Like Mike, the White One

By Tsvi Sadan, Israel Today

Barack Obama’s autobiography seems to be as complex as the president himself. Tzach Yoked, writing in Maariv this week, exposed to Israelis, perhaps for the first time, that among the American president’s eight half-brothers is one, Mark Obama Ndesandjo, who is Jewish.

Obama’s father had four wives – two Kenyan-born women and two white American women, the Christian mother of Barack Obama, Ann Dunham, and the Jewish mother of Mark Obama, Ruth Baker. Ruth was born to a Jewish family that immigrated to the United States from Lithuania. She married Obama Sr. in 1964 and moved to Kenya. Ruth divorced her husband after seven years of abusive marriage.

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Though by no means religious, Mark Obama is proud of his Jewish identity. “My mother is a liberal person who did not keep the religious rituals,” he said. “However, she always taught me to be proud of the fact that I am Jewish … as far as I am concerned, the main aspect of my Jewish identity does not stem from performing the religious rituals and prayers, but out of a strong sense that I am Jewish. It is something that you simply feel, a strong sense of secular Jewish identity that my mother gave me … she is the woman who taught me what’s important in life, who helped me to understand Torah, taught me music, helped me with my studies.”

Mark Obama recounts that contrary to what President Obama has said, they first met in 1988, and not in 2007. Asked why the president hadn’t told the truth about their meeting, the Jewish sibling said his older brother was probably ill-advised by political advisers. Nevertheless, it would seem that Mark adores Barack, even though, as he claims, the president has failed to be in touch with his brother for several months now.

Mark Obama went on to marry Liu Xuehua and has been living in China for the last 12 years. He is an accomplished pianist and published the semi-autobiographical novel, “Nairobi to Shenzhen: A Novel of Love in the East.”

Mark, who has adopted China as his home country, is a vivid testimony of the complexity of Jewish identity. Born to a black Muslim father and a white Jewish mother, raised in Kenya but educated in the United States, half-brother to a president whose own religious identity is far from clear, Mark Obama is no less Jewish than any other child born to a Jewish mother. If anything, he well represents the crisis of secular Judaism.

This form of Judaism, as can be found also in Israel, wants to maintain Jewish identity apart from the Jewish faith. In America, where society is overwhelmingly non-Jewish, secular Judaism is on the decline due to a high rate of intermarriage. If anything can be learned from it is, as Israeli President Shimon Peres said just recently, that as far as Jews are concerned, state and religion cannot be separated.


How does Michael help us if we dont know who the enemy even is? Michael uses a sword, we use?

I wanted to write this so the lemming passerby’s could accept this, try to convince them of this, but I have nothing to convince because the words speak for themselves, at least for me.

I first thought that this root “cah” from the Hebrew word “milcahmah”  and “kel-lee” from “battle axe”, “kah-yil” from “sword” or “chayil khahyil” from Army etc etc etc all came from the Milesians where the word “military” comes from, but what was the language of the Milesians? Nobody ever made the claim that Milesians spoke Gaelic at least by that name. Who is famous from Miletus that I could use as peoples who came out of Miletus other than the Milesians? The names were all Phoenicians and oddly we have definitive proof of the Phoenician language (Hebrew) in what we call Ireland today by way of Iberia and others we wont go into today. Some of those names out of Miletus you may know such as Thales, Pythagoras (who said the earth was round and still is), Hecataeus, etc. Cadmus,

The Jews cartoon character Phineas- psst they hate Phineas of the Bible.

The Jews cartoon character Phineas- psst they hate Phineas of the Bible.

a Phoenician (Kahd-mus) went in search for his sister “Europa” where we get the name Europe, but somehow none of our Jew controlled schools ever taught us about the Phoenicians it was all as mythical as leprechauns in Ireland, a name the Irish didnt even give it. Anyone who doubts Phoenicians being in Ireland and or Britain today has no clue of history whatsoever.

Why was it Phoenicia and Lebanon were intertwined words? Some called it Phoenicia and some called it Lebanon. Lebanon supposedly means “white birch tree’s” or “snow capped mountains”, but the truth is Laban means “white” just as Rachel’s and Leah’s father’s name meant “white”. There is no word “mountain” in it or “tree’s” it was “white land” as opposed to Canaanland (Canaan was also white btw). Phoenicia also means “white” and is the root of the name “Fionna” “Bianca”, Bennu (the Phoenix- which means “to shine” or “rise in brilliance”, Finland, Vienna, Venezuela- means “Little Venice” supposedly discovered by our very own Amerigo Vespucci, a Medici agent (he is supposedly where we got the name America as well which is also BS).

If you have come this far you are capable of finding words on your own.

lbanah leb-aw-naw’ from 3835; properly, (the) white, i.e. the moon:–moon.

Do you know what “white is also in Gaelic? “Ban” No la la la’s.

A black hat in a Jew movie named "white". Thats a mixed up dude.

A black hat in a Jew movie named “white”. Thats a mixed up dude.

I guess that makes Eric Bana (the Munich star) not a Jew. Ban and Fiona mean “white” or “fair” sometimes even “holy”. You are going to have to put this all together in your own white languages, but I can tell you it all comes from Hebrew and our history.

All of these words below (and all stem from one root) come from the “keh” part of the name Michael –

Michael, however does not mean “who is like God” just as the name Kennedy doesnt mean “ugly head”, they lie! It means “Gods warrior”. So we have a group called “The Milesians” who become known as the Kelts (pronounced Cahs just like Cathac or Cathal) and both seemed to have disappeared.

Words related to combat, military or war:

Combat or battle- mil Cha ma (mil KAH ma)

Battle in Gaelic is “Cathal” pronounced Kah hah or Kah- Kath in Greek

Captain- Kah p taen in Gaelic, Centurio in Latin – kehn turio (keh and Kah are the same as you will see).

Captain means “head” meaning “chief” not your head, it is a military word, the name Kennedy if you look it up is said to mean “ugly head”, but the head part does not mean the head on your shoulders, the same thing happens in the name “Kentucky” which is supposed to be Indian- it means or at least one of its meanings means “At he head of the river”. It is also interesting that Kentucky was spelled with a th the same way kah hah and cathal is, but that for another day. The Latin “caput” comes from this word, it means “head”, So you can see how “head” gets confused in all white languages. Head isnt always your hat holder.

German “Kapitan”, Hauptman pronounced Kahptman

Words that come from captain: captivate, captive, capitulate (surrender)

I know nothingk! Im a jew.

I know nothingk! Im a jew.

Commandant or Kah mandant, Kommandant in German

Casualty- military related

Catapult- “war machine for throwing,” from Greek katapeltes, from kata “against” (see cata-) + base of pallein “to toss, hurl” (see pulse (n.1)). As an airplane-launching device on an aircraft-carrier by 1927.

Conflict- “armed encounter, battle,” from Old French conflit and directly from Latin conflictus (see conflict (v.)). Meaning “struggle, quarrel” is from mid-15c.

Odd, David Duke insists that “con” (like “con job” from an ex con) always comes from “Cohen”. Cohen means “priest”, cohanim “priests”. “Priest” is another form of “Provost” or “chief”, a chief is a “head” or “ruler”. Dr Duke is wrong again.

These words very often are declared French or Latin words as if Latin was the language of the early Irish, but it is in fact the other way around (Gauls, Gaels or Galls were in Italy and France too).

Corporal- Gaelic “coirp”, Latin “corporali”, etc etc etc. Kah Keh Koh- vowels were different in different languages.

How about words like “cattle”. Cattle in earlier days were used to stampede the opposition.

Horse- equo, Horses “equus” pronounce eh KAHs were also used for battle. Horse was pronounced with a k in German, H and K are often confused especially in the Slavic languages. Capall in Gaelic.

Camel (Kah-mel) – yes used in battle.

Caballero, caballa (yes the Kaballah is horse sh**), caballo, cabin is like a temporary (not Tipperary) castle “kah stle”.

Kibbutz has this root- meaning ( a communal settlement or Kahlony- colony) Kahbutz- it has “battle” built right into it except its not their word and as far as I can see not in the Bible. So we have white people using these terms for thousands of years and Jews had to make one up.

Colonel- Kahl o nel not Kernel

My Mel Gibson beard

My Mel Gibson beard “unite the ehhhhh ehhh clans”!

Conquest- “Kahn quest” in English,  Thats phoenetics by the way from the word Phoenician. What was Alexander the Great in Greek? Maybe someone Greek can tell us (the first 3 letters are oddly enough “kat”.

Conquer in Greek –


General– no, there is no “kah” in General, but there is the root “gene” or “gen”. David Duke will tell you over and over “gens” means “tribe” or “clan” in English, but what is it in Hebrew? “Mishpachah” Mish pah KAH (also representing a certain people of the same genealogy). Does anyone out there think a clan of whites could be related to a clan of Jews? The answer is “yes” because Jews are not a race so they are related to everyone and anyone and why Miss Israel was a Black woman a few years ago. You arent white if you are part Jew or part anything else so a Jew can have a tribe, but it isnt the same tribe as any other tribe on earth and maybe why the term General has the word gene in it to make sure.

Here is clan in Greek – φυλή, Clan is also “famille” in French, comluadar (Kahmluadar) in Gaelic. Welcome to the Kamily! Well clans fought together and against each other and sometimes against others if they were around as they were in the Middle East. You have to wonder who won the Kahtfields or the McCahoys or McEvevoys.

Army- has the same root in Hebrew “kah” and the battle axe was the “kel-lee” Kelly in Gaelic means “warrior”.

The name Kelly was spelled with a “Ch” or an “Sh” and where the word “sheighleily” comes

Yes folks that is an old sheieighly (or a club) possibly a 3 wood, my favorite club too.

Yes folks that is an old sheieighly (or a club) possibly a 3 wood, my favorite club too.

from- a battle axe. By the way the word did not mean “axe” as we know it today. Kah is in the Hebrew root of sword, spear, to strike, axe, just to mention a few. To axe means to “hewn” down (remember H and K?)

Keltic obviously means warrior as Kelly means warrior. To “kill” in Hebrew “na kah”. Notice “kill” is different when murdering or being murdered or killing an animal, but most  have the Kah root although there are other words as well. “slayeth” in Genesis 4:15 is “har ag” “kah rag” and in Exodus 12:21 killing a lamb is “shaquat”. Qal is to root of “to kill”.

Michael- German Me Kah el, Russian Mikhail, English Mie-kel. Michael may have been the first Celtic warrior. Warriors go to fight wars, but where does the word “war” come from? We know the Hebrew word was mil kama, but how did we get “war” out of that?

Jacob means to battle or struggle with Ya- “cob” or in German “kampf” means struggle as in “Mein Kampf“. Next time some Jew calls you an antisemite because they speak a semitic language tell him this, then get the sheighleily (always misspell that- no wonder it got mixed up).

War-war (n.) Look up war at Dictionary.comlate Old English wyrre, werre “large-scale military conflict,” from Old North French werre “war” (Old French guerre “difficulty, dispute; hostility; fight, combat, war;” Modern French guerre), from Frankish *werra, from Proto-Germanic *werz-a- (cognates: Old Saxon werran, Old High German werran, German verwirren “to confuse, perplex”), from PIE *wers- (1) “to confuse, mix up”. Cognates suggest the original sense was “to bring into confusion.”

Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian guerra also are from Germanic; Romanic peoples turned to Germanic for a “war” word possibly to avoid Latin bellum because its form tended to merge with bello- “beautiful.” (and the kelts they were fighting against) There was no common Germanic word for “war” at the dawn of historical times. Old English had many poetic words for “war” (wig, guð, heaðo, hild, all common in personal names), but the usual one to translate Latin bellum was gewin struggle, strife” (related to win (v.)).  Guarra

Kah-rey, thats right! Could be a name changer however like John Kahrry.

Kah-rey, thats right! Could be a name changer however like John Kahrry.

in Latin. Gwynn in Welsh means “white” – I have no idea where that fits in just thought Id add it.

win (v.) Look up win at“be victorious,” c. 1300 fusion of Old English winnan “to labor, toil, struggle for, work at, strive, fight,” and gewinnan “to gain or succeed by struggling, conquer, obtain,” both from Proto-Germanic *winn(w)an “to seek to gain” (cognates: Old Saxon winnan, Old Norse vinna, Old Frisian winna, Dutch winnen “to gain, win,” Danish vinde “to win,” Old High German winnan “to strive, struggle, fight,” German gewinnen “to gain, win,” Gothic gawinnen “to suffer, toil”), from PIE *wen- (1) “desire, strive for” (source of wish; see Venus). The k and the g can easily be confused kewinnan and gewinnan. It obviously makes sense that it belongs because it is everywhere else.

mgerah meg-ay-raw‘ from 1641; a saw:–axe, saw.

I was in the Corps, but I really didnt know where the word came from. Corps in Gaelic – “Cor”. Cor is also the root of “corpse” or “body”,  Marines were always called the backbone of the body. If you are going to fight a war you need good cardio and a good heart to fight for what you believe is right, but unfortunately our “head” or chief isnt always our own.

I also did some “guerilla warfare” training, but those words are actually the same and from the same root (war warfare).

camouflage, convoy, cannon, cadet, casualty, cavalry, commission, company, courage, courageous, squad, squadron (kader in German), cadence,   helmet (from kel-met) , Helmet in Hebrew- kobah, French – “casque”.


This word goes on and on in the military arena and it is only one Hebrew root word all over Europe. This is just one word which branched out everywhere, think of how many other words are just like this (I passed by dozens just writing this). Grenade is a Phoenician word from “pomegranate”. They spoke Hebrew not Yhiddish.

I have only touched on the English roots of  “cah” and only in the military sense, wherever you see war, armor, army, battle, battle field, weapon, sword, spear it comes from Hebrew in one way or another. All you have to do is get a concordance. Sometimes you may be looking at a word that is spelled in another alphabet and not said the way it was originally intended.

Everywhere you look you see words supposedly originating in Old French, Old English, Latin, but never in Gaelic. Folks like David Duke, Don Black, Professor MacDonald all believe the white people came from the North so why isnt Gaelic ever referred to as the root of a word (or Phoenicians)? Gaelic obviously goes way back and the amount of words we get from it is countless. Latin gets their words from Gaelic so why arent we taught Gaelic in High School like we were Latin (or even Hebrew where our languages without a

Ubi est Mel Gibstein?

Ubi est Mel Gibstein?

doubt comes from)? Because we are not supposed to know and the Dukes and MacDonalds of the world are going to continue to make us not know.

This will be an ongoing thread because I have only touched on the top of the mountain buried by Jew lies. Michael is the warrior against Satan and we are the warriors against his kids…..what happens above happens below and a spear or a battle axe is a weapon not a tongue. Our tongues have been turned into the weapon of the Jew.

The Kelts or Kells were the Army of MiKel or Michael. This root is in almost all Celtic names. Kell and Gael are like Mikel and Miguel.

Random name (chose this name out of the air)- McDougal from Dughail or Gael, Gael and Kel like Michael or Mikel. Gaels were Kels or Kelts right? “ghail” in Gaelic means “valor” as in war. David Dughail Duke could never be named this. Gael and Celt come from the same root meaning- “warrior” and from our Bible which comes from the Middle East, need I say more? You bet I will.



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71 Responses to Like Mike, the White One

  1. Ray Zerwitt says:

    You’re way ahead of the class with the linguistics. My comprehension started getting dull about halfway. I hope there won’t be a pop quiz.

    So, I’m watching this video class series called “The Foundations of Western Civilization” and I see this Professor Thomas F.X. Noble lying out his ass, although he’s more truthful than most. What language did the Aryans (aka Persians) and Medes speak? When they conquered Babylon (and freed their cousin Judahites) they made the lingua franca Aramaic. But, according to this professor, the Aryans spoke an Indo European language. I don’t believe it. According to him, Greek was an Indo European language too, all because ‘father’ sounded alike to Germanic and Latin.

    The Phoenicians weren’t just in Ireland but all over the world, including New Mexico. My ol’ Ma and Pa took a visit down to the Los Lunas Stone and got pictures of it (the jews have already been down there with their chisels vandalizing it). The Los Lunas Stone is a stone with the 10 commandments engraved on it, from 800 BC, phoenicio-greek. Adobe (sic) is a Syrian word. The guy does admit that the Phoenicians had sailed around Africa. I’m guessing that the cliff dwellers were phoenicans too.

    Just thought I’d pick your brain about some things. t seems the truth ought to remain somewhere amongst all their lies.

    • melgibstein says:

      I havent even begun to discuss all the coincidences of Hebrew or Phoenician language and culture amongst the Indians and especially around Los Lunas. For instance Phoenix, of all names has a very shady name origination, some say whitey named it because it ehhh was risen out of the ashes just like a Phoenix, coincidentally those Navajo Indians had a symbol of the Thunderbird and the swastika. This is no coincidence and you have to be on drugs to believe it is.

      It is why I always wonder what Jews wanted with Las Vegas, no doubt the Phoenicians went up or down the Colorado as the did the Rio Grande aka Rio Bravo, Navajo names

      mets’ichi chena, Keresan, “Big River”
      posoge, Tewa, “Big River”
      paslápaane, Tiwa, “Big River”
      hañapakwa, Towa, “Great Watters”
      I guess wa wa means wah wah as in water. Water just naturally makes people say “wah” I guess.
      Be back later for more.

      Jews dont do things for one reason only, if they are going to take a place in the desert, they do it for other reasons.
      New casino in Vegas “Venetian Resort”

      Venetian is simply the same word as Phoenician, pop some Jew whops in a boat and its Venetian. Even their oars (punts) were invented by Phoenicians and how they went against the current down the Nile (down is actually up on the Nile).

      I used to think the Phoenicians made their way up from the south, through the Gulf but a recent trip to North Minnesota on the Mississippi river made me think otherwise- they came from the North and worked their way down. Which Indians named the Mississippi, the Minnesota Indians, the middle American Indians or the Southern Indians? You dont name a river that long unless you travel it.

  2. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Also, what’s Aryanism? It seems the Vandals, Visigoths, Ostragoths, and Lombards marked themselves for destruction by practicing Aryanism, after Rome collapsed.

    • melgibstein says:

      The Aryan tards today believe you could become an Aryan eventually if you lived in Europe and ate what Europeans ate. I dont even think the pagan whites of old even believed that. They had a lot better of an excuse to be what they were then too, today is a different story.

      I wonder what the Judeo priests think Michael was. Was he a Jew? Did he wear a yarmulke? Was he Black, Red, Brown? Is God also his Father? If Michael wasnt a Jew he will be pretty out of place in Jew heaven, no?

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        A little bit of bread and a whole bunch of dung, like it says in Ezekiel. It gets depressing. Is it the object of their game to get you depressed? You can cite those inarguable truths at any WN blog and it will be met with a flood of vapidity. Next day, KACHING NO CHANGE.

        They’re just perennial wankers. The Spartans believed book learning was for effeminate sissies. I agree with that, partly. It depends on your character and your motives. Moses got his tuition to the wisdom schools paid when he bit fire, still crawling around in a diaper. These so called intellectuals hide behind it. They’ve mocked it. Holy things have been shared with dogs. They twist it to defend themselves and to attack passive aggressively. A pussy, in the seat of his essence, should never be allowed anywhere near an institution of higher learning.

        It’s an old trick they use again and again. When the Persians conquered Babylon and other lands, they set the lowest up to be governors of their city states. He knew he was getting paid way above his merit and if there was ever a rebellion, he would be the first to be killed. Keeping the fancy digs was priority # 1. That’s happened on such a broad scale now, if we won the revolution tomorrow, it would take generations to make it right. Getting Israel out of Egypt was the easy part compared to getting Egypt out of Israel. They’re dyed in the wool and not to be taken seriously. You’ll catch a spiritual disease if you think they’re equal or they matter. They don’t matter. They’re chronic wanker ex football fanatics with a new game.

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        Considering them your equal also means you consider yourself their equal. It’s a psychological mind fuck of voodoo priests.

  3. Ray Zerwitt says:

    As I understand it, Yahweh creates GOOD and evil is MADE in His absence. So much for Yahweh being the Father of good and evil both, as the jews and their pagan idolatrous religions love to say. Inre to that beginning prayer.

    • Ray, what is your connection to ?

      Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD (YAHWAH) do all these things

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        No real connection to American Wisdom Series. I’ve studied there a lot. The minor prophets and Revelation are good to study there. John Rhine takes on the issues.

        Concerning Isaiah 45:7, what do you make of that? There’s a difference in the meanings of form, make and create. Like with ‘yatsar’ and ‘bara’. And, is it Yahweh or Elohim?

        Create evil? Create darkness? I don’t get it as it’s written.

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        The subtil one is described as a CREATURE. Have you ‘studied the holy scriptures as much as you would have people believe?

    • You said:
      “As I understand it, Yahweh creates GOOD and evil is MADE in His absence.”
      Isaiah 45:7 does not support that claim.

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        Then, what is evil and darkness to you? Does Yahweh have sons and daughters? Was darkness and evil there first? What are you suggesting?

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        Let’s ask Mel if ‘material’ and ‘make’ are related, in linguistics. It seems to me that to make something, you need the material first, but to create is another thing. Have the subtle differences in the meanings of those words been lost to us? You’re giving some vague explanations. I expected more from such a lofty moniker as “Study the Holy Scriptures”.

    • “Then, what is evil and darkness to you?”
      What is more important? either my opinion or what the Holy Scriptures say about them?

      “Does Yahweh have sons and daughters?”
      Genesis 1:27, Matthew 22:30

      “Was darkness and evil there first? What are you suggesting?”
      Where first? We do know that YAHWAH planted the tree of knowledge of good and evil:
      Genesis 2:9

    • Genesis 2: 9

      And out of the ground made the LORD God (YAHWAH) to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        I see the word “made” again. I ask you, again, what does that mean?

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was NOT made for food.

      • Roy says:

        What is the “point” of this debate — who made evil?

        What would be the end result if decided either way?

        Personally………….I’ve never understood this particular desire to understand the sovereignty of the Creator. So… God creates evil……….so what now? What do we do with that information.

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        As of yet, you haven’t corrected anything.

        I have to wonder if you know the meaning of ‘good’, and ‘evil’, as well as ‘make’ and ‘create’. How intimately familiar are you with Deut 28 and Lev 26?

      • @Ray February 11, 2016 at 5:19 am

        Just talk and START the Bible study:

        what about Deut 28 and Lev 26?

    • “What is the “point” of this debate — who made evil?”

      2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        What an inspiration you are, STHS. It’s all just a game between 2 sadists.

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        That makes Timothy 2:15 an exercise in hypocrisy.

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        I’m going to watch footbawl now.
        Dan Reeves

      • Roy says:

        STHS said — 2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

        Yes…I know the verse. So what is the end result of either perspective? What do we gain or how do we “follow” the Lord more completely?

        I’m trying not to be divisive. I seriously would like to know how the answer changes my ‘walk’ as a follower of Christ. To conclude that God is the author of all evil………now what happens?

      • To Roy February 8, 2016 at 9:40 am:

        The Holy Scriptures are divisive:

        Matthew 15:24 But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
        Amos 3:2 You only have I known of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities.

        The answer (Isaiah 45:7) shows the truth of the Holy Scriptures vs what is taught as the truth. Which of the 45,000+ Christian denomination is correct? There is one set of Holy Scriptures and we are told to study them. The truth is key:

        John 4:24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

      • Roy says:


        Yes I agree — the Scriptures are divisive. I also agree with Matthew 15 and Amos 3. I have no argument here.

        My question was ‘what happens when we arrive at the answer — who is the author of Evil?’

        So hypothetically God is the author of all Evil. So what now?

        This is very kin to the Predestination Vs. Foreknowledge debate. Calvinists and Arminianists will go round and round and round never coming to any conclusions.

        What I care about is whether a man is Obedient to the Father. I want to have in my social circle: men and women who fear the Lord. Fear Him enough to walk in obedience. I will judge a man by his fruits first; his knowledge second.

        How does knowing with full certainty ‘who’ is the author of all evil………how does this affect my walk with the Lord; and whether I choose to fellowship with a man?

      • DC says:

        I think Martin Lindstedt nails when he says, when the Great Tribulation comes, arguing over who is “right” or “wrong” won’t matter any more. There’ll be no right or wrong when war breaks out only “sides”.

        You’re either on one side or the other side.

        This argument can probably be used for “good” and “evil” too.

      • melgibstein says:

        Lindstedt inmho should be the last one saying something like that from what Ive seen of him. There is nothing wrong with debate just dont let it weaken us as a whole. Some of my best friends I fought physically, but never held it on them if they lost and if they held it on me if I lost I came back another day. None of us know it all and any of us that claim they do will be beaten. The fact that we have free speech and are willing to stand up for it as a whole is the real issue and the fact that we are striving for the truth should be honored like a professional fight. It isnt our ego’s that should be at stake just shake hands and come out fighting always so we can sharpen our swords for the real enemy. I hope we all know who that enemy is and that it is the enemy of us all and we need all of us to fight it. Else Id do it myself.

      • DC says:

        Lindstedt is certainly in a league of his own. He’s probably the greatest extremist I’ve encountered, but unlike the majority of the truth movement, seems to believe his own BS and that he’s doing’s Yahweh’s work and lives by it.

        I’d much rather “real talk” that might contain something useful than meaningless “happy talk” that wastes my time. That I can respect, but as you suggest I’m not he’s what you would call a great role model or leader and I think he’s sloppy on many issues.

        But on this, I think he really does believe there will be a coming “Great Tribulation” as a test from Yahweh in which Satan is released for 1000 years and that you’ll have to choose “sides”.

        I’m not sure I agree it will turn out that way or if that’s the right interpretation of scripture, but ZOG certainly does seem to be falling apart and the seams and we may indeed have something that seems like a “Great Tribulation” to anyone in the middle of it. “Sides” may need to be chosen carefully.

      • @Roy February 9, 2016 at 1:28 pm

        “Yes I agree — the Scriptures are divisive. I also agree with Matthew 15 and Amos 3. I have no argument here.”

        Do you agree with Isaiah 45:7?

      • Roy says:

        Do you agree with Isaiah 45:7?

        Yes of course. Nothing happens without the will of the Creator. The question is really whether He is the author or that He allows evil to reign. He is Sovereign in both instances. I do not want to engage in this debate. The question I asked you was, ‘what do we do with that information?’ How does this knowledge influence a man’s walk in obedience? Fun to talk about I guess amongst friends over a campfire. But why pick a fight to begin with? (rhetorical)

        Btw……………….when was the last time you moved a mountain? Matthew 17:20

        But of course we don’t interpret this verse literally.

      • @Roy February 10, 2016 at 10:10 am

        Is correcting the comment: “Yahweh creates GOOD and evil is MADE in His absence.” that sat there for weeks unchallenged picking a fight?

        Regarding Matthew 17:20: do you believe that Jesus did the miracles described in the Mathew, Mark, Luke and John?

      • Roy says:

        Regarding Matthew 17:20: do you believe that Jesus did the miracles described in the Mathew, Mark, Luke and John?

        Apples and Oranges. But my answer would be ‘of course’ I believe in Christ’s miracles. Are you suggesting you can move a literal mountain?

      • @Roy February 11, 2016 at 10:13 am

        The fact that I cannot do that now means I am not ready for it NOT that it cannot be done. If Spirit ! >>>>>>> matter then how can the Holy Scriptures be true?

        Isaiah 64:6 But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy (menstural) rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        Have you had a soft life, STHS? You speak as a person not subject to the curses of deut 28 and lev 26. Yes, I have experienced those intimately. Chastisement and all that. Have you REALLY honored what is expected. If you’re an Israelite, I expect your own judgements to come to the test. Are you what Yahweh expects? Studying the holy scriptures… blah blah blah. There comes a test. Will you be a hypocrite?

        Consider what Yahweh called ” the most humble of men”. What was Moses thinking the day he walked up that mountain to see what that light was all about? Maybe “I built a magnificent city in Egypt, and now I’ve been watching sheep eat and shit and fuck for 40 years. My existence has to be worth more than this. I’m walking up that mountain to see what that light is, and I know nobody who ever did it before came back to tell about it”.

        Tell us about the tests you’ve passed that make you an authority to preach to us.

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        In that way, didn’t Moses have a lot to do with his own salvation? He risked it and saved it. Every Israelite’s ultimatum, sooner or later, according to Deut and Lev 26. Can you disagree? Making evil good is chastisement. He knew you would respond or He wouldn’t have wasted His omniscient time.

        Now, what I require from you is some cred. How are you qualified to be preaching to us in the condescending manner that you do?

  4. Louis says:

    Mel,what are you doing,don’t you know that only anti christ jews are authorized to teach hebrew? I am glad you took it upon yourself to do so,with the previous Macca and now the Nakah i am really liking my last name.Now i know why anti christ jews have always been scared shit of me,besides me always striking and choking along with slamming ,they probably new the meaning of my name.This explains them having their parents pick me up to go to the mall(mid island plaza,roosevelt field) or cantiauge park (skate,swim golf),bowling ,(syosset,westbury) oyster bay ,islander games(i hated that team) and on and on.For protection,like a dummy,against my own kind,until i got wise and turned on them.At least i was smart enough not to smoke their pot,my parents did not tolerate that shit.

    • melgibstein says:

      If you lived on Long Island you were without a doubt doing something you were duped into by Jews. Many of the fights I got into were instigated by Jews. I was about as dumb as that fool OReilly is right now (40 years ago). Jews will prop you up and then drop you like a sack of wet bagels. No doubt your schools were bringing in blacks from across the tracks, you were being taught whitey enslaved the Blacks by you r Jew teachers (they were all Jews, Jews controlled the school system like a bagel nosh) etc etc etc.

      Of course I disobeyed my parents by turning on that Jew TV all I could too. They had me totally in their grips, but I am proof you can break out of it. The first thing anyone has to realize is Jesus was not a Jew and it starts from that point. Once people fully understand that fact (which the judeo churches fail to do) its just a matter of time and their own private battle finding the truth. Some find a little and then do nothing with it, they understand, but they dont care. Then you have your nitwits who really care, but dont want to do any research or they are just too chicken sh**. You have to have all the Jew doors locked shut. The obvious thing to do when you know you were duped by Jews is to stay away from Jews, but the dupes keep bringing them back in. You have to separate from them too unless you are there to counteract their lies. The truth is given to you, you cant steal it. The fact that we even care about the truth is a subject of its own. It is what it is and not what we want it to be because we have been brainwashed from day one in some way or another.
      It isnt Naka like Nachash it’s Kah, although I do believe that root was also in Nakash or Nachash. If you are in a war, whoever you are in war with is in war too. So that root only infers you are at war and obviously still are because its your name. Warburg? Jews arent at war with us in the classic sense because they would lose, they have convinced us we should not be at war with them. If Michaels enemy was Satan and the Jews are Satans kids, who are our enemies?

  5. Louis says:

    The 10 Kahmmandments . My enemy is anyone who is on my enemies side and If anyone is a friend of a jew,who is an enemy of Jesus Christ ,who is taught that Jesus is in hell boiling in(i will not repeat here)then you are on my enemies side.I have many enemies

  6. melgibstein says:

    commandment (n.) Look up commandment at
    late 13c., “an order from an authority,” from Old French comandement “order, command,” from Latin *commandamentum, from *commandare (see command (v.)). Pronounced as four syllables until 17c.

    Of þe x commandements … þe first comondement is þis, O God we ssul honuri [c. 1280]
    Whatever you do dont fall for that old saying “My enemies enemy is my friend” or the BS book Sun Tzu (Sum Jew)
    “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”.

    No, the supreme art of war is to demolish your enemy completely (because we are talking about Jews not just any old enemy) and we didnt do it when we were KAHmmanded to.

    All of these wooses that love Sun Tzu think they can reason out of a fight. You cant reason with the jew.

    Odd how everything is originated in Latin. Its like saying Latin was the lingua Franca of the world when it is obviously total BS. It became that because the Phoenicians decided to get away from them in their landlocked “flat earth” world (the Romans) they couldnt even sail out of the Med and not because the earth was flat but because they would have been flattened.

  7. melgibstein says:

    Nike is another interesting word I ran into while researching Michael. It is the basis of a lot of names and words. Eunice, Nicholas, etc. Tiger Woods has the Nike contract and Jack Nicholas Nicklaus, whose name comes from Nike (victory) has to watch (only from the Jew). Collin, Colin (first name), Klaus, Mykola, Veronica, Nicole…….it seems to have the same theme as Michael in the “cah: dept.. What do we have to show for a so called “Nike”

    Nike was a Greek goddess supposedly- with wings just like Michael.

    There is something there. I just dont know it yet.

  8. melgibstein says:

    I was wondering how long it was going to be until I heard this openly from Jews. Jews claim they are of Adam (all the people of Adam) they’re not just Jews anymore. You see as the truth comes out the Jews lies get more ridiculous.

  9. melgibstein says:

    Milcah grandfather grandmother of Laban, father of Rachel and Leah. Well well well well

    Sorry for this

    Mel, Mil, Cah – Battle queen? Iscah another daughter and root of JessiCAH, but Jews claim cah doesnt mean warrior in this case like Catherine, Carolynn, Kevin, Kenneth, Cathal etc etc etc etc.

    It is or it isnt.

    Jews dont know if Iscah was Sarah and forgot what cah means in this one. Quite interesting! I have a feeling Sheena, Cat Woman and Super Girl will be all over the Jew telly for the next week. Trust me.

    Meaning & History
    Meaning unknown, most likely of North African or Phoenician origin. In the 4th century this name was borne by the North African saint Monica of Hippo, the mother of Saint Augustine, whom she converted to Christianity. Since the Middle Ages it has been associated with Latin moneo “advisor” and Greek monos “one”. As an English name, Monica has been in general use since the 18th century.

    Monica is also a root of Nike (Monike) victory as in battle. Phoenicians had this “moniker” on the front of their ships (boats). The word “moniker” is Gaelic and the definition is simply a shorter version of someones name. For instance……michael, mike. You see where this is going? I dont yet but if you do let me know.

    Jews and the Catholic church try to make Augustine into a Black Phoenician, it is so over the top. You see they cant give any credence to the Phoenicians because we arent supposed to know who they were even though they gave us our language…………gave us our lives.

    It used to be known as a mono battler, today it is known as a “mono BJ”. The fact is Jews are race mixed already and no reason for them to be at war unless they are race mixed with the Nephelim. One people are at war with the Nephilim and the other are the Nephilim. The Nephilim always pretend they arent the Nephilim by changing their names or moniker, but we should never trust names, if names really meant “who” someone was Jesus would have told us. He did tell us Jews are liars, however. Studying names isnt full proof evidence because a name can be stolen, just like a symbol or a moniker so it has to be undisheveled by someone who knows what is disheveled. It has its own “mono” answers for people who seek the truth only. Its like saying the king has no clothes in a dead language.

    Ok Ive had some vino- did you know wine also comes from the word Phoenician? I’ll toast to that!

    Ok just a bit more, Rachel one of my favorite names, not only because I had a girlfriend named Rachel once, but I always thought Raquel Welch was one of the prettiest women. Ok enough of that, Rachel is Raquel and Raquel has “kah” in it. Rachel was the niece of RebeKAH. In Matthew 5:22 we constantly see that “the Jews” say “raca” means “to spit”. You see God thought it was ok we “warred” against each other just dont you dare “spit” on one another. I call BS.

    Who is talking about this folks? Hannity? Glenn Beck? Father Dickstein? Pastor Mogileviech? Who?

  10. Louis says:

    But back to gaelic, how about gale winds,gale warning, equals conquering gaelics(gauls),Gaelic and Phoenician words,you are proving,where world wide God forming the world for Adam and making him play the man,
    Good advice about not joining up with those who are enemies of my enemey,(you would have to kahmpromise yourself) and that was fun using a sheighleily on polywogs crossing the equator but not on the receiving end.

    • melgibstein says:

      In the Navy and Merchant Marines even today when a ship stops along the way for any number of reasons it is called Port of Call, but where did the word Port and Call come from? Port could be a place to dock a boat or it could be many other things like “a pass” (something you pass) and could mean the “port” side on a ship (or left side of a specific place). the “u” is undoubtedly by anyone from “of” and “gal” is said to be many things and there is no definite meaning, at least it isnt allowed to have one. As I said “galw” and “ga” means “call” in Gaelic. And where does “call” come from? Kaleo in the Greek which is “ecclesia” and “qahal” in Hebrew. The truly hate to relate any words at all to Phoenicians or Gaels and they had to have the best language on the earth being with the Phoenicians.
      Old High German kallon “to call”), from PIE root *gal- (2) “to call, scream, shriek, shout” (cognates: Sanskrit garhati “bewail, criticize;” Latin gallus “cock;” Old High German klaga, German Klage “complaint, grievance, lament, accusation;” Old English clacu “affront;” Old Church Slavonic glasu “voice,” glagolu “word;” Welsh galw “call”). Related: Called; calling.
      How is it possible that qahal could not be related to the Greek “kaleo”, Latin Gallus, Welsh galw and Irish “ga”? I bet the word in Chinese is nothing like these words, in Africa it was “pop pop smuck smuck” or something.

      Now if Gallus is call and galw is call and ga is call etc. Who is the qahal, the kaleo or ecclesia?
      Again Cathal is pronounced kah in Gaelic, but the Gauls, Galls, Kells or Gaels were called out ones long before the Catholic church. It would then make perfect sense that the Celtic church or ecclesia existed before the Catholic church. And called out ones does not just mean “called out ones”, but “called out ones to do battle” like Michael.

  11. melgibstein says:

    Portu(gael), Galloway, Galileo?

    It was common for mid-sixteenth century Tuscan families to name the eldest son after the parents’ surname[17] – hence, Galileo Galilei was not necessarily named after his ancestor Galileo Bonaiuti. The Italian male given name “Galileo” (and thence the surname “Galilei”) derives from the Latin “Galilaeus”, meaning “of Galilee“, a biblically significant region in Northern Israel.[18][19]

    There are a ton of words associated with Gaul, Gael, Gall and they all seem to be related to Galilee
    The name Galil occurs first in conjunction with the city Kedesh “in Galil,” which was a city situated in the hill country of Naphtali, in the north of Israel (Joshua 20:7). Later, king Solomon gave king Hiram of Tyre twenty cities in that region (now called with the feminine name גלילה, Galilah), but Hiram didn’t like them very much and people called those cities Cabul, meaning “like nothing” (1 Kings 9:11-13).

    An Israeli “galil”

    Must be a holy, saint, machine gun

    I lived in Kabul, Afghanistan for a while not far from the Khyber River (Khyber, Tigris, Eber, Tiber) and trust me there was not much there but war (at least there was supposed to be), but to call it nothing after crossing those mountains from the south would be moronic, it was beautiful in its own way. Maybe not to a New York City person, however.

    “Alexander took these away from the Aryans and established settlements of his own, but Seleucus Nicator gave them to Sandrocottus (Chandragupta), upon terms of intermarriage and of receiving in exchange 500 elephants.”[5]
    — Strabo, 64 BC–24 AD

    Anyway back to Galilee, you can see once again how G is changed to K or vise versa and or the usually mix ups like g,k, ch,sh, c, gh, and others. There is obviously a black hole in the alphabet somewhere because of different alphabets, but the meanings dont change.

    During the late kingdom years, the Assyrians invaded Israel from the north and the land of Naphtali, including Galilee, was the first to be captured. The inhabitants were taken to Assyria in what became known as the first deportation (the second Assyrian deportation happened about two decades later: 2 Kings 17:6)

    Hold on a minute! Why was it Galilee and not Kabul? i thought it was nothing. You can call a town “a fortress”, but that isnt the name of the town. It wasnt a fortress anymore obviously (and not a very good one).

    Was it Galilee before this time? If not we can see where the “cah” or “Gah” comes from unless it is just a coincidence. Kedesh seems to mean “separateness” or “holy” which is odd because that definition also fits in with the word Phoenician or white and fair in many white languages also means “holy”.
    (qodesh haqodeshim); Holy of Holies – Exodus 26:33 – or rather Holiness of Holinesses, which possibly reflects the idea that when two or more “holinesses” get together in the name of the Lord, an additional, separate communal “holiness” emerges).

    The adjective קדוש (qadosh), meaning sacred or holy. The adjective obviously follows the noun in its compass. It also denotes the “holy ones” or “saints” (Deuteronomy 33:3).

    I think the fact we learn in this trying to find another fact (and we may find another on the way) is that Solomon gave Galilee to the Phoenicians (they owned it). Odd how we never hear that. We dont even hear this from the Lebanese tards. Would a supposed Jew (Solomon) give all that land to Canaanites and have them build the holy temple? I dont think so. How would the Northern tribes have felt about their land being given away? It wasnt. And would Hiram have called Galilee “Kabul” because it was “nothing land”? It had the Sea of Galilee (I dont think that is nothing). He no doubt called it Kabul because it was a fortress of some sort.

    Odd that Galilee was the place of the “saints” or “called out ones” and not Judea. They must hate that.

    Maybe Im totally off.

  12. melgibstein says:

    Another thing I learned along the way here just dawned on me. The word Gaelic also comes from “Goy” (and so does Galilee).
    Galilee Land of the Goys (redundant)
    That is how the Gospel of Matthew (4:15) interprets it: quoting Isaiah presumably from the Septuagint, the evangelist refers to (roughly transliterating the Greek) “Galilaia ton ethnon”, which is usually rendered in English “Galilee of the Gentiles” – “ethnon” could mean “nations” but in context usually does mean “gentiles”. seglea (talk) 22:39, 3 January 2009 (UTC)

    Gentiles was never used by any of these people it was the closest interpretation by the Romans which means “related tribes of the same nationality” In other words “separate” and of one racial lineage. And it does mean non Jew in a way because a Jew could never be referred to as “separate” they are the most mixed people on the planet.

    In researching the Gaelic language some time ago I noticed it was often referred to as “Goidelic”. In a short book “An Essay on the Antiquities of the Irish Language” the author makes the claim that “Goidelic” actually meant “Goy El ic” meaning the nations of God. He also makes the claim that it was the same as “Goths”.

    Now lets go back to the word “Cathac” pronounced Kah hah (silent h) does that make the Goths “the Goy”? I think it does. They were Gaels or Galls too obviously because we’re all from the same place. I doubt we will find that prefix much in the Japhethite or Hamitic names when they were separate from the Israelites. You have to wonder now if Shem was pronounced Kehm because the “sh” falls into that mix up. For instance Sinead was spelled with a “C” Cinaed, Hard C gets confused with K like Kennedy, Ken, Kevin etc- same prefix. “Canada” named by Indians I dont think so. Somehow this name is pronounced Shinead and not Sinead so the “sh” is definitely part of this. Vowel mix up should also be checked into. Kenneth is the exact same name

    Back to “Nachash” Michael is always pictured killing Nachash, but killing a killer doesnt make Michael a killer like Nachash is. It is good over evil at war.

    To put a puzzle together you first have to have all the pieces.

  13. Louis says:

    I found out after high school that a pretty irish Gal really liked me ,but was to shy to let me know ,or i was just to much of a big dummy to see it.She was a real oldfashioned Gal who did not use makeup.
    Well you explained why their is a Seleucia in Gaulanitis and Kedesh in Galilee for me

  14. melgibstein says:

    A new movie out called “Brooklyn” is about a pretty Irish gal who moves to Brooklyn back in the 30’s or so driven between staying home and marrying an Irish loser or a Sicilian (played by a Jew) in Brooklyn. Guess who she chooses? It just destroys Irish men and women (or white people). As if the Irish were late comers to America…….they were in America before Sicilians (or even so called Italians of any kind) even knew the world was round.

    Just to prove I am not pullingk this out of my arse, take the name Sarragossa or Zaragoza

    Goza or Gaza means stronghold (like a fort) Zara or Zerah of course was the twin brother of Pharez. As soon as you read about Zaragoza you are hit with a word Gallego- it just goes on and on and on.


    The name Macedonia (Greek: Μακεδονία, Makedonía) comes from the Greek Μακεδόνες (Makedónes), deriving ultimately from the ancient Greek adjective μακεδνός (makednós), meaning “tall, taper”, possibly descriptive of the people.[6] It also shares the same root as the noun μάκρος (mákros), meaning “length” in both ancient and modern Greek.[7] The name is originally believed to have meant either “highlanders” or “the tall ones”,[8][9][10] However, according to modern research by Robert S. P. Beekes, both terms are of Pre-Greek substrate origin and cannot be explained in terms of Indo-European morphology.[11] The shorter English name variant Macedon developed in Middle English, based on a borrowing from the French form of the name, Macédoine.[12]

    There can only be one!

  15. Louis says:

    so you got me thinking of the nike word and working with it from my memory of what V.S.Herrell taught that c is pronounced hard like k in some words so Phoinike,Ellenike,Nicolation,but my mind wandered to what is the hebrew word for Phoenician I can not find it?

    • melgibstein says:

      Thats the thing, if we had the definition of Phoenician from the past we wouldnt be thinking Jew are Israelites (or at least most of us). What does Finland mean? Land of the Finns, what are Finns? No one seems to know nor do they know what the Berla Fen or Feni is in ancient Ireland (Scotland) but it was there without a doubt.

      I think sometimes to find the definition of an old word you have to find the word it evolved into. Its obvious to me the Phoenicians are taboo in history, but you can bet people know exactly what it meant and what it means and arent saying a word. All they have to do is infiltrate that library or museum and pervert it, but it cant be completely wiped out or there wouldnt be any reason to seek the truth like we were told. I do know that Phoenix, Fenius and Phineas are all the same. Fionn is a moniker of Fenius or Phineas- Fionn means 1. blonde and 2. Fair. Fiann means “warriors” just like cathal. Fion means “wine” and guess who invented wine? is it a coincidence? Fon is “phone” like “phoenetics”. Kind of odd a Scot would invent the fon, no? Look at the lineage of Cadmus the Phoenician, Telephassa was his mother, Phoenix also a son (just coincidences but they add up). Harmonia a wife of Cadmus. They call this “Greek” mythology when they were clearly Phoenicians. Why? Because its being covered up, at least that is what I believe.

      As i said in another thread, Tequilla was first a wine before it was a liquor, but are we supposed to believe the Mayans made wine? They made it from the Agave plant- Agave was the daughter of Cadmus. Another coincidence. What is fact? You can say you breathe air and someone else could say you breathe luft. You cant prove you breathe either one now because there are two words, but we both know what we breathe. We have to have something to determine truth and I dont see anyone proving me wrong yet.

  16. melgibstein says:

    heres another Maccabee or Macaibh

    it sounds a little more believable to me that a Maccabee would be a great fighter if he was Irish or white. It certainly doesnt fit with a Jew at all.

  17. melgibstein says:

    Ive been hearing a lot about the “kahal” lately. Lets take a look at that word.

    Strongs Concordance

    Result of search for “qahal”:

    6950 qahal ‘kaw-hal’ a primitive root; to convoke:–assemble (selves) (together), gather (selves) (together).
    6951 qahal kaw-hawl’ from 6950; assemblage (usually concretely):–assembly, company, congregation, multitude.

    qahal or kahal is basically “to call out” or simply “called out ones”. It could mean an assembly of people (certain people). You are supposed to know who the called out ones are and they arent Jews folks, they are Israelites (huge difference). It is directly related to “ecclesia” in the Greek which means
    1577 ekklēsía(from 1537 /ek, “out from and to” and 2564 /kaléō, “to call”) – properly, people called out from the world and to God, the outcome being the Church (the mystical body of Christ) – i.e. the universal (total) body of believers whom God calls out from the world and into His eternal kingdom.
    Do you see that root “kaleo”?
    If Kaleo and cathal are related, the very name “Catholic” originally meant “the called out ones” not a “church”. So maybe at one time the Cath’a”lic church was legit, but it aint now. This is obviously how they changed Kal or Kaal to “universal”. Yes it was a universal call, but it wasnt to everyone.

    Now lets go back to that Hebrew word for “war” or “battle” – “mil cah ma”

    Guess what that root “mil” means? Go on take a guess. I used to think that the Milesians invented the word “military”, but I was wrong because we can see that it goes waaaaaay back now. The “mil” was short for what we know today as “military”. The called out ones military. One has to ask if the name Michael was once “Mil kah el” and I would even go as far to say that the Milesians called themselves Mac and Mics because their names started with Milc like MilCall and not McCall because Call in Gaelic is also Cathal as it is in the Greek. So a name like McCall may just be another form of Michael or “the called out military and sons of el or God”. It sounds a bit far out now, but eventually I am going to prove it to you.
    By the way “call” in Gaelic and Welsh is Galw. The G and the K or C or S and SH are always intertwined just like keltic or kellic (“ic” just means “like”- “like Mike”) and Gaelic there is no Galtic, but there is “Baltic” which means “white”, “fair” or “shining” like the word “bald”.
    Have you ever walked down the street and found a $5 or a $10 bill and all of a sudden you start looking as you were walking and not looking at all before this and start finding more bills and more? Well this never ends folks.

    Lets look at another word- “soldier” How could “soldier” be “Kah-ldier” you ask? Look up again at the G, K, C. S and SH.

    Folks I have always liked word puzzles. Often while the jew teacher was blabbing his or her fat mouths I was doing crossword puzzles or some kind of word game. A puzzle has a theme and you have to do these puzzles all the time like a musical instrument if you are going to get good at them.

    Warrior in Icelandic – Kappi
    German- Kampfer
    Gaelic- Curaidh, Cathach
    French- militaire
    Hungarian- katona

    Soldier in Welsh- Milw
    Soldier in Latin- Miles
    Gaelic- milidh or mileanta caith-mhileadh

    Interesting that “kal” was the word for “all” in other words “all” was only meant for one people, the people using these words. You can see here that “kal” was often used as an Israelite. Calcol was oddly enough the son of Zerah who many believe migrated to Ireland and Britain as they are known today also as did the Milesians. Is this a coincidence? Maybe. Whether it was kalkol or Calkol or Calcol I am betting it is where the root of the “sol” in soldier comes. Cant prove it yet, but Im going to eventually.

    is this all coincidence? Are we to believe Jews invented Hebrew when you clearly should know by now that Jews dont invent good things and Jews arent capable of inventing a language that would benefit us……….it is always us that benefit the Jews.

    What is the best and easiest way for a Jew to destroy a name or a language? Just make it their own. Voila! Everyone runs away like its Peppy Le Pew (the skunk) not “the sk_unk” (inside joke). I can smell it folks, but I was once a plumber and I had to smell it to fix it.

  18. melgibstein says:

    I must add something to this particular thread, it may mean nothing to 99% of the people, but it will be posted for the very fact why I trust the internet for one reason and one reason only, where there is similar thinking, similar doubts, similar questioning etc there is a quest for truth and we were told to seek the truth. The liars dont want us to seek the truth they want us to seek their lies.

    Christian Identity people understand that the Bible was or is mistranslated. Today you can go to a source like e-sword by Rick Myers (a Jew I dont know), but you get the translations from several different so called Bibles. For instance

    Micah 616- KJV first
    King James Bible
    For the statutes of Omri are kept, and all the works of the house of Ahab, and ye walk in their counsels; that I should make thee a desolation, and the inhabitants thereof an hissing: therefore ye shall bear the reproach of my people.

    Now Duay

    Douay-Rheims Bible
    For thou hast kept the statutes of Amri, and all the works of the house of Achab: and thou hast walked according to their wills, that I should make thee a desolation, and the inhabitants thereof a hissing, and you shall bear the reproach of my people.

    and now
    New Living Translation
    You keep only the laws of evil King Omri; you follow only the example of wicked King Ahab! Therefore, I will make an example of you, bringing you to complete ruin. You will be treated with contempt, mocked by all who see you.”
    and somewhere I picked up this

    I will destroy your idols and your sacred stones from among you; you will no longer bow down to the work of your hands.
    I will uproot from among you your Asherah poles when I demolish your cities.
    You have observed the statutes of Omri and all the practices of Ahab’s house; you have followed their traditions. Therefore I will give you over to ruin and your people to derision; you will bear the scorn of the nations.”

    Fellow Israelites……White people of the world, House of israel (the 12 tribes) it does not say I will uproot your Asherah poles or I will destroy your cities.

    Why is a verse like this so misconstrued?

    Who are his people? What were the words he used for “his people”. Werent Omri and Ahab his people? They walk in “their” counsels. Who is walking and whose counsels?

    Ladies and gentlemen, why does the Bible have to be studied?

    Because we have a people on this planet who are here to destroy us, knowing that we are here to destroy them and they have taken control of our play book and created a media to delude us into a world of Dr Zeus and Green Eggs and Ham. Every word of the Bible has been trashed by the Jew, but the truth can be revealed simply by separating yourselves from the Jew and trusting Jesus when he called the Jews “fathers of liars”. You cant trust the Jews and read the Bible……..”this is sand”, get it?

    If you dont know the book, the overall theme, someone can change the words right under your nose and you wont know or care.
    I have used slavery for an example many times, Jews controlled slavery soup to nuts, why would any white man need a Black man for anything? Jews brought them into our lands and then changed the History books right under your nose, but the truth was still there. You have to seek it!

    millah mil-law’ (Aramaic) corresponding to 4405; a word, command, discourse, or subject:–commandment, matter, thing. word.

    Interesting that mil- is “commandment” kah-mandment. Mil- “Law” did white people not have laws until the Jews gave them to them? I dont think so.

    Law in Latin “lex”
    Irish Gaelic – “dli”, “lagh”, “lagha” anyone want to bet the gh is silent?
    Spanish- “ley”
    Norwegian – “lov” “If you lov me keep my kahmandments”
    Galitian- “lei” (not in Hawaii we can see)
    Finnish- laki
    Icelandic- “log” (put ‘nuther log on the fier)

    3 letter words, the only thing worse than a 4 letter word is a 3 letter word because you only have 3 letters to describe something that everyone has to know about. It also indicates that it has been around a looong time. Again, did Jews make the laws in countries they never went to? People want you to think the white man had no laws or called laws “gunga galoonga” (dont take the first piece of the Brontosaurus meat until Mr Flintstone has his).

    3618 kallah kal-law’ from 3634; a bride (as if perfect); hence, a son’s wife:–bride, daughter-in-law, spouse.

    Did white folk not have sisters in law or daughters in law? Didnt we track our own lineage or did the Jews teach us that too?

    Above I explained kal as being an Israelite, Israelites were given the “law” a kal lah was an Israelite by LAW! Why would we care about a mixed Jews laws? It doesnt make sense.

  19. melgibstein says:

    Id like to make a correction to the word Colonel (very odd that “el” is on that word just like Michael).
    The word kern is an anglicisation of the Middle Irish word ceithern [kʲeθʲern] or ceithrenn meaning a collection of persons, particularly fighting men. An individual member is a ceithernach.[1] The word may derive from a conjectural proto-Celtic word *keternā, ultimately from an Indo-European root meaning a chain.[2] Kern was adopted into English as a term for a Gaelic soldier in mediaeval Ireland and as cateran, meaning Highland marauder, bandit. See Oxford Dictionary of English.

    I think the word meaning “chain” is total mularkey or in this case kahlarkey.

    ceithern- again the “th” is entirely silent. This is the same root as Cathal which is just another side of proof this word turned into Colonel, it is without a doubt, to me anyway related to the word “cairn”
    noun: cairn; plural noun: cairns; noun: cairn terrier; plural noun: cairn terriers

    a mound of rough stones built as a memorial or landmark, typically on a hilltop or skyline.
    a prehistoric burial mound made of stones.
    a small terrier of a breed with short legs, a longish body, and a shaggy coat.

    Cairns were built for people who died in honorable battle, like little Arlington cemetaries all over Europe and the Northeast US, not to mention along all the rivers in the Americas.

    This one in a rocky area of the UK

    The bodies arent there because they were cremated just like they did in the movie Troy. It was a Scythian tradition, therefore also a Phoenician tradition because they were both one and the same. You dont follow a Phoenician General over the Alps and march to attack Rome with people you cant trust. They trusted each other because they were each other and why one simply disappeared. We dont dig up Phoenicians because they did the same thing. Here is a Phoenician tomb now.

    Scythian tomb- topoi

    Cairns in the Northeast USA

    Hard to make a mound in the forest.

  20. melgibstein says:

    Let it be known that I am no genius in the Bible subject, yet that is. Something I ponder (from the word Phoenician or pound) to consider or weigh, is that we were told to “seek the truth” we werent told to “find the truth”. Ever think of that? If you seek the truth it isnt a guarantee you will find it, but it is the beginning of finding it. There are so many layers of lies you just have to keep seeking and I believe therein is the truth. The truth is we are being BS’d and the truth is we have to stick with the truth all the way and to always recheck ourselves. To seek the truth is an individual thing, like seeking a place, there is no guarantee that place will still be there (for various reasons), it isnt the place that is important its the path itself.

    What is it we all find along the way? That someone is at war with us and we are not at war with them back. What is this war about? Questions, questions, questions. You can give in or you can seek the truth. Everything else should be 100% natural reactions. The only thing that stunts people who seek the truth is people who plant the lies. It is not a natural action.

    To put it in laymans words, once you find the truth you are supposed to act upon it, not become buried in it.If you seek the truth you know who the liars are and you know who your enemies are and you know why you are supposed to seek truth, because truth is who we are and opposite of who they are.

    Its High Noon every hour of the day.

  21. melgibstein says:

    More “kah Factor”
    New Year’s Day, Irish calláin, Calends, or first day of the month, Early Irish callaind, the Calends, particularly the first Jan., Welsh calan, Calends; from Latin calendæ (English Calends).

    If you look up the etymology it always goes to Latin as if it was the only language, why? Did the Celts or Phoenicians not have a calender? How did they get the same root word?

    calendar (n.) Look up calendar at
    c. 1200, “system of division of the year;” mid-14c. as “table showing divisions of the year;” from Old French calendier “list, register,” from Latin calendarium “account book,” from calendae/kalendae “calends” the first day of the Roman month — when debts fell due and accounts were reckoned.

    This is from calare “to announce solemnly, call out,” as the priests did in proclaiming the new moon that marked the calends, from PIE root kele- (2) “to call, shout” (see claim (v.)). In Rome, new moons were not calculated mathematically but rather observed by the priests from the Capitol; when they saw it, they would “declare” the number of days till the nones (five or seven, depending on the month). The word was taken by the early Church for its register list of saints and their feast days.

    You see its all from Rome, but meanwhile in Gaelic speaking countries…
    a pillar (M`A.), Irish columhan, colbh; from Latin columna, etc.
    calm, calma
    brave, Irish, Early Irish calma. Cf. Welsh celf, skill, art, celfydd, skilled, Old Breton celmed, efficax. The root cal is to be compared with that in German held, hero, *haleth or *calet. The Indo-European root is qel, as in Latin celsus, high, columna, column, English excel.

    This is the same root as calender and one of the roots is “qel” just like Kell or plural “Kelts” therefore this word is far more related to the Kelts than Rome because the Kelts were around long before Rome and some Kells became Romans. Notice how this one root of Kah is all over European languages and Hebrew, all related in some way.

    Celsus, excel, excellent, hill, kill, kel etc.

    hill (n.) Look up hill at
    Old English hyll “hill,” from Proto-Germanic *hulni- (cognates: Middle Dutch hille, Low German hull “hill,” Old Norse hallr “stone,” Gothic hallus “rock,” Old Norse holmr “islet in a bay,” Old English holm “rising land, island”), from PIE root *kel- (4) “to rise, be elevated, be prominent; hill” (cognates: Sanskrit kutam “top, skull;” Latin collis “hill,” columna “projecting object,” culmen “top, summit,” cellere “raise,” celsus “high;” Greek kolonos “hill,” kolophon “summit;” Lithuanian kalnas “mountain,” kalnelis “hill,” kelti “raise”). Formerly including mountains.

    Right back to column, which is a pillar or soldier, which is a called out one (to do battle).

  22. melgibstein says:

    A couple more words Id like to add to this thread and I see them everywhere is “elect”. Everyone knows we have a big election coming up and the truth is they are not the elect and had nothing to do with the elect (there may be one, but Im not sure as of yet). In a concordance the word elect has the same “kah” root “eklektos” from the same root word of ecclesia or kaleo. Now I am not a Greek linguist, Im hardly even an English linguist, but that is where the word comes from. I dont have to be a certified professor from a Jew school of babel to understand this.

    What is even a little more interesting is the person we elect is a Kahndidate. Where did candidate come from? Well in our etymology dictionaries everything always comes from Latin, why is anyones guess, but here is the etymology of candidate

    candidate (n.) Look up candidate at
    c. 1600s, from Latin candidatus “one aspiring to office,” originally “white-robed,” past participle of candidare “to make white or bright,” from candidus (see candid). Office-seekers in ancient Rome wore white togas.

    To make white? Yes just like Mike not like a toga because this word didnt come from Romans. Its like saying calender is an English word, it is English because its spelled the way the English spelled it only.

    candid (adj.) Look up candid at
    1620s, “white,” from Latin candidum “white; pure; sincere, honest, upright,” from candere “to shine,” from PIE root *kand- “to glow, to shine” (see candle). In English, metaphoric extension to “frank” first recorded 1670s (compare French candide “open, frank, ingenuous, sincere”). Of photography, 1929. Related: Candidly; candidness.

    like a candle- it just goes on and on and nobody taught me this, in fact nobody is teaching it so it must be my imagination.

    In Gaelic, honest is “macanta” or “ionracan”. “I am ionracon man” (ion means “pure” in Gaelic”). How did this relate to “honest”? H and K like I always tell you get mixed up kahnestly they do. Honest was more associated to being of honor than that of being truthful (probably when liars werent around). Where do we see men of honor? Mostly in war or battle (go back to the beginning of this thread).

    I kahnt wait to tell you the next words…..all the words relating to the election are just like the words relating to war, for instance “campaign” was originally the same root of “campus” literally a battleground or a place to grow champagne in a field (battlefield).

    “Caucas” (eyes roll over) oh yes, can you guess where the root of that word comes from? It says it is a Scythian word, but David Duke, the politician never uses this word that comes from “caucasian”. They say “kau” I say “kah” comes from “the mountain”, but which mountain? It has to make you think a little.

  23. melgibstein says:

    Amazing how the word “congress” comes from Latin again too. Everything comes from Latin except Latins today.

    congress (n.) Look up congress at
    c. 1400, “body of attendants; also “meeting of armed forces” (mid-15c.); main modern sense of “coming together of people, a meeting” is from 1520s; from Latin congressus “a friendly meeting; a hostile encounter,” past participle of congredi “meet with, fight with,” from com- “together” (see com-) + gradi “to walk,” from gradus “a step” (see grade (n.)).

    Cah’m Together, right now o’er me.


    “Comhdhail” Can you see the root word with both? If the Catholic church went into the dark ages did all these words go into the dark ages too? Did everyone on earth go into the Dark Ages? If the Mediterranean Sea (which I believe was the MediTyrrenian Sea then named by the Romans “Our Sea”) was controlled by the Phoenicians and the area going out into the Atlantic was called the Mare Hibericum by the Romans it means these people (Phoenicians and or Celts) knew a hell of a lot more than the Romans and gave the Greeks their alphabet so who gave whom our language? I dont think they want you to know. Romans didnt invent Latin, both languages came from Hebrew. To not see this you have to be blind “or blinded”.

    “Convention”- for one people and one people only- the called out ones. Have you ever heard of a Zulu or Bhantu Dish Dancer convention? Maybe a Tupperwear party.

    “please sir I want some more” in English. One of my favorites.

    David Duke claims that words that start with Con come from “the Jew priestly class” the Cohens (Rodney Dangerfield). I tell ya he gets no respect!

  24. melgibstein says:

    Revelation 18:23King James Version (KJV)

    23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants [Fagin above] were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

    “candle” = luchnos (lookahnos) (Luca Braci sleeps with the fishes). This word is in Luke more than any other book in the Bible, from the same root of Lukas or Lucas or Lucius (anyone want to bet it was “Lu-cahs” originally? Lucifer is another entity altogether, it has Lu (light), but no “cah”.

    candle (n.) Look up candle at
    Old English candel “lamp, lantern, candle,” an early ecclesiastical borrowing from Latin candela “a light, torch, candle made of tallow or wax,” from candere “to shine,” from PIE root *kand- “to glow, to shine, to shoot out light” (cognates: Sanskrit cand- “to give light, shine,” candra- “shining, glowing, moon;” Greek kandaros “coal;” Welsh cann “white;” Middle Irish condud “fuel”).

    Candles were unknown in ancient Greece (where oil lamps sufficed), but common from early times among Romans and Etruscans (Etruscans werent Romans either). Candles on birthday cakes seems to have been originally a German custom. To hold a candle to originally meant “to help in a subordinate capacity,” from the notion of an assistant or apprentice holding a candle for light while the master works (compare Old English taporberend “acolyte”). To burn the candle at both ends is recorded from 1730.

    Whether it was a wax candle or an oil lamp the word comes from the same root. Kah is the qahal, the qahal is white, white is bright and shines, the light of the world.

    Matthew 5:14-16King James Version (KJV)

    14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

    15 Neither do men light (“kah-yo”) a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light (“lampo”) unto all that are in the house (oikos- H and K).

    16 Let your light (“lampo”) so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

    “moon” (lunar) is interesting because the moon gives no light like Lucifer. I suppose the Gaelic speakers who spoke Gaelic for 2000 years before the Romans even existed suddenly discovered the candle and gave it the same root as the Hebrews did (and Romans). Every word can be traced back to Hebrew, every word in some way or the other. Notice they didnt say “menorah”. You cant light a menorah you light the candle and Jews know they aint the candle.

    acolyte (n.) Look up acolyte at
    early 14c., “inferior officer in the church,” from Old French acolite or directly from Medieval Latin acolytus (Late Latin acoluthos), from Greek akolouthos “following, attending on,” literally “having one way,” from a- “together with,” copulative prefix, + keleuthose “a way, road, path, track,” from PIE *qeleu- (cognates: Lithuanian kelias “way”). In late Old English as a Latin word.

    From everything but the ecclesia I presume?

    “I am the light, the truth and the way.”

  25. melgibstein says:

    icon (n.) Look up icon at
    also ikon, 1570s, “image, figure, picture,” also “statue,” from Late Latin icon, from Greek eikon “likeness, image, portrait; image in a mirror; a semblance, phantom image;” in philosophy, “an image in the mind,” related to eikenai “be like, look like,” from PIE *weik- (3) “to be like.” The specific Eastern Church sense is attested from 1833 in English. Computing sense first recorded 1982.

    To be like? Like whom? Ike?

    Matthew 10:34King James Version (KJV)

    34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword (“mac cah ee rah”). Mac and Mic got mixed up even then, Mic cah el (root).

    sword – “mac cah ee rah”
    sword or knife – “Keh rev” or cherub (an angelic being)
    battle axe- kel-lee
    chariot- “mer kah ba”
    shield- “ma gan” and it wasnt a star folks
    spear- “kah-dohn”
    sling- “kah-lah”
    bow- “qeh-sheth”
    armour- “kel-ly”
    weapon- “kel-e You know for so many years when I have ever met a Kelly I have always said I never met a Kelly I didnt like, but the truth is I once met a Jew Kelly and I say it in regards to the weapons now.

    It is all the armour of YHWH

    Kelly once again means “warrior” in Gaelic and all the names in Gaelic with the Cah sounding, Cathleen, Catherine, Karen, Colleen, Collins, McCarthy on and on and on and on all affiliated with “battle”.

    What is Michael doing in the picture above again? What are we doing now? Watching movies and BS “elections”.
    You would think this would send a brush fire to the people, but they dont want to be awakened, the Jew has them by the “Cah jo nes”. Maybe some day they will understand who was elected and why.

    This is not to say that these names are not in your geographical white history as well, but I am taking the direct and fastest root with my own.

    Dont tell Texe Marrs about this because an old dog aint gonna change now and thats the crux of the problem. Seeking the truth is perpetual and in my opinion gradual, if you dont seek the truth gradually, on a path and knowing that path (you have to have a path right?) you will never find. Who says you will find everything in one swoop? You might even forget some things you found along the way. If you are on the path that is the goal.

  26. melgibstein says:

    A few more words to add to this list:
    ! College or collegiate- some claim comes from the Romans, some say the Greeks and some say the Druids, but the key of the word is it is an assembly and that assembly is all the “called out ones”.
    2. Colleague- cah- relating to the ecclesia and to battle and league- relating to law.
    One definition in the “kah” family I found interesting was when I first heard “a coat of armour” which doesnt always have the “kah” in it, once in a while it is different, a helmet for instance is “ko vah” in Gaelic “clogad”, is that a coincidence? Anyone want to bet it was co-gah?

    The first time “coat is used in the Bible is in Genesis, Josephs coat of many cah lors (coincidence?) “ayin” in Hebrew.
    3 Coat- “keth o neth” it even sounds like an Irish name. I am tired of the Germans getting all the glory and Im not going for glory Im going for the truth. Sometimes it is called “chiton” or “Keh-ton”.
    This coat was only for a called out one and the coat of armor when used by an Israelite was only the armor of God and or from Michael.

    We even have an electorate college- sounds like Tommy Two Times in Goodfellas, they both mean the same thing.

    Its odd how most dictionaries have several meanings for a particular word and then you go to convert that word into another language and you have several words to relate them to, but why does this “kah” keep coming up again and again? For instance armour can mean several words in Gaelic, but that root “Cath” meaning battle is always there in one form or another. Cath- pronounced “cah”. Catherine is basically Karen.

    Heres a good one- above in a previous post (one above) I have a list of weapons used in the Bible. Take a look at sling that I got from Davids sling, now look at “sling and stone” in a Gaelic dictionary

    “clach” and “kah lah” remember folks, there were no vowels.

    I cant prove it, but Id bet a free visit to Einstein Bagels with creamed cheese (a lot and enough to glue your mouth shut) that this is where the word “Claymore” of William Wallaces sword came from. I know most of you think that is lunacy, but I aim to prove it. Just give me some time.
    Is anyone in the world teaching (I should say talking about) this? Im no Rabbi. How do we get truth? Read James again, this isnt about vanity.

  27. melgibstein says:

    posse comitatus- again supposedly from Latin (everything is from Latin except the word Latin itself these days).
    Posse- the root of “possess” like Linda Blair possessed, but the other kind of possess.
    Comitatus- relating to “come” relating to “come out”, called out ones, etc.

    Revelation 18:4King James Version (KJV)

    4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

    ex-er’-khom-ahee (right aheea as they say in my old neighborhood).
    From G1537 and G2064; to issue (literally or figuratively): – come-(forth, out), depart (out of), escape, get out, go (abroad, away, forth, out, thence), proceed (forth), spread abroad.

    Are they sure it comes from Latin?
    Assembly in Gaelic- cóimeáil (this is all a coincidence). Like Edgar Steele used to say “There is nooo sanctuary” ehhhh I mean “there are noo coincidences”.

    Coincidence in Gaelic- “chomhtharlú“….and Welsh “cyd-ddigwyddiad” ok ok their alphabet is cydigwydiddyboo’d just a wee bit.

    Any Irish word that starts with a “cl” “kl” “chl” like “clan” has “cah” in it, it just isnt included. You cant say “clan” without saying “calan”

    “Unite the Calans”

    The flag of Connacht

    Ireland is made up of counties, guess where the word county cahomes from?

    county (n.) Look up county at
    c. 1300, from Anglo-French counte, from Late Latin comitatus “jurisdiction of a count,” from Latin comes (see count (n.)); replaced Old English scir “shire.”

    Its Latin again (of course). I never heard of any Irish Counts, but I do like that word “Cahount”. What has to occur for people to be counted? They have to come out of their castles, camps, communities (made into a bad word) etc. to be counted. Count is also related to “come”, look it up.

    This cah thing is bigger than the “Iberia” word, but I bet they meet up at some point.

    “Count” in Hebrew, no way it could be a “kah” word……but it is “Kacac” or “kasas”. I say that to people I dont like a lot.

    I happened to have the Talmudvision on yesterday while writing this and Jews, I mean Jaws was on, I turned the volume up and I heard the Jew call a Great White Shark a Greek word “Carcharodon carcharias” and I turned the volume back down. Jaws was a movie about two Jews going out fishing with a non Jew and coming back without him- period. When a Jew speaks Greek or Latin make sure he isnt in a hole with you. There are a lot of “kahs” in this shark and no doubt are the teeth related to sharp swords. In Spanish, shark is “Tiburon” and has that root of “Iber” in it

    You dont see little Nurse sharks when you look up Tiburon, my guess it is a Great White with the same root as Iberia, Eber (like Eber Finn- not dorsal fin) a white Iberian who moved to (New Iberia the 3rd one) who were all white. Kah is sometimes related to a weapon, sometimes to the ecclesia and sometimes battle. Of course the Judeos and woos CI pastors say we dont have to battle anyone physically because they are all just fig newtons of our imagination and God will take care of it for us, he does everything for us we dont have to do anything but pretend we would do it, but he told us not to (when he didnt).

  28. melgibstein says:

    Big Jew instigated fight tonight
    1. Conor “Kah”ner McGregor and
    2. Holly Holmes
    Conor, the name is easily a “kah” name, but take a look at holly.

    holly (n.) Look up holly at
    evergreen shrub especially used for decoration at Christmas, mid-15c., earlier holin (mid-12c.), shortening of Old English holegn, holen “holly,” from Proto-Germanic *hulin- (cognates: Old Saxon, Old High German hulis, Old Norse hulfr, Middle Dutch huls, Dutch, German hulst “holly”), cognate with Middle Irish cuilenn, Welsh celyn, Gaelic cuilionn “holly,” probably all from PIE root *kel- (5) “to prick” (cognates: Old Church Slavonic kolja “to prick,” Russian kolos “ear of corn”), in reference to its leaves. French houx “holly” is from Frankish *huls or some other Germanic source.

    “kel” “Celt” “kaleo” “ecclesia”, holy………..these people knew what the law was and that was the only “religion” so to speak. religion has the root of “law” in it and they were the only people given the law. What is a legion? It is an assembly.

    Who were the only people given the law?

    The tards pushing “kahmon law” have no clue what it actually means.

    Corn, in reference to its leaves……this is quite interesting because corn doesnt grow amongst the tares and this would make the wheat a specific people among the Israelites (who were in that land). Israelites scattered abroad were not in that land, they were abroad (separate). Of course we are supposed to believe the Indians introduced corn to us (as if we were amateurs at agriculture). I dont think so.

    Husking of corn is the process of removing its outer layers, leaving only the cob or seed rack of the corn. Dehulling is the process of removing the hulls (or chaff) from beans and other seeds.

    WOW- the chaff is the tare somehow now with corn too. We discard the chaff, we dont eat the chaff, but we eat the corn……..or we die.

    The hull is usually the outer shell of the “seed” and can never be mistaken for the tare. When people tell you words arent important it is because they want to manipulate words.

  29. melgibstein says:

    Another look at the Kah prefix or even suffix at times is “kata”. Go to a Greek lexicon and look up all the words starting with “kata”, they all relate to “below” or “down” for instance in Latin Catacombs were below. “Catatonia” is a kind of depression, “Catastrophic” is a term for basically bringing the house down (not this one), Cataracts of the eye come from
    late Middle English: from Latin cataracta ‘waterfall, floodgate,’ also ‘portcullis’ (medical sense 2 probably being a figurative use of this), from Greek kataraktēs ‘down-rushing,’ from katarassein, from kata- ‘down’ + arassein ‘strike, smash.’
    One of the words in Hebrew “to lie down” and “to cast down” is “shakab”, the bottom or below is “tachath” or “takh” just like Cathal and Cah ah in Gealic- exactly.
    More and more I see this kah root relating to battle, angels, people who came from above and now below….
    Were we really put here to be battled and not battle back? Whose interest is it in not to battle back? Certainly not our own. Two forms are down here on this earth that would be from above, the nephilim and Adam (doesnt mean they are the same just a new battlefield called- “milchama sadeh”.

    In Italian “down” is “giu”. Thats a mouthful of pasta right there.
    Not sure if there is a bottom to this, but I think I know what the prefix of it should be. Welcome Back Mr Kata and down you go! What is down for them may not be the down for us.

  30. melgibstein says:

    Im not sure I included another weapon starting with Kah
    The first cannon in Europe were in use in Iberia by the mid-13th century. It was during this period, the Middle Ages, that cannon became standardized, and more effective in both the anti-infantry and siege roles. After the Middle Ages most large cannon were abandoned in favour of greater numbers of lighter, more maneuverable pieces. In addition, new technologies and tactics were developed, making most defences obsolete; this led to the construction of star forts, specifically designed to withstand artillery bombardment though these too (along with the Martello Tower) would find themselves rendered obsolete when explosive and armour piercing rounds made even these types of fortifications vulnerable.

    Cannon also transformed naval warfare in the early modern period, as European navies took advantage of their firepower. As rifling became commonplace, the accuracy and destructive power of cannon was significantly increased, and they became deadlier than ever, both to infantry who belatedly had to adopt different tactics, and to ships, which had to be armoured. In World War I, the majority of combat fatalities were caused by artillery; they were also used widely in World War II. Most modern cannon are similar to those used in the Second World War, although the importance of the larger calibre weapons has declined with the development of missiles.

    Cannon was widely known as the earliest form of a gun and artillery, before early firearms were invented.
    China may have invented it but it was the Iberians who first used it in Europe. Make no mistake the word and the name Cannon is not Canaan it is Kah-non and not like canine either.
    The surname Cannon has separate origins in at least two countries – Britain and Ireland (and possibly also France). This page is concerned with the Irish origins of the surname Cannon.

    It was in Britain and Iberia NW before the nutjob Anglos even knew it was there.

  31. melgibstein says:

    Another Irish name, actually Norman, but is no doubt Celtic.

    “Roberts” and or “McRoberts”

    Roberts is a surname of Norman origin, deriving from the Norman given name Robert, meaning “bright renown” – from the Germanic elements “hrod” meaning renown and “beraht” meaning bright.

    This fits in with numerous Hebrew roots from the words “bright” “shining” “light”. “Berar” for instance is “bright”. Names like Boru, Bridget and numerous Celtic names come from this, also “Bryan” or “Brian” as in “Ibrian” or “British” it comes from the same root Iberia and or “white”.

    Is Borat white? No, he is a GD Jew.

  32. melgibstein says:

    In the west November 8th is election day this year, in the east it is The Feast of Saint Michael Day or Mihail’s Day.

    Hebrew Bible
    Guido Reni’s Michael (in Santa Maria della Concezione church, Rome, 1636) tramples Satan. A mosaic of the same painting decorates St. Michael’s Altar in St. Peter’s Basilica.

    Michael is mentioned three times in the Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament), all in the book of Daniel. The prophet Daniel experiences a vision after having undergone a period of fasting. Daniel 10:13-21 describes Daniel’s vision of an angel who identifies Michael as the protector of Israel and a “prince of the first rank”.[7] At Daniel 12:1, Daniel is informed that Michael “will arise” during the “time of the end”.[8]
    Most people believe Hebrews are the Jews but they also believe Hebrews come from Noah through Adam also, which is it? Then most people believe Israel means the Jews and Michael never claimed to be the protector of the Jews ever. Michael might as well be Mary Poppins in the west today and pretty much like our elections.

  33. melgibstein says:

    One of the most famous statues in the Ukraine, the statue of Michael in Kiev

    I wonder why they didnt give him a hooked nose, after all everyone knows everyone in the Bible was a Jew, dont we? Sadly 99% of white people today believe he was a Jew and that Jews brought us all of this. What can you say about people who cant be told they have been conned? Thats why free speech is so important, otherwise we will have people believing everything Sean Hannity or David Duke believes, they want unity with everyone and free speech for everyone, everyone but people who actually read the Bible that is.

    Ever notice how everyone who is involved with David Duke believes everything he says? Ever notice how Fox News creates issues and uses common sense on one side (like the border issue) and a goofball like Heraldo Rivera on the other making it look like the Puerto Rican Jew has a valid arguement? It’s the same thing with David Duke, it’s all Hollywood Jew BS! Jews create an alternate reality and the lemmings cant wait to jump into it like a pool on a hot day. It truly is pathetic! Where is David Duke on the latest Jew terrorist? Where was David Duke on 9/11? 10 years later he opened his owned pie hole about it and leap frogged back into the lead role of the white movement. How dumb can you people be?

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