Blood Father


Trailer Trash Alky Antisemite

Many eery similarities to the Bible in this movie mixed with the worst trash talking, race mixing, pro Mexican gang slime I have ever seen. To put this young white girl in this movie and have her talk like a ghetto Jew is just more slime on top of all the other Hollywood slime. It’s very similar to my “Dadah is Death” thread regarding a young white girl caught



up in a world of slime which we allowed to happen right here in our own country (nation). In this case however she is caught up with beaners. What he tries to tell his daughter about straightening up was similar to what I said to Genny, but it was like talking to a wall, she was already gone. Truth is once it gets in it doesn’t come out, their souls are empty. It happens because we did nothing and we pretended that everything would be just fine because our jew controlled institutions told us so. Well it isn’t!

The really strange parts of this movie is that it makes some knowingly or unknowingly gestures toward Christian Identity principles in a kind of odd way. Melvin’s daughter in the movie who is very easily a pure Irish girl (White) says that Eve wasn’t White. What kind of comment is that? Was this girl taught Eve wasnt White in real life too? Melvin doesn’t respond to her assertion, although he did bring up the fact that Eve picked an apple off a tree so she couldn’t have been white because whites don’t pick fruit at all, not now not ever! You have to imaerrgesadmit that is some stretch, in fact I saw Gilligan picking coconuts for Ginger several times in Talmud land.

Melvin meets up with an old friend whom he did time in jail for, a Nazi/Confederate Rebel who owes him a dveal! Of course this Nazi Southerner is made out to be a loser and it appears that one of his patches on the wall is a Jew star. Is Melvin referring to our Frank Collin Nazi Stormfront crew here?

The eery parts of this movie are the constant Bible themes popping up along with the filthy language. It starts off with the Icon eye that Melvin used to use for Icon Productions except in this movie it isn’t Mary it is his daughter in the movie “Lydia”. Lydia is said to be one of the first converts in Europe in the Bible only Israelites are not “converted” she was “redeemed”. To claim she was the first “European” to be converted and leave out the Phoenicians who named it is an entirely different story. We’ll get back to that one some day.

It appears Melvin, a tattoo artist in the movie has a tattoo of Mary on his shoulder, what this was done for is anyone’s guess. It seems like Melvin is doing what he always does in all his movies, put out a little truth and then bury it in a rabbit hole. You don’t see the Jews early in the credits, but they are all over it as usual.


He shed his blood for everyone? A Father takes care of his children, not everyone.



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20 Responses to Blood Father

  1. Roy says:

    Hey Mel….

    Did you call into Dennis Fetcho’s show earlier this month? August 6th I think. Fetch’s guest was John Kaminski. Was that you that called in?

    • melgibstein says:

      yep, Ive known Fetch since he was a baby. Many of these radio hosts that are Jew savvy now I knew 20 years ago. Fetch just has an obvious reason why he cant get biblical, he probably likes foreign women because Jews have corrupted ours.

      • Roy says:

        I appreciate you trying. Kaminiski really pisses me off. Why can’t he just leave it alone; or have some respect for our race and allow a man who believes in Israel Identity to offer a counter argument if one is going to make the claim that the Jews are Israelites; or that the Israelites didn’t even exist in History. Same with Renegade. Fine…….Renegade doesn’t like Christianity. No problem. But leave it the hell alone. Or…….allow someone from the Israelite Identity community to offer their opinion.

        White Unity??? Bullshit. These people don’t want white unity. I’m not sure who I would fear more in an uncivilized world — the Jew or my fellow man.

        Btw…………has Fetch ever offered you to be his guest and lay out an argument for CI?

    • melgibstein says:

      Fetch knows me from Liberty Forum years ago, the only anti Jew forum on the internet back then chock full of well known people today. It was probably the fairest forum which led into Nolajbs when Liberty Jews found out they couldnt win.
      Fetch liked me as long as I kept Christianity out of the discussion, I never hated him for his beliefs and would have joined with him against the Jews, but little did I know he would not do the same for me (at least I dont think he would).
      People like Fetch have made the Bible Jewish so they can hate it equally as they hate the Jews and why he teams up with Kaminski is because Kaminski also hates the Bible. I am sure Fetch and I would have tons to talk about Liberty Forum alone, but he thinks Im damaged goods or I am trying to be a Jew or something. It is so corrupted and the truth is these folks dont know what the truth is, they say one thing one instant and the opposite the next. We are supposed to seek the truth and not be a hypocrite. Truth is the only people who dont want me on their radio shows are people who know they cant trip me up. Talk show hosts dont like to hear they are wrong, but if they arent told how do they find out? They don’t want to find out.
      I say what I think about Fetch and he probably hates me for it, but if someone told me my inconsistencies I would use it to get the truth. I love finding out what I believe is false because it leads me to more truth. Who has not been brainwashed in one way or another? I dont hate the brain washee’s I hate the brain washers and when you have a radio show not allowing yourself to be corrected you become a brain washer.

      I agree with the fighter Conor McGregor “You win or you learn”. That is the key to all truth and without getting into a fight you lose altogether.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Here is a good example on how Christians (Judeo Christians) are totally befuddled. Just ask a Judeo Christian to read this and they wont see anything wrong.

    From Wikipedia:
    Lydia was most likely a Greek even though she lived in a Roman settlement.[3] She was evidently a well-to-do agent of a purple-dye firm in Thyatira, a city southeast of Pergamum and approximately 40 miles inland, across the Aegean Sea from Athens. Lydia insisted on giving hospitality to Saint Paul and his companions in Philippi. They stayed with her until their departure, through Amphipolis and Apollonia, to Thessalonica (Acts 16:40-17:1).

    Paul, Silas, and Timothy were traveling through the region of Philippi when they encounter “a reputable businesswoman and possibly a widow… [who] was a righteous Gentile or ‘God-fearer’ attracted to Judaism”.[4] “[S]he was one of a large group [considered]…sympathizers with Judaism, believers in the one God, but who had not yet become ‘proselytes’ or taken the final step to conversion to Judaism”.[5]

    Because these encounters and events take place “in what is now Europe,” Lydia is considered “the first ‘European’ Christian convert”.[6]
    This is the crap our Judeo pastors and priests are teaching in the churches, that Paul spread “Judaism” to “non Jews” and “converted” them to become “Jews”. Was Paul a Jew Pope or a Catholic Pope again? He wasnt a Pope at all (Uhhh I’m not a witch a’tall). Why arent people raising hell about their history being corrupted? Because they never raise hell about their history being corrupted, they are scared to death of the Jews and being called an Aunti Semite.

    Jews believe in one God? Jesus (Yashua) said their father was the devil, how do Jews serve two masters?
    Folks you gotta wake up!

  3. melgibstein says:

    The only way to really discover the meaning of Thyatira is to look at the history of the city and see how it was named at the beginning. In doing this, we find that Jezebel’s home town of Tyre has much to do with the founding of the city of Thyatira. In fact, it would appear that Thyatira was meant to be a second Tyre after its destruction by Alexander the Great.
    ~I looked for this and I found it, but had to go through a dozen BS stories on how Phoenicians could never have been there. Purple Dye? Jezebel? ThyaTIRA? no folks the Phoenicians were all over this place not “ancient Greeks”. Whenever you see the word “ancient Greeks” they are Phoenicians aka “the Northern Tribes” where Jesus went to the lost sheep of the HOUSE of Israel (Lebanon or Phoenicia). Its in your face folks!

    Lydia was not converted, Lydia was redeemed. Can you imagine this scenario? Jews (as in Alan Dershowitz and Adam Sandler) go to Europe and tell people another Jew died for non Jews on the cross so they could be the NEW covenant people? Folks it’s lunacy.

    This is almost as good as Augustine being Black because he was Phoenician.

    St. Augustine on Punic Language and Literature

    In the Phoenician Punic colonies, espeically around Carthage, the Phoenician language survived till the 5th century and was spoken by people in the rural areas. Saint Augustine knew the language and was well acquainted with Punic literary. He wrote “… there was a great deal of virtue and wisdom in the Punic books”. Further, a pagan grammarian named Maximus once wrote to him a hostile letter in which he mocked at the Punic names of some Christian martyrs, and in his reply Augustine rebukes him for having thrown ridicule at the Punic language which he describes as “our own tongue”. Pssst that means Latin too! No, he was not black folks, but its a great diversion, almost as good as the black hebrews nonsense.

    You think they just made him white in this one

    Arabic in this one

    and Black in that one so we werent called “racists”?

    In those days they knew who Adam kind and Israel was just by looking at them. Why would it be any different today? The only difference is we have a bunch of lying preachers and a bunch of gullible listeners who dont verify anything.

    Read more: Saint Augustine of Hippo, Phoenician Punic

  4. Louis says:

    Augustine would be naked and crap in a stream where he drinks out of, if he was black.
    I have no regrets, i have been choking jew necks since 1969 and i had no friends. I told anyone near me that jews knew the twin towers where going to get attacked within one hour of it happening, and i did not even have a computer back then. No white fuck would listen, only shake their head in denial.

    • melgibstein says:

      They say this woman Lydia had her heart opened up to the truth by God himself. I believe he did the same for the people who know the truth about 9/11 and it is a call to seek more truth. Getting the truth is a gift and it only comes because you hate the lies. They say hatred is bad, but how can hatred of lies be bad? Hatred of lies is bringing out the truth………and what is the truth? Where does the truth come from, the Jews?

  5. melgibstein says:

    Another word I am sure Melvin intentionally brought into the movie is “Sicario”. A Mexican sicario is a hitman for the Jew cartels.

    The Sikrikim or Sikarikim (Hebrew: סיקריקים) or Sicarii is a radical group of ultra-Orthodox Jews based mainly in the Israeli ultra-orthodox neighborhoods Meah Shearim in Jerusalem and in Ramat Beit Shemesh. The anti-Zionist group is thought to have roughly 100 activist members.[1] The Sikrikim gained international attention for acts of violence they committed against Orthodox Jewish institutions and individuals who would not comply with their demands.[2] The name “Sikrikim” comes from the Latin term Sicarii which was applied to a group of Jewish zealots who attacked Jews and Romans during the Roman conquest of Judea using concealed daggers, sicae in Latin.[3]

    Jews stole the word and passed it on to Mestizo’s.

    dagger is chereb in Hebrew (again the Kah sounding). Dagger in Latin is “sica” so we can see the resemblance in Latin and Hebrew once again. Knife in Scots Gaelic (a dagger is also a knife, see how we get fooled?) “sgian” (there were no vowels folks) “scian” in Irish Gaelic.

    Proverbs 23 And put H7760 a knife H7915 to thy throat, H3930 if thou be a man given H1167 to appetite. H5315

    knife- sakkiyn

    Folks its a dead match!

    What do you think Ray? Were the Celts copying the Jews or were the Jews copying the Celts or were the Jews copying the Hebrews? 2 of them are correct.

    Jews have to make up stories to thwart these truths and they do it every time (meaning their Orthodox Jewish trash stories).

    A sicario is a Jew Mack the Knife. This is where many people believe Kelt or Celtic derives from a knife, but it isnt a knife it is a method of war “like Mike (Michael)”.

    This may very well be associated with Isaac and the Saka (Scythians). How was Abraham going to kill his son Isaac? With a sakkiyn, called a ma’akeleth before this act and other words such as “Chereb” like the cherubim (guardians) or seraphs. These words are all over our white languages right in front of our eyes.

    The Academia Professors of Linguistics dont see it, the History Professors dont see anything but Jew subverted history (the slave trade e.g.), the FBI doesnt see the Jews in the drug trade, the Judeo priests and pastors see that Israel (the 12 tribes) was lost but not found, Hollywood see’s the BS Holocaust, the talking head sellouts have never seen a Jew lie in their lives…….. folks this is the way!

  6. Ray Zerwitt says:

    The jews were copying the celts and Hebrews and anyone else who mattered, just like internet blogs. The Christian pastors of the 30’s 40’s 50’s and 60’s were the trailblazing pioneers of this truth movement. Atheist morons like Dr William Pierce took it and repackaged it with their moronic slant. There’s nothing there Dr Wesley Swift didn’t already cover. When the toothpaste is out of the tube, they hijack the toothpaste and direct the potential into their signature vicious cycle of idiocy. Straining at gnats out there after swallowing the camel. They piss me off out of my f&**ng gourd. And they get up to the black magic psycho tricks too. For me, the verdict is in: This internet dissident truth movement is totally jewed. The legitimate ones crash and burn when they believe they can make a dent in the neoprene rubber heads of such idiots. Every dog returns to it’s vomit. Don’t put any trust in those bozos.

    Here’s an example of their hypocrisy, so right in your face it should be an insult.
    These atheists jump up and down with their little erections over entropy eventually taking over the universe and turning it into one big blob with no distinctions at all. So, who can believe such a liar when they claim to be about preserving any white race? And then John Kaminsky relies on Christian ethics, that we don’t beat the shit out of pussies like him, even while he bashes and blasphemes it in childish ignorance. He better be staying off any street I’m on. I’ll give him a taste of his unchristian world. I hate these fuckers with every fiber of my being.

  7. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Turning the other cheek is about a slap from your NEIGHBOR! Your neighbor is your racial kinsman. pussies like JB Campbell can’t take a slap like a man. In their vain narcissism, they’d answer a little slap with a bazooka. Those tards would get 10 innocent people killed for every 1 that truly deserves it, and they’d call that a good deal. Are we seeing subtle lying jews yet?

  8. Ray Zerwitt says:


    Remember the neoprene rubber dummies in marine boot camp? Can’t make a dent.

    • melgibstein says:

      I may have been in earlier than you. I remember one dummy I had to practice bayoneting and sayin “yaaaah”. You had to be “motivated” into bayoneting a dummy. I guess we already determined it was an antisemite of some kind.

  9. Ray Zerwitt says:

    When they see you doing something perfectly stupid, like polishing already polished brass with more fervor when they look over, they say “He’s our boy”.

    • melgibstein says:

      The guy I was on guard duty with (a porch monkey) got caught smoking and just before he got caught I too was smoking so I had to keep my honor and say I was smoking too even though I didnt get caught. I was doing mountain climbers and bends and thrusts 20 minutes before everyone else even got out of their racks with a pool of sweat so I didnt worry about polishing brass or shining my hershey bar boots because I was going to “pay” anyway. I used to always think, this is going to make me stronger and I will see these DI’s later on and change the score which I did in front of the whole bar in San Clemente (a long way from PI). Still waiting to see the others I didnt like.

  10. Ray Zerwitt says:

    I got out in 85. It wasn’t pure neoprene rubber, it was foamy. But you couldn’t stick your bayonet in an inch, with a running start, the stuff was so tough. I always liked bashing it’s head in with the rifle butt and looking over at SSgt Drill instructor Mason, like that was what I would like to be doing to HIM. I think they tagged me with the scarlett letter of “attitude”. I got picked on everywhere I went and my anally impeccable locker never made a difference.

    • melgibstein says:

      Yeah I had you for several years, probably the same dummy though. Funny I remember not being able to penetrate it like i expected too. I remember the stupid pictures they took in the yearbooks during that time, young men growling at that dummy as if they hated it. I would rather it have been a Jew.

  11. melgibstein says:

    The #1 so called white nationalist is “the monkey boy” Andy Anglin, he calls Jews Hebrews. This is David Dukes chosen to hand his drying up baton to. Those boys are goin down! Within 2 years they are going to be the laughing stock of all white movements. They will be begging to come back into the movement just like any crypto Jew. Lucky Duke has his Senate run or he would have to be down here with us white folks showing us how little he really knows.

    The whole thing is a show! Paid gatekeepers, not to keep you out, but to keep you in (too damned late). I wouldnt trust Duke, Black or Anglin any more than I would a Jew.

  12. melgibstein says:

    Beatrice Verhoeven | September 26, 2016 @ 7:33 AM
    greg shapiro IM Global

    Getty Images

    Oscar-winning producer Greg Shapiro has joined IM Global as president of feature film production, the company’s founder and CEO Stuart Ford announced Monday.

    Shapiro will oversee all feature film production and financing activity. The indie studio is a partner on upcoming projects like “Hacksaw Ridge” from director Mel Gibson and Martin Scorsese‘s “Silence.”

    Shapiro executive produced “Zero Dark Thirty” and produced “The Hurt Locker,” which earned him an Academy Award when it won Best Picture in 2010. More recently, Shapiro produced “Child 44,” starring Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace, as well as James Gray‘s “The Immigrant,” starring Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner.

  13. melgibstein says:

    Genny died last month, she was 24. Havent heard the cause of death yet, have not heard and not posted in the obituary, but can pretty much figure out why. Its because our so called leaders let savages and drugs into our country illegally and we do nothing.
    The opioid epidemic is quiet as a mouse where I live and probably one of the hardest his places in America. The local Sheriff doesnt utter a word about it nor our cowardly traitor talk show host (one in the entire county). What they are doing is trying to slow it down so that nobody notices it leave just as they didnt notice it coming, but the truth is our law enforcement is paid off. Another young white girl sacrificed at the Jew temple and the lemmings scatter making sure they arent the next victim of “antisemitism”.

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