The Iceman


Ever wonder where the word “ice” comes from? Such a simple word and so easy to pay no attention to. Most people, and I mean 99.9% of the people out there will have little to no interest in this little tidbit of a word that is really a key of opening up many many other words as I have demonstrated in several of my threads.

I want to go back to the word “sicario” which was also the title of a movie that was used in Melvin Gibson’s movie “Blood Father”. A sicario is a Mestizo hitman for the Jew controlled drug cartels which comes from the Hebrew word “sikrikim”, but this is just a derivative of a much deeper root word.

The Sikrikim or Sikarikim (Hebrew: סיקריקים) or Sicarii is a radical group of ultra-Orthodox Jews based mainly in the Israeli ultra-orthodox neighborhoods Meah Shearim in Jerusalem and in Ramat Beit Shemesh. The anti-Zionist group is thought to have roughly 100 activist members.[1] The Sikrikim gained international attention for acts of violence they committed against Orthodox Jewish institutions and individuals who would not comply with their demands.[2] The name “Sikrikim” comes from the Latin term Sicarii which was applied to a group of Jewish zealots who attacked Jews and Romans during the Roman conquest of Judea using concealed daggers, sicae in Latin.[3]


Im a mob hitman and cold as ice.

“Sickae” was not the Hebrew word for dagger or knife, it was “sakkiyn”. A big difference the i and the a make in this case. This word is without a doubt where we get words like “sickle” and “scythe”. In Gaelic the word for knife is “sgian” and it not only means knife, but also dagger.


Irish or Scottish Scian

Now if we get the word “scythe” from this word which is just another word for “sickle” basically couldnt this also be the same root as “Saka” and “Scythian”? Think about it.

Now where did we get the word “Saka”, Scythian” and “Saxon”? Many believe who are in Christian Identity that this word comes from “Isaacs sons”. I have to say at first I was very skeptical of this, but no longer.

There are probably millions of pictures of what kind of a knife Abraham had to sacrifice his son Isaac, some show him with a sword, some a small dagger, some a full sized knife, others believe it was a sharp stone, but whatever it was it without a doubt became known as an Isaac knife or “sakkiyn”and all of the European languages somehow also had the same root.


supposedly the original type

esus-sBack to the word “ice”, what do we call those dagger shaped ice formations that drip from our windows and roofs in the North? Icicles. What do those icicles look like (Isaacles) any guesses?


Is this word just a coincidence?

Isaachar seems to be a name the Jews nor anyone else is in agreement on, but as I showed in an earlier thread “sar” which can also be pronounced “car” means “war” which has the “kah” sound in it like Ja”kah”b, Mein Kah”mpf. Like Cathal in Gaelic pronounced “cah ah” , like the word for battle in Hebrew “mil “kah”ma”and ultimately connected with the name Mi”kah” el or Michael. Battle is often interchanged with “struggle”.

The names Issachar and Gad or “Kahd”(the Kahdites) were definitely associated with “battle” and nowhere does it say Issachar could also be related to Isaac which is pretty strange to me. It was most definitely related to Isaac and of war. Without looking into all the names of the 12 tribes, lets just take a quick look at Naphtali:

According to the Book of Genesis, Naphtali (/藞n忙ft蓹la瑟/; Hebrew: 谞址驻职转指旨诇执讬, Modern Naftali, Tiberian Nap虅t膩l卯; “my struggle”) was the sixth son of Jacob and second son with Bilhah. He was the founder of the Israelite Tribe of Naphtali.

Kind of boggles the mind, no?

Lets look at some Hollywood movies and other Jew places (Jews know where this word Isaac comes from). Jews were never put into slumber because they arent Israelites.
The Iceman the story of Richard Kuklinski, a hitman for the mob (sicario). How about in the movie “Goodfellas” the Jew Joe Peschi (Fish) kills Maury with an icepick. How about Mr Freeze created by Bob Kane born Robert Kahn of Eastern European Jewish descent (later starring the Jew Arnold Schwarzenegger)? Last but not least the Marvel Comic book hero “Iceman” created by Stan Lee born (drumroll please) Stanley Martin Lieber. Are these all coincidences? Opps almost forgot Vanilla Ice aka Robert Mathew Van Winkle (the whigger Jew)



Every Jews Hollywood hero, the Aske-Nazi Schwartzer.

You arent going to read this stuff anywhere else folks!

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12 Responses to The Iceman

  1. melgibstein says:

    New movie coming up

    David Schwimmer IS THE ICEMAN!

  2. melgibstein says:

    Never liked this “Red Ice Radio” they sort of popped into the anti Jew white movement with every so called pro white lightweight in the business. The Andy Anglin/David Duke tards not to mention the complete tard Jared Taylor who thinks Jews are white people too. This has to be a red ice jew network folks. The John De NuGent twots, who I have always thought was a Jew. Ive been in this biz for a long long time and if you are in the business of exposing Jews and you avoid me like the plague YOU ARE A JEW! They intertwine nicely with the Renegade dipshits who cant even take a phone call. They praise the movie Hellstorm which in the end makes all people “eeevil” equally. Total CRAP!

    Havent heard about this

    Blacks reaching out to whites on Jews?

      • melgibstein says:

        They’re Christians too like John Kerry..We always talk about Blacks as biological people which they are, but somehow we leave out the fact that Jews (another biological bastard people) arent white and still believe they are supposedly the race of Adam.
        We live with some seriously demented lemmings! Our so called white leaders are perpetuating these lies. They are the callers and the hosts of these propaganda non free speech call in shows wherever they are.

        Its like telling you termites will destroy your house except when they are actually destroying your house. Our Bible tells us all about Jews and then our churches tell us it isnt true. Well tell these churches to shove it up their controlled jewish arses.

  3. melgibstein says:

    The scythe is the older brother of the “sikkel”. How true? They even spelled the sickle with 2 k’s like sakkiyn.

    Isikkels, its just too simple folks, always right in your face and covered with sand.

    Here is a guy who studies scythes from Wales, he went to the Faroe Islands and studied the scythe, but what he probably did not see was the name of the place he visited “Saksun”. Its all Ive read of him so far, maybe later.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Turn on Fox News at prime time and all the Jews and their shills are talking about “National Security”. What is National Security? It is Goyim Security, Jews are not a nation nor do they belong to one. Jews do not give a damn about goy security they are the reason there is no security.

  5. Chris says:

    It would appear you have a “fan” over at reakiketribune.

    Axe of kikery.

    • melgibstein says:

      Yeah, which pussy is that? They erase all comments that prove they are dicks and hang up the phone. They praise Robert Reyvolt who ran like a little girl from me and then came back like a Jew as if nothing had happened (in the complete dick John Stadtmillers spot- the guy is a crock of dung and running from me for 10 years at least). I want to talk to him about his time in the ehhh Marines (Reyvolt) and where in the Bible it says Jesus came for the niggs he claims he is against. What he is against is God. How can anyone follow someone that runs from a debate?

  6. melgibstein says:

    I lived in Turkey for quite a while working on a government contract, if I only knew what I know now with the name meanings in Turkey that never changed from their original names like Ankara, a Celtic word relating to the Ank of Egyptian and Phoenician roots. In Cairo there is a place called Sakkara or Saqqara where some of the oldest structures ever built reside, the Saqqara pyramids.

    Then we have Sakarya in Northern Turkey, not far from Istanbul today. It has Saka and “Ya” in it and it isnt Jewish or Turkish. The name Sakarya is another form of Zachary in its modern English spelling.

    What does Zachary mean?
    Meaning of the name Zachary

    Zachary Pronunciation

    [ 3 syll. zac-ha-ry, za-ch-ary ] The baby boy name Zachary is also used as a girl name, but it is much more common for boys. It is pronounced as ZAEK-eriy- †. Zachary is used predominantly in the English language and its origin is Hebrew. The name’s meaning is Yahweh has remembered. A biblical name, it is derived from the elements ‘zakar’ meaning to remember ; ‘yahweh’ name of God. Sacharja (Hebrew), Zacchaeus (Aramaic), Zacharias (Old Greek), and Zechariah (Hebrew) are original forms of Zachary. The Hebrew form Zechariah was borne in the Old Testament of the Bible by several people, including one of the twelve minor prophets of Judah, who wrote a book named after him. In the New Testament, it was borne by John the Baptist’s father, who was for a period struck with dumbness for his disbelief in God’s word. The name Zachary was also borne by Pope Saint Zachary (-752). The name was adopted by English Puritans in the 17th century. In the USA, it was popularized by the twelfth President, Zachary Taylor (1784-1850), who was a military leader. In the Scottish Highlands, the name is used as an Anglicized version of the Gaelic Sgàire. The name Zaharina (Slavic) is the female version of Zachary.

    Its interesting that Zachariah is “Sgaire” in Gaelic just as “sgain” is sakkiyn in Gaelic no? Its a dead ringer!

    Zachary is a widely used name; it has 50 variants that are used in English and other languages. Variants used in English include Thackary, Xakery, Zaccary, Zaccery, Zacchary, Zacha, Zacharay, Zacharey, Zachariah (also used in Hebrew), Zacharyah, Zachrey, Zachury, Zackarey, Zackery, Zackey, Zackory, Zacky, Zakari, Zakarie, Zakary, Zakery, and Zechariah (also used in Hebrew). Other English forms include the short forms Zac, Zach (also used in Hebrew), Zack, and Zak (also used in Hebrew), the diminutive forms Zackie and Zeke (also used in Hebrew), and the variant spellings Xackery, Zacary, Zachery, Zachory, and Zackary.

    Foreign variants of Zachary include Sachairi (Gaelic and Scottish), Sachar (Russian), Sacharija (Russian), Sacharja (German), Sakari (Finnish), Sakarias (Scandinavian), Sakarja (Scandinavian), Sakeri (Scandinavian), Zacarias (Spanish), Zaccaria (Italian), Zacharia (German), Zacharias (German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, and Portuguese), Zacharie (French), Zakariyya (Arabic), Zakhar (Russian), Zako (Hungarian), and Zakris (Scandinavian).

    See also the related form, Jahwe (German).

    Wheres my “well well well video?

    Did all of these white countries take Jewish names? Its not possible folks.

    Isaac, the name seems to go back even farther into white history than I thought, but it is without a doubt white history and not Jew history. If this name is related to Jahwe or YHWH it means “his people” or “his offspring” and if you read the Bible his offspring can only be one people and not all people (and never the jews).

    Jews tell us the meanings of Hebrew names just like they have changed the meanings of Gaelic names, it all has to be rediscovered.

    The common lemming has no clue how valuable this is because they are overpowered by jew propaganda, they can never break out of the Walter Mitty world they are enslaved to. Why, because they do not seek the truth, therefore they dont get it, its that simple.

    Interesting tidbit about the letter Z

    The Semitic symbol was the seventh letter, named zayin which meant “weapon” or “sword”. It represented either the sound /z/ as in English and French, or possibly more like /dz/ (as in Italian zeta, zero).

    The Etruscan letter Z was derived from the Phoenician alphabet, most probably through the Greek alphabet used in the island of Ischia. In Etruscan, this letter may have represented /ts/.

    Theres something there.

  7. melgibstein says:

    For years I have listened to the nonsense of Germany being called Judah who also happened to call themselves Saxons or Saka. The Scots and Irish also come from the Saka aka Scythians so why would Iceland claim they are Benjamin? I dont believe they ever did I believe Iceland is more associated to Isaac than it is so called “ice” which I believe comes from the name Isaac. Saka, Scythians, Saxons and “the land of Ice” are the same things.
    Romans 9:7
    Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children: but, In Isaac shall thy seed be called (not Judah). Germany is a geographic location that was inhabited by Celts before Germans even got there, this Judah Germany thing was going on when the British Israelite Jews were claiming the British were the Saxons when in fact the British were Celts a thousand years before the Saxons or so called Germans got there.

    Iceland has nothing to do with ice.
    Irish monastic saint Brendan ‘the navigator’ is said to have visited the country in the 6th century, long before the Norse settlers arrived, where he met the anchorite Póll (or Paul), who had lived in the country for 60 years, or so the story goes.

    Ægir wrote that St. Brendan was so touched by meeting Póll on Easter Sunday and hearing his stories of the beautiful country that he dropped to his knees, declared the country to be holy and named it after his lord and savior Jesus, or Ís(s)u in old Gaelic.

    To support this theory, Ægir explains that in many other languages, like French and German, the name for Iceland doesn’t have anything to do with ice and cold but is called Islande and Island (as opposed to Pays de Glace and Eisland).

    Or maybe it was Isaac land. A huge problem with this is Brendan wasnt a Catholic, Catholics made him into a Catholic, he was a Celt who had nothing to do with the Roman church nor did Patrick. Rome claims Finnian (like Phoenician) copied Catholic books and became a catholic, but the truth is Rome didnt bring Christianity to Ireland they brought Catholicism to Ireland (huge difference). They call Finnian and Brendan “Celtic saints”, but the truth is they were never in the Catholic church they were of the Celtic so called church (congregation) a word the Romans took from the Celtic “ch” to “k” form of “kirk”. Why would the Catholic church call itself the Cathal (like) or “Qahal” (called out ones) a church? Both of these words come from Qahal or “kaleo” in the Greek (Cathal and kirk). So why use both words? It is either the called out ones as it was intended or it is babel.

    The Celtic word for the Qahal was “Cathal” and Rome had no such word.

    wikipedia- The Gaelic name has several Anglicised forms, such as Cathal,[2] Cathel,[3] Cahal, Cahill and Kathel.[4] It has also been Anglicised as Charles,[4] although this name is of an entirely different origin as it is derived from a Germanic element, karl, meaning “free man”.[5]

    Cahal and Qahal (call) means “the called out ones” If you are Qahal like it makes you a cahalic or qahalic, the “th” is often silent in Gaelic. This word was stolen just like the word “nation” and so many others and redefined by obvious looters. I seriously doubt that Finnian of Clonard, Brendans teacher knew anything at all of the Roman catholic church, but you can bet he knew of Andrew, James, Paul and the so called British apostle

    They claim he was a Catholic saint who was kilt by British pagans (Celts) who were unable to handle the truth without Romans teaching them properly. Look at the Roman church now, they arent even white people anymore. You see those savage Celts were out of the Gates of Gibralter 2000 years before the Romans, but somehow they were savages? No folks they didnt expect such liars to invade their lands. The question is “Why would the Roman Catholic church make the assertion that Aristobulus was killed in Britain if they really dont know?” Who was the Catholic that reported this?

  8. melgibstein says:

    More from jew wiki:
    Orthodox tradition say he was the brother of the Apostle Barnabas, of Jewish Judah Cypriot origin, and like Barnabas accompanied Saint Paul on his journeys.[4] He was one of the assistants of Saint Andrew,[5] along with Urban of Macedonia, Stachys, Ampliatus, Apelles of Heraklion and Narcissus of Athens. On his missionary journey to Britain, he stopped to preach to the Celtiberians of northern Hispania.[5] Catholic tradition identifies Aristobulus with Zebedee, father of James and John.[6]

    I take it Paul was a Catholic Pope then. Its just so ridiculous folks.

    Saint Andrew? Do they mean the Andrew who became the patron saint of Scotland? Well burl me wilkes! Leave me alane!

    I wonder if wiki can tell us what “Jewish” is. Leaving without tipping is probably the best definition.

    He stopped off in Iberia to preach to the Celtiberians (duuuh same people). Guess what they didnt kill him either.

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