BJ and the Bear Jew

Long-haul trucker’s church allegedly has anti-Semitic ties

Sloniker facing multiple charges from lewd conduct with young boys

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Posted: Tuesday, November 3, 2015 12:00 am

COEUR d’ALENE — The Southern Poverty Law Center said the Immaculate Conception Church in Post Falls is part of a breakaway and anti-Semitic sect of Catholic church called the Society of Saint Pius X.

The Immaculate Conception Church, at 614 E. Fifth Ave., was where alleged child rapist Kevin G. Sloniker served as a youth camp counselor. Sloniker, 30, of Coeur d’Alene, is a long-haul truck driver, and some of the alleged abuse took place when boys traveled with him.

Court documents said Sloniker met and befriended some boys through the youth camps.

Bill Morlin, a renowned investigative reporter based in Spokane, wrote in a blog post on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website on Oct. 30 that said Sloniker was “affiliated with a hard-core, anti-Semitic church.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, headquartered in Montgomery, Ala., is dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry. One of its founders, Morris Dees, successfully battled the Aryan Nations.

The Society of Saint Pius X, or SSPX, “was formed in a 1970 breakaway from the Roman Catholic Church over reforms instituted when the Second Vatican Council condemned ‘all hatreds, persecutions, displays of anti-Semitism leveled at any time or from any source against the Jews,'” Morlin wrote. “SSPX leaders contend the reforms were the result of a ‘Masonic plot backed by the Jews.'”

In two cases filed in 1st District Court in Kootenai County, Sloniker is charged with a total of four counts of lewd conduct with children under 16 and one count of rape. All are felonies.

More charges will be filed this week. He is being held in Kootenai County jail. He has preliminary hearings scheduled for Thursday and Nov. 10 in those two cases.

Louis Tofari, spokesman for the SSPX, declined to comment about Sloniker.

But he did respond to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s blog post alleging anti-Semitism.

“It’s completely groundless,” Tofari said Monday.

It’s not the first time SSPX has been accused of anti-Semitism, he said.

The SSPX “completely rejects the false claim that it teaches or practices anti-Semitism, which is a racial hatred of the Jewish people because of their ethnicity, culture or religious beliefs,” according to the organization’s website.

The SSPX also said accusations of anti-Semitism are “falsely and unjustly levied against those who disagree with Jewish beliefs,” according to the website.

Tofari declined to make any comment about Sloniker.

The Associated Press reported that Sloniker was arrested Sept. 14 in Menomonie, Wis., and was extradited to Idaho.

In an Oct. 9 interview with police, Sloniker allegedly admitted to fondling nine boys, having oral sex with some of them and raping one over the past 10 years, according to court documents. The Associated Press story also said he wanted help for his addiction to touching young boys.

Sloniker attended St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona, Minn., but was removed from the seminary program in 2005, the story said. Officials deemed him mentally unstable after he tried to circumcise himself.

~This is our Jew media today, putting people’s faces all over the newspapers with “alleged” evidence. Can you imagine what our newspapers would look like if Jews were put into the news in the same manner? Would they also claim that the Jewish religion is anti-human? One thing is for sure the Christian churches don’t have any permission to rape children as the Jewish religion allegedly does in their Talmud. We don’t have anyone in the media with the guts to print that, however.

If a non Jew becomes a Jew, Jews can simply say he is not really a Jew biologically and if a Jew is biologically a Jew they can claim he was not a practicing Jew, but a Christian can be anyone in these churches including a Jew and nobody will check or it is “antisemitism” if they do. Someone who tries to perform a circumcision on himself should definitely be checked for being a Jew, but this also could be alleged who knows?

One thing is for sure Kootenai County is the county that helped frame Edgar Steele so the only real thing you need to know in this is that Jews are able to frame whoever they want and even though every comment on this page is against Jews they still continue to pick us off one by one and now working towards one church at a time.

My conclusion on this story is one of 3 things:

  1. He was framed
  2.  He was paid off
  3.  He is a Jew

To claim this guy is a Christian in a church that hates Jews and are pedophiles too is just a little to Jewish for me. OK a lot. At this juncture we can say David Cole, the other one, is an alleged Jew.

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42 Responses to BJ and the Bear Jew

  1. Roy says:

    One thing is for sure Kootenai County is the county that helped frame Edgar Steele

    Not to mention N. Idaho is the home to Mark — jews are white — Glenn at the uglytruth. Glenn is not in North Idaho by “accident”. He was placed there.

    I used to live in CDA. I have a theory which cannot be proved…………I believe the Hagadone’s are crypto jews. He is the family behind CDA’s rise to fortune. The family owned newspapers. This is just a theory however. I have no proof of their jewish DNA.

    Wherever Whites are gathered……………the jew arrives. And we all know what happens next.

    • melgibstein says:

      Mike Piper disappeared there too.

      I had to figure out what CDA was. Yes this fellow Hagadone does look like a Jew. You are onto something.

      Hagadone also owns a 164 ft (50 m) yacht Lady Lola, named in honor of his wife. The yacht is equipped with a fully functioning golf course and speed boats to retrieve stray golf balls. The yacht also has its own helipads and helicopters, along with a submarine that can accommodate three people at a time.

      Im sure he has not had any little girls or boys on his yacht. Looks like CDA is Jew friendly to me.

      Odd that his name is very close to this one

      List of Olei Hagardom
      Monument to Irgun members in Safed
      Irgun members

      Shlomo Ben-Yosef: The first Oleh Hagardom. He was arrested after an attack on a bus carrying Arab civilians in Safed. He was executed on June 29, 1938.
      Dov Gruner: Arrested while attacking the Palestine Police station in Ramat Gan. He was executed on April 16, 1947.
      Mordechai Alkahi, Yehiel Dresner, Eliezer Kashani: Arrested en route to an attack on British officers on the “Night of the Beatings”. They were executed on April 16, 1947.
      Meir Feinstein: Captured after bombing Jerusalem train station. Committed suicide together with Moshe Barazani on April 21, 1947 by using a grenade smuggled into their cell.
      Yaakov Weiss, Avshalom Haviv, Meir Nakar: Convicted for their roles in the Acre Prison Break. Executed on July 29, 1947.

      Probably just a coincidence sounding like Jew terrorist orgs.

      Olei Hagardom (Hebrew: “Those hanged in the gallows”, עולי הגרדום) refers to members of the two Jewish Revisionist pre-state underground organisations Irgun and Lehi, who were tried in British Mandate courts and sentenced to death by hanging, most of them in Acre prison. There were 12 Olei Hagardom.[1]

      ~Why dont I believe thats what it really means? You get tossed a grenade in your cell and get the title “Hanged in the gallows”. Jews are nutcases.

      He doesnt look like a Jew, but he obviously says nothing about the crimes of the Jews, therefore in my eyes he might as well be a Jew.

      • DC says:

        On the topic of Mike Piper I came across some more info on him you might be interested in. Apparently he was a flaming homo and I’m pretty sure he was an anti-White and an informant. To be honest I’m not even sure I trust his main thesis on the Kennedy’s shooting that everyone in the truth movement loves so much, but for what it’s worth, the poster named “I hate censors” apparently used to work with him.

      • melgibstein says:

        The first people I met that actually liked the Kennedys was the parents of my half Irish, half Jewish friend growing up who was a total liberal and did not even know why. The only thing that made Kennedy good in any way was that he may have tried to deny Jews nukes or do away with the Jew controlled Fed. I just have not seen enough evidence proving that. Now I am going to say something that will shock anyone who reads this, but it is simply a fact that I have to keep regarding all people named Kennedy. Jews without a doubt took that name or they squeazed into that family in several areas. The Kennedy kids married Jews, imo Maria Shriver married a Jew…..the Terminator Jewboy. Jackie seems to be a Jewess. How could he have been a Christian? Father Joe tied into the banker jews and Bronfmans and the Purple Gang

        To put it lightly, the Kennedys were up to their arses in Jew criminals all around. Did the Kennedys all of a sudden get moral? I dont think so, but thats just me.

        Tell me, does this guy look like a Jew or what?

        Maybe it is a crazy theory, but as I said Ive known too many Kennedys to be Jews in my life. Im sure this Kennedy is a good Catholic girl too.

        OReilly’s girl

        Jews loved Kennedy so much they made a monument after him- a jews life cut short?

        Dont get me started on Kennedy, it was once a good name, the same root as a lot of Irish names, male and female. Jews destroy.

      • melgibstein says:

        Please not Stormfront- a cauldron of Jew Frank Collins.

      • melgibstein says:

        Stormfront doesnt even list their call in radio phone number anymore, they have basically 3 callers outside of David Dukechovny, Paul Fromm who sounds like he is talking with a sausage in his mouth and his his arse, Chris, some faggot and Robert Reyvolt who isnt even white and the biggest hypocrite on the radio. He is allowed to call every show there is but wont take calls from any people who call him out. Says he is an ex Marine like Hal Turner, but I think he is lying out his Sicilian fanny. He cant debate because he is a lying Jew- period. Someone called him out on RBN and he claimed the Mossad turned off his phone. If they did it was to save him.

        Oops I forgot, and Roger who used to call the Spingola show and outed as an SPLC Jew. Odd that none of the Stormfront Jews know his voice when Spingola and anyone with half a brain knew his voice within seconds. Its just total Jew slop and Reyvolt is gonna get ambushed like he never dreamed. The guy first started out as an anti Christian, then he weaseled onto the Rick Adams show as an anti Catholic, although has mixed blood, now he is back to believing Catholicism, the jewboy has nowhere to run.

        You see the SPLC gang, Reyvolt, Duke, Pasduuuhr Dankof etc will have interesting conversations with pagans, people who think Jesus was a Jew, Christians who believe in evolution, modern Catholics, Michael Hoffman Catholics, Jews, Blacks, etc. But they cant have an honest debate with a real Christian Identist, you know why?

        Because it will expose how flumoxed and or Jewish they really are. So you dont get it folks. The truth from these idiots is not really the truth at all. Its best these Jewboys stick to their jew controlled internet sites and radio shows where they hang up on you like pussies. Thats exactly what they are.

        The truth about true Christianity means they have to study the Bible so they can debate it, they cant and they dont and they never will. Its just a matter of time that all these SPLC clowns are exposed, only it isnt going to be done on their turf on their jew controlled radio networks that claim to be the last bastions of free speech. Truth is they are the last bastards of Jew BS. Im not going to say anything about the Jew Rense, he is without a doubt in my mind a Jew, Stadmiller on the other hand claims to be a Catholic and praised and protected a guy who thinks Christians can also be evolutionists. What Christian would praise someone like that (Duke). Jews are schizophrenic and there is no backbone, they go wherever they have to to weasel in and out. Stadmiller brought David Duke on to give him praise and protection- period. That isnt free speech thats propaganda.

        The Dukes and the Reyvolts and Dankofs have to be protected- if they are on the show its a con. Only David Duke can be a Christian AND an Evolutionist. Leaven of the Pharisees in your face.

      • DC says:

        Sorry for the Stormfront links Mel. It was not an endorsement. Just because the site is run by rats doesn’t mean that only rats go there. The site is a honeypot for disenfranchised whites. In fact that is likely the purpose of the site.

        That is not to say that this poster is not a rat himself. Maybe he is writing from a script? Who knows?

        As for Kennedy, I have not done studied the man much, but the Jew Rosenthal claimed in the Roosenthal Document that “every president since Roosevelt has been our man”.

        It is not impossible that his assassination was a Mossad hit, but from what I understand JFK had plenty of other enemies including the Communists.

        What seems suspicious to me about Piper is the timing of his book which was released right after 9/11 when the truth movement was in it’s infancy which makes it look like it was an attempt to shift the blame.

        Delaney’s Missing Links is another example.

      • melgibstein says:

        Piper was tough to figure out. I only trust people I can talk to or chat with on a forum that doesnt delete posts. None of these talk show hosts are on forums. I cant think of any. I dont trust anyone on Stormfront it just stinks to high hell to me in every department. Maybe there are some non Jews and or non informants on there, but they are too dumb for me. Every time I run into a thread from there I am worse off then after my trip there. It cant be trusted and Don Black isnt going to let out any info other than to ensnare you into some cockamamie turd idea of his.

        Its ok with me if you want to use them for whatever reason as long as you know it needs to be verified. I dont expect everyone to think exactly like I do but for me, Stormfront is a bunch of jew clowns. I could disprove more on Stormfront than I would agree with so I use them to find the lies, but of course they have to tell some truth to get you to bite it. Again these guys are clowns. They cant be talked to or chatted with because they are indeed non whites or just jews. They dont even know what a white person is.

      • DC says:

        I get what you’re saying and totally agree.

        ZOG fears a pro White uprising more than anything which is why most of the WN movement is subverted.

        I don’t spend much time on SF, that conversation came up when I was searching Google for info on Mike Piper. It might provide a better picture of what Piper was involved in, but make of it what you will.

        If you’re searching Google for info on the Jew you are likely to encounter Stormfront at some time.

        It’s another layer of the truth onion. More powerful than Alex Jones type conspiracies, but not nearly as dangerous as CI is to them, but you’re still just exchanging one form of indoctrination for another.

        It’s probably unavoidable that you find yourself there at some point when you wake up to the Jew and realize the MSM is BS though. So probably some of their crowd are sincere and just haven’t figured out what Duke and Black are really about yet.

        These things take time to figure out when you’re new to it.

      • Roy says:

        DC said — “…which makes it look like it was an attempt to shift the blame……”

        Please elaborate. Shift the blame on to who? Piper/Delaney point to jews. You say this is to divert attention. From who? Please explain.

      • DC says:

        “Piper/Delaney point to jews.”

        No they do not. They point to the state of Israel. There’s a big difference as you should know.

        This is purely speculation on my part, but when leaders who are known informants in the truth movement all speak in unison, I wonder if they are not doing it for a reason?

        My theory is their role was to set Israel up as a scapegoat in case 9/11 was ever exposed for what it was? 9/11 was a highly sophisticated operation that would have had to have been coordinated among a number of players.

        While I believe Israel was certainly involved, I do not believe Israel acted alone.

        In the aftermath, right after 9/11 there was a huge awakening of citizens and the formation of the truth movement, and so the establishment was taking a lot of heat back then.

        I believe they were scared shitless that the entire operation blow open and so needed an exit plan in case there was ever a full awakening of the masses. It didn’t happen, but back then they did not know if they’d be able to keep a lid on it.

        I do not think that they would ideally like to dump Israel and the Zionist project. It would compromise a lot of their investment and strategy, but as a last resort, if things got so bad that the lid was about to be blown of 9/11, they could throw Israel under the bus as an act of last resort.

        This way the state of Israel would take the fall while other players get off scott free and ZOG mystery Babylon remained in tact.

      • Roy says:

        I agree with you 100%. I have said numerous times that the Jew would sacrifice “Israel” for the sake of their survival. I get what you are saying now. Thanks. I too find it insulting when our own people say, “Israel did 9-11”. Jews did 9-11 more accurately. How does a land mass plant explosives in to the world trade towers? It is impossible. Jews and jew thinkers executed 9-11.

  2. Roy says:

    I noticed Roger slithered away. What is a Coward if it is not Roger? A man who comes on a forum he essentially disagrees with — tells us what is right and what is wrong — but when confronted with basic questions, he runs and hides. I’m so sick of my Race. I’m sorry to say that. But the White Race deserves to be humiliated and subjugated. I hope Roger’s life is miserable. Most likely, however, he lives a comfortable life and then says he is ‘comfortable’ because of God’s grace. This is my family. They worship the Devil but live a rich life. So they justify their false doctrine and their worship of the ‘wrong Jesus’ (2 Corinthians 11:4) because they are rich. They love the world and the world loves them and they think this is Christianity. Makes me nauseous. This world can’t disintegrate fast enough in my opinion. Worse is better.

    Hey Roger ——- You are a COWARD! Tell me how blacks and whites can come from the same DNA.

    • melgibstein says:

      But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.

      I lose people all the time, I’m not Yashua and Im not John the Baptist, I can only try my best to wake people up. Ive woken a few up in my time and I know that is far more than others have so onward we go.

      If I can wake people up about Jews thats one thing, but my main goal is to try to awaken them into the truth and not into the den of the Jew enemy.

  3. melgibstein says:

    People find it hard to believe whites were in the Middle East, but when they see a picture of a jewess that looks like this it doesnt even compute. She may be the closest to a Semite in all of the Middle East right now.

    The dumb blonde cant figure it out and probably thinks she is a mixed Jew or something and probably isnt a Jew at all.

    Never do we hear anyone ask how a Jew can be so many different varieties of biological make ups when the people of Judah could track themselves all the way back to Adam. The thing that people forget to understand is, Noah and his children were of the same lineage all the way to Judah and his kids (his white kids), Joseph and his kids, Benjamin and his kids etc. Biologically it only works one way and only one way can possibly be correct and that is that the Hebrews were white, the Israelites were white, Judah was white and Jesus was white. Call me whatever you want but if we ever had a conversation about this with any other Christian undisturbed it can easily be proven. If we did this often enough we could study this block wall that goes up which Jews have built in their minds.

    • Roy says:

      Mel — well Esau after all was a White man. Question for you………..What Races existed do you think when Esau took wives? I guess we could ask the same question of Cain. What did the pre-Adamites look like I wonder? There must have been a race of light skinned peoples. Are there any conclusions we can come to regarding the original races on this planet? Do we think Asians were an original people? Or are they mixed. Of course all of this is speculation. But it is a curious discussion for me.

  4. melgibstein says:

    There were no doubt other beings and or beasts on the earth, Adam was created to “replenish” the earth, but no other beings were created in Gods image or with his spirit. I believe Asians are mixed, whether or not they were mixed with the seed of Satan is the key issue. I particularly have no problem with Asians, they dont bother me, but obviously they could breed us out like any other people (that has to be respected). I am not someone who believes everyone is evil because they are not white, but I do believe in separation not for my own selfish reasons but for reasons I believe were made by God himself, the Father. He cant be Father of us all or he is one mixed up character. He isnt. The fact that white people are the only people who can be bred out of existence is proof of our exclusiveness over all others which can be used as a blessing or a curse. I dont know if any other people are so called pure people or even man. Mankind is the white race. So call the other what you want, but in the Bible they are all to be separated from, especially the Jew.

  5. melgibstein says:

    Interesting tidbit- Ashton Kucher’s girlfriend 15 years ago was stabbed to death on a day she was supposed to go out with the Kabballa Boy. He claimed he went over her house and saw what looked like wine all over the floor which police later found out was blood.
    Stanks like gefilte to me.

    Looks like a ritual murder to me.

  6. melgibstein says:

    Im not defending Delaney or Piper, but both of them have discussed the Jews, in fact they are some of the few that actually do say “the Jews”, but again I am not in Delaneys camp, I was on the Jews tail before Delaney was in diapers (thats long before Alex Dork Jones too). I never fell for the clown Alex Jones, never once thought he was legit, it never even crossed my mind. I called Jones and his Jew partner when Delaney was still talking like a ghetto boy. They called me a Nazi and hung up. Odd nobody did a youtube about that years before these other amateurs figured out Jones was a Jew idiot. Some of them are still calling him and listening to him. Its pathetic.

    • DC says:

      You’re right Mel, they both do/did indeed cover the Jews more extensively, but Piper’s main book and Delaney’s missing links videos point the finger squarely at Israel and came out right after 9/11 so you have to wonder…

      I’m not entirely positive that this was their agenda.

      They may just have been trying to gain credibility. There is a lot of evidence that seems to suggest that Israel was quite heavily involved like the dancing Israelies and Israeli Jews in high places and Israel clearly has a track record of false flags, but there are still plenty of unanswered questions and some of the evidence against Israel might possibly have been a read herring.

      I’m also not convinced that it was actually explosives were used primarily to bring down the towers.

      I am inclined to lean towards Dr Judy Wood’s theory that an advanced weapon was used based on technology not yet revealed to the public, but which is known about by the alternative scientific community based on Tesla’s work.

      This kind of technology has long been suppression by the establishment as it would destroy their energy monopolies.

      It gets really weird if you’re not up with the science, but Wood speculates that the energy of a nearby Hurricane may have been harnessed as an energy weapon that destroyed the towers from the top down.

      Huricane Erin was heading up the East coast and just happened to be at it’s closest to New York on 9/11. Coincidence?

      Both the USSR and US Governments spent decades and countless billions researching weather modification technologies, as well sinking billions into black ops projects most likely to weaponize Tesla’s research. So who is the likely culprit here?

      Delaney’s video claims that Bombs brought down the towers, but this could well be another red herring. As might be the van they pulled over full of explosives that was allegedly driven by Israelis.

      Some of the guests Mark Glenn has on his show who said Israel did it like Alan Sabrosky also appear to have zero credibility when you dig deeper into their backgrounds.

      • Roy says:

        WTC 7 is the smoking gun of 9-11.

        Talk about “how” when you are having a beer with your mates. Leave the ‘how’ off the internet and focus on the ‘who’. The Jew loves it when we argue over meaningless conversation.

      • DC says:

        I understand where you’re coming from, but I very much have to disagree with you on this. If Dr Wood’s theory is correct then common knowledge about the type of technology used has huge implications for society. Suppression of this sort of knowledge is very much part of how they keep society in mental bondage. It also appears they went to as much trouble (if not more) to suppress the “how” as the “who”.

      • Roy says:

        DC…..listen to Bob on Sunday Mornings —

        I don’t have a problem with us guys talking about ‘how’ on Skype or something like that. Or if we were in the same town having a beer etc. “What” we present to the public is critical. KISS – Keep it simple stupid. (you not being stupid)

        I am amazed how the jew has been able to use ‘memes’ to control an entire Race. We just need to use their own tactics against them….that is all.

        The audio above is a perfect illustration.

      • DC says:

        Roy, if you’re concerned with activism then I fully understand that you want to present a simple message that ordinary folks can grasp without complicating things with far fetched conspiracy theories.

        These events are all related however and I believe that getting to the bottom of the truth of all matters is the most important thing in the long run, including the corruption of knowledge in science and technology.

        Some individuals in the truth movement have attempted to discredit Dr Judy Wood for focusing on the “how” and not the “who”, but if we accept that it is quite difficult for people to move beyond their comfort zone and small initial steps need to be taken at first to wake people up, then I have to give Dr Wood credit for not complicating her message with the “who” part.

        The disinfo is so massive I think there’ll always be different areas for activists to focus on. CI is one area and gets deep into to the root of the matter while the specifics of how 9/11 was pulled out is another.

      • DC says:

        Ok, I listened to the start of that audio.

        The guy seems to say that you should not get into conspiracy theories because it’s most likely Kike BS.

        The problem I have with this is if you’re not open minded about conspiracies then you’re not open minded to explore the truth.

        In the extreme case you won’t look into at any conspiracy theories at all and you’re stuck with the MSM dogma, which is still Kike BS.

        I have some very good sources I follow closer to MSM dogma and who won’t go near the kinds of conspiracy theories the truth movement will touch for fear of discrediting themselves and losing their audience .

        Trouble with this though is that they limit themselves and cannot grasp wider conspiracies that might be at play. Like the idea that the US elite establishment might actually WANT a war with Russia and China,

        There’s nothing wrong with these conspiracies themselves, but you have to be grounded I think, which most people in the movement struggle with.

        For example with Dr Judy Wood’s stuff. To the uninitiated it seems like Sci-Fi futuristic fantasy stuff with high tech energy beam weapons out of a movie.

        Fringe stuff right?

        However a quick study of history reveals tells a different stories.

        – Tesla was a real genius and study of the “ether” was mainstream in the past.
        – The suppression of Tesla’s work and promotion of Jew Einstein to discredit Tesla’s work
        – The long history of suppression of inventions including the murder of prominent inventors by regime criminals.
        – The Hutchinson effect is known about and documented and was present on 9/11
        – Governments pouring billions into black ops projects and weather modification over the years

        Do we just simply ignore all this one the grounds it may be Kike BS?

        The guy gives flat earth Kike BS as an example.

        You could stick your head in the sand and dismiss it. Trouble is two old experiments the Tamerak Mine plumb bob experiment and Rectilineator experiments suggest that the heliocentric earth spinning around the sun with planets and solar system and the Big Bang theory is also Kike BS so you’re back where you’re started.

  7. melgibstein says:

    Piper said “Israel” a lot and he also said “Jews” a lot, more than most people on the radio. Again Piper was hard to read because he could always claim he was an Injun when times got rough.

    I wasnt aware of Delaney saying Israel did 9/11, he was working with the guy Martin who seemed to do great work. I dont know for sure any of them arent Jews, thats what we are here to determine.

    I have always said “If you aint a Jew, prove it”

    I sure as hell wouldnt want to meet Jesus with a video claiming “Israel” was guilty of such a heinous crime.

    • DC says:

      Delaney’s video missing links is all about pointing the finger at Israel doing 9/11, but aside from that he seems to be generally been truthful when he speaks.

      Still this is enough for me to be suspicious when other infiltrators in the movement were herding people in this direction.

      Delaney is very close with Finck and you know what they say about birds of a feather…

      From what I gather helps run the IT side of the operation and was responsible for taking down other people’s web pages. Martin Lindstedt has complained that a few of his sites were taken down by Delaney and there’s the more widely known incident where he did the same to the owner of Zion Crime Factory.

      From what I gather he and Finck have something like 500 CI domains which they use to sell their products as well as control the information. I believe they registered the domain name or something along those lines to prevent Martin from having a site using his name.

      I would not be surprised if his site “TruTube” was not just one giant data mining operation from the start, which is what they’re about. Gathering data on potential resistance movements for ZOG.

      Yes Mike Piper was a lot more subtle, he was more likely to slip a curve ball under your radar. His acted very much like that of an informant still.

      • melgibstein says:

        All I know is Finck is better than Eli James, I didnt realize he was speaking about the migrations of the Israelites this weekend or I wouldnt have done my Iberia thread. James used the words “half Jew” and there is no such thing. I think Finck was right about James being a Jew. First I thought it may have been just a squabble but now I believe Finck was right as was Skip Baker. What people like Eli and David Duke do to keep their people close but not too close is find out particular things that piss off their top listeners and use them to thwart those listeners away so they can keep the charade going. Ive seen it time and time again.
        I have no clue whether Delaney and Finck are legit but I do know they have no problems with David Duke and Don Black polluting the white orgs. Duke and Black are total hypocrites and Fincks pals love them because they are in on the deal or dumb as rocks.

        Again I follow nobody, but I do know that Finck would blow Eli away in knowledge. Eli will throw the kitchen sink at someone to get them to listen. The truth doesnt care who listens it can only pray people will hear it.
        Most of these white leaders in these groups are controlled no doubt and why people need to learn the truth and rally around it and allow it to come in instead of poisoning it with Nibiru, half Jew, Zionist BS. It is indeed poison.
        I have some wiggle room for people who are wrong on some issues because of their age or their time around, but I have no wiggle room for pastors who deliberately distort the truth and push Jews and or the Jews partners (for instance Joe Cortina who has been Brother Nathanael Kapners shadow for years). I have no sympathy for these people who help swing these Jews right back into the fold, it is destruction and if they dont know this they dont need to be pastors anymore. If you praise Jews in any way you are a hypocrite because you have no right to put the rest of us in danger no matter what you believe. The Bible is the ultimate direction and if they do not understand “Be ye separate” they are hypocrites, Jews or paid off shills that need to be avoided unless you are there to discredit them for others to see. That means you separate yourself from people who dont separate themselves too or it is meaningless. The fact is these guys keep the Jews with one foot still in the door and everyone knows they should be off the property entirely. Amazing how so few can even see this.

        There is no such thing as a half Jew, you are or you aint. You might as well say Cain was a half Jew, but the truth is anyone who says someone is a half Jew is 99.99% most likely to be a jew himself.

        You can find the Jews by their contradictions…….one part of the show they call them half jews and then not much later there is no discussion whether someone may be a half jew……….so why is it important to mention? There are dozens of these contradictions and it is simply being “luke warm” or leaving the door open for the jew to enter and exit. Eli used the term “half Jew” to Andrew Hitchcock and he didnt blink an eyelash. They wont question the Grand Mufti Eli. Folks if you cant question someone you are finished.

        Truth needs to be verified no matter who you hear it from, in fact truth needs to be verified especially from people who are trusted or you trust. If someone is teaching or discussing history you need to check that persons documentation and if people are teaching the Bible and use the term “half Jew” which is nowhere in the Bible, it is made up dung on top of dung you know you cannot trust that person- period.

        You can catch Eli on PressTV with Muslims lambasting the Catholic church. Folks I have my differences with the Catholic church, but I sure as hell am not going to bash it on a Muslim TV show with Mark Dankof. My God it is bad news!

    • DC says:

      Yes at one point Eli James changed his tune and became a universalist.

      From what I understand Finck slammed him at the time and rightly so. It has been duly noted that Eli James has the classic appearance of a Sephardic Jew, but it appears that Finck has Jews in his woodpile too.

      I’ve been trolling Lindstedts forums lately and it turns out that someone paid for a subscription on and looked up Finck and found there are Jews in his family tree and it even came out he is related by blood to Mark Potok of the SPLC.

      Whether he’s a Jew by blood or not he sure acts like a Jew with his online behavior and he does not look 100% Caucasian. He has a very large nose which has also been duly noted before.

      Apparently a lot of these informants come out of the prison system which was the case with Finck. I think they’re told to do ZOG’s dirty work or it’s back to prison.

      Finck is not classic dual seed-line CI either. He claims Genesis 3:15 was an “allegory of a race mixing event” and not a literal seduction of Eve by Satan.

      The whole “no devil” doctrine seems to be a matter of controversy in CI which was pushed by Sheldon Emry.

      These theories might have some merit, but if you’re claiming to be dual seedline CI than you’re mixing things up.

      Finck who has a Catholic background also has also been accused of injecting Catholic doctrine into CI. Lindstedt accuses him of pushing Paptist preterism which is the belief that the prophecy in Revelations has already been fulfilled.

      I witnessed this myself in reading a book that Finck and Emahiser transcribed together of Comparet’s Revelation series. Finck and Emahiser have left footnotes all over it.

  8. melgibstein says:

    This guy is a white spokesman and a regular guest on the David Duke show as a white man

    Stormfronters have no clue what a white is- period. They dont even ask.

    Wait till we get Reyvolts pic. There are a lot of non whites in the Marines these days, its part of the Jew plan to destroy every white nation (and by the way “gens” in Latin means “tribe” or “people” not a geographic locale). When the word “gentile” is used that specific tribe has to be in the context of that word and never meant ALL tribes or peoples of the world, the Bible isnt for ALL peoples of the world, its really quite simple, but these perverters are in place to pervert. My advice to you, dont let them.

    A people or tribe were only white people, never were the Jebusites, Hittites, Edomites, Canaanites or Kenites etc ever called “Gentiles” or the “Ethnos” ever, but David Duke would have you believe they are goyim too.

    What we have is a bunch of Drs and Professors out there posing as learned men. It couldnt be further from the truth, its all “we talk and you listen” BS! That is not how the truth is ascertained.

    Heres another white spokesman

    Paul Fromm

    Fromm is a Jew name for one and two…….I wouldnt have this guy as a spokesman for my dog pound. He talks like a lunatic.

    “Oh there you go again Mel, bashing white spokesman”. No folks if they arent white they arent white and if they talk like a poodle cleaning his behind they aint spokesman.

  9. Roger Martin says:

    “One thing is for sure the Christian churches don’t have any permission to rape children as the Jewish religion allegedly does in their Talmud. We don’t have anyone in the media with the guts to print that, however.”

    Are you familiar with “reprobation”? Not every child killer is a Jew or even under the influence of anything but their own foolishness. The Bible is quite clear that people who openly reject God and begin pulling others into godlessness will be given a “reprobate mind” so that Christians can immediately identify these people. Once you can identify a reprobate the Bible is usually pretty clear that the death penalty is in order. Unfortunately child killers and rapists aren’t just limited to the Khazar Judaics. They come from even weak Christian families that stop going to church and a raise a generation of lowlife children.

    Most Catholic priests weren’t getting permission from the Talmud to prey on children. They were sick faggots from their early lives and knew that a church was the PERFECT place where dumb parents would allow their children to be isolated with total strangers. Unfortunately too many dumb Christians don’t read the Bible where it teaches that letting a child out of your sight for even a second can be a disaster. They’ll let their kids go to public schools or ‘church’ school for 7-8 hours during the day around complete strangers. And how many Catholic priests got the death penalty? Or Rabbis that give babies herpes?

    Of course in our current America you can shoot 30 people or commit bombing terrorism or rape a few 100 children and people, strangers you’ve never met, will literally throw themselves to the ground outside the courthouse and cry when you’re sentenced to death. Nothing is more pathetic than seeing liberals crying and screaming outside of a prison where some baby rapist was just put down with a needle. “Oh…..why….the humanity!?!?”. We literally parole child rapists and murderers in this country. There have been serial killers who get let out of prison and kill within hours of being released.

    Even if you clean up this entire country of the Jews. You still have ‘atheists’ to deal with who are just as critical of the Jews and Muslims as they are of anything else. I’ve seen atheist Jews quote the Talmud and say that all religions are ‘made by man’. These people are antichrists and insane but it will take way more than hating Jews to get them to see the truth. In fact the entire Holocaust Denial movement is basically nothing but atheists. And a few of the more prominent revisionists are literally homosexual.

    According to the Bible we’re supposed to have a death penalty for sodomites. Now of course these faggots get their own pride parades. Society is backwards. But I think society is so messed up that even if every Jew vanished today….it would take generations to clean up the mess left behind by the 13th tribe.

    • Royt says:

      In fact the entire Holocaust Denial movement is basically nothing but atheists. And a few of the more prominent revisionists are literally homosexual.

      Now what are you saying? Elaborate on this statement.

      Are you saying that the Holocaust was real?

      And while you are at it; please provide an explanation of how blacks and whites come from the same Racial tree.

    • Roy says:

      In fact the entire Holocaust Denial movement is basically nothing but atheists.

      Please elaborate on this statement. Are you implying that the holocaust was a real event? Btw………..I for one am a holocaust denier and I’ll bet the farm Mel is as well. Are you calling us atheists and homosexuals?

      While you are at it, maybe you could try to convince me that the black and the White come from the same Racial tree.

      • Roger Martin says:

        “Please elaborate on this statement. Are you implying that the holocaust was a real event? Btw………..I for one am a holocaust denier and I’ll bet the farm Mel is as well. Are you calling us atheists and homosexuals?”

        Roy you are one of the dumbest most obtuse and least intellectual people I’ve encountered on the internet. In no way whatsoever did I imply that the Holocaust was a real event. I’ve written Holocaust denial books….IN GERMAN. Many Germans have read them. I’m one of the ONLY Holocaust deniers that has written well distributed material that is a Christian.

        Almost all of the major Holocaust deniers I’ve known or met were atheists. Have you watched videos by Eric Hunt or DenierBud? Or listened to lunatics like Berg? They all keep saying “Judeo Christian” and try to steer the Holocaust denier movement into also trying to attack the Bible. DenierBud’s videos are loaded with Kevin MacDonald’s “ethnogenetic” buzzwords and pseudoscience. Here’s a direct quote from Berg: “Christianity is an even greater hoax than the Holocaust”. You think the Holocaust denier movement is worthwhile to join?

        You are an unsaved idiot. Bound for Hell. You’ll be one of those idiots in front of the Great White Throne that cries and wails and doesn’t understand why you’re going to be cast into Hell FOREVER. You’re too dumb to understand the Bible. You’re too dumb to understand anything.

        I doubt you KNOW even 1% of the information on Holocaust denial that I do. I’ve seen every documentary. Read every book. Even written one in another language. I was a Holocaust denier probably a decade before you were even aware of what Holocaust denial was. I’ve seen the movement be nothing but a bunch of unsaved weirdos and academics denying God and Christ and thinking that they have the entire world figured out.

        “While you are at it, maybe you could try to convince me that the black and the White come from the same Racial tree.”

        Wait until the Great White Throne and you’ll have all the proof that anyone would need. Of course you’ll be begging God for mercy and not worried about why so many “beasts of the field” seem to be wearing white robes.

      • Roy says:

        Oh……..that is real rich of you Roger.

        You write: In fact the entire Holocaust Denial movement is basically nothing but atheists. And a few of the more prominent revisionists are literally homosexual.

        ……in which I “assume” you believe in the Holocaust from such a statement — which I stand corrected; which I should know not to ‘assume’; so that is on me and I apologize………..

        But because I ‘assumed’ you are now casting me to Hell. Unbelievable!!!

        So I’m sorry Roger for assuming based on your stupid unqualified comment.

        Moving on……………………………………………..

        In regards to my question about the Races, your reply is — Wait until the Great White Throne and you’ll have all the proof that anyone would need.

        Wow. And you consider yourself a Christian. Aren’t you supposed to have a defense for the beliefs you hold? How about James 5:20? Where is your love?

        I’m not the only person on this forum who has asked you for an intellectual and Scriptural support for your belief. You’ve dodged not only me, but the author of this blog.

        If you are right, then Mel and I are in great error and in great danger. So we are asking you to help us see the light. How is it biologically possible for the black man and the white man to come from the same racial tree? Are you going to shirk your responsibility as a representative of truth?

    • melgibstein says:

      Unfortunately child killers and rapists aren’t just limited to the Khazar Judaics.

      says Roger

      no they come from Sephardics too.

      Jews control porn, jews have brought this garbage into our society. If Jews werent all over our court system we would castrate these devils on the spot. Do we blame the Jews who poison the minds of people or the victims of the Jews? Easy question.

      Even if you clean up this entire country of the Jews. You still have ‘atheists’ to deal with who are just as critical of the Jews and Muslims as they are of anything else.

      If atheists do not push their crap on me or have an agenda to destroy Christianity I dont care what they do, as long as they dont breed us out of existence. I have always welcomed any white person a fair shake, but if they bash Christianity falsely they are obviously going to have to answer to it. If they believe in separation we can still achieve a common goal. I dont hate a white person because he is obtuse I hate a white person for behaving like a Jew by robbing, stealing, lying and murdering white people. They can easily accept my beliefs and I can accept their moronic beliefs and live in a much much better world. As I said it is when they lie and pervert what the Bible says it is a problem, but never even close to the Jew, never. Of course the proselytes are twice the jew devils.

      • Roy says:

        I never thought a “Pew Sitter” (Roger) would have the balls to come on to a site like this and spew his rat poison. And then try to pull off the holocaust as a real event.

        He is a Coward indeed – refuses to explain to us how it is biologically possible for the black and the white to be of one Racial family.

        But that is what Pew Sitters do……………they shill for the jew. They love the jew. Sickening.

      • EDOMS THORN says:

        This ismostly to “ROY” and all that will give thought….

        Roger appears to have seated himself at the right hand of God! That is disturbing!

        BUT to ALL of those that are on this thread (you too Roger), here are some FACTS, and points that must be addressed!

        There were MANY ‘holocausts’ before W.W.I, W.W.II etc. and they were real…

        DRESDEN, is one. The many people that fought and died on both sides is another! It was so in all wars since the French Revolution.

        Now as I see it, there is either a lack of knowledge and understanding concerning the so called “JEWISH” holocaust, or it is a case of willing IGNORance. I do not want to piss anyone off, but so be it!

        EDOM has been at the root of ALL wars since the French Revolution.
        Those ‘wars’ resulted in the spilling of ISRAELITE BLOOD, not only benefiting the EDOMITE/JEW bankers, but also achieving the death, of those of the House Of ISRAEL! THIS GENOCIDE of ISRAEL is the goal of our sworn enemy Esau/EDOM.

        When read with understanding, we see that this GENOCIDE against ISRAEL/JUDAH began(?) in the book of ESTHER, when “Hamon/EDOM” convinced the King to engage in ‘STATE’ sponsored murder of the house of JUDAH. And isn’t it happening today, at the hands of EDOM?

        If we are honest, WE will see that this is all at the hands of EDOMITE JEWS, that created ISLAM! But that “ISLAM” ‘claim’ will go ignored, not addressed or attacked as insane! BUT, facts are facts!

        Any way, back to this non existent holocaust!

        The ROTHSCHILD/EDOM created W.W. II, and the primary result, was the establishment of the BASTARD State of ISRAEL/N.W.O. They used the holocaust myth, (dating back to 1846), while they saw to the murder of TRUE Judahites, (BTW-The Germany people are of JUDAH, never called JEW)
        The people of Germany are of JUDAH and were never called “JEWS” EDOMITE Zionist JEWS declarered war on Germany. The Holocaust on the Jews was against what EDOM calls “Lesser JEWS”. The Sephardic JEWS, (Which I believe there are some that may be of JUDAH, SEE Obadiah 1:20) ALSO EDOM understands that the German people are of JUDAH, and the JEWS went about what Haman

        SOME ONE please address Obadiah 1:20 <<< Some one please explain what a "lesser" JEW is. LETS be honest and give thought to facts, not 'feelings'…

        The Ringworm Children: Zionist Eugenics of the Sephardim
        Jan. 12, 2010 – … of the deliberate mass radiation poisoning of
        100,000 young Israeli … The x-ray machines were to be used in a mass
        atomic experiment with an …

        THE FACT IS THERE WAS a holocaust! And it is still happening, only it is not the filthy JEWS being GENOCIDED! IT is true ISRAEL!

  10. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Right on, Edom’s Thorn

    Mortality, morgue, mortuary, mortgage, Mordecai. Root: death. Mordecai Levy means priest of death. They put it right in your face. Ashteroth, Astarte, Easter, Esther. What Israelite was ever named after baals? The Persians called themselves Aryans, which means “mountains of Yah” and they called their nation Iran. What were this pimp and his little ho doing always malingering around the palace gates? Why did they put that putrid book in that Bible? Why did Yahshua put one on his staff? Maybe because you first have to spot the Canaanite in the temple before you can deal with it.

    Dr. Wesley Swift brought to light a prophecy in the OT (I think in the minor prophets) of 8,000 horses of Judah going blind on a battlefield with Israel on the on the other side of the battlefield. That one came to pass in World War I, with 8,000 horses of Germany going blind on the battlefield and we know who they were fighting. I’ve searched my Swift library of sermons and Wednesday Night Bible Studies and I can’t find the details of it. It probably went away with one of the fried hard disks. There was another prophecy he brought up about a ‘great governor of Judah’ and it describes the blitzkrieg. Does anyone know more about that?

  11. Roy says:

    Roger —

    I asked you a simple question back on the September 22 — Master Blaster — Article. And that question was, “explain how all the races come from Adam and Eve.”

    You have dodged that question ever since. I’m mad and I am frustrated because I have been lied to my whole life by men such as you. So I’m sorry to have taken my frustrations out on you personally. Since you will not answer, I hope you will accept my apology for assuming something about you that wasn’t true regarding the holocaust. I’m very sorry about that.

    Since you will not engage me in this topic of conversation, all I can hope is that you will please pick up this book — NOT OF ONE BLOOD by Charles Weisman.

    This book was written as a rebutal and expose of a recent book by a “Christian” group who published a very badly researched book called One Blood. Its objective was to persuade Christians to adopt a humanistic perspective on Race, which conflicts with Scripture, Nature and Science. The material in this book (Not Of One Blood) is a biblical, historical and scientific evaluation of the racial equality doctrine. It exposes the common misinterpretation of Acts 17:26 as being contrary to Scripture, biological fact, and proper word/meaning application. Topics include:
    * Why the Fear of Race. * Race in Scripture. *
    The Cain Enigma. . . * Hypocrisy and Race. * Acts 17:26. * Primitive Races. . .
    . . * Inter-racial Marriage. * Heredity. . . . . . . . * Lessons of History.

    The content of this book is of utmost importance, especially since much of the turmoil in the world today revolves around the political and theological doctrine of equality.

    You can find the book here —

    I would be more than happy to send you a free copy of the book. Please email me:

    Sincerely, Roy Hobs

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