Trump Calls to Audit the Fed

I will say it is true he is saying things that nobody has said before and actually getting the votes. That was the one I was waiting for, that is crossing the Jew Rubicon unless the Jews already want it destroyed. The question is “Where will this all lead?”. Will this lead to clean up time or Bolshevism?

Locked and loaded either way!



After watching the first 15 minutes of Trump on the woos Hannity show it appears Trump is still in the Jews pocket and is a hypocrite. You cant make America great again with Jews- period.

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22 Responses to Trump Calls to Audit the Fed

  1. Roger Martin says:

    Don’t be deceived. Trump is NOT Christian. He’s misquoted the Bible many times. Has children who are married to demons. Is a divorced loser with too many Khazar friends like Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. He’s a reality TV Hollywood fag.

    I see only two possibilities. One is that Trump is chosen to win and his “audit” of the Fed will either be a total sham. “They are clean of any wrongdoing”. Or it will purposefully bankrupt the entire USA and cause the Chinese and Europe to declare full scale war to get their debt back. Still I see the most likely scenario as Obama declaring martial law and taking a third term and handing his crown to the Antichrist.

    Either way, Trump is I believe a sodomite and a parasite. Satan’s friends are transformed into ministers of light so no surprise that Trump is saying popular things. But he is no Christian. He isn’t even a ‘Trump’ considering his real last name is Drumpf. Of course Clinton’s real last name from her husband should be Bligh. I’d rather listen to what my toaster has to say than what a non-Christian has to say on any subject.

    • DC says:

      Trump seems to be dropping subtle hints to the alternative/conspiracy crowd like Ron Paul did, on top of doing an interview with Alex Jones. Then, the other day he let this one slip:

      • melgibstein says:

        Paul named his son after a Jew book and Trumps daughter married one. The truth is we are never going to win anything unless we unite against the Jew first and set everything else aside. If their kids are being named after jews or marrying them its all BS. He cant be one and the other.

  2. melgibstein says:

    If this is some kind of a trick or skit already planned out the American public wont do anything anyway. What is clear is America, deep down knows they have been shysted, but they wont make a move to do anything about it. Bottom line is they think Jesus was a Jew and that Jews are his family. That is because of the David Dukes, the OReilly’s, the whop Pope (Jew), the Jeff Renses, Alex Jones’s, John Stadtmiller dupes of the world. They know something is wrong and they know Jews are behind all the evil in this world and use every tactic in the book to destroy the white race, but they just will not surrender Jesus from the Jews.

    They are either blackmailed or paid off by this enemy or they are simply schizo nutcases. They will all tell you they are of free speech, just dont ever get them in a discussion on what the Bible says and why it is so important not to speak of the Bible unless YOU KNOW WHAT IT SAYS! The fact that they cant debate it means they dont know what it says or they do know and they wont say. How can someone want unity against the Jews and be a divider? Just look at them all claiming they are Christians and there isnt a single discussion on the Bible in any kind of squeeze to get to the truth of it. They all claim they are Christians for one reason and one reason only, they all believe Jesus was a Jew, some will say “He wasnt a Jew he was a Nazarene” proving they dont even know which side to put their shorts on and in public. You see being ignorant in public is like being the opposite of an antisemite. Jews will let you say anything as long as you get that Bible wrong and never try to be righted in public. Imagine one of these famous backwoods internet heroes coming out and claiming they really dont know the Bible and welcome all calls on it? They are obviously all scholars of the Bible and determined it is unimportant or just a tool they use for the listeners. A new subject will come up to avoid what the Bible says every day whether it is a mole like Rebekah Roth, Fukishima now up to our eyeballs, the Jew cowboys of Oregon, etc. Might as well be the Holocaust, its the same diversionary tactic.

    We can defeat these Jews if we just accept the fact that we come from Neanderthals and we need to preserve our race for future Beethovens and Bach’s, we walked on the moon yoooou knooooooow? When I look at these people, then I look at the Judeo’s in America, the Neanderthal Boys of the white movement and then Trump I have to admit some of us may just have been Neanderthals and still are and they just arent capable of the truth nor ever will be. It certainly looks that way. They all want so much to be part of the world, the one Jesus is not the king of.

  3. Roy says:

    MWill this lead to clean up time or Bolshevism?

    I hope the first; I fear the latter. What really chaps my hide is the ‘Trump love’ coming from our own people. As if we haven’t learned a damn thing since 911. Nothing wrong with using Trump to speak Truth to our friends and neighbors. But to actually believe Trump will expose the Jew is absolute insanity. This whole “trouble” against the white race is supposed to cause men to seek the Creator. In other words………I believe God is allowing the White Race to suffer to draw men to Him. I’m beginning to take Luke 18:8 LITERALLY — “When the Son of Man returns, will He really find faith on the earth?” (My paraphrase)

    • melgibstein says:

      All of our leaders whether they be white leaders, priests, Reverends, school teachers, politicians, etc arent even smart in their own brainwashed perception of History, Science and the Bible so how long would it take them to realize what they believe is BS and then come all the way back to start and relearn them all the correct way? The pro’s will never return to the Minor Leagues and anyone who truly understands the Bible knows that must take place because it just is not taught anywhere unless you seek it. They dont seek it, therefore it will never be given to them. Game over! When you understand the Bible you understand the judeos mistakes and their mistakes are they never studied it in their lives because if they did they would be defending it, they dont even defend their delusionary perspective of it, although they know they are supposed to so they pretend they do. They cant defend it because its a ruse. If someone is interpreting the Bible wrong anywhere on the earth to white people I would set them straight any way I could and God knows I have tried.

      These same people will claim they are educated in Talmudic studies and at the same time equate the Old Testament to the Talmud as the brainwashing of the jews and never understand that they dont believe in the Old Testament because they cant and why jews do believe in the Talmud.

  4. Barney says:

    Not properly understanding American politics, I’ve probably got this completely wrong, but from this side of the pond (the sewer that was once England, and will be again), it seemed Ron Paul said a few of the right things, raised a lot of money from real people (not jews) and then pulled out at the last minute.

    Trump doesn’t need to raise campaign contributions, but he’s saying (some of) the right things and getting a lot of public support. Will he too “do a Ron Paul” and drop out, or will he be taken out by a jew assassin, as I believe would have happened to Ron Paul had he remained “in the race”?

    We can’t change anything through the existing jew setup. Voting never changes anything, even if the votes were counted honestly. That’s why they let us do it.

    Change will come when WE decide we don’t need a “permission slip” and start to do the things the jews DON’T allow.

    (Btw, long absence. I’m ok now, but I spent a lot of last year at the gates of Valhalla. Seems my work here isn’t done yet though.)

  5. melgibstein says:

    Good to see you Barney, I thought you got sick of me like most. Welcome back in all senses. Pat Buchanan also took himself out by choosing a Black woman for a running mate too, they made him an offer he couldnt refuse no doubt. I had a jew friend I knew from grade school who used to tell me back then “he isnt going to win”. This jew couldnt even spell his own name and become one of the youngest sitting judges in my state (he used to write me when I was in the service). The guy was never so sure of anything in his life and for once he was right. Obama too has said Trump wont win. How is it people can say someone wont win when they seem to be saying everything right and is white? These folks come out of the ghettoes, jungle, giudecca’s and camps, how the hell would they know? Do they know something we dont? Yes, they know they are criminals and they know they will indeed kill anyone in their way because they have the media behind them 100% (and the internet media). They know like we know who is sold out and who isnt. They control the opposition to make a long story short and the masses are dumb sheep who cant get enough people to play football let alone start a war.

    Ron Paul is done, he was a showman, he retired and is never heard from anymore. They cant win in the controlled system so they do nothing. The people of America chose the biggest idiot of all time twice for their president and then protected him like a retarded brother (GW) and still protect him, the guy was a complete imbecile. Nothing surprises me and as much as I hope and hope the truth is we will be taken for a ride again and again like a nation of clowns. Nothing will change in the USA until its taken back by force (nor yours). Jews have all their money banked on us doing nothing and all our leaders teach us to do nothing. When you ask for something back that was stolen and you dont get it, it has to be taken back.

    • Barney says:

      One other point, about UK politics this time.

      Last year we had a general (s)election. Just about everyone who expressed an opinion, on tv, radio, in the street, said they were going to vote UKIP (the UK Independence Party), and if the votes had been counted honestly, UKIP would have wone easily.

      What happened?

      When the results were announced, UKIP had ONE seat out of a possible 650 or so, and the jew Cameron (aparently first cousin to “queen” Liz-ard) remained in power.

      UKIP won that election, but as always, the outcome was decided in advance.

      I’ve always believed that if we could somehow convince a jewspaper editor that he’d slept for a couple of days, he could accurately publish the results of tomorrow’s election today, down to the last “vote”.

      We need to realise that the first “government” was composed of the most ruthless of the criminal gangs, the one that had stolen everything and defeated it’s rivals.

      We’re still ruled by the criminal descendants of those savages, so what hope is there for change from within the system?

      We need to re-think the whole idea of “government”.

      Those who want power over others are exactly the ones who should never have it.

      I’ve got some ideas of my own for a future White administration (not a “government”), but that would take too much space to post here.

  6. DC says:

    You are perfectly correct, but I think the political tide has also turned a great deal. This election is different from the others.

    The establishment had planned for a showdown between Hillary and Jeb and the latter puppet has gone down in flames already, despite having the most donor cash out of the lot of them!

    Trump’s rise is on the crest of a wave of genuine civil discontentment from an unrepresented majority that is sick and tired of being ignored and treated with contempt by a political elite who hates them and wants them to die!

    There are signs already that Trump may have ulterior motives, but I’m not certain that Trump’s rise was planned out in advance. It may also be dangerous to attempt an assassination with the current mood being what it is, so my bet is they will try and manage in a less dramatic way.

    If Hillary wins on the other hand, she’ll keep on giving non-whites never ending benefits and free handouts while forcing whites to work and pay for it all. This, you would think can certainly not lead to anything but an inevitable collapse and civil war.

    Even Trump may not be able to prevent it.

    • melgibstein says:

      How is it the white dupes dont see this cancer? Its gonna take another Holodomor, but whatever it takes that seems to be the pattern. When people dont wake up they die.

      • truthwillout says:

        My idea of goverment starts with no jews.That statement is poetic,Biblical even,no sane white person would disagree with that statement.
        Barney,great to see you up and about again,but im sure you know that Ukip are funded by a Christkiller.They have to poison every well,they always revert to type.

  7. DC says:

    The author of this piece is not Jew wise, but has written some good articles on America’s threats. I think the following theory is very possible and that there is a wider international conspiracy in which the East is being played against the West. Jews have always attempted to control both sides of a conflict, so this probably what what you’d expect from them.

  8. DC says:

    Oh and I almost forgot to mention. David Duke is mentioned in the article. Duke has been allied with the Russian side for some time and has appeared on Iranian TV. In fact most of the WN movement seems to have its roots in Russian propaganda.

    • melgibstein says:

      We even have a CI Pastor that goes on PressTV to lambaste child molester Catholics with Dukes pal Marc Dankopf. Child molesting Rabbi’s never comes up, Im sure it is just a slight overlook. The entire Catholic (Jew marrano) child molestation business is just to cover up the Jew Rabbi “through the roof” child molestation epidemic and our supposed leaders are helping that happen. Now they have it under control, not the Rabbi’s, but the kids and parents squealing on the Rabbi’s.

  9. melgibstein says:

    Someone called Rob Lowe a kike (and so did I) oops!

    Hollywood actor Rob Lowe has alleged that an elected member of the state’s Board of Equalization used a slur about Jewish people during a private meeting over a tax dispute last year.

    Lowe’s attorney also informed board officials that he may sue BOE member Jerome Horton for a disparaging remarks in press release made following the board’s Feb. 23 split decision to lower the income tax Lowe owes on a $25 million Montecito home sale in 2005.

    Read more here:

    Maybe he said kikes should pay for their own God damned affairs. What ever happened to calling someone out? The kikes changed that too. Porn is jew free speech and calling Jews perverts isnt. Maybe they will sue us all when the 911 investigations are opened up again. This guy was caught in a threesome with a 16 year old. Water off a ducks back to a jew.

    Nutjob jew pussy and a bomb waiting to go off

    • truthwillout says:

      We all know that the clergy of the RCC church that have been caught out raping children,are homos.There is absolutely no doubt that there is a
      direct link between sodomites and peadophillia.
      Anybody who says that is incorrect,is either a ‘pillowbiter’ or a
      fourbytwo,perhaps both.
      I start with,always,they,jews,killed Gods son and go from there…the rest is gravy!

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