Other Peoples Money

Aliens just sucking the life blood out of us and we say and do nothing

Aliens just sucking the life blood out of us and we say and do nothing

US ready to offer Israel largest aid package in history

Amid push by senators, White House official says talks with Israeli officials ongoing to secure ‘largest single pledge’ of military assistance
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, right, and President Barack Obama embrace at a ceremony welcoming the US leader at Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv, on March 20, 2013 (photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)

The Jew always gets what he wants.

And the internet networks who have asked you for money week after week, day after day are now becoming more Jew and Black friendly. I guess the White race, because they don’t control the media are going to let the media control them. The Audio Visual class of lying, stealing, back stabbing nerds has taken over the world and the white leaders say “Dont do anything stupid like our founding fathers did” no they are Jews and you have every reason in the world not to do anything about the Jews, but at the same time you have every reason in the world To do something about the Jews, more so than ever in history. You know as well as I whatever you have been doing isn’t working. They control the media and if we want our country back some heads need to roll, people need to hang! We can’t even prosecute the criminals who did 9/11, we can’t say who is bringing in the drugs to kill our kids, we can’t say who wants the kids that aren’t on drugs are being sent to Jew orchestrated wars, we don’t want to offend the Jews who are killing us and we are willing to die before we do say something. Looks like you are going to die either way. I didn’t include myself this time because I’m for doing something and I am for removing this traitorous media one at a time if need be.

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8 Responses to Other Peoples Money

    • Chris says:

      And the others over at KHunt’s site.

      • melgibstein says:

        Is he a mamzer too? Its amazing how they get along with the Judeo’s, the pagans, the Jews, but they have no CI friends at all. Whats up with that Chris?

        Two of the newest RBN shows have had pretty famous people on their shows already, Alan the Jew Sabrosky (must have been with Hymie Fetzer in the rear, I wouldnt fight a cheerleader squad with him) was on one new show and Edom Michael Jones on another. Amazing how they all come out when the Jews move in. Jones was talking about how we are being taken off our game with Jew confusion, but the truth is Edom Michael Jones is more confusion if he believes James chapter one verse one was directed to people who were never given the covenant. Looks like our work is hitting home and why these networks have to prop up their propaganda a notch. Fact is they cant win, not militarily, not intellectually and not with honor and bravery.

        Like Trump, and this was the first lesson I have said many times I learned about Jews, Jews destroy your house and then tell you your house is a mess. That is designed to keep you off your game too. What you say is JEWS ARE THE ONES WHO MADE IT INTO A PIGSTY and they cant say it.

  1. melgibstein says:

    I wonder if the Stormfront Boyz will report this


    Boy he’s starting out perfect isnt he? That snake story was about him.

    • DC says:

      His latest national finance chairman worked for Soros. Trump has also hired several people with obvious Kremlin connections. His position on Russia is essentially the same as Hilary Clintons which is a carbon copy of Obamas foreign policy, which is the appease Russia and do nothing to deter Russian aggression.

      Cliff Kincaid is the only journalist I’ve read who seems to have figured out Trumps ulterior motives for what they are, which when you consider the bigger picture looks like a hostile takeover of the Republican Party to make it into a carbon copy of the nationalist and populist European parties that have divided Europe.

      Such a coincidence that these are the exact same parties the “truth movement” promotes.

      It is clear now that the Trump train is nothing less than a controlled demolition of the “old right” and the emergence of a new and controlled one more to the liking of the regime.

  2. ninjajohn13 says:

    I’m telling you, this is no different from any other election in the past hundred years. Completely rigged with the candidates picked in advance. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore that so many White people can’t connect the dots. Trump and Hellery are friends for crying out loud.

    Either Trump is completely controlled by Esau’s mamzer crotch fruit, or he is pulling off a major ruse on the frauds who are pulling off the biggest ruse in history. I wonder which one it is.

    • melgibstein says:

      The fact that Bush, Ryan, the fag Lindsey etc. are all saying they arent going to vote is more telling than anything. Imagine being a politician and telling people not to vote?
      They’re trying to trash everything is what they’re doing, it’s all or nuttin fo da jews.

      • DC says:

        But this could be theater to make Trump seem like he’s a threat when in fact he’s doing their dirty work. Jews gotta Jew (deceive). They’ve given us trump and the “enlightened” WN movement has taken the bait hook line and sinker. To be fair patriots are so desperate they’ll take anything at this stage.

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