball bat, a golf swing, throwing darts, shooting pool, fighting, throwing a football, shooting a basketball, when you get in a slump what do you do? You go back to the basics. Basics were given to us by years and years of our forefathers.

      Our basics have been eradicated by the media. Our media is our fathers now and not a damned person out there will raise a stink about it. Hannity and OReilly should be hanging by their toenails in Central Park. Why isnt anyone even upset? Because they have most of us believing the truth isnt worth fighting and or dying for. If the truth isnt worth fighting (physically) and dying for we are nothing but robots.

      The media wants us to see Tony Bagels Cavezza putting 2 slugs into Tommy Maloneys head and not Tommy Maloney putting Bagels Cavezza in a choke hold squealing like the pig he is. We have been pussified and we better turn it around the way it should be.

      Turner couldnt give me an answer on how he could be an FBI informant and pose as a US Marine during a time that pretending to be a US Marine was a crime. The truth is Turner wasnt a Marine he was a Jew just like this punk Reyvolt on RBN…………he can debate me if I am incorrect but he is a bonified pussy who backed out on me already and Stadtmiller loves him. Doesnt that tell all about RBN? RBN claims to be the “last bastion of free speech” truth is they are the last bastards of free speech. How can anyone back someone who backs out of a debate? They cant even attempt to debate thats how bad they are. Its ok because the longer they wait the more devastating it is going to be upon them when it does come (like Hannity and all the other Jew c*ck blockers). So as Merle Haggard used to say “talk on, talk on”.

  2. Ray Zerwitt says:

    If they’re not about truth, they’re about lies. If people can just overlook such hypocrisy and proceed to swallow their much words mountains of sophistical garbage, the they’re not about the truth either. They’re sowing the wind. Addicted to the sensation and titillation of their hormones by demagogues. Their scoffing is institutional.

    I’ve made it my hobby to check out what the loud speech (tirathite) section of their beast continually bashes. There’s gold I what they work so hard to hide. That’s brought me to the young lion and the adder of psalm 91. Is that Dan and Judah? When Dan and Judah were appointed to be the craftsmen on Solomon’s temple, they got their tuition paid to the wisdom school Job and Enoch founded. I just can’t see any such wisdom being breachable by any shallow pornographer rechabite. If the masons were infiltrated, it’s because the masons let themselves be infiltrated. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. They have that lizard on a leash. The secrets will be shouted from the rooftops. By who (or is it ‘whom’? )? By themselves! Proudly boasting of their sins and witnessing against themselves, when there otherwise would be no witnesses. That ties right in with their thinking they’re protected by their institutions and their institutionally indoctrinated mob, they think they’re so safe and insulated by. They’re the brainwashed ones. What a crafty stroke of genius by Dan and Judah, huh… YHVH hates a coward.

    • melgibstein says:

      Interesting, I always seem to leave Thyme out (not time out). I will have to include it with my cayenne shots when I have a sore throat, nothing else seems to work. Interesting that Thyme is often purple and starts with Thy like Tyre. It was probably related with Tyrian purple. Just a guess, but these words have to come from somewhere and interesting that this prefix is all over Europe for this plant.

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