Lone Jew Ass Kissing Survivor


Marky Mark Scumberg and some other traitorous kike.

The Lone Jew Ass Kissing Survivor

I am referring to Marcus Luttrell and Glenn Beck and the sorry ass stories of American veterans selling their times in Iraq and elsewhere to the Jew controlled media so the Jews can continue to sell us out.


I work for the Jews, Im a SEAL. My pussy lips are SEALED!

Mr Luttrell I call you out. You wont do a damned thing because you’re a pussy!

You kiss Glenn Becks ass like pathetic queer.

Jesse Ventura, you too are a queer, you allow the USS Liberty to be a thing of the past while you seek fame, positions in the Jew controlled government and then seal your mouth like a slave.


Look at this pussy. Are you people on drugs? Im so sick of this sh**!

I am a veteran and I have no honor whatsoever for these pathetic sold out traitors nor do I believe Clint Eastwood or Mel Gibson have an ounce of honor, they are the absolute opposites of honor and I give you my word I will tell them to their faces as I would OReilly, Hannity or anyone in the media today.

We are dealing with the most treasonous media people ever in the history of white European mankind, they are all Glenn Beck whether they are 300 pounds or 100 pound homo’s. Jews use these people to destroy you day in and day out and they will never ever say who the enemy is because they work for the enemy, they have made their entire living off the enemy.

If any of these bastards are given honorable mentions it is because they are dishonorable- period! I call you out for a duel! Luttrell first (the Texas tumbleweed pussy). How can we believe a word they say? I’ll take the POS SEAL BS artist Ventura second and then the sold traitor Clint Eastwood on the street and we will see what this clown is made of in real life! They are all Jew buttwashers folks………going to hell forever and I want to get it started!

If someone calls me out Im there, watch what these queers do. They dont care about anything except continuing to do what they do. Its time to call a traitor a traitor folks and its time to hang these traitors! Or you can hang me!

Presentation of the Navy Cross.  Oval.

The Jew Navy Cross and a Glenn Beck pecker up his arse!

Jews will use people in uniform, priests, pastors, politicians, children in wheelchairs, ANYONE to achieve their satanic goals. If you are working for these people, if you are speaking for these people, answering for them, representing them in any way YOU ARE TRAITORS NOW and FOREVER!

Waiting for you pussies to contact me, but they wont folks you know why? Because its Jew Hollywood! Jew Hollywood controls you and they know it. They are heroes of the Jews…. enemies of us all.


If you want I will show you some pictures of the Marine Barracks in Beirut blown up by kikes or if you want I will show you pictures of the USS Liberty or how about our European brothers getting their asses blown up in the King David Hotel? These traitors all work for the Jews who did this, the same kikes that control our Federal Reserve and bring in the drugs to our daughters, brought in the Blacks to destroy us. Thats the truth folks no matter how big this JEW media is, it is BS! That is who these freaks fight for and act for.

It is beyond the pale folks! Hate me, hang me, but Im telling the truth! I will not remove this.

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4 Responses to Lone Jew Ass Kissing Survivor

  1. melgibstein says:

    Bill OReilly, God only knows what the Jews have pinned on him and wont break free of it said “white people are responsible for Black crime in Chicago because Rahm Emanuel IS WHITE!” So guess what folks WHITES were responsible for slavery TOO. We run the Federal Reserve, we ran the Mafia(s) etc etc etc. Yes it was us.
    Folks we need to pitch in and buy a rope and hang this traitor from a light post right in front of his Jew studio. I suppose Im an antisemite for saying this now, but I might as well be because this guy probably gets paid right out of the Jews Holocaust fund. How are any of these people ever going to do us an ounce of good?

  2. Luke 4:5-6 And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.

    ….”for that is delivered unto me;”…

  3. melgibstein says:

    Welcome back Study, I didnt think anyone would dare comment on this page, in vino veritus and I aint takin it back!

    Yup, its a fire sale for sure.

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