43 and a Half Weeks

Holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck-Wetzel. Photo: DPA.

‘Nazi Grandma’ put in jail for Holocaust denial


Published: 13 Nov 2015 10:18 GMT+01:00
Updated: 13 Nov 2015 10:18 GMT+01:00

Ursula Haverbeck-Wetzel was sentenced to ten months in prison by a Hamburg court, convicted of incitement of hatred for statements she made denying the Holocaust, German media reported on Thursday.

The Holocaust is “only a belief,” said Ursula Haverbeck, dubbed Nazi-Oma (Nazi grandma) by the media on Friday.

She already has a criminal record with two fines and a suspended sentence for sedition.

Haverbeck was dragged back into court after she went on television in April to declare that “the Holocaust is the biggest and most sustainable lie in history”.

Unapologetic for her comment, she had told the court cheerfully, “yes I said that indeed”, according to media reports. 

In Germany, the crime of incitement of hatred refers to actions that encourage hatred or violence towards a group of people because of their religion, race or ethnic background. It also punishes any individual who publicly “approves of, denies or downplays” the actions of the Nazis which violated international law by up to five years in prison.

More than 1 million people, most of them European Jews, died at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp between 1940 and 1945 before Soviet forces liberated the site.

Haverbeck-Wetzel was indicted in Hamburg because that is the headquarters of NDR, according to the Hamburger Abendblatt.

The 87-year-old is a known member of the extreme right-wing scene in Germany, according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung. In 2004 she helped to found an association that helped people who were “persecuted” for denying the Holocaust.

Haverbeck-Wetzel was also once chair of the “Collegium Humanum,” which started as an environmental group, but became a right-wing extremist organization and was banned by the German government.

During her own trial, members of the nationalistic, right-wing National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) supported Haverbeck-Wetzel, according to the Hamburger Abendblatt.

Haverbeck-Wetzel has said she will appeal the verdict.

~And white people sit and watch the Jew take another victim, this time one of their mother’s. Bah Bye  Grandma, see you next Christmas when your miiind is raight! We’ll be here watching the Jew TV while our country is overrun by babboons. What a disgrace!

Every Holocaust movie director, actor, producer and writer should be in jail if the law was based on the truth, but our law will never be theirs and vise versa. Jews claim to have a law, but their law is only to destroy ours.

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15 Responses to 43 and a Half Weeks

  1. DC says:

    Here’s the latest pearl of wisdom being promoted by Mark Glenn.

    Roy I think what you said in another post about Glenn being deliberately placed in Idaho is most likely spot on.

    • melgibstein says:

      I remember Piper once saying Mark Glenn was part Scottish, I guess he disowns them as being Scythians and his new heroes are the Russians.

      Putin is the new Scythian…….and we are mush. Stay tuned! They will take you to the window to look at the beautiful view and then push you out.

      Yes Scythians were in Russia, in Greece, in Asia Minor, Armenia, Phoenicia, Galilee, Parthia, Rome, Troy, Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Bulgaria, America etc etc etc so any story you want to make up is true, but leaving out the rest is untrue. Heracles was not Greek either, it was the Greek name for Hercules who many different groups of scattered Israelites had as a Baal god aka Melqart or “king of the city” City being Tyre where Hercules originated aka Ba’l Sur- Lord of Tyre. Hercules was the Roman god proving they were all related and all the House of Israel. Its amazing how the Greeks get the credit for all history, but when you look deeper into it it all comes from Phoenicians who came out of Egypt. The gates of Hercules were no doubt once called the gates of Melqart. The Romans had a knack for destroying Phoenician history. For some reason the Romans hated them, but were the same people (just like a lot of families I know).

      It is likely that the Israelites (House of Israel) made Melqart their new God, the one that never showed up.

      And it came to pass at noon that Elijah mocked them and said, “Cry out loud: for he is a god; either he is lost in thought, or he has wandered away, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he is sleeping and must be awakened.”


      I know its wiki but it makes sense. They must have settled for “he is sleeping”.

      The truth is some of the so called Greeks were Phoenicians that obviously mingled in with them in Japheths tents. Some of the so called Greeks were Israelites too. So it really gets complicated for the beginner but smooths out after a few bumps in the road. It really is a beautiful thing.

      Demarous was born Melicarthus, who is also called Heracles,”15
      Sanchoniatho wrote in his Theology of the Phoenicians.

      If that is true and Demarous is a descendant of Sidon, a son of Canann, then they did indeed take up Canaanite gods, including Moloch.

    • Roy says:


      Did you read the article? How does it confirm or deny the position held in C.I.?

      As far as Glen goes……………the guy is a total tool. I could talk for hours on this guy. He is the perfect template to how the FEDs work. Glen firstly comes in to the scene preaching peace and unity and the love of Jesus. He is accepted by the likes of Daryl Bradford Smith and the burgeoning truth community. So he now has a following amongst White truth seekers. Then slowly he begins to equate Jews as Evil all the while subtly stating that the Jew is White. So then his formula follows: Jews = Evil. Jews = White. White = Evil. And his white audience begins to hate themselves never knowing the ‘slight of hand’ deception. I know this because I was one of those ‘white guilt’ Americans. When I began to question the ‘white guilt’ narrative, I challenged Glen and was immediately attacked, ridiculed and essentially kicked off his site. This was years ago — around 09 I think. Glenn and his ilk like Max French continuously subterfuge the White race. I’m shocked Glenn has the Chutzpa to live in a mostly White area. I welcome the day the ‘Wild West’ resurrects itself from the past. Common Law is what we so desperately need. Let us see how much chutzpa these people will have then!

      • DC says:

        Yes, I had noticed Mark Glenn’s hatred for white people. He may have a Scottish father, but is all in favour of flooding Scotland with non-white Jihadists it seems.


        As for the article, I’m no history buff or expert on Israelite migrations, but to my knowledge it’s fairly well documented that the Scythians (who later became known as the Anglo Saxons) were true Israelites, the same people who occupy modern day Europe. Comparet covers this extensively in his sermons so it this is the official CI position.

        Mark Glenn’s article is very suggestive that modern Eastern-Bloc Russians were the Scythians and not Western Europeans. It is true that the Scythians did migrate to the Ukraine/Crimea area and may have crossed over to Russia at some time, but I think it’s highly doubtful that’s where they ultimately settled.

        Glenn, like many in the truth movement is a hard core Russophile. He has always pushed Russia and Putin hard.

        It is my main interest at the moment to figure out where this Putin worship is coming from and the wider geopolitical implications and most importantly why these FEDs are leading white truthers in this direction.

        Christopher Jon Bjerknes who admittedly has some serious flaws, did in fact makes some astute observations on an agenda to lead the truth movement in this particular direction.

        The picture I’m seeing is that most likely Communism never collapsed, but faked it’s own demise to deceive the West and obtain Western aid which it used to build up it’s war machine (check out New Lies For Old by Anatoliy Golitsyn), Russia is still Red and Putin is a Communist.

        I gather people who follow CI are in no doubt about who created Communism, well it is my belief that it is still these same people who controls Russia today under Putin.

        Nothing’s changed in other words.

        If you get a chance to check out the Rosenthal Document it’s well worth a read, though a bit dated. The Jew Rosenthal allegedly admitted that there was (and most likely still is) a Jewish Communist underground movement in Russia and that it was the real power running the show behind the scenes.

        There was also an above ground Communist party of clueless Goiym who’d need to be periodically purged before they learned too much, but it was the underground Jews that had the real power.

        Rosenthal suggests there was a secret underground relationship between Russia and Israel, which again I believe is still be in play today, but there is so little above-ground information that this is very difficult to prove and virtual radio silence from the alternative media.

        On the topic of Mark Glenn’s location. I here’s another possibility.

        There’s one guy who appears on Alex Jones’s show, Joel Skousen, who I follow because he has a reasonably credible theory that the Western elites are building up Russia and China to attack America and start WWIII.

        Being tied in with Jones he doesn’t name the Jew of course and is most likely a FED agent himself, but he does share some good information.

        Without getting into his elaborate theory, he’s written a book called Strategic Relocation in which he rates each state of America in terms of surviving what he believes is a coming nuclear strike by Russia and China.

        It is quite interesting to me that Glenn just happens to have settled himself in Idaho one of the safest states for surviving a nuclear attack.

        Coincidence? Or evidence of something big in the works?

    • melgibstein says:

      Piper said he had a Scottish father, but I seriously doubt Glenn would say it, he is after that Middle East cash. I dont think he ever teamed up with DBS, I think DBS wanted badly to team up with him but Glenn kept him out of his circles. Yes Glenn is involved with a lot of Commies which fit into his love for Putin. The great white hope David Duchovny wanted to team up with Glenn too. Duke wants to team up with anyone who threatens his leading role and bring them on his show and make them wait 45 minutes before they get a word in. Its all show biz, I dont trust one of these ninkompoops. They allow Jews to steal words from the Bible when they know full well that Hertzl, who coined the word “Zionism” was an Ashkenazi Khazar Mongolian. They obviously have no respect for the Bible and allow our enemies steal words from our Bible. Its either dumb as nails or it is deliberate blasphemy. Neither one do I ever want fighting on my side.

      Duke can never be the pupil he always has to be the teacher. Truth is the teacher is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Imagine someone coming to your field as a kid and claiming he is a Captain without ever even checking to see how good you are? Id kick his arse down the street.

      The teacher took 1o YEARS to say “Zio’s” did 9/11 and he learned it from a Jew, Mike Rivero.

  2. Roy says:

    and bring them on his show and make them wait 45 minutes before they get a word in.

    That’s funny! I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this tactic of his. Ego more like it.

    Glenn was a guest on DBS before he made a name for himself. I was just pointing out how the ‘jew’ operates. Like the ice cream man selling drugs to kids. They always get their nose under the tent with sweet offerings. Then the heads come off. Kills me that the ‘ugly truth’ is still on the blog roll of prominent Nationalist truth seekers.

    • melgibstein says:

      Id like to hear that if you get it.

      As I have always said……….you trust people who are wide open to free speech on the issues (personal life is not open for discussion). Let us just get right to what is true and what definitions should be used for words, defintions Jews have made up or the original ones? You have to go all the way back and when you look into all of these anti Zio crime fighters you can see why they will never do it. They are atheists or Indians or Muslims or “Traditional” Evolution Christians, whatever. They will not follow the original definitions of the Bible and use words only to pervert them. They have to close out free speech because it is contrary to them. You either tell it like it is or you sink. None of these anti Zio’s will ever tell the whole truth.

      I heard Kelso on RBN say all Jews cant be blamed because they were born a Jew. So I ask where does it say in our Constitution that Jews should even be allowed in our country when this country was only for the posterity of the founding fathers?

      These clowns think biology has nothing to do with it, the Bible says biology has everything to do with it. So whose side are these people really on?

      These people use the words Jews, Blacks, Whites, etc all the time, dont they know these are people of different biologies? Are Jews white if they arent Zionists? It is such babel it is through the roof.

      Face it Jews arent white people, who Duke calls “European” people as if it is a land mass just like the Jews say about Israel.

      These idiots are here to destroy.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Looks like Putins daughter married a Jew billionaire oligarch. I wonder if Mark Glenn is still whistling Putins tune, I know Dankof will be. Its amazing how these shills love guys like Trump who cant even keep their own daughters from Jews.

    • Roy says:

      Mel — Somewhere you mentioned a Robert Reyvolt from RBN. I’ve never heard of the guy until you mentioned him. So I listened to him. He seems to say all the right things, but I noticed he is protecting the Arabs by claiming “Islamophobia” is a Jewish construct. Then saying he knows good Arabs blah, blah, blah. That old tired argument.

      What do you know about this guy? Is he a White guy?

      • melgibstein says:

        Jews are Arabs, they are just a specific mixture of Arabs. I dont hate Muslims or Arabs (the non jew type) Roy, I am just separate from them. I once worked in several of their countries before I practiced separation however. No Arabs or Muslims ever did anything to offend me. I believe they want to be as separate as I do. Jews are behind it all, every ounce of it. They were behind it before too.

        The Jew is the enemy of mankind, that is what I have always said. Reyvolt cannot debate what he preaches, that is why I detest him. Is he white, I think not. He is closer to a Jew than any white man. My fight is not against anyone but the Jews, they are first and foremost…….anything that happens when Jews are gone will be next on the agenda, but not until then.

      • melgibstein says:

        Reyvolt came out of John Friends camp- he cant make up his mind whether CI is right or not, he has read every book there is except the Bible. Buttvolt first called into the Rick Adams show telling him he should not speak about religion because we wont be able to round everyone up for help (meaning the pagans). He tried to talk Adams out of preaching in any way. Now he is using biblical verses all the time saying “God is in control etc” has pastors like Dankof (Judeo twit), Michael big nose Hoffman etc. claiming they are saviours. One CI guy called him on Stadmillers show and he wimped out (he knows he’s got nothing). Anyone that runs from a debate does not want truth.

        This is a guy who supposedly understands who Ashkenazi’s are and uses that stupid phrase “Greater Israel”, Jews who arent even of Judah want a Greater Israel. I could pick this guy apart like an Italian pork chop. He goes on with Judeo’s and Jews and never never stands off with a CI guy with the phones open. These people are twice the children of the Jews, thats why I detest him and his ilk. You see Jews are Khazars AND they are Gods chosen (who became white when they moved North and West) and white people could never ever be true Israel because they’re too white. These are either pilpul priests or just idiots.

        What I detest now too is Rick Adams knows this obviously and he welcomes the hypocrite Reyvolt on his radio show as a long lost friend. RBN is a bunch of clowns and shills except maybe on Sunday morning with McCarthy. Stadmiller wants him to take calls, but the truth is Stadmiller would throw him off the air if he took calls. The truth is too much for RBN to handle.

        Reyvolt claimed we should go down to Nairobi and spread Christianity to those poor blacks. This is a guy who calls Stormfront radio every day. He is a destroyer and he is just as welcome as Roger or Russ (or any number of multiples) of the SPLC, another daily caller. Nobody feels the urge to call in and shut these ninkompoops up I guess.
        What these destroyers do is start off against Jews and by the time they take their last turn on the home stretch, somehow it reverts to A. Jews being the people of the Bible. B. A Jew telling the uhhhh truth. 3. Some kind of blasphemy or 4. Directing praise toward another shill in the game. Reyvolt was a guy who claimed he knew all about “The Intelligence World” on the John Friend woos hour show, it sucked. Boy has this guy changed like a chamelion since and a professional in every subject just like John Friend (just not the Bible). If they quote the Bible it is a Judeo quote or they wont quote it at all. Is that by accident? Reyvolt was told James was addressing the 12 tribes scattered abroad………and I guess he doesnt believe it after all.

        There was another Italian, obviously a real one who actually read the Bible (a young guy from “Truth Militia”). He actually started reading the Bible, correctly and he shut up quite a bit knowing that the truth has been rigged with a minefield. If this kid is true, that is who I admire in this so called truth movement. He didnt wallow into it like John Friend he jumped into it with both feet, asked the questions he needed to and shut his DAMNED MOUTH for awhile. He realized that saying the wrong things puts people right back into their stupor, the question is do they do it because they want to keep people there or do they do it because they are just amateur kids?

  4. Roy says:

    I agree with you on the ‘arab is just a jew’. And I don’t hate them either………..just don’t want to be anywhere near them. I asked about Reyvolt because I wonder if he is even legit. I thought you mentioned you had some information about him. I’ll bet dollars to donuts he most likely isn’t white and most likely isn’t even a legitimate man looking for answers. Most likely a ‘plant’. I thought it very suspicious that although he speaks a lot of truth; he is protecting the arabs by claiming the tired line of — “they are not all bad”. This is a common jew tactic.

    Thought you might have a picture of Reyvolt.

    Ps……do you have Roger Martin’s Email? I wonder if you wouldn’t mind sending him my last comment to him. I feel bad for chasing him off. I want to make sure he read my last comment.

    • melgibstein says:

      Its the Jews he is protecting and has Jew guests on his show all the time. He grovels over the Jews. He calls up Don Black all the time and knows he isnt white. Im so sick of these bastards befriending Jews and telling us we need to love them. When someone tells you to love and respect a Jew you better rethink respecting the guy who wants to bring him in. We dont need any more masochists in the white movement groveling over a “good Jew”. If you cant come to the terms that “Jews are the reason why everything is screwed up to begin with” you dont belong in any kind of movement. When you get any kind of infection you cut that infection out, there is no good infection. You either cut it out or you feed it and these shills are feeding it.

  5. melgibstein says:

    These non whites always claim that Jews brought in Arabs and or blacks to destroy whites, but dont forget that they did that to Italy a long time ago, and Spain and use them still for the exact same reason. Remember the Kings line in Braveheart, “If we cant get them out we will breed them out”?
    That is the Jews main goal today I believe. They will do it with blacks who look like babboons or they will do it with Italians that look oh so close to being white, but they arent. Adulteration and coveting thy neighbors wife cannot be the same thing. Adulteration is clearly destroying what God created.

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