Jew Ben Hurl

Coming to a jew theater near you.


A brief synopsis, Captain Quintus Arrias (not Captain Quint of Jaws) is actually saved by a Jew in this movie or maybe they left that part out completely in this one. The Jew becomes a hero of other Jews that wear yarmulkes and is basically stronger, faster, a better spear thrower, smarter, more caring, better looking than any non Jew in all of Rome and Judea (yes hard to believe). Juduh Ben Hurl is a Jew who is actually fascinated by Jesus even though Jesus said the Jews were the synagogue of Satan.

Only in the movies folks! This is one of those movies where a Judean can be Judah and Judah can be a Judean and nobody cares about the obvious in your face pilpulism. One thing is for sure Jesus avoided Judea because they sought to kill him there and not by the Romans

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