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Excalibur (n.) King Arthur’s sword, c. 1300, from Old French Escalibor, corruption of Caliburn, in Geoffrey of Monmouth (c.1140) Caliburnus, apparently from Welsh Caledvwlch probably a variant of the legendary Irish sword name Caladbolg which might mean literally “hard-belly,” i.e. … Continue reading

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Trump Calls to Audit the Fed

I will say it is true he is saying things that nobody has said before and actually getting the votes. That was the one I was waiting for, that is crossing the Jew Rubicon unless the Jews already want it … Continue reading

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Don’t remember this game very much and didn’t see the movie, but one thing I know is White people were targeted as a murderer either way. Did Colonel Mustard bonk Mrs. Blanche White in the living room with a wrench … Continue reading

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Lone Jew Ass Kissing Survivor

The Lone Jew Ass Kissing Survivor I am referring to Marcus Luttrell and Glenn Beck and the sorry ass stories of American veterans selling their times in Iraq and elsewhere to the Jew controlled media so the Jews can continue … Continue reading

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