Samson and DeLiars

“Oh Schmuley I smell the gefilte dont you?” Im not Jewish.

Oy Vey that hoits.

Oy Vey that hoits.

If Jews want you to learn a new lie they just do a movie and if they cant make a good enough movie they simply get their proselytes to pass the same lies on. Jews rarely lie to us straight on, if they need a streamline lie they just get their proselytes to idolize what they want you to think is a rogue Jew. In other words the usual morons out there will address Gilad Atzmons latest appearance somewhere, do a you-tube on it and then jack up the comments as if Elvis came to town. The dupes fall for it every time.

Lately I’ve been hearing the dupe talk show hosts talk about the Samson Option and nobody cares to say that Samson was not a Jew, you see it just does not matter, this is the programming and it’s final. Jews adopted Samson however as they adopt whoever and whatever it takes to make people believe they are people they are not. Try mentioning the tribe of Dan with a Jew and see how quick the discussion changes (almost like discussing the Talmud).

Recently I corrected a talk show host who said Jews are going to build the third Jewish temple. I called in and asked him which temple was Jewish? He did not know and hanged up on me. Another guy called in after me and asked why he hanged up on the previous caller because he was correct. 2 days later I happened to be listening to the same show just to hear him lie and he said the same thing again knowing nobody would call in to correct him this time again. This guy wanted his listeners to believe that the Israelite s were practicing Judaism. Do they do this purposely because they are Jews or are they non Jews so duped that they would go against the Bible itself to be favorable with the Jews? I have to believe the former because the latter is just too unbelievable, nobody kisses Jew arse over the Bible itself do they?

Whenever I call into a show and I discuss CI, Israelitism, True Christianity or whatever name you want to give it the talk show host or guests always try to say I am trying to be the Jew and be the chosen one. That one common response all CI people should meditate on. When Jews steal our names does anyone say we are acting like Jews? When Jews blamed the slave trade on white people did anyone say white people were acting like Jews?

We are Nazi's

We are Nazi’s

When Jews dressed Up as Palestinians and bombed the British Forces inside the King David Hotel did anyone say Palestinians were trying to act like Jews? Folks I could go on and on and on. Why then would these idiots claim we are trying to act like Jews with our own Bible that Jews don’t even believe? Needless to say that the host always hangs up the phone before he can be told an answer over the air. These are the people talking about “false flags” day in and day out trying to blame “Israel” (they don’t know Israel is a people because they never read the book). They get women who they claim solved 9/11 with the

I'm thinkingk git ovah

I’m thinkingk git ovah

biggest Jew name since sliced bagels and praise her like she is the savior (Becky Rothstern) Her picture has disappeared on me 3 times. Folks there is a reason for all this, your internet radio shows………they’re controlled too.

Trigger Words

I have been thinking about so called “trigger words” as David Duke puts it lately, “We must use the word Zionist instead of Jew because Jew is a “trigger word”. Folks you want to know the biggest trigger words today? “David Duke”, that name is thee biggest trigger word in town today folks, but does he stop using that? Hell no! I am convinced that this entire Stormfront crowd is not only Jewish but also homosexual cowards too. I tried to believe they were working for the Jews unknowingly, but I have crossed the Rubicon on this issue and I believe they are the enemy as well as 98% of these talk show hosts all over the internet on networks.

Most if not all of these hosts are in cahoots with Stormfront whether it be on their radio show or as a host with David Duke.They all get right on with the putz Alex Jones too. As if they let anyone call in. It always puzzled me why pro white people who never read the Bible want white separation, they claim they love white people but I am white and they never so much as allow me to speak. Do they hate all the other races because they claim they love the white race or do they love the other races and just make fools out of the white movements claiming they want to be separate but not too much separate? I just don’t get it. They also constantly allow non whites to speak as whites and for whites on

Im a David Duke guest and a Stormfront favorite.

Im a David Duke guest and a Stormfront favorite.

their shows. Some are obvious Sicilians, some look like Albino Filipinos and of course many Jews are welcomed on the shows as well, just nobody from CI. Nobody seems to notice this obviously because they cannot call in either to claim they do. Whenever I hear these clowns getting together I feel a dark shadow come over me of defeat. I think, “my God if this is what the white people are allowing to be their leaders we are toast”. David Duke has the constant commercial of his asking you to contribute to “his work”, all of his lectures and debates……..what debates? Folks he only debates clowns!

Recently after 9/11 I have heard several of these crypto Jews and their churchless and ecclesialess pastor Dankof claim that 9/11 is the straw that will break the Jew camels back, so what do they do? They get Rebekah Rothchild to pave the way, yes folks “Methodical Disinformation” and Becky are leading us now (or you I mean)

When Jesus Christ was challenged by the Jew devil what did he do? He used the scriptures and nothing else. He told us we could find the truth if we sought it and not one of these Stormfront morons whether they are Jew or traitors can possibly understand that if they don’t get it from that book. If people understand how Jews have turned around our own Bible they will understand everything.

One of the most difficult times I ever had with Christianity was when I figured out that Jesus without a doubt could not have been a Jew and I couldn’t prove it. I was on a local talk show which I was banned from forever because I figured it out, debating a Rabbi and a

Reviewing the situation

Reviewing the situation

Jew caller called in and said (almost like he was in a second floor window with a Fagin like voice) “He celebrated the Passoveh”. And that folks almost dropped me, but unfortunately I got up (for him). The next time someone tells you that Jesus wasn’t a Jew or was a Jew just by knowing he celebrated the Passover (an Israelite day not a Jewish day) proves he was indeed a Judahite and an Israelite, but not a Jew (figure it out). If we can just get that fact into the heads of our people that is going to be the mother of 9/11’s. The only thing keeping that information back is these traitorous internet networks like RBN, GCN, Rense etc. We need to attack these lying bastard networks with the truth and you wont have to worry about being called an antisemite or a Jew hater. You cant lie if you use the book. They are using their pie-holes.

I was going to name a thread “One Flew Over the Cuckholders Nest” regarding all the Stormfronter atheists and Judeo Christians in the “troother” moverment because of the recent rave over the word “cuckservative”, but the truth is all of these Stormfront queers, their callers and their Judeo pastors etc are the biggest cuckholders there ever was, they threw their own history away and put Jews into it just like the Reed Warbler.

I know at least two CI pastors who continue to advertise for David Duke, even his books where he says white people come from Edom just like a Jewish Rabbi (using that word like I would use Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs) they are cuckoos too if not Jews themselves. They are all CuckChristians, some even cuckWhite. Actually I relate theses Cuckholds more to the perverted form of cuckhold here.

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13 Responses to Samson and DeLiars

  1. Brit in Norway says:

    this issue of the Passover is a big one with the Eastern Orthodox, many of them state Christ’s last supper was not a Passover meal and this gives rise to the azymes. They stated the Roman church “judaised” by using unleavened bread in the mass. Some years ago, when I was thinking about joining and Orthodox Church I corresponded with an orthodox priest who was knowledgeable on many things, and he stated the Roman church was a judaised church. At the time that explanation satisfied me but I now realise the truth is more complex and I can’t be a member of any “church”. CI seems nearest to the truth, but the deep truth seems buried even below that. Mel, what is your opportunity opinion on Norse mythology in relation to CI ? If Jeremiah was in Ireland 500 BC, is the Norse worldview a “heresy” do you think ? (Odin, Ragnarok, Thor – those kind of concepts. )

    • melgibstein says:

      I dont believe in Norse Theology (Baal worship) nor do I believe it is Norse, it was Middle Eastern and simply changed names or languages. Here is Samson fighting against Hercules, nobody wins because they are the same people. Odd that Hercules (Melqart) was a God of Tyre where the tribe of Dan eventually moved. They make Samson look like a Sicilian all the time because well Sicilians look like Jews.

      Is this 100% true, I dont know, but the fact that so many people believe all the white Gods were the same in different languages should be enough for a major investigation, but everyone knows that investigation will end when our Jew pals get right in the middle of it as the devils they always are. All true history uncovers Jew history therefore there is no history.

    • “CI seems nearest to the truth, but the deep truth seems buried even below that. ”

      Yes. This is true.

      The truth is in the Holy Scriptures.

      • melgibstein says:

        When I say CI that is basically what I mean, the true study of the Bible. There are no pastors that have it all 100% correct. Some have ego’s like the worker in Outlander who got into a pressurized compartment and blew up.

  2. Who is that photo of “the David Duke guest”

    Also who did you call into? I always enjoy your calls.

  3. melgibstein says:

    That name is Scottish but there are a lot of strange characters with that name out there.

    During the week last week on his show and Stadmillers. Dont recall which day but I think Im through with RBN, they shoot the **** and arent subject to correction. One newbie challenged me and then decided he was going to back out. No honor, no integrity and no sense. He backed out because he is all talk.

  4. Ray Zerwitt says:

    No truth I them. Easy to identify.

  5. Ray Zerwitt says:

    I = IN

    Stupid computer!

  6. TD McGann says:

    Thanks for another great blog. The Cuckoo/Reed Warbler video was amazing. Do you that Cain’s progeny might have some of Cuckoo’s DNA strain? Also, thanks for mentioning Rebekah Rothstern, or whatever her surname is. That there is no mention of the Jewess’ background in Jew-owned Wikipedia or anywhere else on the Jew-owned and controlled major search engines is proof in and of itself that the “Chosen Ones” are up to no good!

    • melgibstein says:

      When a Jew says he or she isnt “Jewish” that means nothing to me. First of all it is the Jews religion to lie and secondly a lot of Jews are not so called “Jewish” because the Jewish religion is a sham. So you can take it either way, just prove you arent one (biologically). Kind of hard to do and why we have to figure it out for ourselves and never from them.

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