Jerry Maguire Goldstein

Jerry’s Kids President and Al Goldstein, owner and editor of “Screw” magazine.

Folks when will you wake up and see the monsters we have all over our land?

I wonder if Al is a Trump supporter too.

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4 Responses to Jerry Maguire Goldstein

  1. melgibstein says:

    Ali’s death all about the Jews.

    Billy Crystal the homo SOAP star says he was Ali’s little brother.

    Another Rabbid Rabbi used his time to talk about the murder of Palestinians in the Jew welfare state. Jews making very sure people are stunted as usual. Dont people ever want to just chuck these Jews out? Its ok for the Jews to do the talking just dont let anyone else, we are here to watch.

    Michael Lerner, maybe he is related to Barbara Lerner Spectre aka “pancake head”.

  2. Ray Zerwitt says:

    The older they get, the more childish they get. Never expect a jew to behave like an adult. “Adult” is probably a jew brainwashing word anyway.

    Are the parents of Cassius Clay and Billy Crystal eligible for holocaust reparations?

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