The Professor and the Madman


Sounds like a dveal!

Mel Gibson, Sean Penn to star in “The Professor and the Madman”

Mel Gibson is starring in “The Professor and the Madman” about the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary. Sean Penn is in talks to come aboard.

Gibson is also producing the film nearly two decades after he acquired the movie rights to the Simon Winchester book. Farhad Safinia will direct the drama with plans to start shooting in September in Europe.

The script was originally penned by Todd Komarnicki and John Boorman with Safinia rewriting. Safinia previously wrote “Apocalypto,” which Gibson’s Icon produced and Gibson directed.

Bruce Davey of Icon will produce. Voltage Pictures will handle worldwide distribution rights for the picture and plans to start selling territories at the Toronto Intl. Film Festival.

Gibson plays professor James Murray, who began compiling the OED in 1857 and led the overseeing committee. Penn would portray Dr. William Chester Minor, who submitted more than 10,000 entries while he was an inmate at an asylum for the criminally insane.

~ Sean Penn is free now, back from Bolivia, he saved the Jewish flooring salesman of

Sean saving Yanky's life in Bolivia.

Sean saving Yanky’s life in Bolivia.

Brooklyn, NY  from a 26 million dollar “rice deal”.


Unfortunately some of those “rice” dealers were also “coca” dealers uh oh!

Someone might bomb me!

Someone might bomb me!


Marky Mark Wahlberg and Sean Penn received the honorable menorah for kidnapping Yanky Ostreicher from Bolivia and flying him home (not the jew welfare state- Brooklyn). The media didn’t see any reason to do a full story on this one.

Marky Mark is 4 foot tall and an ex Marine in his latest movie.

Marky Mark is 4 foot tall and an ex Marine in his latest movie.


Mel Gibson is playing the Professor and Penn is playing the madman, we wouldn’t want to make Mel into someone any more mad than he already is. Mel went on an “antisemitic” tirade against the so called Jews, but he is reformed now.

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10 Responses to The Professor and the Madman

  1. melgibstein says:

    Its still here Hogorina and Im not here for popularity. When the stampede learns the truth I’ll have to run for cover anyway.

    I see you’re back though. It shows you anyone is free to comment. Go ahead and ask me how I know it is “Hogorina”?

  2. melgibstein says:

    This is a free speech forum unless you are a Jew, your time is up if you’re a Jew with me.

  3. melgibstein says:

    The way I feel about it is, let the lemmings and Jews do what they do and I will do what I have to do (and to the end)!

  4. melgibstein says:

    There are more than one world, there is the Jew world with its lemmings and proselytes and then there is truth. Those two worlds can never be intermingled, one is theirs and the other is mine. I cant control their world I can only control my own and help as many of my own people as possible. I am beyond going back to that jew world ever again. There is a fine line of helping someone and someone helping themself, they all have spirits and if they condemn their own spirit there is little I can do.


    For years I have warned many times, as to the set up of the City/County management system. The cost of exposing this sort of imposed imported political machinery is of native origin. The cost was approximately $9000. Having met with every top official in a particular City/County network; charts and graphs were backed-up nothing but the truth. No local attorney nor out of state lawyer would touch on the exposure among a nest of political gangsters. Hell hath no greater fury, than to have some corrupt political operation exposed. I still maintain that this so-called assortment of spoon-fed masters of criminality, act upon the principles as sat fourth and mandated through the Communist Party USA.
    This national movement is falling in line with fellow travelers within all fifty-states. This movement is the cancer trolling through the minds of ignorant tax-payers nationwide. Through unregulated property taxes the middle-class is doomed. The property accumulated is sold to China and Middle Eastern states. This ruling class of maggots operate the tourist industry nationwide. Tax, tax, tax—-and a nation falls by the wayside. Even a superior Court Judge would listen to me. But………..his hands were tied; but he is an honest man.

  6. Ray Zerwitt says:

    That’s an impressive summation of things, but how ’bout the governing dynamics? It’s straining at gnats after swallowing the camel.

  7. landscape108 says:

    The warthog reminds us of the many political hogs waiting for the proper moment, to ambush the federal reserve, in looking out for the little piggies, awaiting a shot at honest tax payer’s monies. Yes, politicians are one hog on another. For the most, just plain liars, with no conscious. Collectively, nothing but loose hounds in raiding out houses, usually constructed nearest all public podiums, where gluttonous mobs enjoy some relief from entitled hoodlums, gassing for the most, in the cause liberalism. Nothing but professional gobble de gooks. Listening to one of these dirt bags is like hearing a nest of hogs slopping in their troughs.
    We need to put the warthog’s picture on a three dollar bill in demonstrating how far this country has been leveled from a pseudo Republican/Democratic system, into a grab all, for the social engineering experts, who have never did an honest day’s work in their worthless lives

    The hard working class of people are fed up with packs of professional liberals from all walks of life, of whom love to sycophant among themselves, as a little more eaten up with Karl Marx’s works, with his fellow travelers lounging near their alter ego political assets, in lining the halls of Congress, looking for a hand out, in promoting revolutionary activities, through numbers of alien religious philosophies, setting up house amongst questionable conditions. America is being subdued through the alien encroachment of professionally trained Communist infilterators. Many have doctorates in theology. Tens of podiums are in the hands of these pro-LENIN/TROTSKYITES, being financed by the national tax payer. Reds in pulpits are some what a veneer to those who do not comprehend a STALINITE, in appealing to emotionally filled houses of hungry mobs. We call them drive-by pulpit pounders.

    For sure, there are millions of light posts strewn through out America. Light posts could possibly save tax payers much money, if a proper use is made for them rather than lighting. Political whoredom’s ties with the commie run influence through every thread of state must be quelled. Traitors should be dealt with swiftly.
    Absolutely, socialism is a masterful stroke for universal financiers drive to level American independence, through an artificially designed Republic. With out free speech, man is nothing. However, mobs become inarticulate, when spoon fed the new gospel of feeding, at the trough of a paternalistic government. When in office political whores see nothing, know nothing and hear nothing, then liberty has dwindled and the death of a state is lain to rest.

  8. landscape108 says:

    Future on Hold
    With great pleasure in regards to this contemporary generation, one must not past muster respecting our deceased militants against Marxist Red cells well entrenched within the highest echelons of the State, a network of trained Soviet revolutionaries struggling for a future worker’s/ peasent’s collectivation, in the withering away of the state. So far, the struggle against incipient socialism under the guise of communism; in furthering Bolshevism, has developed a dictatorial political machine SPREADING SOCIALIST MANURE. This organ OF LEGALIZED HEGONISTICAL SELF INDUCED IMPUNITY HAS infilterated LIBERALISED MUD SLAPPERS INTO pro-Red totterings; AS SUCH liberals are enemies of the state. Apparently, these sorted gangs, collectively, follow that path, unconsciously, with selfless love for political slavery, in furthering universal scientific socialism. The ever expanding ANTI-SOCIALIST system under the umbrella of the, ” CITY-COUNTY MANAGEMENT ” operation.

    Nevertheless, contemporary descendants of poliical gangsterism in years past are coming out of the wood work of all fifty states. WE should remember at least three outstanding political deviatators / beneficiaries, of pro-Red TOTEMISM, whom played a major influence in the apparent political design to wrestle our Western civilization into the occidental collectivists of eastern world nationalistic despotism. This new world reorganization is to be composed of what I.V. Lenin normalizes AS A universal Worker’s-Peasent’S regimentation of global revolutionaries, being inspired with the economic theory of Dialectical Materialism. Karl Marx was V.I. Lenin’s alter ego, THROUGH the latter eighteen hundreds in coordination with emigres and locals, in establishing Bolshevism In the latter years. Russia became Soviet Russia. All-in-all, Soviet is the invisible fly in the ointment; and no simile, holding a heavy-hand over the United Nations Organization; Implanted Red revolutionaries has coined our pseudo democracy into a Disunited States of America. Without further ado, we bring to light Harry Solomon Truman, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin. This trio so lawfully served masters from behind a cutain, in creating in part, to our nation’s self-destruct through working hand-in-glove through alien influences, that now control our pseudo Democratic-Republican in functioning openly, in the hands of the Federal Reserve via cooporate rule and Wall Street.

    Fredrick Engels, a London industrialists, was Karl Marx’s ideological companion, in laying out socialism in the Western hemisphere, was a master in wrecking the family relationship as an institution supporting a pure capitalistic system based upon individual entrepreneurship under a Constitution. Obviously, this is where our supposed once free capitalism rested its basis.

    sbeinf scaled down in truncating into an ever flowing sewer of Red revolutionaries now nesting in all levels of national governmt-specifically Wall Street.The family institution, of elite social standing has been railoaded into liberalism’s circle to hold to their wealth.
    The weak-minded middle class liberals have degenerated into mid-stream political postitution. Naturally, this anti-social perception aided in swallowing up political inneptness, while deciding what buoy of politcal option, left or right, in trying to maintain an idle existence to survive a well-planned global depression. Since 1945 to the present era the State Department had been laboring in alliance with a Red tinged Stock exchange and treasury Dep,. to further the political, social, and culture perspectives of universal socialism, while being blinded by the politically misled into social engineering renegades, of whom have reordered America into a well planned police state.

    America has a Third Rail social movement built in Congress. This artificial system of communist emancipation allies its self with Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg, Va. address. The Communist Manifesto is home-made aside this politician’s rambling speech to hoards of inarticulate beings inability to comprehend man’s rightful life through Divine intervention. No government on earth has ever given a nation of mankind any rights. Governments give privileges. Under implanted Eastern world ideological fundamentalism, Asian despots use the iron law of rule through open fear. As before mentioned, we must remember that Truman, Churchill and Stalin’s theory of one-world rule through a global machine held in place by the so-called people’s- worker’s rule is just a myth, evolving from the depths of Jewish-gentile financial interests under ancient Esau’s diabolical scheme to influence the driving force THROUGH masters of deception, now well ingrained into both political parties of invisability. has created two divided nations of which at this very moment Congress is serving DOUBLE masters. One is of Beezlebub and his family of devils and the other international Bolshevism. We can think the three musketeers of past political prostitution of which has it’s fangs right into our national throat of a two-party leadership in the hands of oriental occidentalism with the aid of the Soviet Union.Originally, America’s decline into the net of post socialism had a jump-start bginning with The Late woodrow Wilson-Franklin Rosevelt-Harry Solomon Truman, Winston Churchill and Joseph stalin, This republic’s gradual decline into a one-party rule is cancer-like expansion through the World Bank-The International Monetary fund- Federal Reserve-Wall Street-collectivised coorporate potinates-The State Dept-The national Lawyer’s guild-The council of Foreign Relations; None of these mentioned structures are free from alien spies and some sort of counterfeit operation that will eventually destruct a once free nation in furling old glory and the pall-bearing of our Declaration of Independence. Thomas Paine in collaboration with George Washington spouted: when mankind perpetually declare that have absolutely freedom, then mental slavery is in full measure. God help our commie inspired country. Our First choice is to bow down to the God of INCIPIENT SOCIALISM.

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