Lord Jim

Mel doesn't know history or the Bible from the nose on his face

Mel doesn’t know history or the Bible from the nose on his face

If Mel Gibson made Mary a Jewess in The Passion and he made Mary Magdalene a Jewess also (she is now married to the Israeli soccer team owner) wouldn’t Jesus also be a Jew or did Mel mix Jews and non Jews together?

Some info on Caviezel that is rarely discussed if ever:

First of all Caviezel’s mothers name is Lavery, this is a Jewish occupied name without a doubt as shown here:


A Rabbi to boot. More:



I could put 50 sites on here proving Lavery is a Jewish name, you have access yo a search engine, do it yourself.

Something interesting I found that I have not seen before, someone agreeing with me on this and not from my perspective. This I take it comes from a Traditional Catholic, although he probably doesn’t know that Traditional Catholics werent Sicilians or anything but white people. I do not agree with this guy on everything but I do these few paragraphs for sure:


oops thats John Stossel!

oops thats John Stossel!

“…‘I am Semitic. It’s my lineage, I’m from the house of David and Abraham,’ Caviezel said.” (National Catholic Reporter, 3/19/04)

See that Mark Glenn and Dumkof?

“Caviezel: [Mel Gibson] wanted to make this film very Semitic. Instead of having an Aryan, blue-eyed Jesus, he wanted to have a very Semitic Jesus. Our faith is grounded in our Jewish tradition. We believe we’re from the House of David. We believe we’re from the House of Abraham, so we cannot hate our own…” (Newsweek, 2/15/04)

“In an interview with Senior Writer Sean Smith in the February 16 issue of Newsweek… Caviezel says Jewish leaders have ‘every right’ to defend their faith. ‘But I believe that when all my Jewish brothers see this film, they will realize that it’s not about assigning blame.’”

Jim Caviezel: “…I want my Jewish brothers to see this film.” (700 Club)

James Caviezel claims to be a traditional Roman Catholic, however his claims of a Semitic lineage in a number of interviews are most revealing. Of course, Mr. Caviezel’s allusions to having Jewish heredity are interspersed among declarations of personal and family devotion to the Roman Catholic tradition and frequent references to his Catholic piety, e.g. devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, daily Mass and receiving the Eucharist, frequent confession to a priest, wearing of relics and the penitential scapular, submission to the Pope and belief in Marian apparitions, particularly at Medjugorje, and so forth.

The question presents itself, if James Caviezel is a traditionalist Roman Catholic, why is he making veiled references to having a Semitic lineage? To our knowledge, the actor has

She has a Greek nose.

She has a Greek nose.

made no statements of a personal or family conversion from Judaism to Roman Catholicism.

A reporter from the Charlotte Observer who interviewed James Caviezel wrote: “Caviezel – it’s a Romansch name from Switzerland…– prefers not to talk about his personal life.” Snippets of biographical information do not provide much information, but enough to allow for a possible Frankist/Merovingian ancestry: “His surname is Romansch (Rhaeto-Romanic), from Switzerland… Heritage: 50% Irish, 25% Slovak, and 25% Romanch”  His mother’s maiden name is Lavery, a Jewish surname. What we do know is that James Caviezel has stated in many interviews that he is Semitic: “‘I am Semitic. It’s my lineage, I’m from the house of David and Abraham,’ Caviezel said.” (National Catholic Reporter)

Although he does not provide any details about his Semitic lineage, Caviezel fairly exudes over his Roman Catholic religion.

“The catharsis for me to play this role was through Medjugorje, through Gospa [Our Lady]. In preparation, I used all that Medjugorje taught me. Mel Gibson and I were going every day for Mass together. Some days I couldn’t go for Mass, but I was receiving the Eucharist. Somewhere along the line, I heard that the Pope was going for confession every day, so I thought that I should go for confession as often as possible… So, the confession was the preparation for the Eucharist. Ivan Dragicevic and his wife Lorraine gave me a piece of the true cross. I kept this on me all the time. They made a special pocket in my clothes for it. I also had relics of Padre Pio, St. Anthony of Padoua, Ste Maria Goretti, and Saint Denisius, the Patron saint of Actors. Another thing was fasting. I read many of the messages continuously. Every day everyone could see me with the rosary in my hands… I ask Mary to guide me and my career… This film is something that I believe was made by Mary for her Son.” (The Mother’s Village)

James Caviezel’s profession seems disingenuous to this writer, a former Roman Catholic. He is hyperbolic, as if mocking the traditions of Roman Catholicism. Even so, to many Catholics Caviezel will appear fervently devout, which is the modus operandi of the Marranos according to Maurice Pinay: “…the Jews, thanks to their…skilled false conversion, entered Christianity and appeared publicly as Christians, however, secretly held to their Jewish religion. …this secret belief was passed on by parents to children, covered with the appearance of an outward Christian militancy…” (p.239)

If it is the case that Caviezel is descended from Marrano Jews, this places “The Passion of the Christ” in an entirely different perspective.

“…This infiltration of the Hebrews into the innermost heart of religions and nationalities, whereby they still preserve their former religion and their organizations in secret, has really formed Israelite ‘Fifth Columns’ in the bosom of the other peoples and the different religions; for if the Jew has gained entrance into the citadel of his enemies, he is active there, follows orders and carries on an activity which was planned in the Jewish secret organizations. This aims at controlling the people from within, whose conquest was resolved upon, as well as the control of his religious institutions, and to attempt to attain the decomposition of the same.” (Pinay, p.249)

We may assume that a Marrano Jew, strategically positioned as James Caviezel to influence the masses, is taking orders from the High Cabal, the Prieuré de Sion, which has determined to destroy and rid the world of every vestige of Christianity. Protocol 17, point #3 announces a time when the nations will judge the Roman Church, and its hierarchy and

Im a Roman, that's it.

Im a Roman, that’s it.

ecclesiastical system will be overthrown. When the Prieuré de Sion comes out of the closet, according to the Protocols, the Learned Elders will hypocritically play the peacemaker, while the World Court passes judgment on the Papal Court. The charge will be “deicide,” the act of murdering God, i.e. murdering the lineal descendants of Jesus Christ. In a mighty act of vengeance, the Papal Court will be turned over to the Knights Templar for execution, whereupon the Prieuré de Sion will replace the Pope with their own “Black Pope,” a Merovingian priest-king who will preside over a one world religion:


Bravo!  Jews get inside and get inside for one reason and one reason only, to destroy. I was going to do a thread on the movie “Little Nicky” with Adam Sandler playing the devils son on earth (really greasy stuff) but then I would have to actually watch the movie and that is painful. Jews are almost exclusively playing the roles of Satan and his minions in this movie and the things Satan wants to happen on the earth are exactly the things Jews are doing to this earth now and they do it because they are able to dumb down their victims. Like a poisonous sting they paralyze the weak minded lemmings who have no clue that there is this evil force on earth waiting to devour them. If you do not believe this just look at every area destroying white countries today. Just a few minutes of Jesus with a hooked nose and the lemmings are dumbfounded.

Why is the Bible important? Because it is the only thing in this world that will act as a playbook against these devils, one starting with “be ye separate”. Just think of all the mayhem that alone would stomp out if we followed that one simple command. All of our pseudo leaders want you to believe “be ye separate” was for the Jews even though most of them agree that Jews aren’t Israel in one demented form or another. The truth is through Hollywood the lemmings are tickled into a herd that lose all their courage to stand on their

Anti Iran movie Caviezel sports another nose job.

Anti Iran movie Caviezel sports another nose job.

own and study the words of their Father. The question is do they believe the Jews father is our Father? That is what movies like The Passion want you to believe. Many call me crazy for doing a thread like this because it hurts the lemmings feelings that were seduced into them by Jews, well I do not apologize for that because it is not my fault. You can have the Jew God as your father or the true God as your Father, you better figure out which is which while there is still time.

Every so often the round robin shills chime in about who the real Semites are, “the ehh Palestinians” well I have news for you, Jesus or Yashua did not come for the Semites he came for the 12 tribes (who are all white people, male and female). Oddly enough even people preaching the Bible all their lives cannot repeat that fact nor will they allow themselves to believe it. So out of cowardice our world is slowly pillaged. This is why the BS needs to be stopped cold right where it sits even if it hurts. Calling Jesus a Jew or even insinuating he is or was a Jew in my opinion is thee greatest sin on this earth, at least if it was up to me.

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  1. TD McGann says:

    One thing needs to be clarified: the so-called Jews lied again; they are not descendants of Shem (Shemites or Semites) but of Ham.

    • melgibstein says:

      They arent even of Ham TD, Ham was a white man, Joseph married a Hamite woman. Jews have a sect called Mizrahim Jews that Jews claim means Egypt like Ashkenaz means Germany, it does not. It is Jews claiming to be descendants of everyone in the early Bible including all the sons of Noah when they were sons of none of them. They are mongrels of Cain through the Kenites and or the Canaanites, Canaan who was also white, but exiled from the white family of Noah.

      Just think, Jews are only supposed to represent the House of Judah (Benjamin, Judah and Levi) and they represent everyone in the Bible (according to Jews) including Joseph and his lineage that broke off from Judah…………..but people are so tied up in lies that they dont even want to look into the fact that Jews are actors exactly what Jesus called them who were not his sheep or his kin at all. When he called them actors realize there was no Hollywood back then just liars.

      • EDOMS THORN says:

        That is so true… “”there was no Hollywood back then just liars” Just as there were no KHAZARS. It is all an “act”. The Catholic Church was created by EDOM to involve the children of ISRAEL in the traditions of NIMROD, or Baal Worship. It was those very “traditions” that caused the God of Abraham to send the Ten Tribes into captivity…

        So many facts are over looked or ignored. Most do not understand that in Messiahs day, there was only a ‘remnant” of JUDAH that were present in “Israel”. Many people of Judah remained in Babylon after the King ‘allowed’ them to return. Also, many had been carried into Assyrian Captivity with the House of Israel. And when the Babylonians attacked Jerusalem, (wasn’t it eight times) many had fled before Jerusalem fell. I believe that those people are who those “lessor Jews” are that were targeted in the so called “holocaust” and were those that suffered at the hands of the EDOMITE Zionist Jews in 1952. See “The Ringworm Children”. Also see OBADIAH 1:20. Now, I believe EDOM has infiltrated and intermingled with them also, that is another one of EDOMS tactics.

        I wish I was able to write , and express my thoughts and understanding better, but I try, and the content is so much more important than how it is delivered.

        If you have not examined what I presented on the subject of the “remnant” Judah, I think you may want to…


        Thanks Brother…

    • melgibstein says:

      Something for you TD. – taken from a Jew Hasidic book

      Some more quotes:

      “…After Ham sinned with his father Noah, with the lowest sin possible, God punished him with a terrible defeat. He removed from him the title ‘man’, and lowered him to a — slave! ‘He will be a servant of servants to his brothers’!…”

      “…He was lowered to the extremely low level that we can call: ‘a human animal’… And rightfully so!…”

      “…His slavery is not a punishment for his terrible deeds, it characterizes who he is – it is a position that he chose for himself!…”

      Jews want you to believe Ham and all his sons were sub human because of what Ham did, then why was Canaan exiled and not Ham? Maybe one of our commenters can describe what happened with Canaan. Josephs wife was Hamitic and was the mother of two of the then 13 tribes. Problem with the Bible is too many white people believe without question what the Jews claim it says when you can very simply read it and find out they are lying as they ALWAYS are. Its that simple. Take nothing for granted.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Khazars are real. Ariel Sharon is not a white man nor is Shimon Perez etc. If they are white let me flay myself right now.

    I agree it is difficult to put it into words and why I keep doing what Im doing. A guy named Bruce McCarthy is the only guy I have heard break down the Federal Reserve for simpletons and oddly enough he is CI too (or whatever he calls it). Only God can give us that ability if and when he wants his people awakened. To teach someone you have to have a student. I woke up a guy last week, easy as 123. The people he wants are the only people we will ever reach.

    • EDOMS THORN says:

      Certainly the Khazars are “real”.
      JACOB=Christian and Esau/EDOM=JEWS They are archetypes just as Satan and the Messiah. EDOM is the physical manifestation of Satan. His literal offspring.
      EDOM hates Jacob.
      EDOM is known for race mixing.
      EDOM is known to …”compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves”… Matthew 23:15 (THAT is what happened to “SOME” of ASKINAZIM)

      I began to really understand EDOM around 1985, and I always had trouble with the KHAZAR narrative. There is not one hint in scripture or history that the son of JAPETH known as Ashkinazim/KHAZARS were impersonating ISRAEL/JUDAH. It has always been said that EDOM/CAIN were. Not until Freedman, Lilienthal and Koestler. NEVER trust a JEW! Myron Fagan MAY be the exception.
      Some will say that the Babylonian Talmud is what makes a “JEW” but we should know that the hatred against the white race is in fact a BLOOD issue. The TALMUD was written by EDOM not KHAZARS.

      Some people I know, like White Wraithe, will say the JEWS hate us because we are intelligent, because she will NOT admit we are ISRAEL. And they will point out how Communism was not only implemented in White Nations and has murdered million of non-whites.

      …”The Jews are thus revealed as fraudulent scoundrels, continuing an eons-old tradition of criminal deception and extortion. However one small matter might need clarification. Recent writings have claimed DNA proof that the current occupants of Israel are not genuine Jews, but Ashkenazis from Kazakstan. It should though be noted that in the seventh century AD, a tribe of so-called ‘Jews’ arrived in Kazakstan, having been turfed out of both Persia and Anatolia for the crime of usury, a practice prohibited by Muslim religion. These banished crooks presented themselves to the Kazak king as royalty and inveigled their way onto the throne (King Joseph) of this rough nomadic society, by the ruse of marrying into the Kazak ‘royal’ family. From this new powerbase east of Crimea they hustled their way into Europe and also back to the Levant through the Dardanelles and Turkey. So there may be a smidgeon of Jew in them after all.


      The prophetic effects of ungodly unity–Part 1
      Jones, Stephen E: God’s Kingdom Ministries
      “Hasdai ibn Shaprut, who was foreign minister to Abd-al-Rahman, Sultan of Cordova, in his letter to King Joseph of the Chazars (about 960 AD) … speaks of the tradition according to which the Chazars once dwelt near the Seir Mountains [The ‘Seir Mountains’ are none other than the original land of Esau-Edom – ‘Thus dwelt Esau in mount Seir: Esau is Edom’ (Genesis 36:8). Seir was a mountain range sought of the Dead Sea and was also known as the ‘land of Edom’ (Genesis 36:21). The Seir mountains were the home of the Edomites for nearly a millennium (The Edomites arrived in Edom or Seir at the end of the 14th and beginning of the 13th century B.C. Encyclopedia Judaica, Vol. 6, p. 372) Thus we have it from Jewish sources that the Khazars originally ‘dwell near the Seir Mountains’ so are racially of Edomite stock. But how and when did Edomites get to Khazaria? There is evidence that in the 6th century BC, some of the Edomites fled their homeland of Seir and migrated north, ‘After the fall of Jerusalem, in 586 BC, the Edomites began to press northward (Ezekiel 36:5).”
      (The New Westminster Dictionary of the Bible, ed. by Henry S. Gehman, The Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1970, p. 418}].” (The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. IV, (1905), p. 3).

      As I said, only EDOM is pointed to as Impostors.
      The JEWS KNOW that. That is why we find little to no mention of EDOM by Freedman, Lilienthal and Koestler. And no mention of EDOM by Armstrong.
      EDOM is our enemy! The Khazar DNA B.S. is a distraction to aide the EDOMITES maintain their GODS CHOSEN™ lie.

      I do have more…

      • melgibstein says:

        You must have used a different email address and it didnt let you in automatically. Its true, the Khazar word is a distraction, Jews are devils period.

        Somebody out there is saying “Oh c’mon they arent devils”. Yes they are. Nothing else makes sense. The wheat and the tares and jews aint wheat, tares are contrary to the wheat.

      • EDOMS THORN says:

        Thanks “MEL”? Is that your name?

        It was probably the two links that were embedded in my comment that sent it into ‘moderation’.

        You said above, that the God of Abraham would only reveal the truth to, …”The people he wants are the only people we will ever reach”…

        I used to share the ISRAEL Identity truth with our people in the 70’s through the 90,s and MANY TIMES was told that they ‘felt’ that way, but not so much anymore. The JEWS have been very good a demonizing the truth and truth tellers.

        Doesn’t scripture declare that ISRAEL will recognize their God in the latter days, and it won’t take them long?
        It is late, I will try to remember to look that verse up tomorrow.

        Thanks for your efforts!

  3. Roger Martin says:

    We know that no one on the entire set of that film read the Bible. Making an image of Jesus (and God) is idolatry and forbidden in the Bible (which is the Bible goes to great lengths to avoid giving anything but a vague description of Jesus the man physically). They deliberately omit the blood curse on the Jews, they make Jesus have the Illuminati ‘all seeing’ one eye constantly throughout the film, and almost everything else is taken from Catholic non-biblical traditions.

    But this is Hollywood. These actors are all morons. They believe that they are making accurate films when they portray the Holocaust and Global Warming. Most of them don’t even read the scripts let alone the actual books and stories or science. You think a single person who worked on Schindler’s List wasn’t completely brainwashed?

    Most Jews lie that they don’t know that they are Jewish. They act surprised and shocked but then extremely proud that they have Jewish ancestry when it becomes exposed that their four grandparents just “happened to be” Jewish. Some deny it until the day that they die like Stalin and Eisenhower.

    John Kerry tried to say that he had NO IDEA that he had tons of Jewish ancestors despite the fact that almost your last 200 years of genealogy are checked when you enter into the Skull and Bones society. He just happened to enter into Skull and Bones without a SINGLE background check. Amazing. Paul Giamatti in Hollywood tells the same lie. He is a Skull and Bones member who SWEARS he has no Jewish ancestry. Yet he works in Hollywood, looks like a Khazar, and has a Jewish wife. Terrence Winter of Hollywood/HBO is the exact same. Says he’s not Jewish, makes Boardwalk Empire and hides all traces of Jewishness in Capone, and then makes Wolf of Wall Street and changes the main character into a Christian where the first scene has the real life Khazar talking about Christmas to fool the audience. And Winter’s wife? A Jewess.

    Why would anyone need a movie about the Bible? Just read the Bible. But making movies of the Bible is no different than making counterfeit versions of the Bible like the NIV or the ESV or whatever garbage people are reading now. The Jews have made people so stupid that they don’t know how to read anymore. They have no patience for written word. So the Jews need to make a parade of Holocaust and Illuminati Jesus films to ensure that Hell is populated with morons for all eternity.

    • melgibstein says:

      You think a single person who worked on Schindler’s List wasn’t completely brainwashed?
      Let me just stop you right there. I dont think Hollywood actors are brainwashed I think they are sold out, and the dumb box of rocks Liam Neeson is one of them. Tom Hanks if not a Jew is a queer, God only knows what the jews have on these pathetic clowns who are adorned with all the jew riches of the world. They talk and they lose or they talk and they win. It all depends on where your treasure is.

      Mel made Jesus a hooked nose Jew and a white woman the devil. That is basically everything you need to know. Mel is contrary- period. Even brainwashed people have a spirit.

      • Roger Martin says:

        I disagree. You’re too focused on the major stars of Hollywood after they’ve been famous. Where do you think these minor actors, producers, and extras all come from? They go through the American and European public school systems that brainwash them with Holocaust nightmares from day one until graduation. They aren’t making millions of dollars or selling out for some extreme level of fame.

        Sure the TOP actors and actresses are all filth. Into trading sex and STDs for leading roles. Ritual sacrifice and occult practices. Routinely grovelling for some Israeli scam charity. Investing half of their money into Bernie Madoff type people. But NONE of them start there at the top unless they are born into a Khazar family that has Hollywood connections. Some of them are basically sold into sex slavery by their parents and pawned off on the casting couch when they are teenagers.

        None of them are initially sell outs. Why would a Jew give someone millions up front for the promise of being a good goyim? This isn’t Major League Baseball. They get them while they are young, use them sexually for years, tell them that their money goes to Madoff, and eventually some of them make millions. Selling OUT means you were IN in the first place.

        What are they selling out of exactly? Christianity? I doubt any of them believed. A moral life? Their parents sold them into Hollywood from as early as babies. They all get brainwashed to believe that an Oscar statue is practically deification. You think Tom Hanks came into Hollywood some great moral man and then turned to the dark side? He was some dumb rube who was promised money and fame and NEVER saw anything else. They aren’t sell outs. They never were.

      • melgibstein says:

        You are right if they do not have a spirit they can do such things and I do not think Mel has that spirit nor ever will. You do a movie about Jesus Christ you better do it right or you better not do it at all.

      • Roger Martin says:

        “You are right if they do not have a spirit they can do such things and I do not think Mel has that spirit nor ever will. You do a movie about Jesus Christ you better do it right or you better not do it at all.”

        But is it even possible to do an entertainment movie (about Christianity) that God himself would approve of? I don’t even know if it is possible. How can you make a movie about Jesus but you’re not supposed to show him or hear him according to the Bible? It would be enormously difficult. I’m not even sure that a movie about any biblical person would not qualify as idolatry. A movie about Noah or Peter would be just as wrong if I’m reading the Bible correctly.

        What Christian movies are there that you think are actually good? I can’t think of any. I’ve seen some great Christian documentaries like After the Tribulation or New World Order Bible Versions. And I’ve seen some great takes on Holocaust denial like The Last Days of the Big Lie. And while those documentaries teach the truth….they aren’t showing images of Jesus.

        Basically EVERY portrayal of Jesus is not biblical. It’s actually Satanic according to the Bible. Anyone who makes an image of Jesus has clearly not read the Bible. And someone who has read yet chooses to do so anyways? They are ignoring the Words of the Bible and I doubt they ever believed in the first place.

    • melgibstein says:

      What Caviezel was saying to “his Jewish brothers” is “wait till you see my Jewish nose as Jesus”, he was basically saying “that is all you will have to see”. Bottom line is Jesus was safe and sound as a Jew, therefore love Jesus and the Jews. You’d be better off throwing your son or daughter into a pit with a rattler in it. You allowed your child to be poisoned because of the parents lack of knowledge, not poisoning the flesh but the soul.

      Who the Jews are and who Jesus is has to be distinguished or the entire (every word) New Testament is destroyed.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Something I missed…..The Catholic church has a patron saint of ACTORS? Now thats even better than Saint Edith the Holocaust yenta.

    According to Christian tradition, Saint Denis (also called Dionysius, Dennis, or Denys) is a Christian martyr and saint. In the third century, he was Bishop of Paris. He was martyred, with his companions Rusticus and Eleutherius, in connection with the Decian persecution of Christians, shortly after 250 AD. Denis is said to have picked his head up after being decapitated, walked ten kilometres (six miles), while preaching a sermon of repentance the entire way, making him one of many cephalophores in hagiology. He is venerated in the Roman Catholic Church as patron of Paris, France, and as one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. The medieval and modern French name “Denis” derives from the ancient name Dionysius.

    He picked his head up like a football, now that is actingk. I wonder if he lived out his life in peace like Aristobulus in Britain who the Catholic church says was killed by barbarians . The Celtic church however disagrees (named a county after him in Wales). Jews will give you a good story to make you believe their BS- they will make a movie about how heroic white people were trying to save Blacks on the slave ships when the Jews obviously ran all the slave ships and threw the sick, lame and lazy blacks overboard to the sharks.

    It says here he is the head ache saint- coincidentally Saint Edith is the Tylenol saint. Now Ive got a headache.



    and for the record, Denis was not a Catholic nor was Saint Patrick. The catholic church could make Caiaphas a saint if they want but he wasnt a Catholic either, it has nothing to do with what religion they believed it has to do with what biological make up they were. Go not but to the lost or exiled sheep of the House of Israel (family of Israel with unmixed blood)……….they went to the white people who coincidentally preserved the entire Bible.

    Did Jesus say- go to the Catholic church or the Catholic church is the word of God? No he didnt.

    Many people think I am anti Catholic now and a so called Protestant and that I must be a Baptist or a Methodist or a Lutheran with a non existing church in San Antonio, Texas. No, not the case, they are as bonkers, if not much more than the Catholic church is. Frankly they just aint worth the time.

    • wjrevere says:

      The Catholic Church Instituted The Bible you fool.
      Council of Nicea 325 AD. It was catalogued, codified and canonized from parchments and scrolls. Did Jesus say NOT to codify a Holy Book either?

      St Patrick Not a Catholic? Your mentally ill. Seriously. 600 AD there was but ONE Church. ONE. Post Constantinople there was ONE Church.
      No identity fools have ever expelled a J EW In their life, but Catholic Nations have 109 times. You espouse Protocols of Zion #14.

      • melgibstein says:

        Show me where Peter or Paul said we needed a church. Show me where Patrick went to Catholic church.

      • melgibstein says:

        The sad news is that St. Patrick never got the official title.

        While millions around the world will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, the sad fact is that Patrick has never been canonized by the Catholic Church and is a saint in name only.

        As writer Ken Concannon stated: “There was no formal canonization process in the Church during its first millennium. In the early years of the Church the title saint was bestowed first upon martyrs, and then upon individuals recognized by tradition as being exceptionally holy during their lifetimes.

        “Consequently these Irish saints, including St. Patrick, were never actually formally canonized — save one. The exception was Fergal, also known as St. Virgil of Salzburg, an 8th century missionary scholar who was officially canonized in 1233 by Pope Gregory IX. Virgil is one of only four Irish saints to be canonized by Rome.

        “There was no formal process for canonization in place when Patrick died. He was proclaimed a saint by popular acclaim, probably with the approval of a bishop. The official process for canonization did not come until about the 12th century.”


        Thats an Irish magazine, Walt. Who are you with the Catholic Medici whops or the Irish?


        This one says he wasnt Irish he was Scottish- the Scottish were the Irish, but outside of that its true.

        “There is strong evidence that Patrick had no Roman commission in Ireland…As Patrick’s churches in Ireland, like their brethren in Britain, repudiated the supremacy of the popes, all knowledge of the conversion of Ireland through his ministry must be suppressed [by Rome]….There is not a written word from one of them [i.e., popes] rejoicing over Patrick’s additions to their church, showing clearly that he was not a Roman missionary….Prosper does not notice Patrick….He says nothing of the greatest success ever given to a missionary of Christ, apparently because he [Patrick] was not a Romanist….Bede never speaks of St. Patrick in his celebrated ‘Ecclesiastical History.’…So completely buried was Patrick and his work by popes and other Roman Catholics, that in their epistles and larger publications, his name does not once occur in one of them until A. D. 634.” (William Cathcart, D. D., The Ancient British and Irish Churches, pp.83-85)

        The Catholic church also says Aristobulus of Britain was murdered by barabarians and the Celtic church says he lived his life out in peace. Why this ying and yang controversy all the time? Bec ause the Catholic church (Rome) was never the church.

      • melgibstein says:

        Due to the world of Patrick’s day knowing the truth about him and the Celtic Church, Rome made no mention of, or claim to, Patrick until at least 200 years after his time. Bede did however make record in 431 A.D. of an attempt of a Roman Catholic missionary to bring the Celtic assemblies under the rule and doctrine of Rome:

        “Palladius was sent by Celestinus, the Roman pontiff, to the Scots [Irish] that believed in Christ.” (Bede, Ecclesiastical History, p.22) But “he left because he did not receive respect in Ireland” (William Cathcart, D. D., The Ancient British and Irish Churches, p.72).

        Such disrespect would be unheard of if the Celtic assemblies had indeed been adherents of Rome’s “gospel.” Rome was looking to claim what the true Gospel already had when it entered the “Britians” (Britian, Ireland, Scotland) during the first century:

  5. melgibstein says:

    Another Aussie actor I thought was a jew a long time ago is one for sure now, but a jew isnt a religion. Hugh Jackman.

    Looks like the nose- The Pianist guy Brody before a nose job,

    His bio says he was born from devout Christians………is he a sell out or a dumb moron? I think neither, I think a jew.


    Even Minnie Me is bowing at the West Wall.

    Madonna won’t be the only celeb going to Israel to celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

    The Reinvented singer — who has become a leading proponent of Kabbalah — will be making a pilgrimage to Tel Aviv in September to celebrate the Jewish holidays, and a source says that she will be joined by hunky actor Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, as well as Donna Karan.

    The source says the “Van Helsing” star and the designing woman have become “quite involved” in the controversial offshoot of Judaism. “We still haven’t gotten a confirmation from Demi [Moore] and Ashton [Kutcher],” says the insider. “[Moore is] shooting a movie [“Half Light”] in Wales and might not be able to join us.”

    What’s more, says the source, the ABC news magazine “20/20” will be filming the entire event and interviewing the Kabbalah Centre’s leader, Rabbi Philip Berg — his first time ever on camera. A spokeswoman for the show told The Scoop, “I can’t confirm that.” Karan’s rep couldn’t be reached and Jackman’s said he had no info on the story.

    “It will be quite the media event for Kabbalah,” says the source. “This all comes a month before a publicity extravaganza in October, including a billboard on Sunset Boulevard to promote a book on the red string — which wards off the evil eye — as the got-to-have religious fashion accessory of the season.”

    Hollywood is one big barmitzvah that needs to be burned down to the ground.

  6. EDOMS THORN says:

    WOW…. I have never heard of “Saint Denis”, but after reading the “NOAHIDE LAWS” back in the early 1990s, I told my wife in disgust and shock, that the God of Abraham would use some of those decapitated heads as a ‘VOICE’, to condemn and possibly convert the executioners into believers, just as HE did with the donkey speaking!!! I lie not!

    You do impress me so many times, with the information that you present! I thank you…

    • melgibstein says:

      I missed this in Notre Dame, it was under construction when I was there. I dont see anywhere that he is the patron saint of actors. Well Im glad someone is impressed Im sure most of the people are impressed with David Duke who parrots everything from others. He wants to give you a free gift (Fagin pic here).

  7. wjrevere says:

    You are Peter and Upon This ROCK, I will build MY Church. Theres no plural in that…..This rock, My Church. Peter is The Rock and Heads The Church.
    Peter was also told to Feed My lambs 3 times By Christ.
    And you deleted the photos of the lovely blonde Sicilian women I posted?

    • melgibstein says:

      The word is ecclesia you moron. Delte your blonde woman? I should have deleted you months ago.

    • EDOMS THORN says:

      Dear wjrevere

      Not that you care about the truth, only your ‘feelings’ and indoctrination, I will still attempt to help you break your yolk of bondage to the CULT Of NIMROD.

      Reading scripture with ‘understanding’ is a requirement! See II Timothy 2:15 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”.
      SC GREEK 3718 “orthotomeo” to make straight, cut, to DISSECT!

      PETER DENIED the Messiah three times!!!
      Fact is, Matthew 16:18 was talking about TWO “ROCKS”! Peter and the MESSIAH!

      Peter = Strong’s Concordance – G4074 proper masculine noun
      From my 1980 hard copy
      a (piece of) rock Larger than 3037 ‘stone’

      Rock = Strong’s 4073 feminine noun
      FROM my 1980 copy a (mass of) rock

      Jesus, who knew the heart of Peter, was not saying that Peter, the movable and unstable stone, would be the immovable rock upon which the Church would be built. Rather, it would be built upon Jesus; and it was this truth that Peter had affirmed what he said to Jesus, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God. (Matt. 16:16). This is consistent with scripture elsewhere where the term rock is sometimes used in reference of God but never of a man.

      Deut. 32:4, “The Rock! His work is perfect, for all His ways are just; a God of faithfulness and without injustice.”
      2 Sam. 22:2-3, “The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; 3 My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge.”
      Psalm 18:31, “And who is a rock, except our God.”
      Isaiah 44:8, “Is there any God besides Me, or is there any other Rock? I know of none.”
      Rom. 9:33, “Behold, I lay in Zion a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense, and he who believes in Him will not be disappointed.”

      Years ago, I was researching the RCC and came across something that said that the site that the Vatican was built, was a high Satanic holy site, were ritual sacrifices were performed and was the same site where Peter was crucified. So WE see that those pagans do have Peter as the “rock’ of their ‘Church’.

      I have some pictures with the upside down cross as Peter was crucified, from Anton Levay and the Pope of RCC.

  8. wjrevere says:

    On St Patrick…and his entering the Catholic Priesthood:

    ‘His father, Calphurnius, was a deacon from a Roman family of high social standing. Patrick’s mother, Conchessa, was a close relative of the great patron St. Martin of Tours. Patrick’s grandfather, Pontius, was also a member of the clergy. Surprisingly, Patrick himself was not raised with a strong emphasis on religion. ”

    A free man once again, Patrick went to Auxerre, France where he studied and entered the priesthood under the guidance of the missionary St. Germain. As time passed, Patrick never lost sight of his vision to convert Ireland to Christianity. Around 431, Pope St. Celestine I consecrated St. Patrick Bishop of the Irish, and sent him to Ireland to spread “The Good News,” or gospel, to nonbelievers while also providing support to the small community of Christians already living there.
    Throughout his missionary work, Patrick supported church officials, created councils, founded monasteries and organized Ireland into dioceses. “

    • melgibstein says:

      If you want to believe Rome made Ireland Christian, go ahead you idiot.

    • EDOMS THORN says:

      Irish Legend

      Have you ever seen the Walt Disney movie: Darby O’Gill and the Little People? If you haven’t, it is a good idea to rent it. About fifteen minutes into the film there is a scene which accurately depicts much of the Irish legend surrounding: the ‘wishing’ well , the harp of David, the horn of David, the throne with the ‘ birthstones ‘ of the twelve tribes of Israel, the Stone under the throne, the Pot of Gold , the ‘ little people ‘; all these symbols are a part of Irish legend, and they are in the film. You have to see the film to appreciate the significance of this point. The writers knew their Irish history.

      Irish legend has wishing wells, with small bits of torn clothing placed about the edge. This is a repetition of the story of Joseph, acted out as a legend (though slightly modified), carried to Ireland by the prophet Jeremy (Jeremiah) and his companion Barech, from Palestine.

      ” Sacred wells are common in Ireland, and Joseph’s elevation in Egypt was brought about by his being put in a pit (Genesis 37:24); but in the Septuagint is cistern (as are common in Palestine), and the Vulgate has cistern , and Fenton has well. It is near these Irish wells that torn garment rags are placed; and it was at the well that Reuben rent his clothes , because Joseph was not in the well.” (British History Traced From Egypt & Palestine And Other Essays, Israel in Ireland , Covenant Publishing Company Limited, 1927.)

      Irish History Destroyed by Rome

      Twenty Irish histories agree that Jeremiah the prophet in about 585 B.C., came to Ireland. He brought important items from Jerusalem. One item was the Ark of the Covenant. He was the Patriarch Saint of Ireland. The title evolved to Saint Patriarch. The Roman Catholics sainted a Christian missionary named Patrick, who died in the county of Down, on March 17, 465 A.D. This slick trick, was recorded by history as fact. This Patrick was not the traditional patron of Ireland.

      “The fact is, Rome began early to covet Ireland. Once they got possession, it was necessary for them to destroy the influence of Jeremiah . This they did, in part, by substituting the name of St. Patrick in the place of the prophet’s; and more, they then set to work to destroy even the old and famous capital city of Tara . In 565 (A.D.) St. Ruadham, along with a posse of bishops and chiefs of the South of Ireland, cursed the city, so that neither King nor Queen might ever rule or reign therein again. They forced the government, monarchy, and people to abandon the place. From thence Tara was deserted…” (The Ten Lost Tribes, Rev. Joseph Wild, D.D., 1883, London: Robert Banks, Printer, Racquet Court, Fleet Street, E.C.)

      It is clear how Irish legend has been perverted and twisted to “suppress the truth in unrighteousness”. After Tara, the influence of the Roman Catholic church is pervasive in destroying the traditions of the Tuath de Danan, with false stories — lies. What has filtered down through history are mere shadows of the truth. Hidden are the records of the Hebrews who transplanted their royal lineage and priesthood from Palestine to Ireland, for safety. Jeremiah and Barech are lost to us. Their deeds are to be re-discovered in our generation.

      NOTE The Apocrypha tells us Jeremiah hid the ARK in a cave near NEBO!
      The IRISH have been resisting the N.W.O. Beast for a long time! “WE” have only recently discovered it!

      Thanks MEL for allowing me to share this….

      • melgibstein says:

        I wonder who benefits from suppressing Irish history. Any guesses? Who benefited from making up that whites took black slaves to America? Yeah Ive seen the movie, not in a long time though.

        If the Scots were the Scythians which we have proof they were and the Scythians were Israelites and in Egypt who brought with them bagpipes, harps, beer from Egypt, just to name 3 things only (among many others) it is without a doubt something every Scotsman or Saxon should dig into. If we have people from Egypt and the Levant in Scotland, we have them all over Europe without question.

  9. wjrevere says:

    Consecrated By a Pope you moron…I guess youll say nbow the Pope wasnt part of the Catholic Church or something.
    Where in the Bible? Where in the Bible? Just like a Protest-ant moron.
    Where in the Bible does it teach the Trinity?
    But every Christian today believes in it, its called tradition…

    • melgibstein says:

      Go kiss the Popes arse you ninkompoop.

    • Roger Martin says:

      “Where in the Bible does it teach the Trinity?”

      Three times it is mentioned in the Bible as “Godhead”. Look them up yourself and read the ENTIRE chapter for the context. And Jesus Christ is said to be “with God” and “God himself” as well. Clearly establishing that there is more to God than just God the Father.

      How do Pedophiles and Catholics resolve the teachings of Jesus Christ in Matthew 23? Where God is instructing NO MAN to call himself master, rabbi, or FATHER on Earth. Because calling yourself ‘father’ in God’s house is a direct SIN against God the ‘FATHER’. Can the Holy Catholic Religion of Child Molestation explain why the Priests dress as Pharisees and call themselves ‘Father’?

      Do Catholics even read the Bible? No wonder they want the Bible taught and read only in Latin. It is so they can continue to worship at the Altar of Moloch and keep God’s word from the people. The Church of Global Warming. The Catholic Church of the Holocaust. How many Pedophile Popes have grovelled to the Jews during Holocaust Remembrance Day? Literally ALL OF THEM since 1945. Pathetic.

      • melgibstein says:

        Dont waste your time Roger, Walt is trying to get information because he knows we are of the truth here and he is too pigheaded to accept it. Many people are that way as you know (or maybe he’s a destroyer). He once argued with me that Limerick is on the coast of Ireland. Thats like saying Memphis is on the coast of America because the Mississippi goes all the way to the coast. The coast of an island is the outer perimeter of that island, a river goes inland. If Walt argues with me on something I know I am going the right way. I think he would like me being mistaken too much to tell me.

      • wjrevere says:

        The Word TRINITY Is never used in the Bible! Stop Lying and obfuscating ie making things up and pulling them from your arse…

  10. wjrevere says:

    1. Jesus said YOU are Peter THE ROCK, Not I am The Rock! This is very simple…

    2. Protest-ant gobblety gook literal nonsense…..
    Call no man your father, In the Bible, fatherhood is not restricted to earthly fathers or God.
    Joseph tells his brothers of a special fatherly relationship God had given him with the king of Egypt: “So it was not you who sent me here, but God; and he has made me a father to Pharaoh, and lord of all his house and ruler over all the land of Egypt” (Gen. 45:8).

    Job: “I was a Father to the poor, and I searched out the cause of him whom I did not know” (Job 29:16). And God himself declares that he will give a fatherly role to Eliakim, the steward of the house of David: “In that day I will call my servant Eliakim, the son of Hilkiah . . . and I will clothe him with [a] robe, and will bind [a] girdle on him, and will commit . . . authority to his hand; and he shall be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and to the house of Judah” (Is. 22:20–21).

    3. There is no and was no pedophile priest crisis. It was a j ew orchestrated HIT on the only entity capable of expelling them 109 times. In truth, Protest-ant Pastors and Rabbis lead all categories when it comes to raping children, according to the 3 largest insurance companies…

    4. J EWs hate Sicilians, probably because they were expelled from there. I see them attacked in movies and other wives tales, such as those put forth by Mel here, playing right into their hands..

    5. Im a Catholic who studies my bible. And has read it multiple times. Can you tell me Where in the Bible, it says that the Bible is the only rule, source and foundation of our Faith and salvation?

    Ill be waiting..

    • melgibstein says:

      5. Im a Catholic who studies my bible. And has read it multiple times. Can you tell me Where in the Bible, it says that the Bible is the only rule, source and foundation of our Faith and salvation?
      Then lets start out with the definition of a Jew and a Gentile. You studied those words multiple times too and you still dont know what those words mean. Tell us what the Catholic definition of a gentile is first (oops Roman Catholic) you know the Medici’s and the Borgia’s and whats the jew Popes name today, Berger? Go ahead Walt, come back and get squashed by me again.

      How is your girl Bellucci doing? Maybe she is with her Jew husband right now laughing at you.

      And wait a cotton pickin minute, you’re a Catholic? Who says so the Pope? You hypocrite. If a Pope is corrupted who makes that determination?

      Message to Edom, he comes on like he is a genius and he will tell you he is, but the truth is he gets his arse romped every time I argue with him and he keeps comin back for more. He’s like one of those morons on the road who realize they are holding up the fast lane and give you the finger for waking them up.


      4. J EWs hate Sicilians, probably because they were expelled from there. I see them attacked in movies and other wives tales, such as those put forth by Mel here, playing right into their hands..


      Jews are Sicilians, Sicilians are model citizens……..see what we are dealing with? He married a Jew what can be said for him, he is toast.

      • wjrevere says:

        You didnt answer a single question (typical) nor address a single point.
        1. WHERE In the Bible does it say The Bible is the only source and rule of our salvation? If it took 325 years for said book to be canonized, how then were people saved? Hint…did tradition have anything to do with it? If one is illiterate or blind, can he still go to heaven without reading his bible? How? YOU are a Protest-ant Heretic. You deny the sacraments, you deny tradition, you deny GOD and HIS Church

      • wjrevere says:

        Jews are Sicilians? J ews are anything they wish to be…German, English,. American, Spanish, French…try again. Mel.
        Read St Bellermine if you wish to understand HOW a Pope can ipso facto become anathematized and the seat vacant…

      • melgibstein says:

        Read St Bellermine if you wish to understand HOW a Pope can ipso facto become anathematized and the seat vacant…
        Your Pope says we are have “Jewish” roots. I’d say he was an ipso facto Jew who is speaking a white language he had nothing to do with.

    • EDOMS THORN says:

      WALT is it?

      To “wjrevere” You are a pathetic example of a willing IGNORant …”FOOL”… (SEE Proverbs 18:1-2…
      You believe Jewish Fables, and twisted, distorted lies that were fabricated to keep Gods TRUE Chosen people, from understanding exactly who they are, until they have become JEW WORSHIPERS, and not worshipers of the God of Abraham, and HIS son!

      I provided you with facts concerning what the word of God says about the “Rock”, and you ignore it. You gave no thought to what GODS word says, only following what the OFFSPRING Of VIPERS told you to believe! Those VIPERS created your “CULT” (R.C.C.). EDOM created your cult for so many reasons, but the main reason was to deceive GODS people, ISRAEL, to participate in the very things that caused ISRAEL to be carried into Assyrian Captivity!

      BUT because you have deceived yourself into believing that you have “UNDERSTANDING”, you lack the understanding that comes through II Timothy 2:15 and Proverbs 18:1. In short, you only “parrot” what you were told to believe, NOT what GOD wants you to KNOW!

      It is late and “IF” you will research what I presented on this thread, and speak to that, POINT BY POINT, void of your “FEELINGS” ‘we’ can have a conversation! If you are not willing to do that, and you are in fact a son of ADAM, and a believer in the God of Abraham, It will take the full THOUSAND YEARS in the KINGDOM when the Messiah reigns and rules, for you to UNLEARN all of the JEWISH FABLES that you love and have chosen to believe, as you have rejected sound .doctrine’ and teaching in this life!

      Proverbs 1:20-22 Wisdom crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the streets: She crieth in the chief place of concourse, in the openings of the gates: in the city she uttereth her words, saying, How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?”

      MEL …. Is this one willing to learn? Or is it that he has a ‘little knowledge’ and now believes he knows it all? A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing!

      • wjrevere says:

        You wrote a lot but didn’t make any substantive claim just hollow empty suppositions

      • wjrevere says:

        Again Jesus did t say I will build this Rick on myself I Am Cheist or Yeshua et al. He said You Are Peter and Upon Thus Rock. He is clearly addressing Peter and references him bro argue differently is a fools errand. On this there really is no debate

      • melgibstein says:

        Is he willing to learn? I would have to say “No”. I am leaning towards “he is a destroyer” or he married a destroyer and wants to destroy me so he can slip past Jesus without me telling him. He will be back next week to tell us John the Baptist was a Canaanite or whatever the latest craze is. Paul was an Edomite, the world is flat, Limerick is on the coast of Florida, Mexicans are better workers than white people and whites are all drunks (who are smarter than him)…etc.

        I will ban him after this thread- Im tired of his whining and has no truth. If he had truth I would allow him here, but there is none.

      • melgibstein says:

        Walt what does Yashua mean?

      • bharford says:

        There is general agreement among scholars on the preeminence that the historical Peter held among the disciples of Jesus, making him “the most prominent and influential member of the Twelve during Jesus’ ministry and in the early Church”

        In one interpretation the prominence that the New Testament and other early Christian writings attribute to Peter is due to their seeing him as a unifying factor in contrast to other figures identified with disputed interpretations of Christianity.

        Matthew 16:18
        Controversy has surrounded one particular text that is linked with the Aramaic nickname name כפא (Cepha’), meaning “rock”, that Jesus gave the man previously known as Simon.[John 1:42] The Greeks translated it as Πέτρος (Petros), a new form, appropriately masculine, of the standard feminine word πέτρα (petra), also meaning rock’; and the Latins translated it as Petrus.[4]

        Since the Protestant Reformation, many non-Catholics, in disagreement with the historic Catholic Church view, have disputed whether the feminine πέτρα refers to Peter, claiming it instead refers to either Peter’s confession of faith or Jesus himself. Yet, both of these traditional explanations of this passage have been termed incorrect by some recent Catholic Bible scholars.[5][6]

        While the reasons for disagreement on the nature of the primacy are complex—hinging upon matters of doctrine, history, and politics, the debate is often reduced to a discussion of the meaning and translation of the “on this rock” passage:

        And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter [Greek, Petros, rock, masculine],[7] and upon this rock [Greek, petra, rock, feminine][8] I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
        — Matthew 16:18, KJV
        In the Greek text, the new name given is Πέτρος (Petros), and in the second half of the same verse the word translated as “rock” is πέτρα (petra). One common Protestant argument historically has been that the translation from the New Testament in Hebrew into Greek is tenuous at best as there is no real evidence or indication that the New Testament (in Greek) was ever translated from Hebrew or Aramaic texts, for that argument see Aramaic primacy. According to the Protestant transliteration argument,[citation needed] the language that Jesus spoke, the same word, כפא (cepha), was used for both Peter’s name and for the rock on which Jesus said he would build his church.
        Regarding “rock” in reference to who, according to Scripture, is found in Psalm 62;

        A literal translation, in the style of the King James Version, of the words presumably used by Jesus would be “Thou art Rock, and upon this rock will I build my church”.[10] To preserve a supposed pun, the Greek text chose to translate Peter’s name as “Πέτρος” rather than as “Κηφᾶς” (Cephas). Indeed, using the supposed transliteration of “כפא”, which is found several times in the New Testament, would lose the play of words. Other problems exist with the Protestant theory. Greek was the language of government, markets, and every day life in Judea[citation needed]. Aramaic would have been spoken to people far beyond the reach of the Roman cities, and Hebrew had been largely lost except within educated religious ranks. In order to reach a larger audience, it would be far more practical and sensible if Jesus spoke to Jews and non-Jews alike in Greek ( Revelation 1:8, Revelation 11, Revelation 21:6, Revelation 22:13, Matt 8:5-13, Luke 7:2-10 ).

      • EDOMS THORN says:

        YOU LOSE!

        I presented facts, you post half truth from “wikipedea”

        YOU have wasted to much of my time just reading what the JEWS told you to believe!

    • Roger Martin says:

      “Jews are Sicilians? J ews are anything they wish to be…German, English,. American, Spanish, French…try again. Mel.
      Read St Bellermine if you wish to understand HOW a Pope can ipso facto become anathematized and the seat vacant…”

      A Jew can never be anything but a Jew. There’s no such thing as a German Jew or an American Jew. They are 100% Jewish through and through. Hitler had an entire section of Mein Kampf where he gave examples of how Jews never assimilate and are always separate wherever they are.

      By the way…according to Jesus Christ, a ‘saint’ is someone who is alive on Earth and believes in Jesus. A ‘saint’ is not some rotting Catholic corpse that people pray to because they think that a rotting corpse can answer a prayer like God can. Pray all you want to ‘holy’ Mary….she can’t answer a single prayer. Only God can. She wasn’t holy. She was a sinner who called Jesus her “SAVIOR”.

      All Popes are pedophiles. And Satanic. Jesus’s followers weren’t ‘Popes’ despite what the great Pedophile Church claims. How could Jesus’s direct followers be “Priests” or “Popes” when they were married? Married to woman, I have to be specific, because some Catholics think that marriage is between two men or a man and a boy.

      • melgibstein says:

        That is the context that I meant and I already pointed out that not every Sicilian is a Jew, but most of them are non white. Walt will grab hold of anything he can to try and claim a victory….been through it a dozen times. Sicilians are mostly RATS who caused havoc in America who were and still are not Americans or the posterity of the founding fathers- period. They are aliens and cannot abide by our laws because they are not of our laws and never will be. A Sicilian will always be around to bend the rules to get what he wants with no shame just like a Jew- period. They can take their pizza, their tomatoes, bread and pepperoni and shove it up their arses they aint Americans and they aint white. And Columbus was a Jew too.

      • bharford says:

        Tell me what other Faiths have expelled Jewry, Inquisitioned them, Burned their books, confiscated their wealth, forced them in walled ghettos…..Im waiting.
        You have no basis for any arguement pre Vatican 2. Youre an apostate heretic.

      • melgibstein says:

        bharford is Walt, Walt has many aliases. Like a jew they use this tactic to make their idiotic views more common than they really are.

  11. melgibstein says:

    In the Jew Bono’s song about America he utters (it isnt singing) that Italians Irish Germans AND Jews came to America…..all making America “special”. I would hang this impostor myself if given the chance.

    This is why it is important to know what the Jew wants and if any supposed white man is helping the Jews get their evil contrary wishes they need to be stopped cold and called what they are immediately. Expose them on your websites for all to see. They may be rich with Jew money but let them know they will never walk freely amongst us without repercussion.

    You see how its done as if it there are angels wings flapping in the background. No person of truth and no good angel would be speaking to a large audience today without digust of what Jews and their lackeys are doing to the entire world. You either know the Jews deeds or you dont willingly or unwillingly (both are equally evil in this day and age).

    America is an idea says Bono, only Bonos idea and the white founding fathers idea are two totally different things (only today the Jew Bono has the microphone).

  12. bharford says:

    i HAVE NOT Used any aliases here.
    I have an iphone that I message and read on and a desk top. That is 1 separate account.
    BHarford is One account, and the other is WJ.
    I do not use the name Walt here. YOU do. That is my account name on Laconics.
    I am not a J EW, Ive not been accused of being one, or married to one, except by you, a likely cointel Pro shill.
    Thank you.

    • melgibstein says:

      I dont think your roofing company will like to see your posts on my thread so get lost. Get the hint? Take your GD dog too.

    • melgibstein says:

      Must feel great to go out and use your dog to murder other animals for your entertainment. I might have done something like that when I was 7 or 8. You like killing animals or getting a dog to kill for you. Youre a Jew. The art of the kill, I wish you were in my platoon.

      • bharford says:

        Hunting and feeding ones family with organic meat hurts Mel Gibsteins Feels. Use more vagus ill, Mel. I won’t even discuss this ancient tradition of our Anglo and Teutonic forefathers and those that preceded them. You’re a wuss

  13. melgibstein says:

    Oh youre only 2 different people on this site? You sure you want to go with that? Maybe you are another name on your jew tablet and at the jew library?

    • melgibstein says:

      A port is not always on the coast you moron.

      An inland port in the wide sense, as used in common speech, is simply a port on an inland waterway such as a river, lake or canal. The United States Army Corps of Engineers publishes a list of such locations and for this purpose states that “inland ports” are ports that are located on rivers and do not handle deep draft ship traffic. The list includes familiar ports such as St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Memphis. A network of inland waterways including ports is developed also in Europe (France, Germany, Poland, Russia, UK, Netherlands, Belgium), China and Brazil.

      The truth is you can never simply admit when you are wrong, therefore you will never learn anything in your life.

    • melgibstein says:

      and your mother flew over the moon.

  14. melgibstein says:

    The 4 corners of the earth can represent North, South, East and West……….show me the word for corner in the Bible.In Isaiah the word kanaph in the Greek means QUARTERS not corners you fool! The word “peah” means corner, look at Exodus 36: 25. Peah can also mean corner or quarter………it sure as hell doesnt mean you and your yenta hanging out on the corner either.

    When the map of the world is drawn out on paper you can put a CROSS in the middle and get 4 corners. Duuuuuh! Unless of course you want to include the area of the world we dont travel (inside the earth). It was left out purposely because they werent dealing with contrary people like you in those days and knew enough to stay separate from them.

    Go learn to fly a plane like I did and take your pictures of the edge of the world and I will show you pictures of a round earth, just that simple. Its amazing to me how you use Biblical words which back up your idiotic theories and claim that these words are proof of the truth, but when Jesus said he only came for the lost sheep of the House of Israel you claim he came for everyone. Which is it? One thing I know for sure, whether the earth is round or flat or a trapezoid it wont make a difference in the end if you dont understand the entire Bible in its correct context. Any cult can say they are acting on behalf of the Bible, but your mission here is to seek the truth and not join a church so that they can determine what the truth is. If you are of the spirit the spirit is there for that reason, to lead you to the truth. If you believe your spirit is of no use you curse your own spirit.

    The moon landing is a great hoax in my opinion, the slave trade being operated by whites is a hoax, the Holocaust is a hoax, Jews being Gods chosen is a hoax. The world is full of hoaxes and to blindly go along with any of them is suicide. So you go ahead and believe things like the earth being flat….who cares? What is this going to change? It wont add a single second to your life.

    The truth is you had no idea of the geographical make up of Ireland whatsoever, you made a mistake and then you did not have the shame to admit your mistake. This is why you will be banned from this site, you are indeed contrary, you are even contrary to the Catholic church, you are contrary- period. If a Jew said that toilets flushed up and not down you would go along with that too. Get lost, admit you were wrong or get lost. There is nothing wrong about being wrong as long as you can admit you were wrong when you are proven wrong. You cant do it.

    Who the hell ever used the word “port” anyway? You made that up, talk about obfuscating. You said Limerick was on the coast of Ireland. Youve been there in your jew dreams. You probably do have jew ancestry from there as you know Limerick is the most populated jew town in all of Ireland.

    • bharford says:

      The Bible is clear when discussing the flat earth, the pillars and the Corners. And yes it’s corners as translated from Greek and Aramaic you moron

      • bharford says:

        “He flashes his lightning everywhere under heaven. His light flashes to the ends of the earth. (Job 37:3)”

        “Hast thou commanded the morning since thy days; and caused the dayspring to know his place; That it might take hold of the ENDs of the earth, that the wicked might be shaken out of it? (Job 38:12-13).” Also Ecclesiastes 1:5 refers to ends of the earth. And many more such verses. Nice try cointel Mel

    • bharford says:

      Go back and read the comment thread. It was YOU that used and referenced the word port. Are you on Meth and or part if a 12 step program?

  15. melgibstein says:

    I bet you still push that Paul was an Edomite too (like a good Catholic) right? You are a liar. Limerick is not a coastal town- period, you know why?

    Because its not on the coast, you blithering twit!

    • bharford says:

      Limerick is part of an Inlet much like Seattle with Puget Sound. I guess next you’ll lie and argue that Seattle isn’t a coastal town either. What a horses ass you are.

  16. melgibstein says:

    Walt your little dog murdering page is going off my site, you psychotic lunatic, you are banned.

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