Dadah Is Death


Race Mixing is Death too it is just Jew created death of the white race- period

I want to tell you another story about a young beautiful girl, Genny. This isn’t a made for TV story like the made for television “heroin addict story” you saw on Girls Interrupted part one. This is real time true life happening right now in my town.




My career was interrupted several years ago when I started talking about Jews, my clearance was canceled in the middle of a job overseas where I was one of the leading people on the job making money hand over fist. I was living the life of a king in several countries around the world until I opened my BIG MOUTH as Ralph Kramden used to say, about Jews of course (me I mean). Once that hit my FBI report it was all over for Mel Gibstein as far as the big money goes, which is how I met Genny, the subject of this thread.




Back in the states the jobs I used to work have been totally taken over by Mehicans and I refuse to work with them, they hate me and they will do a lot more for money than I would ever do including run when the boss calls them. That didn’t fly with me so I had to find something new, one of those new things was driving a cab. Part of my job driving a cab was to pick up drug addicts and bring them to the morphine clinic or whatever meds the the pill mill Jews prescribed. One morning I got a call to go pick up Genny to take her to the clinic at a hotel.




I have to say right from the first time I saw Genny, her eyes jumped out at me, oddly enough they looked like an old friend of mines eyes (a guy or a boy then) who had the deepest blue eyes I’ve ever seen and this old friend used to cry like a baby whenever he got into trouble. He often gave in to people even though he knew it was the wrong thing because he would simply avoid any kind of a fight at all costs. He was a really good person, but even when he grew up you always knew what his limits were, he would give in to avoid a fight. That is what I saw in Genny’s eyes immediately and sometimes you are just dead on right with these kinds of things some 30 years later.




Genny told me she was Irish, Italian and Russian, but trust me there was no Jew in this girl. 22 years old and hooked on heroin and the most beautiful young girl I had even seen in my town. She seemed to be perfectly normal, full of energy, friendly as can be. I think she asked for me to pick her up in the mornings when she went to the clinic because I always seemed to pick her up when I was on duty and I wasn’t full time.


That isnt Genny, but very close.


I couldn’t really talk to Genny about heroin much so I asked her about other things nonchalantly, like the most obvious one, what she was doing living at a motel. She said her parents kicked her out and she had no other place to live. I asked her how she paid for it and she said she was a dental assistant and showed me pictures of her in “scrubs”. She said she was turning around her life and finally had a good job she could support herself, well that isn’t what happened at least, yet that is. One morning Genny got in the car and said her jaw was broken and she couldn’t talk well, she said she got in a fight with a family member and that she took the rap and went to jail overnight to keep the family member out of jail. OK!




The next time I picked up Genny she didn’t come out so I went up to her room which I noticed some black monkeys inside, she said she would be right out. I took her to the clinic and learned she missed her court date and got caught with some “boy” she called it. I looked it up and it was heroin, later she discussed “boy girl” which I had to look up as well and means heroin and crack. I started to get maybe a bit too nosy into this girl so I checked her out in the courts to make sure she made it to her next court date and ran across a couple of drug charges, but also noticed she was Baker Acted 2 times by her parents and Marchman Acted, for substance abuse.




I ran into another taxi driver who knew a bit more about her and said “she’s trash” she got punched in the jaw by her black boyfriend and has track marks all over her body (I never even looked). Apparently she took the rap for her black boyfriend which I was also told was her pimp and why she was living in the hotel. This girl was, is 22 years old and enslaved by drugs and enslaved by some black baboon because of the drugs and slaves the Jews brought into our country and our own white people call these girls trash. How low?




Genny is back out of jail now, says she is going to take treatment seriously now, all her friends are drug addicts that have gone through the same exact thing and our court system knows what is happening, our police know what is happening, our politicians know what is happening and even the parents of these kids know what is happening. They know who their kids are involved with and with a little effort they can easily find out where the heroin is coming from. In a few words their children are being sacrificed and their only option is to turn to that same government run by Jews to seek help.




Ladies and gentlemen (white people) we need to take care of our own and we need to punish the bastards doing this to our kids NOW! If you are awake that is good, but if you are not doing something about it YOU ARE TRASH!

Trump has mentioned doing something about the heroin problem in America that could be wiped out overnight if our media was legit and we know they aren’t. We shall see what Mr. Trump does I guess because the white cucks in America wont do a damned thing! Only problem is so far Trump has pinned heroin on Mexico.

No Jews in this movie. Just imagine if we had the same rules in white countries, we would have a lot of Jews to hang and a much cleaner earth.

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16 Responses to Dadah Is Death

  1. Ray Zerwitt says:

    A girl was talking to me on AOL since she was 9. A few years ago, she was 18 and heading off to college and here’s the last thing she said to me:

    “You ain’t getting this. Pussies don’t get this. You had your chance when I was 9 and you didn’t take it because you’re a pussy and pussies don’t get this.”

    She wasn’t saying that to me, but to the whole older generation of modern neutered males who dissed and humiliated her, pre-emptively, so they were so afraid of looking looking like perverts. Throw a girl under the bus so no one thinks you’re a pervert. That’s real good, you fuckin coward. That girl is absolutely right. We’re a generation of gutless cowards who can’t even talk to a virgin when she could use some support that she’s right not to kiss a negro to rove she’s not a racist. THAT’S NO REASON TO KISS ANYONE! They’re being trolled in the schools to do those things by mouthy little jewesses.

    I sat another 15 year old girl down for a 3 hour little heart to heart about her dating a negro and I convinced her that was the most gratuitous farse she could ever get up to! At the root of it, was also about dissing and insulting the older generation of modern metrosexual males, which we deserve. She stopped that, post haste, and couldn’t even look at that beggar again. And she sent me a horny email that night too. I’m not running from the horny ones either. “Horny” is the wrong word for what they feel anyway. Their feelings go a lot deeper.

    The young girls were the best people I talked to. And I was about the only one who would talk to them. You should talk to as many young girls as want to talk to you. In fact, you’re very much obliged to.

    Denying their natural affections…. they became as a bunch of fucking perverts. I love girls with all my heart and I’m not apologizing to anyone for it. They appreciate the respect and consideration they get from older guys, when they can find one who gives a shit.

    Nothing fires me up more than the virgins being trashed and every feminist flogged coward salutes Jezebel as she herds them off to indoctrination for future sluts and feminists camp. That 9f is looking back at you with the perfect righteous contempt and loathing, as she’s marched off. “HOW CAN YOU LET THIS HAPPEN TO ME!”. We’ve deserted the girls.

  2. Ray Zerwitt says:

    The Mexicans are the reason liability insurance has gone from $265 a year for 2 guys to over $1500 a year for one guy. I did punch lists on the totally f’d up things they framed. One day before closing on this one house, someone shut the front door to hard and it fell out. If I were the owner of that house, I would have said “Fuck you. I’m not buying this piece of shit”. But, they signed the mortgage papers anyway. They felt like beggars.

    If you wanna see a tragic joke, look at a hip roof or a bastard hip roof an idiot Mexican crew attempted to frame. Roof framers get paid $50 an hour in Aspen.

    I had an overseas job in the Marshall Islands. They sent me the processing package. Then they cancelled the contract. I was a candidate for a job in Antarctica too, but I just didn’t get that one. I’ve been trying for those overseas jobs for years.

    • melgibstein says:

      I was in the Marshall Islands on a contract some 25 years ago. You need a clearance for places like that and I dont have it (and most of that is very low level). Clearances are controlled by Jews, has nothing to do with Congress. I tried several times to get my clearance resolved for the fact that I broke no laws and was my right to free speech. I worked with jew international drug smugglers who had their clearances resolved, not mine (and I wouldnt have changed a thing looking back either). Im in this to the bitter end.

  3. Ray Zerwitt says:

    I hope you stick with the flower you’ve taken an interest in. Through thick and thin. They really like to know your love for them is unconditional. That’s not to say she wouldn’t appreciate a good slap in the face.

    • melgibstein says:

      No idea where she is, I know she comes from a good family in a nice neighborhood and I know she is totally controlled because of her fear. So she stays with the apes and dies or she escapes and lives. How does she escape? I cant whack them all.

  4. Ray Zerwitt says:

    If you’re looking for her, she’s looking for you too. Find her.

    • melgibstein says:

      Gave her my phone number long ago and told her if she ever needed any help whatsoever to call me. As soon as she discovered I wanted to help her with her addiction I believe I was cast off. She did call me once for a ride to her probation appointment first visit and I couldnt do it, I was out of town. I tried to call her a few times to see how she was doing, her phone is cut off.
      The point is the clinic I took Genny too was loaded with young girls hooked on drugs of all kinds (maybe thousands) and the clinic is less than a quarter of a mile from where they can pick up their street drugs in case they change their minds. Genny was just still somewhat appealing because of the eyes, but it wont last long. Ive met many girls and guys who showed me pictures of how they looked just a year ago and it is just a damned shame on us for letting this happen.

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        Yeah, that’s like the schools. They say “don’t go to this porn site” and then give them the web address. There’s another demographic consuming kiddie porn: It’s kiddies.

        I have a cousin who is the biggest dope fiend I ever knew. You can’t even give her a beer or she’ll be spiraling out of control. She found the other dope fiends in this shit splat town at the therapy rehab meetings. They build failure into it and make it mandatory. She just got out of prison again and she’ll be going back. She doesn’t have a chance. Once you’re in the system, you’re easy pickins for the law enforcement quotas. They’ll run her plates and pull her over and find a sominex in her purse, and take her to jail for a probation violation.

        She really is a dingaling though. So, there we are driving back from this fun little party town and she wants to pull over and see what artifacts might be in this old abandoned house on the highway, with empty beer bottles all over the back seat. Yeah, why don’t you just call the cops right now! Need my phone? They don’t even have to pull us over because we already are.

        I was in the system for a while too, just for a bunch of stinkin petty misdemeanors, like all the tickets I got for riding my motorcycle when I was a kid. They’d pull me over for a crack in the windshield or a failure to signal or a rear view mirror that fell off. I wasn’t such easy pickins though. All they got was what they pulled me over for. Eventually, I guess they figured out that they weren’t going to get any big brownie point scoring bust there and left me alone. It’s rigged to milk you going out and coming in. I think that poor beautiful girl is doomed. She never had anybody and it’s too late now. She might think she’s finessing you too.

    • melgibstein says:

      Not much did I learn in the service, but they still had some sayings that were true at one time “We are only as good as our weakest link” and that definitely includes our women.

  5. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Chilling. Adam was right there when Eve was corrupted. “The serpent beguiled me and I did eat”. She was honest. Adam attempted a bunch of feeble excuses.

  6. melgibstein says:

    Heroin has nothing to do with destroying a persons life it has to do with destroying a peoples race.

  7. melgibstein says:

    Even every lemmings hero, Mel Gibson doesnt know its the Jews in control of the drug trade. Its antisemitic to tell the truth about Jews so better blame someone else.

  8. orcus9 says:

    That was just the script for Taxi Driver… except the ending.

    • melgibstein says:

      I dont remember DeNiro taking the dyke Jodie to a morphine clinic, but you are absolutely right it is similar only it was real for me all except the ending and Im not in love with the girl just very concerned about losing her. When I say losing her I mean permanently either to drugs or niggs.

      There is a war on our women right now and our churches or media will not say that race mixing is the death of the white race and how important it is. It is simply Gods law and how his laws are not difficult to do once we realize it is to our advantage to keep them (and why our enemies will tell us it means nothing).

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