Cowdung and Aliens


Hypocrite Cowboys

I have to admit I don’t know all the details of this Oregon Standoff because the people I hear hyping this up are the same shills who pushed Becky Roth (Rebekah Roth) who seems to now have disappeared from all the internet shows, once the biggest thing since sliced bread. Every radio show there is has had callers hyping up this woman and often times the same people calling all the different radio shows who are amateurs (or Jews) were all cock sure this was the voice of truth and that we should stop whatever we are doing and give her our undivided attention. You see Jews move in to destroy the ocean of  truth by floating one dirty lie on the top or simply by being there.

Well for the last few weeks the news has not been Fukishima, the radioactivity has killed


Radiation, Ebola, Swine Flu and nothing about the Jews, ho hum!

off all the life in the Pacific, some radio network owners say and is now coming up our rivers like the movie “The Blob”. The Ebola virus was also an epidemic that was going to wipe out mankind, but if you buy Dr Schmekelers products you would be protected. I could go back many years with one crisis to the next.

Today we have “The Bundy” crisis, no not Ted Bundy who escaped jail twice, one time by sawing a hole through the ceiling of his jail cell and then later used as an asset to catch other serial killers like the Jew in “Catch Me If You Can”. Ted grew up thinking his mother was his sister and that his father was his Grandfather. Happens all the time. The two names involved with the Ted Bundy family were “Cowell” and “Bundy” both names are common Jewish used names. Some people would call that a coincidence, but Edgar Steele used to say quite a lot “there are no coincidences”. I tend to agree.

So are all the Bundy’s in the world Jews? No, because Jews steal names, they cant go around with the name Beelzabub and do what Jews do. Why is this Bundy Standoff so important? Why aren’t they doing a Jew Federal Reserve Standoff , Jew open borders standoff, Jew porn standoff, Jew wars standoff or a Jew controlled media standoff? Again every shill I know has been blowing their own shophars over this case. These same clowns who call Jews Zionists and close off their phones to people who call Jews what they are and actually know where the word comes from can never be heard from.


Looks like the Jew sheriff and the high priest Caiaphas are in town (spit).

Jews are STILL blaming white people for Black slavery and White people have not even formed a group of people together to correct this slander and would the media even cover that event? How about the slander of the German people, Jews murder over 60 million Whites (more or less) in Bolshevick Russia and we are antisemites for saying the Jews are slanderers and murderers. We cant even get our foot in the door of the media to say one of these numerous slanderous lies of the Jews, but somehow we can make a stand over someones land? Ladies and gentlemen our land is crying out that you defend the truth about the Jews and not about cattle or bushes. Both of these things are as unsafe with Jews as we are.

Mel Bundy must be the only other Mel in the world who isnt a Jew, every time I see the name Ryan I assume it is a Jew because Jews absolutely adore that name as they do Scott. Why would a Jew call his son Scott? Do Scots steal Jew or Israelite names or do Jews steal theirs? Ammon is another strange name, I dont know any Ammons do you? Ammon means “son of my people” (my means YHWH). Is Ammon a Christian Identist or a Jew? Because the sons of Ya (Yamanu) were Israelites not Jews. So we have a family who names themselves after Jews it seems and not the House of Israel names like (Gad, Dan, Asher etc.).


Are these Christian Identists or Jews? If they havent mentioned the Jews they cant be Christian Identists.

Cliven is another strange name, some day I will research it further, but all I know it does not seem to be a European name, the only other person I can think of named Clive is the actor Clive Owen who could easily be a Cohen in my book. Seeing the shophars, Jew stars, strange looking faces, the cowboy hats (with the ear muffs), internet media hype etc. all spells Jew fear mongering to me and another ploy to keep the lemmings from rising up in any way about the real issues we face (Jew issues). You see if people do rise up about Jew issues the Jew issues will be on everyone’s minds and Jews definitely don’t want that to happen. Therefore I call BS! What could possibly be more important than the Jew aliens that have made a cesspool out of our countries? If you aren’t talking about Jews you are blowing the shophar’s right up our arses. If I am wrong please prove me wrong and please dont be one of the usual shills pushing Nibiru, Flat Earth, non whites being Whites, teh anti Zionist movement crowd and all the other distractions from the real disease we have right in our faces every day and have throughout history.

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6 Responses to Cowdung and Aliens

  1. Roy says:

    “… If you aren’t talking about Jews you are blowing the shophar’s right up our arses. If I am wrong please prove me wrong …..

    Nope…you are not wrong. It is really very simple. We have a Jewish Problem. Period. Everything else is just distraction.

    “If you don’t name the Jew, your message isn’t true.”

    • melgibstein says:

      Yes Roy that is the truth. You can talk about the the carpet with the jew elephant in the room and pretend its as pretty and clean as ever, sometimes if enough of them lie you start to believe them too. Every shill out there has a different deflection and has become numb to that jew elephant and just as schizo as the jew. Telling the truth my hurt the elephants feelings, never mind the elephant dung they will live with it.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Rayan or Rayyan is a popular name of multiple origins like Persian, Indian, Arabic, English and Israeli. In Persian, it means “The wise”, In Sanskrit (Indian) it means king, noble or prince. Rayan is an old english name which means brilliant.Some also believe that “Rayan” was a name given to the 7 “prophets” in the Zoroastrian religion. According to Arabic tradition ‘Ar-Rayan’ refers to a door leading to paradise or heaven’s gate. This door is particularly kept for people who fast the month of Ramadan.
    Ryan isnt Israeli its Itsraelite. Funny how Rayan means “wise one” and Ryan is just a different form of “Aryan” or “Brian” which means duuuuh “Noble” and or “King” so when a Jew uses the name “Ryan” and an Irish person uses the word “Ryan” or “Brian” who then is the real Israelite? And why do Jews spell their name “Ryan” instead of “Rayan” if this word comes from “Rayan”?

    Like I said if you see someone named Ryan it is probably around a 90% chance it is a Jew. Check out this page
    You can add Ryan Dawson to that list (he says he is Italian), Jews even name their girls Ryan, what can I say they pervert. I have known at least a half dozen Jews in my life named Ryan as a first name and I have known about a dozen Ryans (last) name that were all 100% Irish head to toe.
    Would you name your son Hymie?

    Ryan is connected to “brilliant” because it is a variant of Breoghan and Briget (bright) and Britanny it can also mean “shining” or “white”. All of these words were for only one people and never ever the Jews.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Jews taking the Rebbe to the airport in Jew occupied NY

  4. melgibstein says:

    A poster here used to attack me for making comments about Kate Upton “wooing” Blacks and doing the Jews deeds well guess what?

    After the 20-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl said she was single on Valentine’s Day and had broken up with star Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, she was spotted a little over a month later, on March 24, sucking face with Diddy, 43, at club LIV in Miami Beach.

    “They were kissing, they weren’t hiding it,” an eyewitness tells Confidenti@l.

    Following their hot hookup in South Beach, the duo met up again in New York, sharing an intimate dinner together at Gemma in the Bowery Hotel on Thursday. (Via)

    ~Jews dont make a star out of a blonde to honor the blonde, they make a star out of that blonde to pervert us all.

  5. melgibstein says:

    David Dukes confidant, Patricia Slattery gets his information from a Jew (Cohen) and has for the last 30 years.
    Listen to it on the Juif Rense network (between the Frank Collin show and the Jim Fetzer hour) here 02/03/2016
    Folks the BS is just too much from these clowns.

    Cohen’s family is Jewish.[1] His grandfather emigrated to the United States from Lithuania (then part of the Russian Empire) only able to speak Lithuanian, Russian and Yiddish.[2]

    Stephen Cohen was born in 1938 in Owensboro, Kentucky where his father owned a golf course,[3] and attended Indiana University Bloomington, where he earned a B.S. degree and an M.A. degree in Russian Studies. While studying in England, he went on a four-week trip to the Soviet Union, where he became interested in its history and politics. Cohen, who received his Ph.D. in government and Russian studies at Columbia University, became a professor of politics and Russian studies at Princeton University in 1968, where he taught until 1998, and has been teaching at New York University since.
    David Duke is too stupid or too Jewish to offend his pal Slattery for following and getting his info from a Jew. Folks these are our doctors, professors and lawyers today (all pussies), you see these guys will tell you they lived in Spain and all over Europe and they dont know the difference from a white Italian and a mixed Italian. If these are your white leaders or even teachers in any way you have to ask where they get their info from, the same place most of our internet stars get their info from, the Jews.

    If someone told me he gets his info from a Cohen I would drop him like a rattlesnake down Victoria Falls, but the Jew is always back the next day as if nothing has happened.

    Unfortunately folks you are going to have to tell some people to take a hike because they are doing us more harm than good, it isnt about being known as a rude person it is about righting wrongs and calling people out on their hypocrisy…………I know some people who did that a long time ago, but as we all know most of our internet media has forgotten them entirely.

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