The Lion in Winter

Peter OToLE and KatheRIne Hepburn=KIng HenRI in BRItain.

Peter OTooLE and KatheRIne Hepburn=KIng HenRI in BRItain.

I always thought this was a pretty stupid name for a movie and this movie made me quite unenthused too actually, maybe done intentionally by the Jew. If a movie is about white history there is an Andy Kaufman Jew in the way of truth somewhere in it. Basically every element of our past history has a Jew blocking the path of truth. Everywhere true science leads you could park a picture of that Jew somewhere into it, keeping true science smothered and everywhere any kind of truth leads today some white leader, some pastor or teacher will keep that Jew right in the path of truth if they have to go out of their way to find one. Whenever you see that Jew face it is being brought in for one reason and one reason only, to mislead you.

In my “Strange Brew” thread I discussed the word “Iberia” and its relationship to the word Hebrew and the Roman word Hibernia which they also used as the word “winter” which is quite odd that the word “winter” also means “white” (look it up) especially in what is called “Irish” by some. You can go here and see how this word interconnects with “hibernate” and “Hibernia”.

Now of course nowhere in that particular word study is a

Did someone call?

Did someone call?

picture of Andy Kaufman because there were no Andy Kaufman’s anywhere around.

Ok so we have Hibernia as either “the Winter Place” or the “White Place” (the Hebrews” or Eberians) in Ireland only Iberia was originally in what we call Spain today and even in the area around Armenia. So what we have here is not a “Hibernating” people in Ireland, but white people who lived in a colder place or what became known later as a winter place by other white people living in a more summer place. Right now it doesn’t matter which word came first I am just showing the relationship to these words.


Ri is a word for royalty or “king”. Rory in Gaelic meant “ruddy king” In most white languages if not all the words “ri” represents king. King actually came out of ri and not the other way around. King has the word “kin” inside it (kinsfolk). It basically means “leader of the kinfolk”. Not only does “leader” mean king, but it is actually an earlier form of king. “Le” in leader is the same prefix as “li” in “lion” the king of the beasts. Remember as I have said numerous times “i” in Latin languages” was always pronounced as an “e”. The Nile River was the Neal River etc, Zion- Zeon. Now how does “li” relate to “ri”, well take Hebrew names like Ariel, Gabriel, Gurion (not the Jew Ben) etc. all relating to “li” or “le” like Leonidas or Leon the Greek ehhh Phoenician constellation. This Hebrew names site claims these names are related to “a lion”. Truth is the lion is related to king and not the other way around.

Now anywhere in that word study of “ri” you can put in the picture of Andy Kaufman because the Jews have changed their names to every word there is meaning “lion” such as Pope Leo Medici, Lewinsky, Lowe, Loeb, Levine or Anton Levay, etc. When you hear the word Levites you immediately receive a picture of Andy Kaufman in your mind, but what about the name Dunlevy or Dunleavy? Did the Irish/Scots steal a so called Jew name (of course Levy or

Going my way?

Going my way?

Levite could never be “Jewish in any sense of the word”), how about DonnelLY, ConnelLY, LEwelyn, ConROY, FarreLY, HeaLY, KelLY, LEahy, Lennon, Brennan and on and on and on (do a search). Too many off the top of my head. This is not just in Irish either.

We can now see the relationship of “li” to “ri” or even “re” so lets look at some so called European names with those letters in them;

Richard- Richard the LIon hearted- RI- king, lion- king of the beasts- royalty, noble or ARIan (aryan).
Brian or Bryan- king
CatheRIne, ERIc, HenRI or Henry, CaRIn or Karen, etc.
PatRIck- Noble-Aryan

Again, James or Jacob is also related here in a round about way relating to gheim in German and Gaelic (himalaya), “blood” in hemoglobin or haim- “life” and back to that word “Eber” from “Eve”.

Then we have “Ra” and “Ro” names like Robert, Roger, Ronald, a Scottish name meaning “ruler”. Is “Roman” really what we think or is it “Ra”men or even “Re”man like Remus? I can add to this list later, but anyone can see that this Hebrew language is in our names and it was in our names even before the New Testament. Its late and I have a ton more to say about this because it just goes on and on and on. I always thought that “The Lion in Winter” was a dumb title, but “A Jew in Winter” or “A Lion in the Jews” would be a far far dumber title to me now. There are no Jew kings and there are no noble Jews just Andy Kaufmans in the way of truth which our white leaders bring like Santa Claus in Winter,

Goodbye Andy, you're in the way, click.

Goodbye Andy, you’re in the way, click.

Spring, Summer and Fall.

Will continue in front of a fire on a cold day.

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2 Responses to The Lion in Winter

  1. kerberos616 says:

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  2. melgibstein says:

    In Gaelic;
    Finian- white or fair
    Fiona- white or fair
    Rian or Ryan- ruler
    BedeLIA- powerful,strong
    Brigette- powerful, strong
    Brian-powerful, strong
    the “re”, “ri”, “li”, “le” and even “Fi”, “Fe” and “Gwy” are all related to “holy”, “fair”, “white” or “royalty” of some kind.
    Fenius Farsaid is said to be a king of Scythia. King is related to its “kin” (white people).

    And so it goes….

    This can also be used with Latin words or names with interchangeable letters like “f” to “b” or “W” to “V” etc. It is the exact same method as it is in Hebrew.

    Irish and Scottish names in particular seem to all be related to “ri” or “li” in some round about way. For instance McGregor comes from the name Gregory or GregoRI. This goes back to Greek and Phoenician. Wherever you see Greek looking Irish names such as McManus it is not Greek it is Phoenician and Phoenicians were not Canaanites by race, as I mentioned in an earlier thread even Canaan wasnt a Canaanite by race, Canaan was a Hebrew. This all makes much more sense than the Noah story where he has a black child, a Puerto Rican, a Chinaman, a Jew and no white kids. Yes it makes a lot more sense and it makes sense why it has been “Andy Kaufman’d” for so long.

    yes Andy is still alive and well, probably a guest on David Dukes show soon.

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