White God

The Legend of the White God
We know from ancient Indian legends that at some point shrouded in the mists of time, White men landed on the shores of the New World, long before Columbus. Every Indian society of which we have any knowledge records this arrival and refers to a White God who brought them their system of science, engineering, gave them their legal codes, and helped them achieve a high level of civilization. But who was this High God?? And how did he and his relatives cross a vast unknown ocean to arrive in a New World? From these ancient legends we learn that these White Gods arrived in huge foreign ships with swan wings, hulls gleaming so brightly that they looked like giant serpents gliding over the water. When they reached the shore, strange men emerged from the ships, fair skinned and blue-eyed, wearing the gowns of a coarse black material with a circular opening at the neck and short 111497wide sleeves.
The legend of a particular White God has also survived to our day from all the ancient civilizations of Central and South America. The Toltecs and Aztec of Mexico called him Quetzalcoatl, the Incas called him Viracocha, to the Maya he was Kukulcan, who brought them their laws, their script and was worshipped like a god by the people. To the Chibchas he was Bochia, the White Mantle of Light. To those of Peru he was Hyustus, and to this day they will tell you that he was fair and had blue eyes.
According to two of the chroniclers White men with beards turned up on the shores of Lakekukulkan white aryan god Titicaca, built a great city, and taught the inhabitants a more civilized way of life. The Indians said that the White Gods built this city 2000 years before the time of the Incas.


~ Before the White Gods of the America’s are completely erased and before the minds of our kids are completely brainwashed because we don’t combat lies that are killing us, let me put this up for the record. The White Gods didn’t just show up on boats they invented the boats like they invented everything else and this wasn’t Columbus coming to town this was white people 2000 years before Columbus.There is nothing about this in our schoolbooks although it makes perfect sense, instead we are supposed to believe Asians rowed their boats they carved out of tree trunks against the currents to America and then moved inland. This is Jew history just like the slave trade was controlled by white people and Jews are everyone in the Bible starting with Adam, did not bomb the Liberty purposely, didnt do 9/11, dont start wars, made into lampshades, are thinking for the best interest of America and European countries, didn’t do Katyn, weren’t the Bolshevick slaughterers etc etc etc.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have two histories, Jew history and the truth. Jew history has numerous scenarios, dates, places etc. The truth only has one history. Your time on this earth better be bringing truth back! That is why we have to have an ecclesia to discuss matters everyone else obviously wont. We will only find the truth and defeat the Jew lies together knowing our ancestors went from being White Gods to White Dupes for one reason and one reason only, they trusted Jews over God. History has been erased to some extent, but to know history you have to first know the present. If you know the present you have a pretty good idea what has happened in the past. If you dont know the present and how you are being duped it is because you were not seeking the truth and have accepted the lies.  If you were of the truth you would be here proving this wrong and combating lies, but the truth is you cant do it. So what do you do? Nothing! Your waiting for Donald Trump to do something.

I just discovered the same movie on this site which I do not follow at all.


They were looking for a fact that Kornel Mundruczo was a jew as I was because this is indeed obviously Jewish. What I can add is names that start with “Mun” (except the Munsters maybe) “Mon” and “Man” as in Barry Manilow, Howie Mandell (Who Wants to be a Millionaire?), Maneshewitz is usually, but not always JEW. This writer at Counterpunch has come to the same conclusion so it seems some people do know the truth and are just waiting on a “movement”.

At this point, it dawned on me that the film might be commenting metaphorically on the burgeoning racism in Hungary that is directed at Roma, Jews and African immigrants. The next day, a look at the director’s statement in the press notes confirmed my suspicions:

It’s no secret that after the films I’ve made thus far, I am turning towards genre experiments. The first installment of these is WHITE GOD, inspired mostly by increasingly rancorous present-day social relations. In my view, parallel to the questionable advantages of globalization, a caste-system has become more sharply defined: Superiority has truly become the privilege of white, Western civilization, and it is nearly impossible for us not to take advantage of it. Yes, us.


The Jew Mundrowicz is worried about racism in Europe. How do we fall for this? It’s called deep delusion. I didn’t focus on this because of the movie, but you can be sure the Jew focused on this movie to wipe out true history. That is what our ancestors fought for, the Jews right to destroy true history.


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