Plenty of Jews in the movie so you have to pick which Jew and not blame them all.

Don’t remember this game very much and didn’t see the movie, but one thing I know is White people were targeted as a murderer either way. Did Colonel Mustard bonk Mrs. Blanche White in the living room with a wrench or was it Professor Plum with a lead pipe? One thing I know is if there was a Jew anywhere in this game I would suspect him first (or her).

This game of course comes from a Jew company “Hasbro” or the Hassenfeld brothers via a crypto who claims he invented this game during the Nazi bombings in England (how special?). Anthony Earnest Pratt who invented this board game died a poor man, Hasbro made a fortune.

Tomorrow, 50 years after its creation, Cluedo (Clue) sleuths gather for the British championships. But the real mystery is that, while Monopoly’s inventor died rich and feted, the creator of the world’s second most popular board game died poor and unknown.

I wonder if Pratt had any Jews in his original board game. It sure sounds like this guy was shafted and set up or maybe he just had bad luck making such a famous game. I used to spend hours with others playing this game trying to figure out who did what, where, how etc. Today nobody wants to know. If there is a Black in this group I would immediately suspect him or her because the statistics blatantly tell us where to start, but who brought the Blacks in? The Jew is always always always the killer.


I was adopted, really!

People spend endless hours trying to figure out “the truth” of 9/11 especially Jews themselves. They want to know who bombed the WTC on 9/11 or how Jews bombed the USS Liberty, what poison did Jews want to poison the wells with, when did the Jews plant the bombs on the buses and where? Why would someone do this? I don’t even think “why?” was even a question in Clue.

Is seeking the truth knowing every step of a crime? If you walk into a room and see someone with their hand in a cookie jar over and over again you don’t keep buying cookies. You don’t have to know why they are stealing cookies or how they are doing it unless you are looking for a reason not to punish the thief. The fact is the Jew thief is the only thief that gets this treatment.For some reason a Jew can never be convicted of his crime because he or she will simply deny what they did every time. So what do we do, we try to dig up more proof of any number of Jew crimes like Jews in the Drug trade, Jews in Porn, Jews in the Homo and Lezbo orgs., Jews in organized crime, etc etc etc and nothing ever comes of it, Jews just move on to their next crime.


Where is Columbowitz?

Jews push race mixing without a doubt, but we don’t say anything about it because Jews will simply deny it and claim we are racists for saying it, check mate! What is the truth if it isn’t defended? Today we have an internet full of Clue players that play games and have no intentions of having these criminals arrested or they would say so. I will tell you right now I want every one of them out of my sight. That is my opinion and I’m entitled to it.

We also have politicians doing nothing but playing Jew Clue in their debates for instance I watched the last debate spent much time on “paying off the debt” and nothing about the Jews who act on their own as our Federal Reserve. They can raise our debt faster than we can ever pay it off. It is a game! Another subject came up was “heroin”. Well that is a


Im not a Cuban Jewish queer I am an all American. Prove me wrong.

good subject, but who was getting blamed for heroin? Mexico not Afghanistan that we now occupy.Another game I saw being played by two of the heavy hitters in line to be America’s next president was “Obama knows exactly what he is doing destroying America” Marc Rubenstein and Trump replied “He is too stupid to know what he is doing”. We have a Jew controlled media, a Jew controlled Fed, a Jew controlled Congress, a Jew controlled FBI and CIA and a Jew controlled military and our new leaders are discussing whether Obama is stupid or he is deliberately destroying America? He is, he is not, he is, he is not.

My answer to this game is “Its the Jews” and I don’t give a damn how they did it, where they did it, why they did it I only care who did it and I want to do something about it right now!

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18 Responses to Clue

  1. Roger Martin says:

    Who do you think the Khazars are going to choose for president? Trump is a secret Jew and his entire family is married to Christ killers. Cruz has the face of a serpent and is a marrano but everyone hates him. Hillary is hated by everyone as well. Sanders is a career politician and an open Khazar.

    My guess is that Trump wins with Cruz as Vice President. First act is something with Israel. Likely making Jerusalem the capital. And then starting the animal sacrifices.

    • melgibstein says:

      Hard to say now, it must be Trump. Jews aren’t loyal to anyone. I would like it to be Trump out of all these Jew clowns if I have to pick one because he claims he was anti Iraq War and that is huge to our traitors in the media. I honestly cant picture an anti Iraq war guy as president because the media would be totally flattened on that issue alone. If the Glenn Becks of the world are flattened it will be a great thing to see (I have my own personal media traitors to deal with too). At the very least the border is on the agenda, but I think that is “the deal” he is going to make to us so he can take control of the oil supply in the Middle East (with the Jews of course).
      Something really odd is going on thats for sure, the Golden Globes wasnt a Jewish barmizvah, it seems like the Adelson clowns in politics are losing………must be an end sweep or a double reverse. I am already ready so it doesnt matter. The fact the Fed isnt discussed and other things definitely shows that the Great White Hope may just be the Grand Bubeleh. We arent going to bum rush them any time soon thats for sure. Thats what I vote for.

    • DC says:

      Trump is saying some things the Jews seemingly don’t want to hear like that he’ll make America great again and close the borders. He has also thrown out Political Correctness out the window which is a good thing.

      I think this election is different because the Jews and their puppets have shafted the public for so many years they can no longer restrain the natural backlash against the GOP. Trump’s simply come along at the right time can captured the populist vote at an opportune moment.

      Jews have been known to play the mob’s unrest against them however and Trump may appease the masses in one area while appeasing the Jews in another.

      He may close the border on illegals (note that he says legal immigration is ok). But he has also suggested he wants to have a good relationship with Vladimir Putin.

      How that “good relationship” will pan out in real terms is anyone’s guess. It could mean a number of things including following in Obama’s footsteps of (deliberate) weakness in failing to deter Russia to weaken America’s geopolitical position and the NATO alliance which puts Europe at risk from a resurgent Russia.

      Controlling the oil supply in the middle east is one thing, but I think the Jews strategy is to isolate Europe from Middle Eastern oil, so Europe is totally dependent on Russian energy. I’ll be waiting to see if Trump’s big talk actually turns out to be good for the Jews.

      Trump may also not be controlled at all which makes him a wild card. If so the Jews will attempt to control him during his term as president which could make for an interesting presidency if Trump really is sincere.

      • melgibstein says:

        I have always thought Trump was a Talmudic, Kaballistic shill and now he is touching on the issues we all know should be touched on. Why now? Why him? He is proving you have to have made lots of money on your own to be an independant candidate, but if people love him so much what does the money have to do with it? Are they so dumb that they can be corralled into the same old shills year after year? Did Trump just now figure out the country is going into the toilet? Why didnt he throw his money behind Buchanan and why did Buchanan at the last minute pick a Black woman as a running mate?

        The Jew is being very quiet and that means they’re up to no good. The world is a stage and we aren’t on it.

      • DC says:

        Yes and “neo-bolsheviks” like Mark Glenn and Andrew Anglin are backing Trump, Glenn having changed his tune and forgiven Trump for Muslim bashing. Brother Nathaniel who was anti-Trump initially looks like he might be warming to him as well. Trump is copping some flak from Jews, but not nearly as much as you’d expect I agree.

        Trump also says he would not only support waterboarding, but far more intense tortures. Seems Talmudic enough to me. You have to wonder who is the intended victims of such draconian measures?

  2. Chris says:

    “The Jew is always always always the killer”. Ah the truth Mel. What is it?

    When Christ chose the Edomite Judas, it was for only one reason. He would be true to his nature.

    Looks like we have the most insidious “make amerika great again” jew to date.


    • melgibstein says:

      They put Trump between two Jew beaners and say “choose”, then Trump will be up against a Commie Jew and you’ll have to choose. It will be interesting to see which Neocon Trump chooses for VP. At that point we will once again see how pathetic the American people still are. Maybe he’ll pick Fatso Christie or maybe Cuckabee, maybe Sarah Palinsky or Yonnie Jew buttwasher Kasich…how you could even concentrate with any of them around is beyond me.

  3. Roy says:

    At that point we will once again see how pathetic the American people still are.

    How true and prophetic a statement! The sad part is that these ‘supporters’ of Trump are some of us: Men who have awoken to the jewish problem. Men who have seen through the lies of history and the present. But still we take the bait. Sad, pathetic and scary. Who can you trust these days??? Rhetorical.

    • Roy says:

      I should add: “I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man comes, shall he find faith on the earth?”

      I believe the answer is — NO. Or very little.

      Even in Paul’s day, all had abandoned him. 2 Tim 4:16

      • melgibstein says:

        I’ll tell you what we should do instead of arguing or anything else is have something White people in all countries can stand by and agree upon such as
        1. We want every white person working that is willing and able to do so
        2. We want our own country as it was intended to be
        3. We want Jews out of our movies near and far
        4. We want an honest money system and tell Jews they can stick their debt up their arses
        5. We will crush anyone who stands in our way
        6. We want a media that is not controlled and anyone who engages in controlled speech under a foreign entity is treason.
        7. Anyone caught bringing in hard drugs like heroin- HANGS!

        Hows that for starters? Oh it’s too extreme the woosses will say. That is not extreme that is actually being nice. The other option is leave on one of those southern raft rides- forget what they were called. That sounds crazy now almost as crazy people thought I was over 20 years ago (easy) talking about the jews jews jews, yes the jews jews jews. I was right then and I will be right tomorrow when it comes down to it. Whether it’s too late by then is another story but it will happen. We have nowhere to go anymore, its time to make a stand. Dont waste time with David Duke and the clowns they will never ever be there.

      • Are we not commanded to stand rather than crush?

        Epheisans 6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

        Amos 2:15 Neither shall he stand that handleth the bow; and he that is swift of foot shall not deliver himself: neither shall he that rideth the horse deliver himself.

        Mark 8:31-33 And he began to teach them, that the Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders, and of the chief priests, and scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again. And he spake that saying openly. And Peter took him, and began to rebuke him. But when he had turned about and looked on his disciples, he rebuked Peter, saying, Get thee behind me, Satan: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men.

        Was Jesus a crusher? He could have flattened Jerusalem but he did not. Why?

        Romans 5:19 For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

        However the laws of YAHWAH are clear about living apart: Deuteronomy 7.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Im not Jesus, but i can say say YHWH told us to wipe them out first thing. I believe both were the same. Living apart is to prevent us from wiping them out, but living with them wipes us out. Its just common sense. Kah mon sense.

    “Bring them before me and crush them”

    Jorge”the butt washer” Miller, ready to go down in history as another woos! He’s 4′ 6 in work boots.

    Sorry follks this reply and the next got mixed up and I “cant get up”!

  5. melgibstein says:

    “Mel’s Kampf”

    Best director Oscar nominee Mad Max: Fury Road’s George Miller shared his perspective on a pre-scandal Mel Gibson, who toplined his 1979 original cult classic, with THR’s Kim Masters (on KCRW’s The Business airing Feb. 15). In addition to noting that Gibson never retreated to his trailer and instead constantly studied the action on set, Miller shared that the actor would act “edgy” because “he felt very invaded” by fame. In particular, when Gibson learned that the local Catholic church didn’t celebrate a traditional Latin mass, “he got angry,” said Miller.

    Miller saw Mel was “struggling”. Folks anyone that is calling someone “struggling” should be at the end of a rope regarding “the jews”.

    Eventually, the action star was able to master his nervousness, explained Miller, but “then the alcohol came.” Gibson would blame booze for his anti-Semitic tirade during his 2006 DUI arrest that became public. “When I heard those tapes, I cried,” said Miller. “There is no question that he’s a lovely person [who was] really struggling. Since then, he seems to be doing a lot better.” Gibson recently directed the army drama Hacksaw Ridge, expected to be released this year.

    Nothing listed as “Mel’s Kampf” 2/12/16 but give it a few months.

  6. melgibstein says:

    So much for David Dukes “Paleo Neanderthal Diet”

    I trust this guy, although he is just as nutty as Duke with a lot more energy.

    • Chris says:

      The Adamic race have a history of living with their pastoral animals. Wealthy Victorians had rotten teeth. A sign of affluence because sugar was expensive.

      Check out who owns all the sugar companies around the world.

      • melgibstein says:

        You should read how saccharine was invented, German founded it and a Jew stole it, like Facebook.
        Would you rather be lean with dinosaurs around or looking at your reflection in a lake lifting “blocks of ice” as David Duke says. Truth is Duke is a kook.
        Him and kooky MacDonald (another homo as far as Im concerned) claiming they know all about Jews and know all about history and the truth is their history is the same as the Jews history. They cant debate anyone because they are controlled and pussies! Duke claims he wont debate with people who he doesnt know, but what does it matter if someone is questioning him from Tel Aviv, Brooklyn or Colorado? If he cant answer the questions or he is caught in hypocrisy he is still wrong no matter who it is. I am not someone that wants to be popular I want to stop lies (isnt that what he says he is doing?). He became popular wearing a Superman costume like a complete MORON and it was all over from there. Now he isnt worried about people knowing who he is he claims, but where is he on a forum to open questions? Hey I am right here and you are free to have any kind of a debate regarding the Jew issue right here anytime and you can corner me if you want into being a hypocrite, I welcome it, but Duke and MacDonald are on the jew internet networks and outside of that up in the Smokey mountains nowhere to be found.
        The guy has talked about the name Cohen for years as being the Jew priestly class and his sidekick Slattery has been getting his info from a Cohen for 30 years. My God how do people not see the hypocrisy of these losers, they without a doubt sold out a long time ago.
        Duke teaches us how to be healthy and begs from us every day, what difference is he from a Jew? In return they lie to you and claim they are the masters in the “Jew” subject and they never read the Bible in their pathetic lives.

        How can you be a Christian and believe whites come from Edom and ehhhh Neanderthals? Its out in right field nonsense but nobody seems to pick up on it in fact some of our CI pastors are STILL pushing this guy as a leader of the Troof movement for whites (Pastor Dan and co.who pushed Rebekah Roth too). They bring the BS movement to the truth movement. Either we have the dumbest people in the world with the common sense of a boulder or they are Jews. I do not believe people can be so damned dumb. This is controlled opposition and the ultimate proof is they do not believe in free speech and will do anything, make up any excuse not to be involved in it.
        Why does David Duke need Jeff Rense? Rense is a George Noory BS artist so what do the Stormfront idiots do? They bring the truth movement to the BS movement and they dont realize they are doing anything wrong? No, I dont believe that. I think they know exactly what they are doing. They have no open phones for a reason and that reason is they would get pummeled mentally and then physically if need be.

        Just imagine speaking for white people and telling whites that the Phoenicians were Syrians and apparently founded the white Neanderthals living like monkeys in Europe. It is so degrading but white people have no clue, they need a leader and each time their leader picks them up and drops them over a cliff. None of them are Christians in any way because they cannot agree with Jesus Christ and be hypocrites at the same time in reality and with open phones. The truth is they have no backbone, they have no remorse, no shame they only seem to have an agenda to keep you away from truth- period.

        There are actually 2 elephants in the room with these clowns (Duke, MacDoucheled and Donnie Schwartz) one is the Jew elephant and the other is the truth elephant about what the Bible says and where these words come from they use day in and day out. They are just as against the truth elephant as they pretend to be against the jew elephant. They do nothing but get crapped on both and you have to ask “What is their goal?” Is it to obtain truth? It cant be because they run away from it every God given day. Tell him I will get a talkshoe show and we will have a 3 hour wide open show, tell the pussy MacDonald too and I will politely steamroll these clowns back to Jurassic Park where they came from. They cant do it. Id have MacDonald stuttering like that clown in “Cuckoo’s nest”

        “mm nnn unnn da da dont tell my mu other Miss Ratchet”

        Duke would make up a new story as he goes along- he has zero shame.

  7. melgibstein says:

    David Dukes hero, Juif Rense going after the ehhhh British.

    Britain – A Nation Of Pedophiles…For Hundreds Of Years

    Jews and non white Italians hate white people equally. Where is Juif Renses Rabbi homo pages? Where is Juif Rense on Jew homo’s in general? He goes both ways himself it appears. This is one of our internet radio network heroes, psssst he believes in UFO’s folks. This is the same tactic Jews use when talking about the American government, they attack everything in the government including the government itself and leave out the Jews behind it all.

    Rense told David Duke recently that he is the first one that allowed people to talk about “Jews” on his network. Folks I called Rense about 3 years ago and said “Jews” and he said “we say Zionists around here”. I said F*off you little prick, you dont tell me what words I can use.

    This is Stormfronts hero. Folks its all a CON JOB! David Duke thinks Ashkenazi’s are white Europeans. Think about it folks. The guy doesnt even know a mixed Sicilian isnt white. Its a total joke folks. Where is David Dukes forum? He does videos and then deletes comments regarding his idiocy. The guy cannot even pronounce “Sephardic”. He thought Ashkenazi was a German word because it has Nazi in it. In an open debate I would squash Duke like a tomato. He wants us all to unite under his BS banner and not argue over it. Folks he is working for the other side. Its called pilpulism to say one thing one day and another the next on the same issue. The only way to nail someone down is to have them open to debate in person or on a forum where his words can be shown for his hypocrisy.

    Duke is not your only hope out there he is hopeless. For Gods sake folks you need to wake up to that. If you feel so strongly about something you should defend it OPENLY- this character is hidden in plain sight even though he is known all over the jew media and the jew infested internet radio networks. He praises a Jewish Jesus, he thinks Jesus was a racial Jew. Folks what do you think Jesus himself will do to this Bolshevick with his phones cut off?

    Why doesnt he discuss the books written before Arthur Koestler on Khazars? Who is he working for if the truth has to be what he claims it is?
    I asked this idiot one question about his book where he claimed white people came from Edom and he openly claimed he no longer believed that and that whites come from Neanderthals. If I didnt ask it would have went on as if unimportant.

    Is this someone you want to follow? The dude has an agenda and it isnt white or Christian. Duke is a parade leader, leading you into the pit and if there ever was a pussy he is it. Tell him to take me on and I will show you how mixed up this clown is. If you cant even pronounce a word correctly and add letters to words you claim you have studied like the word “nucular” or “shephardic” you are a stooge! Duke mispronounces words so people will not even be able to investigate words on their own. It is a cartoon.

    One giant Duke hypcrisy, Duke always claims that we cant talk about Jews in the main stream media………well I cant talk to Duke about Jews in any media. Nobody challenges this imbecile on anything and keeps him propped up as a white leader. How is this different from the charade political system we have today? It is totally controlled. If you call in to put Duke in his place on a radio show the radio show owner will cut the phone off on you. They dont want the truth, they cant. Its just like politicians buying jets for our military knowing those jets are crap! These radio networks prop up their guest and then protect that guest from being tested. All of it has to go folks (yes Im talking about ALL the internet radio networks- even the ones that tell you all the time they are the last bastion of free speech). truth is they are the last bastion of lies. If Frank Collin was telling “some” truth about jews today it would be the same ordeal, you have to shut up and listen to these shills BS and they are too big to fail just like the jew banks.

    You want to know the truth?

    This is a nutjob and a queer and yes Juif I will tell you to your faggot face! Just let me know.

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