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I was going to do a long study on the word “Iberia” or “Land of the Hebrews”, but I found a thread already done on it which gives me a lot of time to add to it. This thread did not even exist some time ago when I wanted to do a thread on this word. I obviously do not agree with this church that the thread below is affiliated to, but there is nothing written, at least as I could find that is incorrect. To even look for this truth is what Jews call antisemitic so anyone who seeks the truth in opposition to the Jews is ok with me in that instance.

I have always said that anyone with a spirit can contribute to the truth in a huge way if they set their mind to it. Nobody with a degree is going to look for new truths that contradict Jews in a manner like this proving Jews aren’t Israelites and the Bible is true. In order to find the truth today you have to look at things from all angles, for instance people will go on and believe there was no other reason why Jews created their gambling town originally in Las Vegas, but why Las Vegas? Does anyone ever attempt to look into a deeper reason other than it was out in the desert where they could be away from the Feds? Was that really the reason? Then we could ask why did Jews move to Palestine? Because they wanted to be with their god? No, I don’t think so.

Here is the thread on the word “Hebrew”. Everywhere you look today you see this word

Its easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a needle than a Jew ever becoming an Israelite or going to heaven.

Its easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a needle than a Jew ever becoming an Israelite or going to heaven.

being used as “Jews” and it is thee most ridiculous thing to anyone who has read and understood the Bible, yet they say nothing. Therein is the real opportunity, the opportunity to spread the truth and why I am here right now.

Lands of Iberia

Notes Microsoft Encarta : “Iberia, ancient name for both the Iberian Peninsula and the country lying between the Greater Caucasus and Armenia, approximately coextensive with present-day Georgia [which is south of Russia]” (“Iberia,” 1994). The Encyclopedia of Religions states: “The Iberes of the Caucasus were Georgians … In Sicily the Iberes were on the west … Spain was Iberia … [And the Roman historian] Tacitus speaks of Iberes in the west of England [in Cornwall], who may have come from Spain” (1964, Vol. 2, p. 259).

Why would Iberia be the name of places and people so far removed from each other? It is probably because the Israelites—the Hebrews—migrated through both Spain and the Caucasus and also went to Britain! Iber is almost identical with the name of Abraham’s ancestor Eber or Heber, father of the Hebrews (Genesis 11:15-16).

Furthermore, the name Hebrew appears to have taken on an added meaning. McClintock & Strong’s Encyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature adds that the word came to mean “one of the other side, i.e… . immigrant” (Vol. 4, p. 128). Bible translator Ferrar Fenton noted that in 1 Samuel 4:6, “ Eberim , if translated, means ‘Colonists’—a fit term to be used by the Philistines of the Israelites, who were really Colonists in Palestine.” And it would be a fit term for Israelite colonists in other lands to apply to themselves.

Considering the Hebrew migration through Spain, the name of the River Ebro there would appear to be of the same origin. And the same may go for Ireland—or at least one of its earlier names. The word Ireland derives from Eire-land—Eire being the nation’s Gaelic name. Traditionally, Ireland is also called Erin. The Romans called it Hibernia or Ivernia.

Harvard professor Barry Fell wrote: “One of the ancient names of Ireland is Ibheriu , pronounced as Iveriu , a fact that suggests the word is derived from a still-earlier pronunciation, Iberiu . Now this is very interesting, for the Gaelic histories assert that the ancestors of the Gaels came to Ireland from Iberia, the old name of Spain. Could Iberiu be the same as Iberia , the name of the older homeland having been transferred to the younger? Many people, including some linguists, think this may well be the case” (America B.C.: Ancient Settlers in the New World , 1976, p. 43). The connection between Iveriu and Hebrew is even stronger when we realize that the Hebrew word for “Hebrew” is actually pronounced Ivri .

However, it should be noted that while Iber is a likely root for Iberiu and the Roman names Hibernia and Ivernia, it is possible that the particular names Erin and Eire derived from another source, as we will later see. In any case, there is still a strong identification with the Iberians of Spain.

Let us, then, consider the influx into Ireland of people from the Iberian Peninsula. Northwest Spain is called Galacia, apparently after the Gaels. Likewise, Portugal may mean “Port of the Gaels.”

Thomas Moore, in The History of Ireland , states: “In process of time, the Tuatha-de-Danaan [in Ireland] were themselves dispossessed of their sway; a successful invasion from the coast of Spain having put an end to the Danaanian dynasty, and transferred the scepter into the hands of that Milesian or Scotic race, which through so long a series of succeeding ages, supplied Ireland with her kings. This celebrated colony, though coming directly from Spain, was originally, we are told, of Scythic race” (1837, Vol. 1, p. 61).

This is truly remarkable for, as proved in our publication The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy , the Gaels (or Celts) and Scythians were, by and large, Israelites—just like the Danaans. And apparently the ensuing conflict between the Milesians and Danaans in Ireland subsided rather quickly when it was realized that both sides were related peoples.


I am going to add facts to back this up over time, there are so many it has to be done a little at a time.

  1. Iberia is also known in Russian as Iverskaya and what they claim is the Greek form of Iberia, “Ivernon”. Another form of Iberia in Greek is “Ivernia”. One of the Red Square gates is called the Iverskaya Gate, Iverskaya is also used for the Russian icon located
    Theotokos Iverskaya or Yeverskaya, Yiverskaya, etc etc

    The Gates of the Hebrews or Yeverskaya, Yiverskaya etc etc, it does not mean Jews. Iberia is not Jews folks.

    there called Theotokos Iverskaya which means “Mother of the Saviour of the Hebrews”. Check them out here

    Theotokos Iverskaya

    Theotokos Iverskaya

    http://Resurrection_Voskresenskyie_Gates_with_Iverskaya_Chapel-Moscow_Central_Russia.html   and here:

  2. Mil Espaine is known for his conquest over Ireland (actually his sons),who was originally a Milesian (from Miletus) and oddly enough Iberia was not Spain then it was Iberia, a people who spoke Hebrew, Greeks knew him as Milesius, after all the Greeks should know, they were in Iberia too (the West Side one).
  3. We could go into the etymology of a slew of words connected to Ibru or Iberu or Boru etc. There is a connection to the word Phoenician too I have found in the word “bridge”. The word “pontus” or “pontoon” which come from the word Phoenician among a slew of
    Thats no Jew folks

    Thats no Jew folks nor was Jesus

    other words seems to be directly related to “bridge” which is connected to “Bridget”, “Brian” “Breogan” who was the grandfather of Milesius. The word Brian or Bryan is directly related to Breogan and Bridget. They all mean “high” or “noble” just like the word “Aryan”. The question is does the name Brian Boru mean “noble noble” or does it mean Noble Hebrew? No folks not a Jew as they call themselves.

Trust me this is just the beginning and I will update until there is no more to update now that this has begun. I can’t put it in a pretty gift wrapped box to you, I need your help for that. If I am off my rocker please go ahead and prove what Iberia means. Until then I’m taking this into the end zone. Odd we have the Ibru’s and the Danaans (who dwelt in ships) in places the Phoenicians were only able to reach. Im sure its all just a coincidence and the Jew history we have been lambasted with really is true.

This isnt just about the Irish folks so dont get me wrong its about all white people. Iberians were not known as Iberians they were known as many different geographical locations and sub tribes (and called different names in different languages and alphabetsover time), Iberia is not just a geographical location just as Scotland is, there are several Scotlands or Scythia’s and several Iberia’s denoting a people and not a location. People who live in different geographical locations dont take on new blood. I’ll be back! MacArthur said that not the Jew Schwatzenegger.

4. Irish high king (actually it was not then Eberland, but more than likely Scotland or Scythia or one of the many names of Ireland people do not ever look into) named Siomon Brecc in the 5th century BC (were the Irish copying Jew names?). Again vowels were different in different languages and over time they all came to Ireland (all white languages at least). I’m not aware of “click” or “pop” language in white countries. All white languages come from Hebrew, no question about it. Is Brecc “Boruch” or “Barak”? Barak is also related to Brian, Bridget or “bright”, “Brigantia (a Celtic word and a place in Iberia, todays Spain). One thing is for sure, that dwarf Jew Khazar Barak (real name is Ehud Brog) could never fit into this. In Hebrew it would have spelled BRQ or QRB. Fill in the vowels. Some will say that Brian Boru’s real name was Brian Boru-mdhaidehideyho or whatever they want, but there is zero proof of it. He is known as Boru and that suffix would be pretty difficult to add on when there were NO VOWELS yet!

5. Eber was a huge name in the Milesian sect of Ireland because they came through Iberia or Eberia. Eber Finn was the son of Milesius. Finn is the same root as Fiona or Fiana, it means white, fair or holy. Was Eber Finn called “the Holy Hebrew”, or “Fair Hebrew”? Were these their actual names? Eber became one of the biggest high king Irish names of all. Eber Finn begat Eber Donn (“the dark one” they claim) or was it the Dark Hebrew? Either way it was not a Negro (are you dense?).

Kind of odd that the first people in Ireland can be traced back to the Middle East, one group being the Milesians who were also Phoenicians who like the Scythians were also in Egypt. Maybe I’m crazy, maybe not.

Thales was a Phoenician Milesian, Pythagoras and Hecataeus, etc. all who are never discussed as Phoenicians when they should be praised for their scholarly works. Were they Canaanites? No folks they were definitely not. Often these people are called Greeks which you have to ask why? Who is doing this? Cui bono?

In 1772, General Charles Vallancey, a leading Irish scholar of the day, published his famous work, “Essay On The Antiquity Of The Irish Language, Being A Collation Of The Irish With The Phoenician Punic Language.” In his opening remarks he states, “On a collation of the Irish with the Celtic, Punic, and Phoenician languages, the strongest affinity, (nay a perfect Identity in very many Words) will appear; it may therefore be deemed a Punic-Celtic compound.”Vallancey continues, “from the Canaanite proceeded the Phoenician, from the Phoenician, Carthaginian, or Punic was derived the Aeolian, Dorian and Etruscan, and from these was formed the Latin… Of the Roman Saxon capital letters, the Irish use but three, all the others bear a very great resemblance to the primitive Canaanite and Phoenician.” (p. 2-3) Modern language scholars have confirmed that there is a definite connection between the Celtic and Canaanite Phoenician.”

Vallancey, I believe was too chicken to say Phoenicians were no more Canaanites than the Israelites who were living in the land of Canaan when they took up Baal worship. We would have to go into what Baal worship is, if the Israelites took up Baal worship then people who worship Baal (or a false God) does not mean they are Canaanites or the bastard offspring of Canaan. Very simple and exactly what the Bible teaches.

6. The fact that the Irish lived in Iberia is common knowledge to any history buff, the Danaans may have led the way, but they could have gone by way of the Danube which makes even more sense. The people living in Iberia were called Scythians and Iberians and who James and Andrew went to. Today James is the patron saint of Spain and Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, only people forget Scotland was also Ireland first. So if Andrew and James were directed to go the lost sheep (exiled) of Israel where in the hell does everyone think they went, to the Jews? Truth might set me free, but it sure is a ball and chain with some of you it seems. The Scots claim they are Scythians in their Declaration of Arbroath, another coincidence.

If you do a search on the words “Mare Hibericum” not “Hibernicum” everywhere you look you come up with the Irish Sea, but if you do a search on Roman maps you will come up with a map like this in 125 CE . In case you dont know, in Latin languages the “i” is almost always pronounced as an “e”. Iber is said “Eber”, such as Brigantea, Lusitanea, Etalia, etc.


Roman map Hibericum

Do you see where the so called Irish Sea is here? It’s guarding the Gates of Hercules (Gibralter). You can see roads called “Via Hercules” or Melqart in Phoenician. The Ebros River is called the Iberus. You see they left the river alone because the river doesn’t represent people, but you can clearly see the connection to the word “Hebrew” and the Hebrews to the Scots (Hebrides and Hibernia) and Irish without a doubt at least in my mind. So far no arguments. If I had all the proof in the world the lemmings wouldn’t say a word. Romans changed the name of the Mediteranean Sea and changed the name to “Our Sea”. I believe Mediterranean derived from the Tyrrhenian Sea  or Middle Tyre Sea, but that is just a theory. Why else would the Romans want the name changed? They obviously changed it because they were at war with them.

Also on that map the furthest point before Scotland proper today is “Eboricum”. There is that “Eber” again. It clearly shows the Scythians spread all over the map because they were almost all from the Scythians in one way or another.

Just to show you the ridiculousness of the word Eboracum in wikipedia

The etymology of Eboracum is uncertain as the language of the indigenous population of the area was never recorded. However, the generally accepted view of British history,[3][4][5] is that the inhabitants of Britain at this time spoke a Celtic language related to modern Welsh. This language has been reconstructed from Latin place names and modern Celtic languages, and has been called by scholars Common Brythonic. The name “Eboracum” is thought to have derived from the Common Brythonic Iburakon which probably means “place of the yew trees”.[6]The word for “yew” was probably something like *ibura in Celtic (cf. Old Irish ibar “yew-tree”, Irish: iúr (older iobhar), Scottish Gaelic: iubhar, Welsh: efwralder buckthorn“, Breton: evor “alder buckthorn”), combined with the suffix *-āko(n) “place” (cf. Welsh -og)[7] meaning “place of the yew trees” (cf. efrog in Welsh, eabhrach/iubhrach in Irish Gaelic and eabhrach/iobhrach in Scottish Gaelic, by which names the city is known in those languages). The name is then thought to have been Latinized by replacing -acon with -acum, according to a common use noted in Gaul and Lusitania. The different Évry, Ivry, Ivrey, Ivory in France would all come from *Eboracum / *Eboriacum; for example: Ivry-la-Bataille (Eure, Ebriaco in 1023–1033), Ivry-le-Temple (Evriacum in 1199)[8]Évry (Essonne, Everiaco in 1158),[9][10] etc. In Lusitania the city of Ebora (later Ebora Cerealis and the town of Eburobrittium (modern day Óbidos) would also come from the same *Eboracum / *Eboriacum root despite the different form of latinization used in the Óbidos as the ending itself (-brittium) was either of Celtic or unkwown origin.[11]

Now they are associating the word Hebrew for Yew or Jew once again. What a sham!

The yew tree was once the Iberu or Iberi or Eber tree and somehow became the “yew” tree. Now everyone believes it was named after Jews, how special? You have to wonder now where did the word “berry” come from? In German berry is “beere”. I wasnt kidding when I named this thread Strange Brew. When you look up “yew tree” you get a Latin name for it as if it was the original name. No folks, the Latin name is what their enemies called it. You have to ask how many of these Latin names are used simply to cover up the original words. Taxus baccata- baccata is Latin for bearing red “berries”.

It just keeps going folks. You have to love it!

I could spend a week on the yew tree now which was a sacred tree of the Druids who most people claim were pagans or non Christians at that time, but so was everyone else. The yew tree may be more sacred than we even know. The Druids must have known this because they were big on trees you might say.

The Scots too used yew longbows and Robert the Bruce ordered bows to be made from the

sacred yews at Ardchattan Priory in Argyll, which were then used during the Scots’ victorious battle at Bannockburn in 1314.

All kinds of stories about the Yew tree, for another day.

Will yew fight?

Will yew fight?



Notice Scotti is Ireland

Notice Scotti is Ireland



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29 Responses to Strange Brew

  1. melgibstein says:

    The 12 tribes were scattered abroad and most Christians just cannot accept that. Jews will claim that white people are Amalek and that Amalek has always been the enemy of the Jews. They deliberately dismiss the other tribes of Israel.

    No folks, Jews are Amalek and the 12 tribes are alive and well (well not so well) just like Jesus and the Apostles claimed. Odd how Christians just cannot accept that Jesus came not but for the lost sheep of the House of Israel- period! They accept the Jews over Jesus himself. So deluded!

    Here are some of the words that no doubt evolved out of the word Eber or Hebrew to some. Nobody knows where the word “Hebrew” even comes from (probably a little from Rome and a little from Jews, but it is incorrect).

    I will prove this by the words that come from “eber”, “iver”, “ever”, “iber” etc.
    Liberty, Liver (at one time thought of as the heart and the seat of love), river (may have derived from the Ebros), Khyber river, Tiber river, Lieb in German, Library (which coincidentally is Biblioteka in German). Remember kids saying “liberry” and you thought they were incorrect? They were probably more correct than you without knowing.
    Life, Leif (as in Leif Erickson), believe, live, leave (leave is huge- it represents a tree and the leaves on a tree are the same). They make it out to be German, but it goes further back that German, obviously
    The big one “Love”- who did God love? Now look up these words in Hebrew- love- aheb, “life” – Eve the first woman. A connection of Eve to Eber and a connection to God giving life to Eve.

    The words go on and on and on.

    Wiki on Eber

    In Jewish tradition, Eber, the great-grandson of Shem, refused to help with the building of the Tower of Babel, so his language was not confused when it was abandoned. He and his family alone retained the original human language, Hebrew, a language named after Eber (Heber), also called lingua humana in Latin. (There are different religious positions on this issue; see also Adamic language.)

    Again, Jews are claiming to be all the people of the Bible. Folks either Jews are all the people of the Bible, all the people of the House of Judah of the Bible or they are the Idumeans of the Bible (and later bred into Khazars, Chinese, Blacks, Arabs of all kinds, whites, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Turks, Mongols, etc etc etc. We know it could not be the first two. Jews can claim they are all the people of the Bible because they bred into them all somewhere, but breeding into a race does not make them a race it makes them “bastards”. And to add, a bastard does not mean you have no father because we clearly have John 8:44 to refer to as to who their father is.

  2. Ray Zerwitt says:

    lingua humana? The language of humans. Manu and Human meant ‘spirit man’. It wasn’t meant for everybody.

    What about Khazar? Does the k mean ‘of’? So, who is Hazar or Azar? A giant? Does K’elt mean ‘of old’? I saw an article on that at the ensign message, which is a british israelitism website. Interesting stuff there sometimes though. You’re tabling some good food for thought lately and today, on Thanksgiving. HA!

    • melgibstein says:

      TY Ray, my belief is there is a pattern like a crossword puzzle, you may not know the correct word yet, but when you find it 99 times out of 100 its the right one. People actually believe the Jews are also the Hebrews (as I once did) and it is ridiculous. People believe Jews invented the Hebrew language stealing it from the Hebrews right in our faces. People believe Jews were captive in Egypt and call the Egyptian Jews Mizrahi after the lineage of Ham……and on and on and on. They cannot see the pattern of Jew lies. All CI people or whatever name you want to give people who understand the Bible can see a pattern……….if it dont fit dont wear it. What the Judeo Christians believe is “if the Jew says a square peg can go through a round hole, it fits”. There is zero thought process and why no Judeo can ever stand up to any of us. They will fall on their faces in front of everyone and they are too chicken sh** to fall.

      Kelt could be a name others called the Israelites or sect of Israelites or even Hebrews and Israelites together. Ireland was coined by the English not the Irish and German was coined by the Romans. What we have to do is cipher it all out knowing Jews are lying bastards as usual and fill the voids. I believe James epistle has the key to history (only with Gods help and your ability to accept it). There are so many wrong turns you can make, but there has to be a pattern. Without that basic knowledge people are lost into leprechaun, Neanderthal, Pixie looney tunes.

      How can people use words they have no idea where they came from (they dont suspect an impostor perverting words at all)? How can people believe they are white, but sprang out of Cro Magnon man and still believe the Bible? If its hypocrisy it isnt the truth. This is what David Duke teaches and who all the morons adore………………well Ive never been a follower for good reason I see today.

      Id like to ask someone whose tradition it was before there was such a thing as “Jewish Tradition” or a Jew. In Jewish Tradition Jesus is burning in hot excrement…do Judeos believe that too? They must. So if Jews wrote the Bible, which jews dont follow, is it Jewish Tradition not to follow their own traditions or are they following their old traditions and lying as usual? Jews cant even explain what a Jew is, what Jewish is or what Jewish tradition is other than it is smoke being blown up our arses.

      Our media, our churches, our schools claim we have free speech, but if we had free speech we would be digging into our Holy Book and using it like we should be, but these entities are using jewish smoke to pollute us with instead. Only Satans kids could pull this off and others will use the term “Satans kids”, but they use it like they would Casper the Friendly Ghost- they have no comprehension of it.

  3. Ray Zerwitt says:

    I agree, whole hog. It all makes me think of “Close the Book and seal the Book, Daniel, until the time of the end”. Well, who wrote that book to start with, if it wasn’t Adamites? The Kingdom is within us. What else do we have to do anyway? Pick rice for a wage and call it satisfaction? I don’t think so.

    • melgibstein says:

      Id like to see one of these imbecile talk shows with “a man on the street” asking questions like :What is a Jew?”, Is a Jew a Hebrew?, What happened to the Israelites? Who was the first Jewish woman? Our so called truth movement would be totally stumped, but they are supposed to be our experts.

  4. melgibstein says:

    online etymology states:

    Hibernia Look up Hibernia at
    from Latin Hibernia, the Roman name for Ireland, also in forms Iverna, Juverna, Ierne, etc., all ultimately from Old Celtic *Iveriu “Ireland” (see Irish). This particular form of the name was altered in Latin as though it meant “land of winter” (see hibernation).

    words like “hibernate”, the hibernum or vibernum plant families (berries seem to be related to these plants as well).

    hibernation (n.) Look up hibernation at
    1660s, “action of passing the winter” (of plants, insect eggs, etc.), from Latin hibernationem (nominative hibernatio) “the action of passing the winter,” noun of action from past participle stem of hibernare “to winter, pass the winter, occupy winter quarters;” related to hiems “winter,” from PIE *gheim- “snow, winter” (cognates: Sanskrit heman “in winter,” Hittite gimmanza, Greek kheima, Old Church Slavonic zima, Lithuanian žiema “winter”). Meaning “dormant condition of animals” is from 1789.

    This is where the word “James” (oddly enough James was the apostle to Iberia) comes in to relate to Iberia. James relates to heim or gheim which relates to words like Himalaya (hima means snow) and also follows down the same line as words like Hematology or Hemaglobin etc.

    Maybe the strangest word relating to Hibernia of all of these numerous words is “Juverna” because you can see how the vowels and consonants are interwoven. How did Eber or Iber become Juver?

    Latin Meaning:

    The name Juverna is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Juverna is: From Ireland.

    Wait a minute- Juverna means from Ireland or Iberia or both? Or is this simply a word for a tribe of people? If Juverna is from Latin where they didnt use the letter “J” where did it come from? Romans called Ireland Scotti and Hibernum. Where did Juverna come from? If someone was from Ireland you would call them after Ireland no? People write this stuff and then park at some dead end street and walk home, it makes zero sense.

    “Iveru” or “Iberu”……with “I” sounding as an “E”. What does that sound like folks? Yes Yes Ireland, the land of Leprechauns and fairies (the scary kind of fairy). When fairies were fairies and men were men. Whatever was going on in those days the Juv’s were the ones trying to get away and therefore no relation to the people we have been programmed to know as “Jews”. Its common sense folks………there are lies because there are liars and we can see who the liars are and are not. Jews steal names in fact they even stole the false name “Jews” and turned it into Judah. Jews do not have their own names- period.

    juvenile (adj.) Look up juvenile at
    1620s, from Latin iuvenilis “of or belonging to youth,” from iuvenis “young person,” originally “young” (compare French jeune; see young). Juvenile delinquency first recorded 1816; Juvenile delinquent the following year.

    Juvenile was “iuvenilis”, but Ivernia became “Juverna” in Latin? I would be willing to bet that a juvenile originated from a young Iberian.

    young (adj.) Look up young at
    Old English geong “youthful, young; recent, new, fresh,” from Proto-Germanic *juwunga– (cognates: Old Saxon and Old Frisian jung, Old Norse ungr, Middle Dutch jonc, Dutch jong, Old High German and German jung, Gothic juggs), from PIE *yuwn-ko-, suffixed form of root *yeu- “vital force, youthful vigor” (cognates: Sanskrit yuva “young,” Latin juvenis “young,” Lithuanian jaunas, Old Church Slavonic junu, Russian junyj “young,” Old Irish oac, Welsh ieuanc “young”).

    ~Basically a young white person was a Ju for short- but now we see it also relates to a strong young person and not just a young delinquent juvenile.

    This word “Eber” is all over our languages and somehow people believe “Jews” wrote the Bible. No folks they rewrote it. Jews controlling history didnt just appear over night it has been going on a long long time.

    Here is a good one folks, I thought the word young may have come from the Roman God “Juventes”, but look what the equivalent of Juventes was in Greek:

    For other uses, see Hebe (disambiguation).
    Cupbearer to the gods
    Goddess of eternal youth
    Jacques Louis Dubois – Hebe.jpg
    Abode Mount Olympus
    Symbol Wine-cup, Eagle, Ivy, Fountain of Youth
    Consort Heracles
    Parents Zeus and Hera
    Siblings Eileithyia, Eris, Ares, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Dionysus, Hermes, Heracles, Helen of Troy, Hephaestus, Perseus, Minos, the Muses, the Graces
    Children Alexiares and Anicetus
    Roman equivalent Juventas

    Hēbē (/ˈhiːbi/; Greek: Ἥβη)[1] in ancient Greek religion, is the goddess of youth[2] (Roman equivalent: Juventus).[3] She is the daughter of Zeus and Hera.[4] Hebe was the cupbearer for the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus, serving their nectar and ambrosia, until she was married to Heracles (Roman equivalent: Hercules); her successor was Zeus’ lover Ganymede. Another title of hers, for this reason, is Ganymeda. She also drew baths for Ares and helped Hera enter her chariot.[5]

    Hebe was supposed to have the power to give eternal youth, and in art is typically seen with her father in the guise of an eagle, often offering a cup to him. This depiction is seen in classical engraved gems as well as later art and seems to relate to a belief that the eagle (like the phoenix) had the ability to renew itself to a youthful state.

    Momma Mia- the Phoenicians? I have already shown the relation of Eber to the first woman “Eve”. Kind of odd that Hebe was considered the first woman of sorts, wife of Hercules (the god of basically all white people at one time). Or was he really a god at all? Hebe and Eve- its a small world.

    “I’ll be back” and not like that Jew Schwarzenegger.

  5. melgibstein says:

    In a book titled “America Not Discovered by Columbus” in 1891 the writer claims on page 17 that “Great Ireland” was the name given to “The White Mans Land of America”. This not only confirms my beliefs that Iberia or Land of Eber or the Hebrews now known today was simply the name for “white people” just as “Alba” means “white” and has the root “ban” in it like Albany and Lebanon.
    Page 16 and 17

    Amazing how this is hidden under the rug. Is this any more rubbish than the crap we have on our TV’s today? Isnt it at least worth the effort to have people examine it? We had Iberia and then Hibernia and then Hebrides (Scotland) wouldnt it make sense that those people also discovered Great Iberia (America)? No we believe Italians, after they figured out the world was round and finally broke out of the Med 2000 years later they became the discoverers of the America’s? I dont think so.
    Oops almost forgot the Iberia in modern day Armenia. I wonder which of these DNA’s I have. Some of these Iberians moved into Russia and others moved into what we call Italy today. When did this DNA start splitting, at the borders of all these countries?

    Write this on the chalkboard 50 times “Geography is not Biology”. DNA is Jewish hogwash. You dont need DNA to check sweat or blood, we were doing it long before DNA. Even if DNA was 100% infallible you would have to have a trial on the legitimacy of the DNA handlers themselves. Prove ALL things!

  6. melgibstein says:

    A simple word that clearly shows where it came from is “separate”, This word in Hebrew is “pa-rad”.
    Saep is fence in English or “hedge”, etc. fence is spelled with an “s” in Gaelic like “ffens” in Welsh or “feansa” in Scottish Gaelic.Fence or Fense is the middle line between offense and defense and “parade” (obviously from “pa-rad” in Hebrew) used to be an assembly of soldiers. What do soldiers do? They separate without the fence – “pa-rad”.
    Sep or septem is supposedly the root word for 7 but has to be related to a fence in some way or border. Why “sep” was ever added to “pa-rad” in the first place is the question. Its pretty obvious that the Israelites had this word written down first.
    The word “seven” is important because you can see all the usual letter jumbles with that word as you do in “Iberia” regarding b,v,w,f,ph and even d (sometimes left out altogether like “sette”), but always has the “se” sounding just like Iberia was sometimes called Iernia.

  7. Ray Zerwitt says:

    To bullshit you, the skanks rely on glossing over the pivotal elementals. In these language studies you share, I’m starting to suspect the elemental laws of the universe, or at least the Earth, in that first language of Adam. The dullard’s versions of linguistics are empty. You’re onto something big with this, I also suspect. Did they start longer ago than anyone would ever expect, with the corruption of the language? Like the difference between Assembly and Basic programming, Assembly has more versatility and power, but you have to understand the elementals. Methinks they’ve corrupted the very elementals, retarding us all. Does your propensity for understanding this come from your chromatin? That the baal priests claim Hebrew as the language of their ancestors is a turnoff and therefore misdirection already.

    “I will return to you a pure language”, wrote the prophet.

    Go to and look up the chapter and verse yourself, STHS. That’s how I do it.

    • melgibstein says:

      All of this knowledge or understanding of Astronomy, Mathematics, Biology, Linguistics, etc. had to come from a higher power and it came to only one people. You are absolutely right about us being lambasted in BS, if I understand you correctly. That is why I have always believed teaching people the truth has to first come from stopping people who lie. Its easy to get sucked back into the lies, I do all the time. Imagine if we could eliminate the lies? What we would have left is total understanding. That Jew fence has us “pa-raded”. Jews are here to keep us off our game, like jabbing you with a left and then giving you a right hook. You have to hit back and hit back hard because you, we have the power if we can find it. If we can move mountains we have to move the jews and all their BS first. They are exactly where they want to be, all over us.

  8. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Speaking of their corruption of astronomy by glossing over those pivotal elementals, here is an example.

    I have a calendar with hubble space telescope pictures. Arbitrarily, let’s take the picture of the Andromeda galaxy. Due to the speed of light, which is not constant, that’s not what the Andromeda galaxy looks like, and never did. It’s not even where the camera is pointing. So, where is the disclaimer? I never see a disclaimer. The truth is they’ve never seen the Andromeda galaxy or anything else. Another startling truth: Noone has ever seen the universe. Even the night sky of our own Milky Way doesn’t look like that. Nobody knows what it looks like and nobody can figure it out, by the limits of science. But there they go indulging their myths of black holes, dark matter and pools of slime and everybody goes along with it. It’s a baal they call science. So, boiled down, we see what Yahweh wants us to see in the stars. That intimately weaves it with astrology.

  9. Ray Zerwitt says:

    HA! Exactly. Their mythologies sublimate up into everything they do. They call it science.

    • melgibstein says:

      Gen 11:6

      And the LORD said, Behold, the people H5971 is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

      Ever hear Jews use the words “Jewish people”? Where are the Jewish people ever referred to Gods people? The Jewish people can be a racial people and a religious people because they cannot be a people in its true sense.

      Listen to Jews when they talk, but not what they talk about, but the words they use. They use their words just like they use their names, they steal them.

  10. melgibstein says:

    Malachi 1:4 ……….they will build, but I shall throw down H2040 “haras”

    harass etymology
    harass (v.) Look up harass at
    1610s, “to lay waste, devastate” (obsolete); 1620s, “to vex by repeated attacks,” from French harasser “tire out, vex”.

    “haras” and “harass”, nope nothing there. Guess I’ll quit now, not.

  11. melgibstein says:

    Im not sure I showed the importance of the word Iberia or Ibri in relation to the word “Ivory”. Hopefully I noted somewhere here that sometimes Iberia was called Ivernia and I am absolutely positive I have explained that the “v” and the “b” were often intertwined, for example “bianca” and Venetia or Venice or Vienna etc (also related to Finn, gwynn in Welsh, and Phoen as in Phoenician and Lebanon all mean white). I also noted that “Iverskaya” was the word for Hebrews in Russian so the “b” and “v” mix up is very real.

    The name Ivor
    From the Old Norse name Ívarr, which was derived from the elements yr “yew, bow” and arr “warrior”. During the Middle Ages it was brought to Britain by Scandinavian settlers and invaders, and it was adopted in Ireland, Scotland and Wales. ~Of course this adoptation could have been the other way around, why? Because the word goes all the way back folks.

    Notice how they continually mix up the word “yew” with anything representing Iberia. They even changed the name of the Iberi tree (where we get the word “berry”) to the yew tree, the tree they made their bows out of, and who were these people that did this? Not the Scottish, Irish or Welsh, but the Iberians.

    Some more definitions

    Origin of the name Ivor:

    Scottish form of Ivar, a name introduced by Scandinavian settlers. It is derived from the Old Norse elements yŕ (yew, bow) and herr (warrior, army): hence, “archer, bow warrior.”

    A “Red Herring” is one that isnt “white”. Herr is another word to look into. Guess what the name “Hur” means in Hebrew (at least from what I have found so far)?

    The name Hur is a Biblical baby name. In Biblical the meaning of the name Hur is: Liberty, whiteness, hole. I already discussed how the word “liberty” comes from “Iberia” or ultimately “the Ibri”. You think the Jews knew this when they did Ben Hur on the big screen, a fake story?

    Here some say it is Slavic which is true because Hebrews became Slavs too, all white people will have it somewhere why? Because they are white!

    The name Ivor is a baby boy name.
    Scandinavian Meaning:
    The name Ivor is a Scandinavian baby name. In Scandinavian the meaning of the name Ivor is: Archer.

    Norse Meaning:
    The name Ivor is a Norse baby name. In Norse the meaning of the name Ivor is: Lord. Aname Ifor. Famous Bearer: Composer Ivor Novello.

    Welsh Meaning:
    The name Ivor is a Welsh baby name. In Welsh the meaning of the name Ivor is: Lord. Can also be a.

    English Meaning:
    The name Ivor is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Ivor is: Archer’s bow.

    Teutonic Meaning:
    The name Ivor is a Teutonic baby name. In Teutonic the meaning of the name Ivor is: Archer’s bow.

    They leave out that it was also Gaelic which leads to Hebrew. Obviously the Irish, Welsh and Scottish (all the same people) were also Gaelic speaking people with old and new improved alphabets combined.

    We can see how this name is related to “warrior” because of its relationship to the bow and archery. Its odd that all the way across Europe the name “Igor” means the same thing.
    The name Igor is a Russian baby name. In Russian the meaning of the name Igor is: Warrior of peace. Ing’s warrior (Ing was the Norse god of peace and fertility). From the Scandinavian name Ingyar. Famous Bearer: Russian composer Igor Stravinsky.

    Its all over the white world folks, just different alphabets and times.

    Heres one that just comes out and says “Ivor” means “Yew”

    There are dozens of these and I could go on and on, but lets look at the word “Ivory”. It isnt very different from Iberi (or very for that matter).

    ivory (n.) Look up ivory at
    mid-13c. (late 12c. as a surname), Anglo-French ivorie, from Old North French ivurie (12c.), from Medieval Latin eborium “ivory,” noun use of neuter of Latin eboreus “of ivory,” from ebur (genitive eboris) “ivory,” probably via Phoenician from an African source (compare Egyptian ab “elephant,” Coptic ebu “ivory”).

    It replaced Old English elpendban, literally “elephant bone.” Applied in slang to articles made from it, such as dice (1830) and piano keys (1818). As a color, especially in reference to human skin, it is attested from 1580s. Ivories as slang for “teeth” dates from 1782. Black ivory was ivory burnt and powdered, used as a pigment (1810); the sense “African slaves as an article of commerce” is attested from 1834.

    so it means white just like Lebanon, just like Phoenicia (Phoenicia was Lebanon), just like Albion (bian), just like Venecia, Venice, Finland, Fiana, Isle of White not Wight, etc etc etc

    “Eborium” there we see the “ebor” involved with ivory as we do over and over again. Let me give you a hint folks, the Phoenician source was not Black African because there were no Black Africans in Europe where the Phoenicians brought the elephants they used to surprise attack Rome around the Alps.

    Many many names come from this root all over Scandinavia and Britain (when I say Britain I mean the original Britain (the Ibri) have the root “Iver” or “Ivar” in their names for instance McIver, McGyver the TV show was probably changed going through Ellis Island, but spelling doesnt matter, it is the “phoenetics” we are looking for. Vikings had this name….Ivar the Boneless, Iverson, Everson, McKeever, (the “i” was pronounced as an “e”) and on and on and on.I havent looked at Slav names or German names etc, but no doubt they are there.

    I always thought it was odd they called Mil Espaine “the soldier of Spain” when Mil never called it Spain or Ispania, if anything he was Mil Iberia, the “soldier of whites” and maybe the Romans didnt like that.

    This link claims it is just Nordic and make it look as if Iberia had nothing to do with it.. Folks you have to hunt it down.

    Ivar Ragnarsson, Viking king, who some scholars believe to be identical to:
    Ivar Vidfamne, legendary Danish king of at least Scania and Zealand
    Ivar of Waterford, Norse king of Waterford and briefly King of Dublin
    Ivar of Limerick, last Norse king of Limerick
    Ímar Ua Donnabáin (Ivor O’Donovan), legendary Irish navigator and sorcerer
    Ivar Hippe, Norwegian consultant and former journalist
    Ivar Frithiof Andresen, Norwegian opera singer
    Ivar Ballangrud, Norwegian speed skater
    Ivar Otto Bendixson, Swedish mathematician
    Ivar Bern, Norwegian chess player
    Ivar Formo, Norwegian cross-country skier
    Ivar Asbjørn Følling, Norwegian physician
    Ivar Giaever, Norwegian physicist
    Ivars Godmanis, prime minister of Latvia 1990-1993, 2007–2009
    Ivar Haglund, Seattle folk singer and founder of Ivar’s
    Ivar Jacobson, Swedish computer scientist
    Ivar Kants, Australian actor
    Ivar Larsen Kirkeby-Garstad, Norwegian politician
    Ivar Kleiven, Norwegian historian and poet
    Ivar Kreuger, Swedish businessman
    Ivar Langen, Norwegian rector
    Ivar Lo-Johansson, Swedish writer
    Ivar Lykke, Norwegian politician and prime minister from 1926 to 1928
    Ivar Rooth, Swedish banker
    Ivar Skulstad, Norwegian politician
    Ivar Bergersen Sælen, Norwegian politician
    Ivar Tengbom, Swedish architect
    Ivar Peterson Tveiten, Norwegian politician
    Ivar Smilga, Bolshevik revolutionary leader (they had to throw in a crypto)
    Ivar Vennerström, Swedish politician
    Ivar Enger, Norwegian former-guitarist of Darkthrone
    Ivar Aasen, Norwegian lexicographer, creator of Nynorsk

    And the one that clinched it for me was this

    [ 2 syll. i-var, iv-ar ] The baby boy name Ivar is pronounced as IY-Vaa-R †. Ivar is used chiefly in the English and Scandinavian languages. It is derived from Old Norse origins.

    Ivar is a variant of the name Ingvar (Scandinavian and English) in the English and Scandinavian languages.

    Ivar is also a variant of the name Ivor (Irish, English, Gaelic, Scottish, Welsh, and Scandinavian) in the Scandinavian language. ~ In other words WHITE PEOPLE!

    Ivar is an unusual baby boy name. It is listed outside of the top 1000.

    Baby names that sound like Ivar include Ifore, Ifour, Ifoure, Ivarr, Ivor, Ivri, Yvor, Iavar, Iaver, Iavir, Iavor, Iavyr, Iavur, Éibhear, and Éibhir.

    † Pronunciation for Ivar: IY as in “eat (IY.T)” ; V as in “vow (V.AW)” ; AA as in “odd (AA.D)” ; R as in “race (R.EY.S)”

    Eber Finn was the son of Mil Espaine or Mil Iberia, Espaine isnt a last name nor is Iberia it was the name of a people and obviously Eber Finn could not have been his name either because Eber and Finn mean the same thing. Obviously there is a jew fly in the ointment mixing all of this up. Folks you cant take anything for granted. If you were put to sleep by God you have to wake yourself up by him.

    This stuff is undeniable folks.

    Do you think David Duke knows this? Yesterday I asked someone for a hanky and he took his hanky out and went looking for David Duke to give it to him. I said where are you going? He said you wanted a hanky right, well Im looking for David Duke to blow his nose in it.

    David Duke talks about the paleo diet and he believes the Northern peoples went hunting for Mastadons in Europe (there was no beef at all). You know what they ate folks?

    They ate the same damned things they do today except they are shipped in jew crap to their grocery stores.

  12. melgibstein says:

    Herr is also related to “Kavalier” or “cavalier”

    cavalier (n.) Look up cavalier at
    1580s, from Italian cavalliere “mounted soldier, knight; gentleman serving as a lady’s escort,” from Late Latin caballarius “horseman,” from Vulgar Latin caballus, the common Vulgar Latin word for “horse” (and source of Italian cavallo, French cheval, Spanish caballo, Irish capall, Welsh ceffyl), displacing Latin equus (see equine).

    This is the same word as Caballa, just another word the Jews stole and made their own and you believe them (most of you). Numbers arent evil, we invented numbers, 6 is no more evil than 1 or 3 or anything else, all numbers are required in true math and Jews could never ever invent anything TRUE. So when you hear people hand over the Jews Hebrew words, Hebrew symbols or Hebrew numbers……..understand it is like calling a Jew with a German name, German or Jew with an Irish name Irish……….or even close to calling Jesus a Jew although that is the worst thing you could ever do.

    There is a complete imbecile who is on RBN who is infatuated with the word “Communitarianism”. The word “community” is not an evil word, the evil is allowing Jews to redefine our words.

  13. melgibstein says:

    In the Cyrillic alphabet, which was copied somewhat from the Greek, which was given to them by the Phoenicians (Hebrew folks not Jewish) the B is pronounced V as in “eber” and “ever”. Erin go brah, sometime gu braith (th is silent) or “Ireland forever” (actually Eber forever) was without a doubt once “eber” and not “brah” or “braith” (it could very well be another word for breath or breath of life- ever is associated with life, liver, liberty love or lieb. The Gaelic language took longer to get vowels and when they did it was different in say Wales than it was in say Switzerland. Anyway you can see how Hibernia (Romans called it this), we dont even know that Ireland or Scotland ever called their land Hibernia, it was the land of or more likely the people of Eber just like the Theotokos Iverskaya Russian icon (which means “The mother of the saviour of the Hebrews). This is simply in your face fact!

    The Romans added the H and why I believe the “h” is almost always silent in Scottish and Irish Gaelic. The Iberians were the same people who went to Ireland and the other Iberia went north into Russia where we absolutely positively know that Russians are no more Jews than the Scottish are, they were infiltrated by Jews just like the rest of us. Look at the people of the Ukraine and you will know why the Jews had to have their Holodomor there. They want us all dead, we are their eternal enemy and they are ours (only 99% of us dont even know it even after all the mayhem).

    Recently I watched a video on Gene Scott and “The Book of Kells”, Scott was a rogue, but I believe he was right on a lot of things although he thought the Jews were one of the 12 tribes that went bad, at least thats what he claimed. I think he knew they were Idumeans and it was just a bit too lonely to say it during his time. Anyway one of the claims he made was that Jeremiah was the one who brought “common law” to Britain. Think about it, whoever stood with the Stone of Scone as king was the supreme law giver and the Angles also adopted that tradition and why the stone was in England up to just a few years back. I have heard King Alfred was the common law originator, but I think that is another tall tale and that is came from Jeremiah exactly like Gene Scott claimed. It makes too much sense. BTW I tried posting this video but its copyrighted, do a torrent on it, its quite interesting, but you have to deal with Scotts shenanigans. He was definitely Irish and had to mix in some serious truth with some humor, without the humor you go nuts!

    This guy Scott would put MacDonald and David Duke in their bunks in about 20 seconds. He was also a doctor and didnt learn any of his knowledge in the jew fool system. Scott was not my hero, but he was on the trail of truth and went where none of our unelected or elected so called leaders will ever tread, he was open to the truth and thats all I ever expect of someone good. He had live audiences who were free to speak at any time not like Stormfront radio that cuts you off because they dont agree and then months later they do agree because they see which way the wind is blowing. They are not leaders.

  14. melgibstein says:

    There are live online language lessons you can take from people in countries you plan to visit and Russian is spoken in a few of them so I am learning from a Eastern European girl named Irishka. I checked into this name and it is all over the Russian speaking world. It is the same name as Eireen or Irene which is also a huge Russian name. Irishka is also the name for Erin. You have to ask how did this name become so big in Russian territories and also become the later name of Scotland or “Eire land” today.
    Here is what some of the name websites say about “Irishka” (Iroshka is also a huge Russian name as well from the same root).

    This name derives from the Ancient Greek “eiríni (ειρήνη) eirḗnē ‎(εἰρήνη)”, meaning “peace, tranquility, harmony”. The Roman equivalent was “Pax”. Eirene in Greek Mythology was one of the Horae, and the personification of peace. She is said sometimes to be the daughter of Zeus and Themis. Irene, and its variants, was also the name of an 8th-century Byzantine empress, as well as the name of several saints. The name has always been very popular among the people of the Christian faith. In English the name “Irene” did not become common until the nineteenth century. In Greek mythology the Horae (Greek: Ὧραι, “seasons”) were the goddesses of the seasons and the natural portions of time.

    ~ Every time I see the words “Greek Mythology” or “Ancient Greek” I immediately think “Phoenician” because they are always left out of both categories and sure enough this one too.–aYif_RAhWM6YMKHWTsBvYQ6AEIKzAD#v=onepage&q=Eirene%20Phoenician&f=false

    This book says “Erene” or “Eirene” is a Greek name and the female here (in this book was married to a Phoenician.
    This was only the first search hit on this I saw.
    The jew fool system will often tell you that if something is Greek it cant also be something else like Phoenician or Roman, but here is the wiki page of the Goddess Eirene being one of the daughters of Zeus. Well folks Zeus was also thought to be Phoenician by the Phoenicians and Pax is the same woman in Roman history.

    Here we see “Cadmus” on wiki being portrayed as a Greek when he was clearly a Phoenician.

    In Greek mythology, Cadmus /ˈkædməs/; Greek: Κάδμος Kadmos), was the founder and first king of Thebes.[1] Cadmus was the first Greek hero and, alongside Perseus and Bellerophon, the greatest hero and slayer of monsters before the days of Heracles.[2] Initially a Phoenician prince, son of king Agenor and queen Telephassa of Tyre and the brother of Phoenix, Cilix and Europa, he was originally sent by his royal parents to seek out and escort his sister Europa back to Tyre after she was abducted from the shores of Phoenicia by Zeus.[3] Cadmus founded the Greek city of Thebes, the acropolis of which was originally named Cadmeia in his honour.

    Look at the lineage chart on this page

    Zeus is also a father of the Phoenicians. Hercules was also a relative of the Phoenicians, Scyhtians, Greeks and Romans (all Europeans).

    Why are they hiding Phoenician history folks? The Romans, Greeks and Phoenicians were all Europeans from the Middle East and all from the same stock and for some reason the Phoenicians have been carefully eradicated from our history (and probably the most important part of it all). Thats a fact!

    Now if the Phoenicians, Scythians, Romans and Greeks are all from the same lineage they should all look alike right? And they do and they did. Its common sense and it is true history. Who were the Phoenicians that spoke Hebrew and where did they go?

    Eirene is the Greek equivalent of Shalom (peace) and obviously related to “serene” or “serenity”.

    Greek Meaning:
    The name Eirene is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Eirene is: Peace.

    Latin Meaning:
    The name Eirene is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Eirene is: Daughter of Poseidon.

    Now its a Latin name? I wonder which Latin they mean because the words change over time and only one people would do such a rotten thing to us. The name Erin (Ireland) means “peace”.

    “Columbia” (/kəˈlʌmbiə/; kə-lum-bee-ə) is a historical and poetic name used for the United States of America and also as one of the names of its female personification. It has given rise to the names of many persons, places, objects, institutions, and companies; e.g., Columbia University, the District of Columbia (the national capital), and the ship Columbia Rediviva, which would give its name to the Columbia River. Images of the Statue of Liberty largely displaced Columbia as the female symbol of the U.S. by around 1920.[1]

    Lady Columbia

    Lady Columbia


    Columbia Records


    Columbia pictures


    Was Columbia anything to do with Columbus? I dont think so folks, Jews steal names.

    Colum or Colm (Mel Gibsons middle name Columcille) Erin and shalom all mean peace, often the word dove or Colum is the symbol of shalom or peace,

    Back to Phoenicia

    DOVE— In its religious significance: symbol of the Holy Ghost. In a general sense: symbol of innocence, gentleness, conjugal affection and constancy. As a symbol of the Holy Ghost it originates with the incident attending Christ’s baptism, when, according to St. Luke, ‘It came to pass, that Jesus also being baptized, and praying, the heaven was opened, and the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon Him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, “Thou art My beloved Son; in Thee I am well pleased.”’ (Luke 3.21-22, Matthew 3.16, Mark 1.10, John 1.32). The symbol was employed in early Christian times, in the catacombs and in mosaics, and it was occasionally represented with the nimbus. During the 11th century, a human figure with a book or scroll took its place; but in the 16th century, the older symbol was revived, and now the dove, as in early Christian times, is universally recognized as symbolizing the Holy Ghost.The dove as a symbol of innocence and gentleness is derived from the habits of the bird, which prompted Christ to advise His disciples, when sending them out to teach His gospel to be ‘harmless as doves’ (Matthew 10.16). And the peacefulness of such a gentle bird’s life receives tribute from David when, in the midst of the pain and troubles of his old age, he cries: ‘Oh that I had wings like a dove! For then would I fly away, and be at rest.’ (Psalm 55.6).
    From pagan times it has been widely understood as a symbol of conjugal affection and constancy, because of the affectionate mating habits and constancy of the species popularly known as turtle doves. On ancient monuments, gems, and coins of Assyria, Libya, Mycenae, and Phoenicia representations of two doves have been recognized which, according to Goblet D’Alviella, probably had some religious significance ‘in the symbolism of the worship paid in Asia Minor to the great goddess of nature, venerated by the Phoenician population under the name of Astarte’. (Migration of Symbols, p. 91) Similar representations can be seen in the catacombs, a particularly good example being where two doves with olive branches stand on either side of a vessel over which is placed the sacred monogram. (Louisa Twining, Symbols of Early Christian Art, p. 183)
    DOVE WITH OLIVE BRANCH IN ITS BEAK— Symbol of peace and good tidings. The dove, which is a species of pigeon, has been employed as a messenger from the earliest civilizations to the present day. It was trained in that capacity by the Greeks and Romans, and in all the ages of the Christian era, and was so used in the First World War. Its use as a Christian symbol of peace and good tidings originates from the return of the dove to the ark with the olive leaf, which, as a confirmation of the abatement of the flood, delivered Noah from anxiety— ‘And the dove came in to him in the evening; and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf pluckt off; so Noah knew that the waters were abated from the earth.’ (Genesis 8.11)
    Arnold Whittick, Symbols: Signs and their Meaning and Uses in Design (2nd Ed.), Charles T. Branford Co., Newton, Massachusetts, 1971, pp. 234-235
    District of Columbia Seal: The statue on the pedestal is of George Washington. The female figure is of Justice blinded with a wreath in her right hand and a tablet in her left, on which is written ‘Constitution’. To her right is an eagle, a sheaf of wheat, and agricultural produce. In the background is the Virginia shore with the Potamac river flowing between Virginia and the city of Washington. To the left is the rising sun and to the right the Capitol of the United States. The seal was adopted in 1871 as shown in the wreath with the motto ‘Justitia Omnibus’— ‘Justice for all’. (p. 57)
    The American beauty rose was adopted by the District of Columbia in 1916, but there is some doubt whether this flower is indigenous to the country as stated in the enactment, for it may have been introduced from China by way of England. (p. 303)
    The woodthrush (Hylocichla mustelina) is regarded unofficially as the emblematic bird of the District of Columbia, having been selected by the District Federation of Women’s Clubs. (p. 351)
    Arnold Whittick, Symbols: Signs and their Meaning and Uses in Design (1971)
    Saint Columba / Columcille (c. 521-597)
    He was born in Donegal of the royal Ui Neill line and was trained as a monk under Saint Finnian of Moville. He borrowed a copy of Jerome’s new translations of the Psalms from the Magh Bile monastery in order to copy it. The original owners judged that the copy should remain with them since ‘every cow has its calf’. The resulting battle at Cooldrebhne saw Columba as an opponent in arms, rather than in Christian temperance, and he sent himself into exile from Ireland, in remorse. He converted many of the Irish settlers in Scotland, as well as King Brude of the Picts. He founded his monastery on Iona which became in time the burial place and assembly of Scottish kings. Many monastic settlements sprang from the influence of Iona. Columba, although he swore never to see Ireland again, returned to champion the social obligations of the Irish in Scotland to the Irish High Kings. He also arbitrated between the Church and the bards, whose position was seriously endangered: Irish poets had become feared and hated due to their practice of satirizing ungenerous patrons (considered in its magical light, since satires could cause physical effects) and because of their extortionate retainers. Columba was himself a poet and his arbitration ensured that Irish poets should be allowed to exercise their ancient function. He is remembered on 9 June [His Feast Day].
    John & Caitlín Matthews, British & Irish Mythology
    Diamond Books, London, UK, 1995, pp. 48-49
    DOVE— A departed spirit, herald of heavenly news. Amorous delight, constancy, fruitfulness, gentleness, harmlessness, innocence, love, meekness, purity, sacrifice, sincerity, soul, tenderness, timidity, truth, winged aspiration. A good spirit, a loved one. Sexual emblem sacred to love and mother goddesses. As a fertility symbol of Adonis, Aphrodite, Astarte, Atargatis, Dionysis, Ishtar, Juno, Jupiter, Shulamite, Venus, Zeus, etc., often appears with the fish. In nature worship closely associated with rain clouds. Ancients sometimes substituted a dove for a human when offerings were being made to a deity. Dream significance: happy event. In heraldry loving constancy and peace. With an olive branch, harbinger of good news. A constellation in the Southern Sky, known as Columba and Noah’s Dove. In China symbolic of good digestion, impartial filial duty, and long life. In Christian tradition the Holy Ghost. A symbol of the annunciation and baptism. Emblem of an apostle or saint divinely inspired. In Christian art identical with the winged disk of pagan art as a symbol of eternity, immortality, soul, spirit, sun. As a soul symbol issues from the mouth of dying martyrs. Sacred bird of ancient Egypt, Greece and Phoenicia. In Greece the equivalent of alpha-omega because the numerical value of the Greek word for dove 801, is the same as the numerical value of AO written backwards. In Hebrew tradition the dove was clean according to Mosaic law and sacrificed in rituals of expiation, especially by the poor. It was a symbol of gentleness, peace, and divine guidance, as in the legend of Noah. Among early Semites sacrificed to Jahveh as an atonement for impurity of childbirth; similar offerings were brought by Virgin Mary to the temple at Jerusalem after the birth of Christ. In Hebraic-Christian tradition, the dove compares with the Buddhist white swan. In Japan a good omen symbolizing tender sentiments. Emblem of the warrior deity Hachiman and of the Minemoto clan. One of the ten animals in the Moslem heaven. In Roman antiquity sacred to Bacchus, Jupiter, and Venus.
    Black dove: Widowhood.
    Dove of Christ: Salvation.
    Dove of David: Peace.
    Dove dung: The chick-pea, so called because of its appearance.
    A nourishment for those who cross the desert.
    Dove egg: In a medical superstition eaten as a smallpox preventive.
    Dove, gold & silver plumed: Treasures of purity and innocence.
    Dove and lily: Christian annuciation. Parallels the white swan
    and lotus of Eastern religions.
    Dove and Nimbus: Christian Holy Ghost.
    Dove and olive branch: Good tidings, peace. In Greek mythology
    emblem of Athena. In middle ages talisman to ensure pilgrims
    hospitality wherever they traveled. In Old Testament renewed
    life; sign which informed Noah he could safely leave the Ark.
    Dove, ring around its neck: Christian art: encircling sweetness of the Divine Word.
    Holy dove: In Christian art sometimes depicted as a rose.
    Seven doves: In Christianity the Holy Spirit in His seven-fold
    manifestations of grace. In Old Teatament the seven gifts of God:
    counsel, fear of God, knowledge, pity, strength, understanding, wisdom.
    Twelve doves: Christian apostles.
    Two wings of a dove: Love of God, love of man; active and meditative life.
    White dove: A health talisman; eaten as an antidote against infection.
    White dove with changeable tints: In Christian tradition spirit of chastity
    in conflict with fickle and rebellious passions.
    Gertrude Jobes, Dictionary of Mythology, Folklore and Symbols
    Scarecrow Press, New York, 1962, Volume 1, pp. 466-467
    Aphrodite’s totem, the bird of sexual passion, symbolically equivalent to the yoni. In India, too, the dove was paravata, the symbol of lust. Joined to her consort the phallic serpent, the Dove-goddess stood for sexual union and “Life”.
    The phrase attributed to Jesus, “Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10.16), was no random metaphor but a traditional invocation of the Syrian God and Goddess [Franz Cumont, Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism (1956), 118]. The Oriental meaning was remembered by the gypsies, whose folk tales said the souls of ancestors lived inside magic hollow mountains, the men having been changed into serpents and the women into doves. [Elwood B. Trigg, Gypsy Demons and Divinities (1973) 196]
    Christians adopted the feminine dove as a symbol of the Holy Ghost, originally the Goddess Sophia, representing God’s “Wisdom” as the Goddess Metis represented the “Wisdom” of Zeus. Gnostic Christians said Sophia was incarnate in the dove that impregnated the virgin Mary, the same dove that descended on Jesus at his baptism to impregnate his mind (Matthew 3.16). Pious admirers of Pope Gregory the Great made him even more saintly than Jesus by reporting that the Holy Ghost in dove shape descended on him not once but many times. [Jacobus de Voragine, The Golden Legend (1941) 188] All this was copied from Roman iconography which showed the human soul as a dove that descended from the Dove-goddess’s oversoul to animate the body. [Eugenia Sellers Strong,Apotheosis and After Life (1969) 136]
    Aphrodite as a bringer of death, or “peace”, sometimes bore the name of Irene, Dove of Peace. Another of her death-goddess names was Epitymbria, “She of the Tombs”. Romans called her Venus Columba, Venus-the-Dove. Her catacombs, mausoleums, and necropoli were known as columaria, “dovecotes”. Thus the soul returning to the Goddess after death was again envisioned as a dove. From this image, Christians copied their belief that the souls of saints became white doves that flew out of their mouths at the moment of death. In the Catholic ceremony of canonization, white doves are released from cages at the crucial moment of the ritual.
    Christian iconography showed seven rays emanating from the dove of the Holy Ghost: an image that went back to some of the most primitive manifestations of the Goddess. In the Orient, the mystic seven were the Pleiades or “Seven Sisters”, whose Greek name meant “a flock of doves”. They were daughters or “rays” of Aphrodite under her title of Pleione, Queen of the Sea. Herodotus said seven holy women known as Doves founded the oracles of Dodona, Epirus, and Theban Amon. They were worshipped in the Middle East as Seven Sages or Seven Pillars of Wisdom: the seven woman-shaped pillars that had been upholding temples of the Goddess since the third millenium B.C. [Theodor Gaster, Myth, Legend and Custom in the Old Testament (1969) 804] Arabs still revere the Seven Sages, and some remember that they were women, or “doves”. [Robert Briffault, The Mothers (1927), Vol. 1, 377] The Semitic word for “dove”, ione, was a cognate on “yoni” and related to the Goddess Uni, who later became Iune, or Juno.
    The cult of the Doves used to incorporate primitive rites of castration and its modification, circumcision. India called the seven Sisters “razors” or “cutters” who judged and “critically” wounded men, the Krittikas, “Seven Mothers of the World,” root of the Greek Kritikos, “judge”. They killed and gave rebirth to gods who were Semiramis, legendary founder of Babylon, also meant “Dove” in the Syrian tongue. She was said to have castrated all her consorts.
    When circumcision replaced castration, the doves were involved in that too. Even Christian symbolism made the connection. The official symbol of the Festival of the Circumcision of Christ was a dove, holding in its beak a ring representing the Holy Prepuce. “Christ’s fructifying blood” was linked with the similar emblem of Pentecost, which showed the descending dove on a background of blood red, officially described as a representation of the church fertilized by the blood of Christ and the martyrs.
    A certain “maiden martyr” called St. Columa (Holy Dove) was widely revered, especially in France, although she never existed as a human being. [Donald Attwater, The Penguin Dictionary of Saints (1965), 92] Another curious survival may have been invented to explain the doves appearing on ancient coins as symbols of Aphrodite and Astarte. [Goblet d’Alviella, Migration of Symbols(1960) 91-92]
    Barbara G. Walker, The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets
    Harper & Row, San Francisco, 1983, pp. 252-254
    Linda Hampton Schiffer’s Review of Walker’s Book (1988):
    For example, to choose a single symbol at random, I decided to look up “dove” in the index and found the following references: “Dove”: pages 29, 76, 100, 108, 206, 361, 399, 424, 490. I was delighted to find that all indexed terms are bolded in the text of Walker’s book, making cross reference discovery easier.
    My search for information on “dove” yielded the following:

    page 29: under “rod”: “…’dove of the Goddess’ perched on Joseph’s rod of office…”;
    page 76: under “Star of the Seven Sisters”: “Pleiades…whose name is Greek for ‘a flock of doves’.”;
    page 100: under “Omphalos”: “..frequent appearance on ancient coins…flanked by two doves.”;
    page 108: under “Tomb”: “Venus Columba, whose symbol the Holy Dove…”;
    page 206: under “Hokmah/Holy Ghost”: “..the triumphant dove having been the most common symbol of the Goddess’s spirit brooding over the waters of creation…”;
    page 361: introduction to “Animals”: “The Moslems placed ten famous animals in heaven among the stars….Noah’s dove…”;
    page 399: One and a half page article about “Dove”: A discussion of how the Dove, originally the symbol of female sexuality and Goddess energy came to represent the soul, in general, and the Holy Ghost, specifically, in Christianity.;
    page 424: Under “Columbine”: “The columbine was named after Columba, The Dove, once a universally recognized symbol of the Goddess Aphrodite or Venus (see Dove).”;
    page 490: Under “Olive”: “The olive was often associated with the Dove, both symbolizing the Peace of the Goddess.”
    Having done this randomly selected research, I now know that the dove is a prehistoric symbol and that the present day celebratory release of white doves during triumphal ceremonies has extremely ancient antecedents. The dove as symbol for the soul intrigues the visual artist in me; it is an image I will file in my personal “to be developed” image folder.
    Dove— (1) In the Near East, the dove was associated with the fertility goddess Ishtar; in Phoenicia, it was associated with the Astarte cult. In Greece, the dove was sacred to Aphrodite. * In India, and to some extent in ancient Germany as well, a dark dove was regarded as a bird of the spirit, yet also of death and misfortune. * Islam sees it as a sacred bird because it supposedly protected Mohammed during his flight. * In the Bible, Noah lets out three doves after the Flood, one of which returns with an olive branch; it is a sign of reconciliation with God and has since then been a symbol of simplicity and purity and, especially in Christian art, a symbol of the Holy Spirit; yet it can also occasionally be a symbol of a baptized Christian, of a martyr (with a laurel or a martyr’s crown in its beak), or of the soul in a state of heavenly peace (for example, when it is perched on the tree of life or on a vessel bearing the water of life). * In conjunction with the four cardinal virtues, the dove symbolizes temperance. * A white dove pair is a popular love symbol. (2) “Eucharist dove”— a tabernacle in the form of a dove that hangs over the altar and has a tray for the consecrated host; first mentioned in the 7th century.
    Udo Becker, The Element Encyclopedia of Symbols
    Element Books, Shaftesbury, Dorset, UK, 1994, pp. 86-87

    *************************************Web Links:
    Origins: Female Form as Allegory
    Glossary of Lady Libery Props
    Wikipedia: Columbia
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    Wikipedia: Statue of Freedom
    Statue of Freedom: U.S. Capitol
    Statue of Freedom by Thomas Crawford
    Capitol Construction History
    Freedom Statue Medallion
    Columbia Statue, Hawaii
    Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma
    Liberty Statue above Speaker’s Chair, House of Representatives
    Initiation In The Pyramid Of The Dove
    Dove in Alchemy & Arthurina Legends
    Celtic Christianity: Saint Columba
    Catholic Encyclopedia: St. Columba
    Patron Saints: St. Columba
    Saint Columba (521-597)
    Wikipedia: St. Columba
    Knights of Columbus
    Saint Columba of Iona

  15. melgibstein says:

    To add to above, the word pure in German is “ren”, purity is “reinheit” this “purity” also fits into many languages with the word “royalty” as in purity to his people (re) such as “hreinn” in Icelandic which means “clean” and or “pure”.

    An interesting study of the word Eirene

    Peace (1515)(eirene from verb eiro = to join or bind together that which has been separated) literally pictures the binding or joining together again of that which had been separated or divided and thus setting at one again, a meaning convey by the common expression of one “having it all together”. It follows that peace is the opposite of division or dissension. Peace as a state of concord and harmony is the opposite of war. Peace was used as a greeting or farewell corresponding to the Hebrew word shalom – “peace to you”.

    Christian Identity people believe Ireland was the place where Israelites were rejoined together and the meaning of the words in Jeremiah (I’ll let Comparet describe it)

    Eirene can convey the sense of an inner rest, well being and harmony. The ultimate peace is the state of reconciliation with God, effected by placing one’s faith in the gospel. In eschatology, peace is prophesied to be an essential characteristic of the Messianic kingdom (Acts 10:36).
    Peace is a condition of freedom from disturbance, whether outwardly, as of a nation from war or enemies or inwardly, as in the current context, within the soul. Peace implies health, well-being, and prosperity.
    William Barclay has the following notes on eirene in his comments on several Bible books (there is some repetition) –
    (1) Note on Galatians 5 – “Peace in contemporary colloquial Greek…had two interesting usages. It was used of the serenity which a county enjoyed under the just and beneficent government of a good emperor; and it was used of the good order of a town or village. Villages had an official who was called the superintendent of the village’s eirene, the keeper of the public peace. Usually in the New Testament eirene stands for the Hebrew Shalom and means not just freedom from trouble but everything that makes for a man’s highest good. It is interesting to note that Chara (Grace) and Eirene (Peace ~ “Irene”) both became very common Christian names in the Church.” (Galatians 5 )

    ~How can any country have peace with an alien Jew government? No Jews is without a doubt true peace!

    Very interesting page here

    Erin be with you and Erin go bragh!

  16. melgibstein says:

    Irishka is like an inverted Catherine or phoenetic Karen. The original name Catherine was pronounced Karen because the “th” is for some reason always silent in Gaelic. So Irishka has “irish” in it as in a person of Eire and Ka just like Catherine and shows a much much older name. Guess what Catherine is claimed to mean?

    The name Catherine is a French baby name. In French the meaning of the name Catherine is: Pure, clear. Form of the Latin Katharina, from the Greek Aikaterina. It was borne by a number of saints, including St Catherine of Alexandria, a 4th century martyr who suffered torture on a spiked wheel.
    Pure, clean- not clear.
    Acts 20:26 for example
    Wherefore I take you to record this day, that I am pure (katharos) from the blood of all men (Adam kind).

    The truth is the “erine” part of Catherine means “pure”, but the “ka” part is a different story altogether. You can find out on my “Like Mike, the White One” page.

    Irishka and Irochka is just another form of Katya or Ekaterina and a slew of other names all over the European race. It it is interesting that Paul used the words Chara and Eirene in Greek together at least once, together it is “CharaErine” peace of purity and joy of being from God (and not Satan)
    Joy in Hebrew
    The “kah” is not always simply “joy” it also means “to triumph”, “to defeat”, “to overcome” guess who folks?

    8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest (kalos), whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure (katharos), whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

  17. melgibstein says:

    Forgot to add that erine is undoubtedly related to Erin and Iran or Aryan in fact some Russian women even spell their names with the “y” (“Ireyn”) which not only means “pure”, but fair and noble, but most important of all it means “of good family”. It isnt any surprise that the Romans, Greeks, Phoenicians, Etruscans, Scythians, Iberians (east and west) all had this name in some way. In German “ehre” means “honor” or “honorable”.The name “Ariana” in Hebrew means “holy” or “holy person”. One has to ask how the Hebrews ever got this name. Are whites Aryan or are the Jews? This is another way to prove Jews arent Hebrews. Was “Ariel” Sharon aryan? I think not, he was a name theif as usual.
    It just goes on and on and on folks infinitum.

    I have even seen that the word was used by Japhethites, Japheth was a pure blood brother of Shem and Ham, the same race, the same parents straight back to Adam. So how can Shem, Ham and Japheth be different? They are all Aryans or they arent, but then we have these “Jews” who dont fit in to anything.
    Figure it out! I heard David Duke say today that reading books is the key, but he has never read the most important book of all on race, the holy (Aryan) Bible. How can anyone get on the radio every day and never ever have a debate? Folks you have to be working for the other side because you arent on the side of truth. The truth is much much bigger than David Duke and the Stormfront clowns.

  18. Ó Cléirigh says:

    Hello Mel, thank you very much for this blog. I have been going through your posts for some time now after arriving here by googling ‘IRA + Jew’. I was delighted to find your post on the subject, however after reading more and more posts I realised there are far more profound matters at hand which had entirely escaped my radar.
    I won’t bore you with my journey of connecting dots but I do want to share a couple of things with you as a gesture of appreciation and possibly encouragement for you to know that you have helped redirect my energy in the the most important ways.
    1. I have dropped my resentment of the English and recognise that we are one people. I can’t describe the the feeling adiquitly but I can say that if I’m ever to know true happiness and peace, it had to happen. It may not sound like much but it has deeply changed me, and this blog helped me get there.
    2. I have started to study the bible. I have 12 years of Catholic schooling and for about the final 8 of those was totally disgusted with the ‘weak tea’ I was served. I never doubted my creator but turned my back on Christianity as I knew what I was being asked to swallow was not of the truth.

    I can’t say either of the above has won me any friends nor is it likely to but my spirit tells me I’m on the right track.

    From the bottom of my heart thank you.

    • melgibstein says:

      Hello O, yeah I pretty much have the Jew IRA ordeal owned to some extent. For awhile there was zero on the internet, I did it all by simply using my common sense and then following it. Its like someone telling you such snd such is a bad person, well I havent met him yet so I will wait till I do. There were many waves into Ireland and waves to Scotland that also mixed in with the Picts etc etc. The Mel Gibson ordeal where he claimed the English were “breeding out” the Scottish is total hooey! You have to ask how someone was able to get away with that. Yes white countries have skirmishes and so do big families and they were all once family. Geography does not separate biology and like you I grew up believing the geography game. It’s simply another way they divide us. Well now those Brits who really werent Brits, we were are going to have to fight with us and not against us if we want to have any kind of a world to live in then we can resume hating each other again if anyone pleases, I dont see why however, what are we going to do go back and blame everyone throughout time? At another period in time it was us who ruled over them (keeping them in the Med for 2000 years at least). Any Christian that still believes Jesus was a Jew is someone who never studied true history in his life. God (YHWH) doesnt give a damn how much you learned in the Jew schools he cares that you seek the truth. The less you seek the truth the harder it is to accept it when you hear it. Thats the way it is designed, if you seek delusion you get it and you get it big. If you have found truth in Christianity (the real one) then it was given to you as you can handle it. The best part is knowing that it continues, more and more each day you seek it. Then you get to a point where nobody can even have a conversation with you about it because you leave them in the dirt so they dont talk about it anymore. They have to be like you and like I was almost as little children as it says. Children have an advantage though because they werent corrupted with BS like we were. Eventually enough of us will teach these children the truth right from the start and when that happens on a large scale, it’s all over for Mr Jew. There is no bigger opposition to Jews than true Christianity, Jesus came for the 12 tribes, he never came for the Jews. Say that to yourself 10 times and then prove it, the Judeo’s have no proof, Jews have no proof, you have to read the book to have proof (and whats even more important you have to know what you are reading). Jewdeo Christianity was always difficult for me for a million reasons so I blocked out all the things that I couldnt accept and would defend it with my life too. Well I would much rather defend Christianity with my life knowing what Christianity or Israelitism really is. It proved to me how gullible I could be and then allowed me to see how gullible others were. If you chuck Bible knowledge out of your brain you will chuck anything out of your brain, you then become a dupe in all things. When we see the word Father it is exactly that a Father and Mary isnt all our Mothers.

      Go to all the CI websites, read everything knowing the Bible is about white European people and nobody else……….then prove it in everything you read in it. Wherever you cant prove it look it up and I guarantee you will. Once you are over that hump you realize this doesnt make you a hater, if your father gave you his inheritance it wasnt meant for your maid or your car salesman it was meant for YOU!

      Happy to be of any help.

      Go n-éirí an bóthar leat!

  19. melgibstein says:

    Our Lady of “Iveron”

    The Panagia Portaitissa (Greek: Παναγία Πορταΐτισσα; Georgian: ივერიის ღვთისმშობლის ხატი) or the Iviron Theotokos[1] is an Eastern Orthodox icon of the Virgin Mary which was painted by Luke the Evangelist, according to the Sacred Tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church.[2] The icon is referred to as “Wonderworking” meaning that numerous miracles have been attributed to the intercession of the Theotokos (Mother of God) by persons praying before it. The original of this image is found in the Georgian Iviron monastery on Mount Athos in Greece, where it is believed to have been since the year 999.[3] The synaxis (feast day) for this icon is on February 12,[4] as well as on Bright Tuesday,[3] and also on October 13 for the translation to Moscow of the Iveron icon.[5]

    ~The highlighted word “Iviron” Theotokos will take you to this page.

    Monastery of Iviron or Iveron (Georgian: ივერთა მონასტერი, iverta monast’eri; Greek: Μονή Ιβήρων, Monḗ Ibḗrōn) is an Eastern Orthodox monastery in the monastic state of Mount Athos in northern Greece.
    The monastery was built under the supervision of two Georgian monks, John the Iberian and Tornike Eristavi between 980-983 and housed Georgian clergy and priests.[1] Iveron literally means “of the Iberians” in Greek. The name Iviron originated from the ancient Georgian Kingdom of Iberia (Iveria) where the master architect of the monastery Ioannes was from.

    Well well well – here we have total truth that Iberia means Hebrew because Iveron Theotokos or the Russian icon Theotokos Iverskaya (the same word) means “Mother of the God of the Hebrews”, some try to change its meaning to “Hebrew Mother of God”, either way it proves Iberia which was in the East and the West meant “Hebrew”. Where is Texe Marrs and Edom Michael Jones and others on this? This is not British Israel BS, this is fact, although the Ibri did move to IBritain, we all know that.

  20. melgibstein says:

    Himilco, a Phoenician or could be spelled Finicean founded what was once known as “Finis terrae” sounds Irish doesnt it? These two words are now used as “end of the earth” and most likely where the word “finish” or “finished” comes from, but did it really mean “end of the earth” or did it mean Phoenician or Fenicean territory? After all they were the only people to make it there and to name it.

    In Gaelic finish or end is “ceann” the “c” was a hard “k” like Phoeniki and may be very well where the word “ocean” comes from. Ceann means “end” or “head” . Ocean in Greek is “okeanos”. Wherever the Phoenicians went outside of the gates of Hercules it could have been called Finis terrae because nobody else had been there and returned.

    The word Finikean (like American) simply meant “Phoenician” In Irish Gaelic “end” can be “finis” and “ceann” as if they were the same words. In Gaelic another word is used for “end” “foirceann” the “foir” means “fair” just like “Fion” or “fionn” as in the name Fionna or “fion” white wine.

    Where did Himilco go? These were “semites” folks.

    Himilco’s father, probably Hanno,[1] led a famous expedition down the west African coast to Cameroon, while his uncle, perhaps the famous Himilco the Navigator, had explored the western coast of Iberia, Gaul and may have reached England, seeking to tap into the tin trade with the Celts.[2]

    Well well well folks, I dont remember any negroes ever entering Britain and or Ireland until just recently in the last 100 years. Did these people just go to the end of the world and stop? I dont think so. And why is there not one single TV show indicating this? What good would it be if Jews controlled the media and couldnt spread their BS to cover up the truth? Its one thing figuring out who we are, but entirely another figuring out who the Jews are. One is a proud past and the other is nothing but damning evidence all the way back to Cain (with a K sound).

    Fionn in Irish Gaelic means “blonde” and as I have stated many times “white” which can also mean “fair” is “ban” as in Lebanon or as in Rachel and Leah’s father “Laban”. This word “ban” is the same word “fion” (b’s and f’s) like the Latin “bianca” “alban” or Welsh “gwyn” pronounced “finn” like gwern is pronounced “fern”.

  21. melgibstein says:

    Breathe deep the gathering gloom
    Watch lights fade from every room
    Bedsitter people look back and lament
    Another day’s useless energy spent.

    Impassioned lovers wrestle as one,
    Lonely man cries for love and has none.
    New mother picks up and suckles her son,
    Senior citizens wish they were young.

    Cold hearted orb that rules the night,
    Removes the colors from our sight.
    Red is grey and yellow white,
    But we decide which is right.
    And which is an illusion?

  22. melgibstein says:

    These dolmens were all done by white people who went north and west from the Middle East. Milesians went west to Iberia and Milesians went north into Russia. The word Milesian is a geographical word which could also be a Phoenician, just like Lebanon and Phoenician were the same people, they had more than one location because they were scattered abroad. Same people and the first people to travel in large groups whether by sea or by land (and they were whites- the Ibri).

  23. melgibstein says:

    Eugene- “good genes” or “honorable Aryan genes”
    As I mentioned earlier in this thread the name Bryan is the same as “Ibri” and “Aryan” of course today we might find Jews and Negroes named Bryan or Brian because what difference does it make if we dont care what names or words even mean?
    “Breoghan” is also connected to this word or name “Eugene” which is also all over European womens names like “Eve” or Evgenia”. Gee I wonder what “Evgenia” means. Bryan was originally pronounced “Bree-an” spelled BRN before vowels came into play and I would bet a dozen bagels it was originally “Ibrian” or “Iberian:

    Now if there is a “good gene” or “good genos” what is the “bad genos”?

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