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The Jew is watching

Mel Gibson To Direct & Recur, Kurt Russell & Kate Hudson To Star In ‘The Barbary Coast’ Series For Mark Gordon Co.

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Im owned, but I have more money than you!

The Mark Gordon Company has put together big TV series package The Barbary Coast. The series will be directed and co-written by Mel Gibson, with Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson set to star. Gibson also will have a recurring role on the series. The project is inspired by Gangs of New York author Herbert Asbury’s book The Barbary Coast, about the birth of San Francisco.

Kurt Russell Kate Hudson

We love Goldy!

Russell will executive produce with actor siblings Kate and Oliver Hudson, whom he raised with their mother Goldie Hawn, as well as Gibson, Bruce Davey,Wyatt Russell and Rick Nicita. Entertainment One, which is backing The Mark Gordon Co., will handle international distribution.

The Barbary Coast begins with The Gold Rush in 1849 which saw the biggest influx of gold-seekers, gamblers, thieves, harlots, politicians and other felonious parasites to the infant city. Thus aro


The Barmitzvah Coast

se a unique criminal district that for almost seventy years was the scene of more viciousness and depravity – yet at the same time possessed more glamour and intrigue – than any other area of vice and iniquity on the American continent.

“Most people don’t know the scandalous history behind San Francisco, and The Barbary Coast offers a rich portrayal of a period when success was often attained through illicit and brutal means,” said Mark Gordon. “I’m excited that Kurt and Kate are working together alongside Mel, whose astute direction will bring this devious time in our history to life.”

Hudson and Russell are reuniting onscreen after co-starring together in the upcoming oil rig disaster movie Deepwater Horizon. Gibson most recently directed Hacksaw Ridge, which is being released by Lionsgate.

Gibson and Russell are managed by Rick Nicita for RPMedia. Hudson is co-managed by Nicita for RPMedia and by Untitled Entertainment. Russell and Hudson are also repped by CAA.

~ I’m still waiting for that antisemitic Holocaust movie from Melvin and his father (who reads that big book, whatever it is). Americas so called white leaders are all either Jews or working for them. They all know whites are being slowly exterminated by Jews, but they will always have a way out so not to do anything about it. First thing anyone should do is separate from Jews, but they cant even do that. Second thing you do is expose what the word Jew means (and what it doesn’t mean) proving you actually know what you are talking about, third thing someone that knows how much the white race is being exterminated through abortion, wars, homosexuality and lesbianism, race mixing, etc. should do is to show some kind of passion about it and dont dare talk about it unless you understand what you are talking about because if you knew what you were talking about you couldn’t help being extremely pissed. Fourth thing anyone who claims they know about the Jew issue should get out of these BS networks who mix the truth with the BS. I keep hearing these networks must do this to stay on the air. So what they are doing is working for the Jews and diluting our truth into their BS to appease the people who are literally exterminating us. Folks that is called a traitor not someone who is going to lead you to victory.

Imagine someone like David Duke and others I have heard saying this “Jews dont control everything” using the same logic in a war (because we are without a doubt in a war). What kind of leader would tell his followers over and over and over “they dont control everything” like we still have “our show”. Well folks I dont think it is our show. You know what we still have? The arms to take back our country just like our founding fathers told us to do. If that seems to be the wrong move in your mind it is because you were not only brainwashed by just the Jews, but because you were brainwashed by their lackeys that the Jews obviously want you to have as your leaders.

How pathetic!

Ive been talking about the Jews for a long time, longer than 99% of the people alive today and I have never gone back on anything I have said about Jews and never will. If you think this is going to end with a politician doing the right thing you are deluded. I’ll tell you what it is coming down to plain and simple, us or them. You want a country, you want a people, you want a God, you’re going to have to fight and I dont mean run your David Duke pie hole.

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24 Responses to The Barmitzvah Coast

  1. melgibstein says:

    RBN’s schedule
    John Moore- Green beenie stool softener salesman
    Bill Deagle for 3 hours- Jew
    Bob Tuskin_ Jew
    Rick Adams- substituting tonight- Hymie Fetzer
    Mikey Rivero is back- Jew
    David Dukes partners- Kelso and Slattery
    Resurrect the Republic- they dont know its the Jews (honestly)
    Liberty Round Table with Schmuley Bushman
    James Manning- he hates Obama
    Vince Fanelli- perhaps thee most boring radio show in history

    Have we mixed it up enough? You see free speech means we should give everyone equal time on the internet networks and free speech in the main stream means we give Jews free speech all the time.

    Rense schedule
    Bigfoot show
    Rense and his buffoons
    Jim Fetzer
    Blake Sawyer- a Judeo Biblical scholar
    The X22 Report- Gloom and Doom Economy News without the Jews

    Folks, why are we mixing the truth with BS? Only Jews do that.

  2. Roy says:

    Throw in John Friend who “poses” as a Christian Identist, but has the compromise of a Judas. Call it ‘betrayal’. I’d say Friend is the perfect example of Poisoning the Well.

    • melgibstein says:

      He is one of Juif Renses buffoons. He cant wait to talk about CI with the Jew Rense and pollute it/
      I called the Jew Deagle today and he stonewalled me after I asked him to explain what a Hebrew and a Jew is. He said he wasnt a Jew, but a Levite with the House of Ephraim and basically kicked me off because I wasnt satisfied with the answer. This is RBN’s newest and latest hero, this guy Deagle talks non stop BS like a tape recorder, just dont throw a wrench into his shorts or he will implode. The guy is a damned fruitcake.
      Hour 3 4/20/16 if he ever posts it. So far he has not. The Jew can talk all day long about BS and people marvel at his words, but he is a Jew, theyre all liars.

      Stadtmiller thinks he’s a mensch. It shows you how much a joke these internet networks really are. I would steamroll Stadtmiller in a debate, he cant last 2 minutes with me.

      I guess Deagle does 6 hours of non stop BS every week day on GCN too. His RBN archives dont even exist yet.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Dr Deagle an Ashkenazi is who John Stadtmiller, owner, director of RBN has as his MVP now and has 3 hours a day up against the blowhard Alex Jones.

    Deagle claims he is a Levite of the House of Ephraim and can trace his lineage all the way back to Moses. In other words Deagle claims he isnt a Jew (even though he is an Ashkenazi), but an Israelite

    of the House of Israel. In other words Jesus came for him and Deagle obviously knows where the Lost sheep of the House of Israel are and they are ehhhhh Jews too.

    This guy is propped up as a mental mensch on RBN who knows all about Fukishima isotopes, various oils and liquids to keep your glands and digestive tract lubricated, was a Zionist ehhhh Scientist with Greenpeace etc etc etc although he cannot answer simple questions on his show and define the words he uses and Stadtmiller doesnt see anything wrong.
    I know a lot of people who would like to discuss Deagles ability to trace his roots back to Moses and how he is a descendant of Hebrews because it would be quite interesting for him to declare that Jews were not only from Judah, but in Deagles warped mind Jews are also the House of Israel, the House of Judah, Isaac, Abraham and everyone back to Adam.
    The question is where do white people fit into Deagles analogy? John Stadtmiller doesnt care because he is either a mindless twit or a Jew himself. he would rather have a Deagle doing the talking than me any day even if Deagle is a proven liar.

    If you read this Dr. Bagel, take me on. I will flatten you like a matza. Lets see how brilliant you are. Folks they dont care if they lie because their entire existence is a lie.

    This guy is a non stop fat blowhard liar, he’s gained about Ariel Sharons weight since that picture above. Those nutrients he sells must be golden.

    His office is right next to the fridge.

    He’s got his Ralph Lipschitz shirt on. David Duke likes them too.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Well well well the CIA fatty and Dr Bagel discuss their warped views of DNA and the Bible, double pilpulism. Texe Marrs bringing Christianity to the toilet.

    Deagle says he is a descendant of Moses from his Lebanese side of his family in the first minute or so. You see the Jews always have to set the table before they have you eat the big 6 course meal of BS. Texe will eat it for you. You think Deagle knows what a “mamzer” is. I’ll ask him next time.

    Texe Marrs says DNA proves Khazars arent Jews and David Duke says DNA proves Khazars are Jews, but neither know the definition of “Jew”. Bill Deagle says “Jew” ,eans “praiser” or “Judah” he doesnt know Jew was also used as the word “Judean” or that J was not even in Hebrew so why does anyone who knows Hebrew use the term “Jew”?

    Listen to this blowhard pervert the Bible and Texe sits there like a bump on a log. The turd Deagle just talks over everyone therefore I guess that means he is ehhhhh intelligent. Again this is RBN’s mensch. Stadtmiller is just blown away by Deagles intelligence. Folks turn this crap off.

  5. Roy says:

    I don’t listen to Tex Marrs. Seems like just another typical Christian more interested in selling books than preaching the Truth. But, now that you mention him, how does he ignore the teachings of Christian Identity? Especially given he is part of the so called “alternative/patriot/truth movement”. I wonder if anyone has ever asked him his opinion of Christian Identity. What would be his answer. Etc., etc. Maybe I will email him and see what he says.

  6. melgibstein says:

    He ignores it very very carefully, he is too much of a big pussy to ever go against it honorably. Yes he is a book seller who says he gives all the money to charity. Do all his pals like Victor Thorn, Deagle, Hendrie, Makow, etc all contribute to his charity too or does he happily sell BS books simply to deceive?
    he is a talker and not a debater……….he’ll roll over and beg if you ask him, no guts whatsoever. A teacher in the jew schools for years and claims to be of truth.

    Texe is one of the many “part Indian” truthers who take themselves out of any racial movements and thinks the Bible has nothing to do with race, coincidentally thinks Jews are a race and the race of Hebrews and Adam. Those lies are fixing to be wiped off the earth soon and everything these con artists have ever said with it. Thats why they cant talk about it.

    They talk about the tip of the iceberg of things and make you think its all you have to look at. They do nothing but quash the root of the truth and expose nothing that isnt already exposed. Texe knows Ashkenazi’s are mongol Turks and is his proof Jews cant be them, although he does believe Sephardic Jews are pure blood back to Adam and “the Gentiles” are obviously people who came from Atlantis or that Noah had a race of Jew, a race of whites and a race of Blacks. He will never get into the fact that whites have to be the only pure race because they are the only race that can be wiped out if they do not stay together. In other words abortion is bad, but race mixing is ok because we are all the same. Its just another jew trap door.

  7. Roy says:

    “The majority of the Palestinian peoples are descendants of the ancient Hebrews”………………..Deagle says at the 2:00 minute mark. And then Marrs agrees, by saying, “That is really true.”

    I guess that is all I need to know.

    Hell won’t be hot enough in my opinion.

  8. melgibstein says:

    If Alan Dershowitz invited Texe Marrs on to his show he would kiss Dershowitz’s arse. He calls people homos all the time, I think he is a homo.
    He is on with Deagle again today, two fatboys doing what they do best, lying out their fat asses and selling BS books and potions with the phones cut off to questions.

    Makes me sick!

    When you ask someone a question, the one taking questions isnt supposed to cut the phone off to the questioner and answer the question, the one taking the question is supposed to then check back with the questioner to see if the answer fulfilled the callers question, for instance the one taking the questions could simply go off in an entirely different direction than the question as politicians do all the time. There is absolutely no way any caller can ever get to the point in one question and if these hosts limit you to only one question and then cut you off they are flat out liars and disinformation. When you ask someone a question about what they believe is true it has nothing to do with intelligence or being a doctor. Simeon Mogilevitch had a college degree too.
    These doctors got their degrees in Jewish BS not in truth. When I ask a question to someone about what they believe is true unless I get what I believe is true I wont ask another question and agree, but if I disagree I obviously have another question and these clowns know that question is going to paint their fat arses right in the corner.

    Deagle claims to be a bastard Israelite from the lineage of Moses and Texe Marrs is part Indian and says true Israel is “spiritual”, but dont discuss the apostles or Jesus addressing the “House’ of Israel or the 12 tribes. What people dont seem to care about is these liars are claiming to be sons of our fathers just like they pretend they are the sons of the founding fathers of America and they are neither.

    Deagle says Judah means “praiser”, but leaves out the “Ya” part. Praise in Gen 29: 35 is “yadah” these are the places “God” and “Lord” were added in.

    Deagle claims where the word “Jews” is used in this paragraph means “praisers”

    21 “Woman,” Jesus replied, “believe me, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. 22 You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews. 23 Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. 24 God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”

    “Salvation is “out of” Judea where “Ya’shua was born.

    You see he does not dabble into the Judean definition of Jew (because Jew means Iudaios in that passage not praiser) nor will he say YHWH. The guy is a Jew- period.

  9. melgibstein says:

    Look at this sack of puss’s website.

    He’s a frisky fatso. Look at that healthy hair. The guy is a creep! Anyone who has a radio show and cuts off free speech is a traitor.

    • DC says:

      I listened to the show, for the record there was no trace of your call in, assuming I listened to the right one? Next time you should record it and put it up on your blog for public record.

  10. melgibstein says:

    I know it isnt there, but he mentioned me when Texe Marrs got on yesterday. He knew he couldnt answer my questions and wouldnt allow me to call back in so he got Texe involved who naturally agrees to everything, a yes man.

    • Roy says:

      I emailed Texxe with this question — What is your opinion regarding the teachings of Christian Identity Theology? Specifically………………….Israelites being of the White Race.

      Here is his answer: Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 speak as to those who say they are Jews, or Israelites, and are not. Galatians 3:16 and 3:26-29 cover Christian Identity. John 3 tells us who true Christians are.

      The tongue, says the Word of God is a mighty instrument. Those who say they are Jews and are instead anglo-saxons, or aryan, or khazars make themselves into what they say they are. This is a horrible and dangerous thing.

      All God’s Best,
      Texe Marrs

      What the hell?!!! I’m not even sure I know what he means. I’m not even sure he answered my question!

      Fascinating example of Spiritual Deception!

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        Good example, Roy

        It’s like a weather report that calls for a 50% chance of rain. Which way will it go? Well, that depends on the weather, of course. Some weather report, huh. They hide themselves in vagueness like that.

      • melgibstein says:

        He must not know you very well if he answered your email. He answered one of my hundreds of emails. Now I just call him a homo.

  11. Roy says:

    Off Topic……….

    Have you seen this article —

    Seems everywhere I turn on the internet, someone is criticizing CI.

    Another example — this Weev character —

    It is not lost on me that CI is being ridiculed and slandered on the Internet like never before. Jews must be getting very nervous. Full court press.

    • melgibstein says:

      Oh the Renegade pussies are great when they dont have to answer phone calls, they are all pagans and Satan worshipers. You have to ask how someone can be pro Satan and not believe in God. They spend more time fighting Christians than jews and no wonder why they never get anyone new, even some of their people are leaving them because they know they cant ever go head to head with CI. They can pick parts of the Bible and totally discredit it and then hide when you give them the reason. Ask them if they believe in evolution, again another crowd that does not want to go down the racial path and discredit the founding fathers etc. They are anarchist rats- period. Every once in a while they send out a trojan horse like Kaminski to make people believe he wants to be on our side now. Nobody is on our side until they are proven. Kaminski will never be pro founding fathers or pro Bible, and if he is he is lying.

      I love when Jewliani uses the Bible to prove “the Jews” plundered Egypt and then says the Bible isnt true. Anyone can pick apart his BS it is just twist speak and they dont want to get caught in a head lock so they keep dodging. If you run away you are a pussy- period end of story and they know it. I prove it every time I call these morons.

      Their hero “Sledge” married a Jew and once called me a Nazi for talking about Phoenician migrations to Britain. They just cant ever get hold of true history, they have to make it up and no two are on the same page. I could debate all of them at the same time and the only one they would hate is me because I know the Bible isnt Jewish and they want it to remain Jewish (keep the jew lies alive). Heil Kunt wont even answer emails he is a little pussy, Rick Adams even likes to have him as a guest and will never even attempt to keep me on longer than what I originally have to say. He has Hymie Fetzer on as a sub now, pathetic! All of these networks are kikes.

      Tell them I said so………take me on pussy! You better be ready! I will make gefilte out of any one of them including Andy Filipino boy. Jewliani didnt know what an Idumean was, you see thats an area they dont want to talk about and if they do they will use their best sarcastic voice so you wont accidentally believe any of it. Jewliani thinks all Christians should be lovey dovey all the time, but God hated Edom (and his descendants). Why do they always leave that part out? They are Big Bang Theory Communists who have no jobs, who pays them? How do you get the time for a 2 hour radio show every morning when you are in your 40’s and 50’s? Evidently they have the money $$$$heckles and no jew cares what they say as long as they go after Christianity and pretend to be non jews. I would mop the floor with Jewboy Jewliani- you hear that greaseball?

      The first way I would cut Jewliani’s legs off would be to claim that he cant use the Bible to prove something isnt true because he doesnt believe any of it is true anyway. So if he said something like “God told Moses to kill the Israelites” I would simply say…….”but you dont believe the Bible” so why would you use it as a means to prove your truth? Its like me using a Columbo episode to claim Leif Ericson didnt discover America, its lunacy!

      Mike Rivero once said that he didnt believe there was a Judah or Israelites so I called in and asked him if he was a Jew, he said yes (because he said his parents were Sephardic Jews during the Inquisition numerous times even though he is Mexican) so I asked him if there ever was a land of Judah or Judea and he said “No”. I then asked him if there was a land of Israel, “no”, Canaan, “uh uh”.

      So I told him to start claiming that the Jews stole the land over there and that Judaism is false. You see he didnt want to go that far, he only wanted to discredit Christianity not expose Jews. Thats exactly what Jewliani does.
      In Italian “giu” means JEW, thats a fact. Ive had Italians tell me Jew means “ebreo” in Italian, but “ebreo” means “Hebrew” so you can see how much they have Italians twisted. Just look up the word “giudecca” or take it from the Jew that everyone praises (not me) Friedman.

  12. Ray Zerwitt says:

    That’s a good idea, DC. They’re propagandists and their censoring Mel proves it. It would be funny if Mel had a radio show and just called them to expose their lies for the whole show. I’d like to hear their feeble excuses on the phone. They wouldn’t dare air it, but it would get aired anyway.

  13. melgibstein says:

    I dont even have 10 commenters, I would probably get ill trying to get listeners because I couldnt help bonk the new people on the head for taking so long.

    Texe Marrs says that Jews want to mix all the races together and keep the Jewish race pure.

    We gotta do something about these plants.

    • DC says:

      The persecuted Christians of Rome didn’t have many supporters either for a few hundreds of years, but the tables turned.

      The point of publishing hard evidence is to expose who’s who. Everything posted on the internet is archived on the servers forever, so it’s permanent irrefutable evidence.

  14. Ray Zerwitt says:

    True. Anytime some new whore religion comes along, the jews are all an the bandwagon promoting it. The more ‘isms’, the better, to insure their survival.
    BUT … I think more people are hearing it and taking some heed than you know about. We aren’t the loudmouth function of the Rechabites of 1:chr 2:55, or any other of their functions.
    Cornering those rats in their lies could go viral. Mano a mano confrontations are always more impressive.

    • melgibstein says:

      You notice that none of the CI pastors ever want to go mano o mano with anyone? They wont call into shows to stop the liars, therefore only the people that already know the truth will ever hear. They will never reach anyone new and I think they know it.

  15. Ray Zerwitt says:

    I have noticed they’re all so buddy-buddy in their propaganda. They expect the goyim to go with the herd, with them as their leadership judas goats. Examples of them are all over in the stories of the scriptures.
    Who let bastards in the congregation? Don’t let a bastard in the congregation. The abominations have taken over the congregations of Israel, as I understand it. It’s happened before.

    We only live once on this Earth. What will we make it worth?

    • melgibstein says:

      People arent coming to them and they are going to the biggest shills on the internet to pervert CI. They claim they are separating from Jews, but they dont separate themselves from the people who dont separate from them so they really arent separating at all. I dont think they even know what white people are, they seem to know the Bible, but their ability to apply it to their lives seems to be hopeless. If there is a marrano out there they will be with one of these CI Pastors sooner or later if not already. This Daily Stormer guy is like the star of the white movement and I would die a slow death in quicksand before I swore he was a white man. They dont have eyes and their ears are shut.

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